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Del Cenere Gang's off-board outpost is an estimated 16 miles from Portland and operates as its own trade post. Long-term aNPCs will be moved here.

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➵ Del Ceneren Culture

The Del Cenere Gang is a coyote-dominated pack leaning into heavy themes of Frontier cultures reminiscent of the American Wild West. Among them lie the ideals of the "Self-Made Man" and foundations of found family - work ethic is highly praised and sought after to benefit the whole and investment is expected to be reciprocal: folks reap what they sow. Whilst understated and neighborly in inter-pack interactions, the Gang is host to hard workers, hustlers and barons alike - the route to power may not necessarily always be paved with honor, and it's a careful and precarious balance whilst treading along the line between civility and savagery.

» Archetypes
Frontiersmen, farmers, rustlers, traders, disenfranchised, the morally gray
» Scent
Coyote, earth, woodsmoke, horse, cedar, pine, tobacco

1.  Community and Colloquialisms

Bias Note: Del Cenere has a strong anti-wolf bias. As such, wolf visitation is largely limited and prospective members must be below 50% wolf to join their community.

Del Cenere is a group of predominantly Coyotes and Coyote-dominant hybrids, with exception for dogs and mid to low content wolfdogs - While coyote individuals are the only ones permitted within the Ashen Ring and within Leadership ranks, there are no restrictions barring non-coyotes from joining, aside from wolves and hybrids with higher than 50% wolf content.

Work ethic is highly praised amongst the Gang, as well as personal agency; it's considered that individuals are what they make of themselves and rhetoric abound for 'bootstrap' mentalities; Whatever life was led before induction into the Gang is absolved and forgiven, provided they are able to assimilate into the Ashen's fold. There is heavy emphasis on a 'found family' within the community and members are expected to help and protect individuals within their ranks to the point that individuals straying past borders are highly advised to bring a companion with them to avoid potential trouble - after all, there is safety in numbers.

Higher ranking members are considered ultimately trustworthy amongst the Ashen, and may exercise discretion in order to bring prospective members into the Gang - however, they will be tasked to teach new members the finer points on what it means to be a member of the Del Cenere Gang and help usher them along the right paths. It is worth noting, however, that only coyote or coyote hybrids hold the highest rankings within the Gang, and individuals lacking coyote blood may experience subtle prejudice.

» Humanization

The Gang's humanization is rated moderate to high. Given the nature of the Gang's cultural importance on the ability to work and fondness for livestock and animal handling, Optime forms are largely preferred for ease. While Non-Luperci are not denied entry into Del Cenere, they are still expected to contribute towards the wellbeing of the community and may find difficulty progressing through ranks.

While clothes are not considered a requirement by any means, a number of Ashen members wear them for individual expression rather than for flaunting of affluence or wealth. Many adopt similar stylings to "Frontier Fashion" - or clothes (albeit simplified within the realm of Luperci means) akin in style to those of the American West circa late 1800's to early 1900's.

» Speech and Vernacular

Most of the Gang have locally adopted slang and patterns of speech indicative of subtle drawls or twangs. It is not uncommon amidst the Ashen for them to drop g's at the end of "ing" verbs (as in "workin'" in exchange for "working"), drop d's from the end of 'and', or to soften t's in the center of words (as in "moun'n" in exchange for mountain), though the latter is far more understated in conversation. In reference to the numeric, often times it's common to replace the full term 'zero' for the shorthand 'oh' when reading off numbers (example, 1903 being read off as "nineteen-oh-three" and so forth). Spanish terms and slang are also not uncommon given a number of the Gang's polyglot nature.

Del Ceneren members also have subtle manners in which how they regard one another in speech to indicate respect:

  • Unfamiliar individuals often regard one another on a rank, title, or last-name basis.
  • Women within the Gang are oftentimes addressed as 'Miss (Surname)'.
» Animal Husbandry

Animal companions are commonplace amongst the Ashen, and horses, especially, are held in high regard. Due to the highly transient lifestyle Del Ceneren founders lead prior to the Gang's founding, these animals are considered indispensable. Animal stock of all kind have been considered useful, and as such, are a valuable resource - abuse of companion animals is largely frowned upon among members and wandering traders seen mistreating creatures in their possession may sometimes be liberated of their pets by sympathetic individuals.

  • For more information pertaining to the Gang's animals and the Polvo de Oro horse, click here.

Individuals seeking IC rewards may choose to select barding that relates to their character's rank:

Mid Echelon Las Antorchas Los Linternas Enkindled Ashen Ring El Faro

(Hover for associated rank.)

» Hierarchy and Deference

Lower ranked members are to defer towards those in higher ranks. Upper Echelon ranks (especially those having earned Enkindled titles and upwards) are afforded some luxury in being able to delegate tasks towards lower-ranked members. Given the Gang's importance leaning towards reliability and work, individuals that are consistently hard working or contributing towards the Gang are held in higher regard amidst the community. Respectful deference, however, does not always mean 'aversion of the eyes, lowering of ears' amidst the Ashen - Gang members are expected to conduct themselves respectfully and not speak out of turn to their superiors.

  • Occupations: Members who take on occupations are often given more credibility in the field of work with which they've devoted an occupation towards. Only members ranked Las Brasas and up can accrue Occupations.
  • Tithe: Members are expected to give a small tithe of items they've either crafted, accumulated, hunted, or otherwise gathered towards the Gang's stores for the good of the community. Dodging tithe is considered to be inadequate conduct, as it shows selfishness.
» Conscription & the Oscuro Rank
  • For more information on the Oscuro rank, click here.

Individuals under the Conscription rank of Del Cenere fall within a special niche amongst the members of the Gang. Regarded almost as fondly-kept livestock than individuals, they fulfill servitude roles and, as such, experience restriction with conduct in Pack borders, and are regarded with far more scrutiny than other Ashen - While most are particularly conscripted to the debt of individuals within Del Cenere, a few may act in community roles and will have their icon on the rank table listed as "Communal Conscript".

General restrictions include, but are not necessarily limited to:

Movement & Property

  • Oscuro, once conscripted, are not permitted to leave Ganglands without the individual they are indebted to. Movement may be restricted further within Ganglands via the Debtor's discretion (example: Coyote forbids their Oscuro from going to the Angel Oak)
  • Oscuro may require written missives from their Debtors to access areas with Storage or for 'use' of Communal Resources (This may generally be OOCly assumed, of course). Ashen may feel compelled to "check in" with Oscuro who are unaccompanied and within such areas or utilizing communal items or livestock.
  • Oscuro are forbidden from holding their own individual homes. They are, however, expected to be housed with their Debtor - in turn, the Debtor must ensure proper lodging, food, and necessary care for their Oscuro. A poorly tended, and poorly cared-for Oscuro reflects poorly on the Debtor, who may experience IC pressures and scrutiny for their mistreatment. If the care is not addressed, the Oscuro may be released from their debt by force from Leadership, and placed within Sin Luz.
  • Oscuro are not permitted to own livestock of their own - any animals under their care are assumed to be the property of their Debtor.
  • Oscuro are limited in the possessions they generally own; Debtors may choose to gift their Oscuro belongings, but otherwise, their own belongings are fairly scant, and Debtors may be permitted to take things at their own discretion. (example: Coyote's Oscuro finds a finely made comb, and Coyote thinks Oscuro is distracted with it, and thus confiscates the comb. These sort of interventions if enacted between players should be plotted out to avoid any OOC conflicts.)

Appearances & Dress Code

  • Oscuro are confined to strict grooming regimens. Manes/hair must be kept short-cropped and tidy, and never extend past the shoulders. Any length must be pulled back and away from the face to avoid obscuring the eyes - generally with the use of a bandana. Hair is generally considered too short to braid within any acceptable lengths, and individuals may find it easiest to just keep it clipped entirely.
  • Oscuro's clothing is restricted to plain and simple utilitarian wear; Blouses are undyed beige or off-white, and trousers are black. Some Oscuro may choose to forfeit clothing altogether.
  • Accessories are minimal, and are to be inconspicuous. Stud piercings or small hoops are permitted, though rings are considered a hindrance to work. Small necklaces are permitted by the Debtor's discretion. For the most part, however, all Oscuro generally have one accessory which denotes their rank, which is either a collar, or a worker's bandana worn on their person; These may be as intricate or plain as the Debtor sees fit.


  • Oscuro are not forbidden from pursuing relationships, and may enter mateships! That being said, however, this is generally up to their Debtor to arrange for them; Debtors which do not approve of a particular relationship may turn down any official marriage ceremonies. Most socially acceptable relationships for Oscuro are limited within like-ranks in the Lower Echelon (other Oscuro, Sin Luz, or Encender).
  • Encender who engage in an official marriage with an Oscuro and raise in rank may reflect positively on their Oscuro partner, and may win them more leeway as they gain higher status within the Gang, though an Oscuro's service to their Debtor will always take precedence over their relationship. Debtors may be bartered with to free the Oscuro from their debt on behalf of the now-ranked Ashen once they reach the same rank as the Debtor, or surpass the Debtor's rank - however, it will still be at the Debtor's discretion. A released Oscuro will fall under the rank of Sin Luz.
  • Likewise, a dissolution of a marriage between an Oscuro and a ranked member reflects poorly on both parties, but especially the Ranked individual, and may result in higher scrutiny of the Ranked Individual, or result in potential demotion for scandal.
  • A ranked Ashen (Las Brasas and higher) pursuing a relationship with Oscuro is considered to be somewhat shameful, given the Oscuro's regard as pseudo-livestock - with this in mind, such entanglements are best kept from the public eye should both parties want to avoid conflict and scrutiny. It's considered to be in incredibly poor taste to pursue someone else's Oscuro for a relationship.

1.1  Life and Death

» Mateship

Given the Gang's importance upon personal agency, Marriage and Mateship is much in the same - Individuals are not forced into weddings at the behest of Leadership, however plays may be made by individuals to make political moves; A high-ranking mate, for instance, may invoke nepotism on behalf of individuals seeking to flex some semblance of power over their fellow Ashen.

Weddings and Ceremonies reflect these thoughts; each is tailored to suit the desires and needs of the new couple and they may call upon Ashen Ring members for favors in setting up prospective festivities as far as food or gifts. Larger events, naturally, may draw more eyes than more private affairs. While it is customary for the Rey Salvaje to officiate unions, the couple may choose another member to oversee the ceremony as they see fit.

However, divorce is another matter. Adhering to more archaic outlooks, a break-up may draw gossip or be seen or skewed as scandalous - while it may not hold bearing on hierarchy, reputations may be temporarily damaged or tarnished pending outcomes of divorce. Divorcing parties, without exception, are expected to evenly split their household's possessions.

» Offspring

It's said that it takes a village to raise a child, and within Del Cenere that sentiment rings true. Community members are, by extension, regarded as a large-scale family, and as such, it's encouraged for individuals to reach out to families that are either expecting or have had young in order to impart their assistance with rearing offspring. It is customary to bring food to a new mother for a week after a birth, and Gang members may choose to bring gifts for whelps; as litters age, they are given guidance but are free of the expectations beholden to adults and thus, are not given true jobs until they hit adulthood. However, delegated tasks to keep them out of an Ashen's hair is never off the table. (It's best to instill that work ethic young, after all!)

Del Cenere holds no extensive bias against bastard children in particular, though the circumstances of their birth may be speculated upon - however, to prevent unruly children turning into unruly adults, often times bastard children may be watched more closely than pups brought up by a more traditional nuclear family unit.

» Bautizo

The Bautizo, or coming of age ceremony, is a celebration of the shedding of gawky puphood - No longer bound by the frivolous nature of Youth, pups celebrate their welcoming into adulthood with a competition devised in tandem between their parents and leadership; each Bautizo is tailored to fit the children's strong suits by means of friendly competition, designed to challenge them whilst they still enjoy the last moments of their childhood.

As is customary, each Bautizo concludes with a feast and (presumably), their first alcoholic drink (should they so choose). Young members who undergo their Bautizo are shuffled into the Las Brasas rank, whilst those who don't are filed beneath the Unkindled.

Bautizos may be withheld at Leadership discretion, generally in extenuating circumstances.

» Burial

Burial for the honored involves the making and burning of a funeral pyre; any animal companions will be painted with ash and turned over to the Community and cared for. The ashes of the dead will then be placed in a plot, and buried alongside a pouch of wildflower seeds or marigolds and marked with either a tall stone, plank, or wooden cross - graves will be tended to, and given decoration in memoriam to the deceased. The most popular of such are the skullcaps of deer, cattle, or goats - to which other baubles can be tied onto; these decorative antlers and horns are considered lucky, and are supposed to guide wandering spirits to rest as well as protect the gravesite.

In the case of dishonorable deaths, the bodies are usually left to rot far outside pack borders, or worse, scavenged and turned into Effigies as a means of redemption.

1.2  Borders

» Posses and Conduct

Venturing outside Del Cenere’s borders is considered deeply dangerous - as such, it’s usually frowned upon for individuals to leave on their own (and, at the very least, are expected to let higher ranking Ashen know where they are going, in case anything happens), but as such, they implement a “buddy system”. Groups that venture beyond borders are encouraged to be a minimum of two, but rarely above four members, and are referred to as a posse. When in a posse, Del Cenere members are expected to uphold the ideals of their home, give away nothing of where they hail from, and will delegate control to the highest ranking within their Posse, unless circumstances circumvent this.

Whilst outside of Borders, Del Cenerens are expected to behave accordingly. They may not give away the location, nor descriptive details of the Gang’s whereabouts - if you are to start trouble with an Outsider, you could potentially bring trouble back to the Gang, and will be reprimanded accordingly. Needless heckling is frowned upon.

» Border Marking

Deeply inspired by the old roots of Inferni, the hodgepodge Gang embraces motifs with ash, and circles, as well as the creation of Effigies.

  • Effigies: Scarecrow-like sentinels, usually comprised of remains draped on a wooden post or stake; made to look like figures standing guard over the borders. Effigies are usually a skull (non-species descript), a makeshift “ribcage” (if not an actual bone one), and some kind of clothing or decoration (or both), and decorated with ash or paint for luck. Each effigy is meant to be unique - to copy someone else’s effigy is an insult.
  • Ash Markings: Used almost exclusively for intra-pack communication and amongst scouts. Ash markings, given their impermanence, generally indicate a fresh patrol along trails and will scrawl symbols against trees or rocks as a form of shorthand to communicate their findings, or to encourage other scouts to deviate towards a different trailhead.
  • Ties: Dyed leather or cloth straps may be spotted hanging from tree branches, generally to notate a trail.
» Charmingtown and Semi-Open Borders

Del Cenere was the first pack to host a semi-open border in the form of its main trading hub, Charmingtown. Outsiders are welcome to visit the little coyote-run town to barter or drink at the Ugly Coyote, with a few stipulations: Wolves and Wolf-Heavy hybrids are only permitted a two day's stay within the Gang's borders (unless given express permission otherwise), and should expect closer monitoring than other visitors. Individuals who linger for extended periods of time may be subjected to pressure from Gang members to join - after all, they don't take particularly kindly to freeloaders or the like.

Conduct is expected to be respectful within Charmingtown - scuffles and skirmishes with outsiders, or individuals seeking to cause trouble, will be swiftly escorted from Del Cenere. More severe infractions may result in details posted to the Bounty Board or temporary incarceration. Friendly borders are marked on Del Cenere's map in white - roaming outside of this border is considered trespassing.

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» Trespassing

Territory beyond Charmingtown is, for safety concerns, held in secrecy to non-Gang members. Guided tours are not permitted unless given express permission - as such, any outsider found breaching Del Cenere's borders, regardless of intention, will be subject to getting run off by Ashen populace or risk more serious repercussion from the Gang. Repeat offenders may experience more direct or drastic measures to ensure the Gang's safety as a whole. Desecration of effigies is not permitted - if an individual is caught vandalizing, they may be subject to capture and temporary incarceration.

Outsiders may meet individuals at Del Cenere's border to request escort to Charmingtown.

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2.  Beliefs and Superstition

» Ritual and Religion

Del Cenere is beholden to no specific religion as a whole, though many prescribe to almost ritualistic mannerisms linked to non-spiritual superstition. It could be considered that the Gang believes in the concept of "Luck", and will often times guide their actions via seemingly unrelated motions that are believed to change outcomes:

  • Moose Head: It's commonly believed that rubbing the antlers of the moose skull at the Angel Oak will bestow luck before a hunt or trade expedition.
  • Horseshoes: Horseshoes hung above doorways must never be hung with the open end downwards - it's said to bring bad luck.
  • Yellow: Wearing yellow to a competition or on horseback invites misfortune.
  • Stirrups: When training unbroken horses, always put your right foot in the stirrup first, or you risk souring the horse and making the animal unruly.
  • Graves: It is bad luck to tread on the flower blooms on a grave and may welcome a spirit back to haunt you.
  • Antlers or Horns: Pieces, if not full antlers or horns are thought to protect individuals or ward off bad luck.

It is suggested by the celebration of Día de los Muertos that the Ashen believe in some form of the afterlife and the presence of the supernatural.

» Symbolism

Given the Gang's roots in the now-defunct Inferni and abroad, many of their motifs revolve around ash, bone, circles signifying rebirth; They do not shy from the grim nature of death and, more often than not, use it as an opportunity to celebrate life as it was known.

Gravesites are often marked or decorated with antlers or skulls of deer or goats on gravestones due to rooted believe in protective qualities of 'grave guardians', and wildflowers seeds are sown on sites and tended yearly to harvest in fall for ofrendas.

Members may also participate in the construction of 'prayer ties' - the physical manifestation of prayers and well wishes. Bundles may be filled with curative herbs: tobacco, sage, sweetgrass, tea, or cedar. Colors offer symbolism, for example: white is to heal, yellow to give thanks, or red for ancestral calling. It’s sacrilege to move or disturb a prayer tie, or prayer bundle, once their bound to tree branches as offerings to higher whatever powers there may be. The Angel Oak is littered with decorations of such, and commonly traversed trails throughout the territory may be marked with their own colorful ties.

2.1  Events and Holidays

➵ Luces de Primavera

Spring (Late March) • Spring Lights Festival • Eastern Beach of Moosehead Lake

» Celebrating the Thaw

Luces de Primavera is a flexible holiday, typically taking place between Late March and Early April - whenever, essentially, the ice starts wearing thin around Moosehead Lake and breaking thanks to the flow from the Three Sisters. It's a signifier, more or less, that spring has finally sprung and heralds the change in seasons. At this rate, greenery has started to emerge, and with it comes a time to refresh, reflect, and welcome in the new year.

  • Community Outreach: With the change in seasons, Ashen are often forced in and confined to their homes, or find comfort through the cold by holing themselves in through the winter. As such, individuals may end up accumulating more than a little clutter through the winter months. Diligent members will often reach out towards neighbors and friends to help with clearing out the stifling winter mess; This often times coincides with one of the Three Sister Brokerage Syndicate's trade trips down towards Portland and Palisade, allowing for individuals to off-load goods for trade.
» Spring Lights

As the ice on the lake begins to thaw, it's customary for Ashen to build little rafts for wooden lanterns. Families may construct more elaborate displays, while some folks favor a little something simpler; regardless, there is a small sense of friendly competition as to predictions over which will sink or float the moment that the ice finally gives way. Participants in the Spring Lights lantern race gather south of the Cascada de Fuego and due north of the Ojo del Diablo on Moosehead Lake's eastern shore. Once dusk begins to fall, Ashen light their lanterns and set them out onto the still-frigid waters and watch as the current takes it southward.

  • Lanterns: Construction of lanterns consist, typically, of a 'casing' for the lights; be that pale, thin slices of bark, horn, fabric, or other suitable materials. "Rafts" must be constructed of twigs or small branches, and there are no limitations on decorative aspects individuals may want to place on their lantern.
➵ Lancaster Stockshow

Late Summer (Late August - Early September) • Harvest Festival • Charmingtown

» Inter-Pack and Loner Band Interaction

Designated groups are sent out towards prospective groups within neighboring territories to extend invitations to Del Cenere's annual trade event, the Lancaster Stockshow. A week's worth of trade and camaraderie, the Stockshow is intended to bolster trade and relations between packs for mutual gain. As such, for the week, restrictions on Wolf visitors are lifted. All guests to Del Cenere's events can expect accommodations by way of camp-setup supplies for groups, or rooms at the Trailside Inn for unaffiliated individuals. All visitors are expected to keep their weaponry peace-tied, out of reach, or generally put away throughout the entirety of the event. Larger weapons or dangerous substances may be subject to confiscation for the duration of the Lancaster Stockshow, and kept in an undisclosed location under lock and key until it's return at the event's conclusion.

» Livestock Trade

Aside from the Best-in-Show where individuals may want to flaunt their animal companions, the Stockshow's roster of individuals from near and far allow for plenty of opportunities to trade out old livestock to freshen up bloodlines and gene pools.

At this time of the year, communal animals are often culled or traded out, individuals may seek to replace their equine companions or stud them out, and the Gang often chooses to trade out some of their Polvo de Oro stock that otherwise do not fit their breeding program. Culled animals and fish are contributed towards a Barbecue Competition, held on the beach next to Charmingtown, which contributes to the Lancaster Stockshow's closing feast event.

» Contests and Events

The Gang hosts a number of competitions for Ashen members and visitors alike, ranging from carnival-like games, hosting gambling, or larger scale rodeo events that are liable to change each year with what livestock is on hand and materials available. Prizes are allotted for a great deal of these contests, and there's no shortage of entertaining, small-scale affairs to catch the eye; The Gang looks at the Stockshow as an opportunity to show their hospitality, as well as their opportunistic nature.

» For more information, check our stockshow page.

➵ Día de los Muertos

Fall (October 31st-November 2nd) • Day of the Dead • The Parish/Charmingtown

» Honoring the Dead

The end of October through Early November marks the day of remembrance for members past - Death is turned into a celebration for life, and reminiscing over tales, food, and festivities. Amongst these activities include Prayer Tie ceremonies beneath the boughs of the Angel Oak guided by El Corazón, or gatherings of families within the Pasillo Gris or the Ugly Coyote for feasting or games of dice made from sheep knuckles. Much of the days' themes and cultural attachments harken back to bygone eras of a holiday of the same name, brought on by the slew of Southern coyotes who brought their culture Northwards with them.

  • Caza Salvaje: Able-bodied individuals gather in the dead of night within Lupus or Secui forms to humble themselves and pay homage to their ancestors whilst engaging in a pack hunt.
» Ofrendas

Families construct altars within their homes surrounding the memorabilia of their deceased, and lay out incense, food, candles and décor to draw the spirits of the dead into their homes. Wildflowers are often harvested from the Parish's gravesites and brought to decorate floors and ofrendas, and alongside the wax and lit wicks, are thought to guide the departed to their destination. The days are spent cooking warm foods for their offerings - flatbreads, stews - and drinking is saved for night. This is one day a year when those ranked Chispa may be allowed to imbibe alcohol prematurely before their Bautizos, free of speculation from adults. The Gang's La Mano may often play a hand in assisting families to gather their ofrenda's decoration, as well as decking out Charmingtown in festive colors.

» Trickster's Season

A joint event co-run between La Carne and La Oreja - the Trickster's Season is an all-out prank war waged between individuals to call back on the favor of all coyotes' guile. All individuals are fair game - the more individuals roped into elaborate hoaxes and good-natured hijinks, the better. Gifts are given out in tandem with grievances. The only rule? All japes must be made in good faith - we don't need to accidentally injure Gang members!

  • Fiesta de los Tontos: Otherwise known as the "Fools Party" - Using the kill procured during the Caza Salvaje and constructed somewhat like a potluck, a grand feast is held within the The Elkhorn; However, this is not the most notable part of the event. Attendees are encouraged to dress up - not in finery or opulence, but in mockery; the aim is obfuscation and disguise.
» Desfile de Calaveras

The Desfile de Calaveras (Parade of Skulls) is a small-scale event amidst the Ashen, generally reserved for those aligned with the combative arts - Archers and knife-throwers alike gathered by El Ojo and El Diente don costumes and the title of Calavera for a day to parade through Charmingtown to the Lancaster Stockyard in order to flex their prowess with a small-scale competition to show off their prowess in the spirit of competition - and, once their showcase is completed, they engage in frights and fun aplenty and practicing stealth to leave gifts for the living.

  • The Calavera: Individuals dressing as Calaveras are generally marked more visually by their face paint, comprised of clay pigments of bonemeal white and dark soot to dress themselves in the facsimile of skulls - often, individuals choose to add bright and colorful flourishes, akin to sugar skulls.
➵ Agarre de Invierno

Winter (Mid-December) • Winter's Grasp • Charmingtown/The Angel Oak

» Seven Days of Giving

It's the season of giving - and, traditionally, the Ashen set aside a week to give out gifts to those they so choose to give gifts to. Each day fits a specific theme, though is unlimited in the creativity of the craft or nature of the present.

Seven Days Prompts...
  • The Gift of Nourishment

Hunt a meal with a companion, prep something, or surprise a friend with something warm (or, perhaps, not-so-warm) to eat, or give a gift to nourish the soul.

  • The Gift of Green

Foliage is in short supply, and spring seems far away; sometimes the color can prove as a comfort.

  • The Gift of Warmth

Have you trapped anything lately? Have you seen someone trying to stave off the cold? Give something thoughtful to keep your loved ones warm.

  • The Gift of Knowledge

Tools, stories, memories; gather with your neighbors and exchange what you will!

  • The Gift of Slumber

With nights so long, and folks cooped up indoors, everyone could use something a little cozy to get by.

  • The Gift of Red

Passionate, determined, vivacious - sometimes a little reminder as to what's needed to get through the cold months is what we all need.

  • The Gift of Drink

It's said that good alcohol can warm you to your bones!

» The Everglow

An ice-fishing and wild game feast held off the beach of Charmingtown, the Everglow marks this time of unexpected bounty; Where the world around them grows dark and prey animals are enfeebled by the weather, clever Ashen seek to take advantage of these leaner months to their advantage. With evenings long and cold, food is prepped and brought in a potluck to a bonfire held to help stave off the frigid winter in reverie to usher in the newer years at the turn of the solstice.

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3.  Crimes and Punishments

3.1  Laws and Conduct

» Crimes Against the Gang

It goes without saying that Del Cenere values cohesiveness and unifying ideals, and as such, to avoid total anarchy, laws are in place to ensure members stay within line to maintain structure. While many of the Gang may fit the motif of an Outlaw, that's not to say that they are permitted to turn on or aggress one another!

  • Upholding Community:

Able-bodied individuals are expected to share whatever bounties they so accrue and meet tithes appropriately. Whilst not a necessity to get along with fellow Gang members, it is expected that individuals treat eachother respectfully and uphold Del Cenere's ideals; behave neighborly. Keep a wary eye. There is safety amongst the Gang, but this only continues provided there is Unity.

  • Disrespecting the Hierarchy:

Insubordination is not tolerated amidst Gang members - while challenging higher members may not be out of place, it is expected for lower ranked individuals to concede and keep from escalating. Open insubordination can result in unfavorable outcomes and ostracization, and excessive shows of force are seen as equally unseemly.

  • Theft or Libel:

Japes and Hijinks are to be expected of coyotes - however, malicious lying with the intent to tarnish reputation or stealing from fellow Gang members is prohibited if caught.

  • Assault:

Scuffles are not out of the question. Excessive brawling or combativeness falls in line with insubordination and aggression - if a Gang member is thought to be excessively violent, measures may be taken to subdue or punish the individual.

  • Sexual Misconduct:

Sexual Misconduct (harrassment, assault) has a zero-tolerance policy amidst the Ashen, and is dealt with on a similar scale of severity.

  • Murder:

Much like Sexual Misconduct, murder of a fellow Gang member will be dealt with appropriately - the only acceptable excuse is in self defense.

» Crimes Against Outsiders

The Gang is largely indifferent towards misconduct outside of their borders - Individuals or Posses that cause trouble abroad are merely beholden to the strict rule that they do not let on where they are from, should they engage in hijinks or more serious crimes. The Ashen largely lean on their opportunistic predilections and are advised to exercise proper judgement and caution to ensure theirs, and the Gang's safety, as a whole. Should trouble find its way back to Del Cenere, however, repercussions will be carried out.

  • Betraying the Gang:

Members who betray the Gang via selling out secrets, inviting danger or trouble, or otherwise acting out against the Gang's ideals and interests towards outsiders are shunned from Del Cenere's society, and may be held in contempt for Treason.

  • Theft or Libel:

Safety is priority - Posses are discouraged from engaging in raids, thefts, or robbery unless they think the outcome will be favorable. Bringing undo conflict to Del Cenere's doorstep will result in repercussion.

  • Assault, Misconduct and Murder:

Posses are discouraged from engaging in inappropriate behavior resulting in violence or sexual misconduct and other actions that may draw dangerous attention towards the Gang as a whole; However, of course, this is entirely dependent on if members get caught in their misdeeds.

3.2  Punishments

» Light

Light punishments include but are not limited to:

  • Rationing food and supply
  • Increased tithe
  • Temporary shunning or silent treatment
  • Overnight incarceration in the Drunk Barrel (i.e. "Sleep It Off" punishment)
» Medium

Mid-grade punishments include but are not limited to:

  • Demotion, stripping of rank, syndicate or occupation
  • Prolonged Incarceration in the Drunk Barrel (3-5 days)
  • Increased supervision, or being assigned a chaperone
  • Increased workload
  • Restraint
» Severe

Severe punishments include but are not limited to:

  • Mutilation (removal of fingers, ears or tongue; lashing)
  • Expulsion from the Gang
  • Execution