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Del Cenere Gang's off-board outpost is an estimated 16 miles from Portland and operates as its own trade post. Long-term aNPCs will be moved here.

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Del Cenere Gang - Lancaster Stockshow (Annual Event)

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  1.   1.  2021 Event
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They do fun cowboy rodeo stuff in cowboy town Charmingtown. Open to the general public (barring those Thistle Thugs but some still snuck in thanks to cool leadership <3)

Lancaster Stockshow
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1.  2021 Event

IC Date: August 22nd - 28th

The dog day's of summer are in full swing, with long, hot afternoons baking beneath the relentless sun, but one thing is for certain - it will not last for long. With the autumnal equinox just around the corner, it's time to take stock and assess - and what better way to do this than with a spring in your step and all manner of celebration to be had? Allow the coyotes to titillate your sense of wonder with potentially rigged carnival games and contests aplenty!

Come one, come all, to Del Cenere's Lancaster Stockshow.

Scheduled for the final week of August, this event will take place from the 22nd to the 28th, and for this week, Del Cenere has lifted its typical stipulations for visitation, and welcomes neighbors with open arms (and open pockets)!

1.1  Scheduled Events

  • Daily Events:
    • Trade Stalls
    • Mini-Games — Bobbing for Apples, Ring Toss, Cornhole, Knock-down, Ball Drop, Bosque's Ladder
    • Wagon Hay Rides
    • Guided Trail Rides
The Welcome Wagon
Sunday, August 22nd
  • No scheduled events — Guests are welcomed into Charmingtown and shown where they can set up camp for the week.
Bonfire Night
Monday, August 23rd
  • Horseshoe Tournament

First Place: Nazar Blacksun
Second Place: Bernadette Braithwaite
Third Place: Kai Wolfe-Denahlii

  • BonfireEvent
  • Junior Fight Club
Tuesday, August 24th

First Place: Bennett Braithwaite
Second Place: Lyall Hushhowl
Third Place: Aberama Gold


First Place: "Birch Kaid"
Second Place: Peony Braithwaite
Third Place: Ingvildr Knight

  • Timed Sheep HerdingEvent

First Place: Gwaun Fir-Chlis
Second Place: Pontifex Troy Lykoi
Third Place: Jimena Escuella

Race Day
Wednesday, August 25th
  • Cross-Country Horse TrailEvent

First Place: Jethro Lykoi
Second Place: Theodore Reeves
Third Place: Bennett Braithwaite

  • Three-Legged RaceEvent

First Place: Nyx Greyfire & Lukos Greyfire
Second Place: Morris & Peony Braithwaite
Third Place: Rhodes Winthrop & Jimena Escuella


First Place: Sean Butler
Second Place: Notch
Third Place: Zsorthia Mercedes


Winner: Lossë Fir-Chlis

Best in Show & Livestock Auction
Thursday, August 26th

Equine Class: Notch's Loom
Large Hoofstock Class: Aberama Gold's Cletus
Small Hoofstock Class: Sugabear Perrin du Lac's Gumbo

Barbecue Contest
Friday, August 27th
  • No scheduled events — Barbecue teams are given the full day to cook their foods. Other guests are encouraged to enjoy the trade stalls, games, and other activities.
Closing Festivities & Barbecue Judging
Saturday, August 28th
  • BBQ Tournament Judging
  • FeastEvent
  • Closing-day Lanterns
  • Farewells

1.2  Prizes

  • See Newspost for IC Prizes won per scheduled event
Participation Prizes
  • Event Icons: Best in Show OR Sticks in your teeth!
  • 3-month Temporary Titles: (See Newspost)
Del Ceneren Member Exclusive
  • Event Icons: Shifting seasons
  • Special Event Talisman: Bucking Bronco Bronco

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