2010 — The Tenth Year

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2010 saw tumultuous inter-pack conflict set into motion by the Second Dahlian War. It brought about the overthrow of several longtime pack leaders, and ushered in new blood and a brief season of peace. New packs Cercatori d'Arte and Anathema were formed at the end of the year.

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1.  January

1.1  January

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  • Due to the extended, unexplained absences of Jacquez Trouillefou, the two subleaders, Vigilante Haskel (who initiated the conversation) and Ruri Aceline, discuss the pack's options. It is decided that, because it is clear that the King has gone, Vigilante becomes the new King of Cour des Miracles. A mandatory pack meeting is called to announce this, with mixed reactions. Ruri, especially, has a very hard time with the news, despite knowing about it prior to the meeting and supporting what was being done.[74]
  • Kol Stormbringer is attacked by Hybrid Holocaust. [75]
  • Eris Lykoi of Inferni wanders outside of the territory and encounters Noir Aston. Viewing the woman's spirit guide, the Lykoi sees this as a sign of power, and attacks Noir, though there is no real damage done and it looks as if Noir will escape—until Noir's hitherto unknown father, Haku Soul attacks her as well, pinning her to the ground and killing her. :O MATURE: [76]
  • After a long absence, Cwmfen nic Graine, former third in command of the pack, returns to Dahlia de Mai—only to find things are quite a bit different than what she remembered. Both Cercelee and Haku Soul, her former co-leaders, are gone, and only Conor Soul remains as the leadership of the pack. [77]
  • Kaena Lykoi, Centurion (second in command) of Inferni, calls together the coyotes—in the Harrow Road fires, the clan's Hydra (warrior) had lost his home. Kaena had plans to drag one of the cars from Inferni's D'Neville Mansion so Snake could live there. [78]
  • Lucia Cabriel comes to Inferni and trespasses, and she is found out by Kaena Lykoi. Although at first the Centurion is pissed off at the trespassing, eventually it comes out that Lucia is rather interested in the pack's hydra, Snake. [79]
  • Cour des Miracles holds a formal ball and get together for their year anniversary. [80]
  • Anann Kelevra and Heath morte dre Soul call together packmembers of Cour des Miracles to erect a log cabin for her to stay in. [81]

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12.1  15 December

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