2015 — The Fifteenth Year

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  1.   1.  Early 2015
    1.   1.1  January
    2.   1.2  February
    3.   1.3  March
    4.   1.4  April
  2.   2.  Mid 2015
    1.   2.1  May
    2.   2.2  June
    3.   2.3  July
    4.   2.4  August
  3.   3.  Late 2015
    1.   3.1  September
    2.   3.2  October
    3.   3.3  November
    4.   3.4  December

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I am 2015!

1.  Early 2015

1.1  January

  • Krokar announces an ice fishing competition during their Winter Feast events. [1]
  • Members of New Dawn decide to move the carcass of an Orca, who's spirit was reportedly haunting the packlands, after it washes up on the shores of their territory. [2]
  • During their Winter Feast celebrations, Krokar holds a pack bonfire along the shores of Sister Lake. [3]

1.2  February

  • Krokar holds their Winter Feast and announces the winner of their ice fishing competition: Theon Russo. [4]

1.3  March

1.4  April

2.  Mid 2015

2.1  May

2.2  June

  • Tensions rise between members of Inferni and Cour des Miracles when secrets are revealed, rumors are spread, and connections are made. [8]

2.3  July

  • Anathema finally captures the loners that have been harassing them; the prisoners are put in the ring for entertainment purposes, forced to fight for their lives and their freedom. [9]
  • Tensions continue to rise between Inferni and Cour des Miracles members when the son of the Courtier's leader, Pascal Sadira, suddenly goes missing and Inferni denies any part in his disappearance despite suspicious evidence. [10]

2.4  August

3.  Late 2015

3.1  September

  • Attacks and tensions continue to become more frequent between Inferni and Cour des Miracles; the Court infiltrates the clan in an attempt to find the missing Pascal, and a few Infernians set fire to the northern forests belonging to the Courtiers. [14]
  • After some festivities, Salsola proceeds with a Last Supper where news of the pack's new outpost is announced. As well, the pack's Boss and Queen, Salvia Eternity, betroths the pack's Lord Commander and Second-in-Command, Lokr Revlis, to her daughter, Osrath Eternity, surprising everyone as well as those involved. [15]

3.2  October

  • End of the Inferni-CdM War. After months of tension, attacks, and arguments, war finally breaks out between Inferni and Cour des Miracles. News of Pascal's whereabouts are discovered, and the fighting between the packs is stopped by their leadership, Vesper and Silvano Sadira. Marlowe de le Poer is banished from Inferni for going behind Vesper's back, and the two leaders agree on peace between their packs. Vesper rises to be the coyote's new leader. [16]

3.3  November

  • Random bodies of female Luperci begin to show up along Salsola's borders. There is no sign if the bodies are meant as a threat or just a mere coincidence, and the pack becomes wary of strangers found near or at their borders.

3.4  December

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