'Souls History

1.  Era 1 - Post-Fire Chaos (2007 - 2008)

1.1  New Lands

Following the chaos of the fire in the old lands, there was an incredible rush southward by all manner of creatures from the old lands. Many canines scrambled over the mountains, losing their friends and packmates in the process. Some succumbed to flame, and others were simply lost--headed in a different direction or otherwise disconnected from their former packs. Almost none of the old groups survived the transition from one land to the next.

1.2  Inferni's Survival

Only Inferni arose from the ashes--their leader, Gabriel de le Poer had a little "foreknowledge" of the fire, for one thing, and for another, instead of traversing over the mountain, he led the pack through a small cut in Halcyon Mountain he himself had previously used to return to Bleeding Souls. This aided their success, and once on the new lands, they were further helped by Gabriel's distant cousin, Anselm de le Poer. He had already been living on these lands, and his extensive knowledge proved useful to the pack. They settled on The Waste, and Anselm was quick to work his way to the second-in-command position.

1.3  The Early Packs

There were a few other packs formed directly after the fire that were quite short lived. Labyrinth Glen was formed by one of Jaded Shadows's former alphas, Fatin Kali, but they disbanded after the woman left to pursue her brother. Shadowed Sun was formed by the other alpha female of Jaded Shadows and some members of Storm, taking part of their namesake from the former pack's predecessor, Shadowed Stars. However, this pack was also rather short-lived, a large part of it left to merge with Twilight Vale.

1.4  Twilight Vale becomes Crimson Dreams

Twilight Vale was formed by Naniko D'Angelo and Conri Church, but after some drama surrounding the latter of the pair the pack decided it would be best to shift their territory and rename themselves. They absorbed part of Shadowed Sun, as well, and became Crimson Dreams, a pack which enjoyed longevity following the very brief rule of their other two packs. Insieme was also formed, though this pack did not take any heritage from the old lands or packs, and was created by some Italian immigrants, completely new to Canada.

1.5  Dahlia de Mai

Dahlia de Mai was formed by two female wolves following the fire, Cercelee and Colibri Soul. The pair couldn't find anyone they knew from the old lands at first, so they hunkered down around the Overgrowth Sunrise area and eventually collected a few friends and relatives. However, Colibri Soul was eventually driven out by her son, Haku Soul, who exerted a certain amount of surreptitious pressure on his mother, causing her to depart.

1.6  Esper Hollow and the Sickness

Esper Hollow was formed a few months following the fire, taking a few ragtag members and living rather casually as compared to the other packs, since they preferred not to have a strict ranking system. Laurel Booth and Nikita Eirisa formed this pack, though a sickness ravaged them and severely injured two of their members, aiding in the eventual disbanding of the pack.

This illness sickened quite a few canines throughout the lands, costing some their lives and others their sight and sanity. Eventually it burned itself out and life returned mostly to normal.

1.7  Phoenix Valley

Phoenix Valley was also formed in the months after the fire and the earlier packs' disbanding by Iskata Sadira, Hel, and Deuce Rhiannon. Though the two subleaders did not enjoy longevity, Iskata remained at her post until she was attacked by a bear and rendered unable to serve as the pack's Matriarch any longer. She gave her position to Jefferson Soul, and stepped down to the elder's position of the pack until her death. After Deuce Rhiannon left for Dahlia de Mai, Jefferson Soul took full control of Phoenix Valley, later aided but subleader DaVinci Daite Nasphrite.

1.8  AniWaya

AniWaya was formed in the winter of 2008 when a migration movement of a larger clan, sought out the lands of 'Souls for a new territory. Ayegali Kala and Dawali Amara had migrated from a much larger tribe of Luperci, bringing with them their customs and other cultural aspects. The new pack flourished, attracting quite a few members from the surrounding lands. The clan is unique in its belief and use of spirit guides, which are essentially protector-type spirits who aide and guide the clan-member who has formed a bond with the spirit. Tayui Aston is a longtime member, and Ember Phoenix as well. Unfortunately, Ayegali Kala stepped down following the formation of the pack, leaving it in Dawali Amara's capable hands. She then left the lands several months later, presumably to return home. Ember Phoenix stepped up to the subleader's position in the pack to aide Dawali in his leadership duties.

2.  Era 2 - Inferni Troubles and Cour des Miracles (2009 - 2010)

2.1  Dahlian and Inferni War I

Inferni and Dahlia de Mai began to have some tension in the early months of 2009. Haku Soul heard that his sister, Mew Sadira, had been attacked by Asphyxia Holocaust, a member of the neighboring clan. He retaliated by attacking her and murdering a mother and child coyote on the borders of the clan, leaving the bodies with a dahlia flower. This sparked war between the two packs, which culminated in a large attack. Both sides gained a hostage--Dahlia de Mai had the daughter of Gabriel de le Poer, Talitha Lykoi and Inferni had Haku's mate, Firefly Sadira. The two ended in a stalemate, and they were forced to surrender their respective hostages. Tensions remained thick between the clans.

2.2  Inferni and Phoenix Valley

Inferni had more troubles, however--Phoenix Valley began to stir tension with the clan when a few of its members began trespassing on the clan's territory. One of Iskata Sadira's daughters, Zana Avaya Lykoi, was found wandering by the Inferni clan's members several times, and the clan decided to keep her, since she was partly coyote anyway and they believed that her mother was doing an exceptionally poor job of raising her. Of course, Phoenix Valley took issue with this, especially Iskata Sadira. She showed up on Inferni borders, only to be killed by Gabriel de le Poer, who hid the crime and did not speak of it. Iskata was never found.

Tensions escalated further when the subleader of Phoenix Valley, DaVinci Daite Nasphrite and the subleader of Inferni, Ryan de le Poer (rank successor to her father, Anselm de le Poer), began to kindle a romance. The former of the pair trespassed on Inferni territory several times, and the coyote clan was rather peeved at this (leader Jefferson Soul, though disapproving of the secrecy, maintained a friendship with Ryan and allowed her to visit Phoenix Valley). Tensions died down primarily without conflict, the exception being a victory to Jefferson Soul when trespassed Valley borderlines and a fight ensued. Ryan de le Poer and DaVinci Daite Nasphrite eventually eloped to happytimes together, leaving the subleader position open in Phoenix Valley. It was later claimed by Geneva Stockholm, formerly of Crimson Dreams and Jefferson's unexpected mate. Though Phoenix Valley and Inferni aren't particularly fond of the other, for the moment things seemed to have cooled down between the two.

2.3  Cour des Miracles

In the spring of 2009, there was another new pack added to the lands--Cour des Miracles came about when a pair of relative newcomers, Jacquez Trouillefou and Ruri Aceline came together with a few current members of the lands. Svara Thames was the first subleader of the pack, and she played an inadvertant critical role in the founding of the pack. Until her injury and attack by Haku Soul, the ragtag few of the Shattered Coast had been content to remain a scattered, loosely-banded coalition.

The severe attack on Svara led them to band together to form a more cohesive group; thus, Cour des Miracles was born. Svara Thames departed from the group, however, leaving Jacquez to run the pack by his lonesome until he promoted Ruri Aceline, longtime friend, and Vigilante Haskel to the leader positions within the pack. The pack had a horse race some months after their founding, gathering participation from some of the surrounding packs as well, and much fun was had.

In August 2009, Jacquez Trouillefou hosted a horse race in Cour des Miracles; participants included those from AniWaya and Cour des Miracles and consisted of Haven Aatte, Dawali Amara, Heath morte dre Soul, Susquehanna, Catherine, and Hemming. There were also several spectators for the race, including Jacquez Trouillefou, Vigilante Haskel, and Attila Aston.

In October 2009, Kable Catori and Amaranth Catori were born in Cour des Miracles to Ayita Catori and Leroy.

In November 2009, Ruri Aceline was promoted to Dauphine (second in command) and Vigilante Haskel was promoted to Constable (third in command) in Cour des Miracles after Jacquez Trouillefou was leading the pack by his lonesome for some months. After a blossoming romance formed, Heath morte dre Soul and Ruri Aceline were torn apart by Jacquez Trouillefou, who believed that Heath was taking advantage of her. Later, Ruri talked to Jacquez about her feelings.

In December 2009, in Cour des Miracles, Finn Fidh gives birth to Jacquez Trouillefou's child, Fitz Fidh.

2.4  Dahlian and Inferni War II

Inferni's troubles were far from over, however. They were plagued for a few weeks by a rogue lone wolf who continually destroyed their border decor, until finally they managed to catch and capture him, giving him the proper punishment befitting a border vandal.

Almost immediately after this trouble was settled, however, in the fall of 2009, the newly promoted subleader of the pack, Kaena Lykoi (having made her bazillionth return in spring of that year) was attacked and raped by Haku Soul. She managed to hide this for some time, until it was revealed in the very beginning of 2010 to her son.

Gabriel de le Poer immediately went on a rampage off to try and kill Haku with his half-brother, Samael Lykoi. They failed, but this sparked the second Dahlian and Inferni wars. Anselm de le Poer had returned to Inferni and was promoted to the third-in-command position, as well. The war was fought primarily between Inferni and Dahlia de Mai; Phoenix Valley declared its land neutral and a safe haven in the war, all the while allianced with also-peaceful AniWaya.

2.5  Inferni

In January 2009, Valkyrie de le Poer and stillborn Gabriella Seton were born in Inferni to Ryan de le Poer. The father of the children was Hybrid Holocaust but he isn't involved in the lives of his children (right?).

In April 2009, Inferni held a meeting in which Gabriel de le Poer, Ryan de le Poer, Giggle Dracon, Zana Avaya Lykoi, Vexx, Corona Lykoi, Hybrid Holocaust, Talitha Lykoi, Ezekiel de le Poer, Siobhan Cavil, and Jasper de le Poer gather together to discuss and rule that Ryan be promoted to the third-in-command, and the recent tension with Phoenix Valley is discussed as well.

In June 2009, after more than a year and a half's absence, the entirety of which she was presumed dead, the infamous Kaena Lykoi came back to Inferni.

In August 2009, after a brief period of vandalism and random trespassing, Inferni finally managed to track down the lone wolf that had caused it. Halo Lykoi struck the killing blow to the loner, finishing him off. As a result, Gabriel de le Poer promoted her to Hydra (warrior) of the clan, believing the loner's death proved her worth as a Hastati (warrior-in-training). Kaena Lykoi and Anselm de le Poer strung up the lone wolf, nicknamed Bastardo by the latter of the pair, to replace the decorations he'd busted.

In September 2009, shortly after her return to Inferni, Kaena Lykoi was promoted to Centurion (second-in-command) in Inferni. She remains in this position as of today.

In October 2009, Kaena Lykoi was raped by Haku Soul in an act of revenge for nearly killing him four months earlier. MATURE: She managed to escape, and refused to inform anyone of what occurred for some time, keeping it entirely secretive.

In October 2009, Inferni celebrated Halloween and Anselm de le Poer's birthday. Kaena Lykoi, Razekiel Lykoi, Halo Lykoi, Mason Alexandre Hesiod, and Hybrid Holocaust gathered together for the celebration. Initially, most of the coyotes were partying somewhat awkwardly until Gabriel de le Poer shows up and kind of eyebrows everyone, causing them to pause for a minute. Eventually, the festivities get started once more, and the coyotes end up partying their little hearts out.

2.6  AniWaya

In July 2009, Anatole Aston and Athanase-Sade Aston are born to Aurèle Aston and Corvus Vendetta in AniWaya.

2.7  Crimson Dreams

In April 2009, Amata Sadira, Cambria Marino, and Gotham Phoenix are born to Savina Marino and Kansas Sadira in Crimson Dreams.

In July 2009, Savina Marino announced that she had stepped up as the new Commander, with Anu as her second-in-command.

In November 2009, Sophia Knight and Aro Marino were born in Crimson Dreams to Ghita Marino and Jazper Rhiannon.

2.8  Dahlia de Mai

In January 2009, Conor Soul and Emwe Soul were born to cousins Firefly Sadira and Haku Soul in Dahlia de Mai

In June 2009, Cwmfen nic Graine battled the puppy-eater Brennt one final time. The predator managed to break free from the wounded Dahlian's deadly hold and escaped, but luck didn't last for the puppy murderer. Shortly after Brennt's escape from the Dahlians, Dawali Amara? chased down Brennt and finished off the beast, thus ending the terrible reign of the monster.

In September 2009, Dexter Sadira, Keeleigh Sadira, and Vesle Soul were born in Dahlia de Mai to Mew Sadira and Lubomir Varg.

In October 2009, tensions in Dahlia de Mai continued to rise, as Cercelee was confronted by her subleader, Haku Soul about her ability to lead. Things remained quiet for the time being, as Slaying the Dreamer interrupts the two.

2.9  Phoenix Valley

In February 2009, Phoenix Valley held an important meeting in which Jefferson Soul called the pack together to announce the death of Iskata Sadira. DaVinci Daite Nasphrite, Whinifred, Elain Tiwlip?, Lysander, Pendzez Zazkex, Allegro Aston, and Addison D'Angelo-Soul then gathered together to discuss the disappearance of Deuce Rhiannon and the death of Iskata Sadira.

In September 2009, Harlowe D'Angelo?, Lucia Marino?, Caprica D'Angelo, and Rio Marino are born to Naniko D'Angelo of Phoenix Valley and Ehno Marino of Crimson Dreams.

In December 2009, in Phoenix Valley, Xeris gives birth to Pendzez Zazkex's children, Delwyn Zazkex, Carwyn Zazkex, and Xion de Heritage.

2.10  Murder Plot

In February 2009, a boardwide 2009 Murder Plot began in which Yehudi Aston and Brahms Grahn? were among the victims. An investigation was launched in which Barthélémy Aston discovered his sister Aurèle Aston leaving the scene of the murder and found several clues within a lighthouse where the victims were found. Over the course of several days Barthélémy tried to locate the murderer, spreading the word of the murder to anyone who would listen. Several suspects were named, including Hybrid Holocaust, Tayui Aston, and Aurèle Aston, after Onus began a full investigation, he discovered that Conri Church was in fact the murderer.

2.11  Peace Between Our Peoples

In August 2009, Kaena Lykoi of Inferni and Dawali Amara, leader of AniWaya, met together in The Dampwoods. The pair found that they had quite a bit in common, and Although Kae was no longer the leader of Inferni, she promised to pass along Dawali's wish of neutrality and peace between the two groups. To this day the two packs have remained allies.

2.12  Defense Rests in Pieces

In September 2009, Charon Amrithai met up with Halo Lykoi in Halifax, and although the two of them got along quite well at first, things took a turn for the worse when Halo's father Samael Lykoi showed up on the scene. Things went horribly wrong for poor Charon, who found himself ripped to shreds and killed within a matter of moments after attempting to defend Halo's honor, which he thinks is being violated or something equally ridiculous. After killing Charon, Sam raped Halo. MATURE: