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Del Cenere Gang's off-board outpost is an estimated 16 miles from Portland and operates as its own trade post. Long-Term aNPCs are moved to Palisade.

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Del Cenere has an active Discord group - Links are in our Acceptance post, or PM Leadership for your invite!
Only present or past players of a Del Ceneren character may join the DCG Discord Chat.

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Members are encouraged to engage in IC projects designed to improve Del Cenere. It's fun to help build your pack and interact with your pack members, and it gives your character an interesting roleplay environment! Having goals to complete can be extremely motivating for some members, leading to improved IC and OOC relations, as well as high levels of activity.

Team Del Cenere is eager to encourage any ideas for manageable intra-pack plots that you might have!

If you have an idea for a pack project, please consider some of the following aspects to help plan your ideas around the project. Who is the leader of the project? If it is your character, is s/he a suitable rank to propose and enforce such a project? How many Del Cenerens does it take complete the project? If it is a large-scale project that may have important implications on the Law or Culture of Del Cenere, please be sure to discuss it directly with the leadership.

Read on for more information on current pack projects being run by Del Cenere members, or how to go about organizing a pack project of your own! For more information on one of the pack projects listed below, please contact either the player who is running the pack project, or Del Cenere Leadership.


Not only is creating and running a pack project its own reward, in terms of showing your leadership skills and having some good IC fun, but we happy to offer you more incentives as well!

  • Additional Rewards to be added.

Current Projects

Relevant Photograph

The Gardens

Project Lead: Morrigan Archeron (Ems)
Project Topic: OOC Project Thread (Deprecated), OOC Project Thread
After clearing the land surrounding the skeleton of what used to be the Irving Greenhouses in the spring & summer of 2020, much work was done to lay the groundwork for the following year. Now the growing season of 2021 is upon the Gang, and Morrigan Archeron is gathering volunteers to begin the real work. Your assistance is needed gathering seeds, hoeing and adding fertilizer to the planned garden beds, transplanting wild plants into the greenhouse area, and of course ongoing upkeep and maintenance to grow plants for fall harvest.

Relevant Photograph

None (Project Header)

Project Lead: Character? (Player)
Project Topic: OOC Project Thread?
Short description of the pack project goes here! How can other characters assist in your project? What is the final aim of your project?

Perpetual Projects

These are areas of Del Cenere that are constantly undergoing betterment or project work.

By Despi

Polvo de Oro

Project Lead: Nazario del Bosque (Despi)
Project Topic: OOC Project Thread
The curation and training up of Del Cenere's horses, and otherwise betterment of their husbandry, with emphasis on unique tack, training and crafting opportunities, and improvements to stables and pens.

Relevant Photograph

None (Project Header)

Project Lead: Character? (Player)
Project Topic: OOC Project Thread?
Short description of the pack project goes here! How can other characters assist in your project? What is the final aim of your project?

Run a Project!

For individuals aiming to have a project approved, you may use the following as a template to PM to the DCG leadership (please PM only the Del Cenere Gang Account for these inquiries, not individual leaders).

DCG Project Application

Player Name:

Project Name:

Project Lead Character:

Description of Project: This should include proposed dates of starting and completion, materials and skills needed, and an outline of some threads that should take place. Please set out the relevant information under subheadings, as it is likely to be used as a draft for the OOC post that will be made about your project.

Additional: Are there any lasting implications for your project? Do you desire it to help your character gain a particular rank or co-rank? Are there any extra prizes you would like awarded to participants?

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