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Del Cenere Gang's off-board outpost is an estimated 16 miles from Portland and operates as its own trade post. Long-term aNPCs will be moved here.

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Table laying out Del Ceneren Hierarchy

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  1.   1.  Rank Shuffles and Changes
    1.   1.1  Promotion
    2.   1.2  Demotion
  2.   2.  Talent Tree
  3.   3.  El Faro
  4.   4.  Ashen Ring
  5.   5.  Upper Echelon
    1.   5.1  Enkindled
    2.   5.2  Los Linternas
    3.   5.3  Las Antorchas
  6.   6.  Mid Echelon
    1.   6.1  Las Piras
    2.   6.2  Los Inciendos
    3.   6.3  Las Brasas
    4.   6.4  Age-Restricted Ranks
  7.   7.  Lower Echelon
    1.   7.1  Encender
    2.   7.2  Sin Luz

➵ Del Ceneren Hierarchy and Ranks

Del Cenere, while not governed by concepts like royalty or nobility, is tightly bound by cultural laws and the biases that precede even their foundation. There is weight, importance, and currency in work ethic and intrinsic value in Coyote blood; Ashen members are meant to be driven, intuitive, and ambitious. Rank is determined by contribution and adherence to status quos. While exhibitions of deference are somewhat more relaxed in Del Cenere, there is a strict, albeit unspoken hierarchy - lower ranking Del Cenerens are expected to know their place, curb their tongue, and trust in the delegation of higher echelons. Speaking out of turn, especially to Leadership or Tribunal roles, may carry hefty consequence. There are no rank skips within Del Cenere's Hierarchy. Only coyotes and coyote hybrids are permitted access into the Tribunal ranks.

However - influence and action, and positive reputation carry plenty of weight. Individuals who seek to prove their mettle, and prove their desire to contribute or provide for Del Cenere consistently will always be seen in favor.

» Active members and their rank can be found on our Portal page.

1.  Rank Shuffles and Changes

1.1  Promotion

» Numerical Activity and Post Counts

The primary way characters can garner promotion through the ranks of Del Cenere is post count, counted every month during the Rank Shuffle. However, this should not be considered the end-all in getting a guaranteed promotion, should character conduct intercede (poor behavior or otherwise), or if activity is predominantly outside of Del Cenere. If a character hits post counts for promotion, but posts are consistently made outside of Del Cenere territory/does not interact with other Del Ceneren characters, they won't be considered eligible for promotion.

» IC Conduct

Characters who engage regularly within Del Cenere and participate in projects, events, or otherwise, will garner positive 'reputation' within the Gang, and thus, are considered more desirable towards promotion. Characters who show consistent engagement may also supersede post requirements in the following instances:

  • Getting an Occupation
  • Joining a Syndicate or Free Company
  • Making multiple (more than one) tithe submission within the 6 month period
  • Bribery ;) (Though this may be a double-edged sword!)

1.2  Demotion

» Low Activity

Characters with consistent low activity within Activity Checks may find themselves demoted a rank - in order to maintain their position, characters must make three posts every month. Failure to maintain three posts for two months in a row will result in demotion. Characters who are ranked Las Brasas may not be demoted any lower, unless other action is taken on a case-by-case basis, and is generally tied to IC conduct. Enkindled and Ashen Ring characters may have exceptions to these rules - but if performance remains low for an extended period of time, they may also face demotion.

Extended aNPCs may also face demotion if ranked Enkindled or within the Ashen Ring in order to keep positions available for prospective members.

» IC Conduct

Consistent failure to engage in the culture or pack involvement may result in demotion, alongside the following instances:

  • Poor IC Conduct (speaking out of turn, disrespect to culture or hierarchy, fighting with packmates, etc.)
  • Failure to maintain (and subsequent loss) of an Occupation
  • Expulsion from a Syndicate or Free Company
  • Breakage of IC Laws

2.  Talent Tree

» Occupations

» See our Occupations page for in-depth information.

Occupations play an integral role in the progression of characters through ranks. Characters must be ranked Las Brasas and above in order to start pursuing their vocations, and are even encouraged to begin looking into how they want to build their characters' predominant skillsets that will determine upwards utility within the Gang early. These co-ranks also strongly tie into Del Cenere's tithe system - and the loss of an Occupation can tarnish the reputation of a character and damage their standing within the hierarchy.

» Syndicates and Free Companies

» See our Syndicates page for in-depth information.

Spearheaded by the Gang's Ashen Ring (Tribunal), Syndicates are specialized positions amongst the Ashen - and, just beneath their own credence lay the Free Companies, lead by Las Antorchas members. These coalitions operate as proof of dedication to a specific craft or task that aids in keeping the Gang's delegations operating smoothly, and as such, are given precedence in Pack Projects and when access to supplies are required. While Syndicates and Free Companies are not a mandatory asset to rank ascension, they are a valuable tool to secure positive reputation - and may aid in characters seeking acclaim.

3.  El Faro

» Leadership (The Beacon)
  • Current leaders can be seen on our Leadership page.

Del Cenere's figurehead and the proverbial crown - El Faro stand as a powerful duo that rule over Del Cenere's territories, and operate as a Lead and their closest Confidant, and are intended to check and advise one another on appropriate actions when time calls for it. The furthered legacy (or ruination) of the Gang rests on the shoulders of El Faro.

➵ Rey Salvaje

The leader and the proverbial crown. The Rey Salvaje is the mouth of law, and the enforcer of order within Del Cenere, by whatever means they so see fit. All operations fall under their scope, from livestock, to culture, to combat – they must be prepared for the unexpected, and lead Del Cenere through hardship or face ruin. Their rule is absolute, and checked only by their second in command.

Any progeny, or more specifically, any prospective heirs to the Rey Salvaje are not allowed a Bautizo, and must live and ascend through rank from the bottom in order to help ground them to the needs of the Ashen.

➵ Comandante

The other side of the coin of El Faro – the Comandante (or Bella Dama), serve as the Rey Salvaje’s right hand, and commonly bridge the gap between leadership and the Ashen Ring. They offer sage counsel when it is needed, step up to lead if it is required, and wield much the same power as the Rey Salvaje, without overstepping their own rule. They, more often than not, are hand-selected by the Rey Salvaje themselves for their devotion to the Gang.

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4.  Ashen Ring

» Rank Requirements
  • Access to the Ashen Ring is by Leadership Invite Only (OOCly via PM).
    • Prompts included in the PM should be completed and turned in to the OOC Pack Account.
  • Should ICly and OOCly exhibit regular attempts to participate in pack involvement.
  • Characters must be a coyote or coyote hybrid.
  • Must pass an Activity requirement (15+ posts).
» The Tribunal (Council)

The Ashen Ring serves as underlings to Leadership directly – and carry out their orders and expectations as demanded. These loyal Del Cenerens are considered direct extensions of El Faro; they administer orders, and have authority to put other members in their proper place, and work closely with Leadership and administer counsel when it is called for.

  • Note: Players may only have one Ashen Ring character at any given time due to the nature of limited positions.
➵ La Mano
Rank Details

La Mano serves as the Gang’s Lead Artisan. These inventive individuals may possess skills from basket weaving to forge work, and they oversee the production of non-perishable goods within Del Cenere, both for communal use as well as commercially sent abroad. They are expected to be creative, artistic, and intuitive, and should seek to recruit other individuals like them into the Ochre Thread Syndicate.

➵ El Ojo
Rank Details

When it comes to matters of keeping one’s ear to the ground, El Ojo ensures nothing happens without their knowledge when it comes to security and secrets. As the Gang’s very own Spymaster, they possess lethality to them, and must hone instinct and skill alike; But one set of eyes never works alone. They must curate their network carefully and train up fellow scouts within the Left Hand Syndicate.

➵ El Corazón
Rank Details

Whether it’s matters of the spirit, or the body, El Corazón strives to keep the culture of the Gang preserved alongside the health and well being of its denizens. As Lead Medic, they must have an extensive knowledge of medicines and counselling to monitor Ashen well-being. While spiritualism is not a necessity, it is a valued trait for El Corazón. They are the mouthpiece of the Silver Suture Syndicate, and should aim to accumulate healers of all caliber within its ranks.

➵ La Oreja
Rank Details

Both locally, and abroad, La Oreja fulfills much of the niche and need of the Gang’s provisions, education, record-keeping, and diplomatic endeavors. Serving as Del Cenere’s Emissary, it is anticipated that they are intelligent and couth – the act of being silver-tongued is an asset, and they must know how to best spread propaganda of Del Ceneren wealth and prosperity. Knowing best when to lie, and when the truth is needed – and, as such, they train up their prospective entourage within the Three Sisters Brokerage Syndicate to pick up the shrewd and discerning skills required of a merchant class.

➵ El Diente
Rank Details

The head of the Militia and Del Cenere’s very own Combat Tactician, El Diente fronts all matters of combat readiness and ensures the safety of the Gang as a whole. They are anticipated to be disciplined, steady, perceptive, and protective in nature, their loyalty tantamount and rooted so deeply that it could never – would never – waver. Not only are they responsible for their own fitness and prowess, but those of the Sword and Shield Syndicate, where they should aim to amass those willing to fight on behalf of Del Cenere, should the need ever arise.

➵ La Carne
Rank Details

La Carne is knowledgeable in all matters livestock. Responsible for carrying out the legacy of the Rey Salvaje by furthering the lines of the Polvo de Oro breed is of the utmost importance to them, alongside maintaining the health and well-being of the wealth of communal animals in Del Cenere’s care, the Master Wrangler must also seek to teach and tutor others in the skills of cowherding, crofting, and horsemanship, whilst also dabbling in matters of the hunt as well. They should aim to recruit fellow shepherds and trappers alike beneath the banner of the Drunken Tusk Syndicate.

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5.  Upper Echelon

5.1  Enkindled

» Rank Requirements
  • Access to the Enkindled Rank is by Leadership Invite Only (OOCly via PM).
  • Should ICly and OOCly exhibit regular attempts to participate in pack involvement.
  • Character must have 3 Occupation slots filled.
  • Must pass an Activity requirement (15+ posts).
» Exalted Class

Unparalleled for their exemplary membership, those in the Enkindled rank are gifted unique titles to set them apart from their fellow Ashen. However, this position comes with a weight all its own – Enkindled are expected to act as an extension to the Ashen Ring in matters of coordination and communication.

➵ Enkindled (Personal Titles)

Masters of their niche delegation, members of the Enkindled rank epitomize the Gang’s ideals and bridge the gap between the Ashen Ring and the Echelons of Del Cenere. As such, they are rewarded with their own personal titles, to which other Ashen are expected to acknowledge or address them by on a formal basis. This rank serves as a cut-off point, as well – it is the highest position non-coyotes (or non-coyote hybrids) can hold within the Del Cenere Gang.

Example Titles...

5.2  Los Linternas

» Rank Requirements
  • Should ICly and OOCly exhibit regular attempts to participate in pack involvement.
  • Character must have 1 Occupation slot filled.
  • Must pass an Activity requirement (12+ posts).
» Professional Class

Qualified individuals of the Los Linternas station are Ashen who have solidified their status with their ethic and refined skill, as well as their commitment to the continued growth of Del Cenere as a whole.

➵ Los Linternas (The Lanterns)

Beholden to the whims of El Faro and the Enkindled, Los Linternas hold high renown for members of the Del Cenere Gang. Having dedicated themselves at least a singular Occupation, these Ashen have earned positive repute among their peers and thus are given more sway when it comes to matters of projects or instances where their prowess and expertise may be called upon. The Ashen know that they can turn to Los Linternas for assistance on many matters to dispense their sage (or not so wise) counsel.

5.3  Las Antorchas

» Rank Requirements
  • Should ICly and OOCly exhibit regular attempts to participate in pack involvement.
  • Must pass an Activity requirement (12+ posts).
» Apprentice Class

Fresh to the Upper Echelon, Las Antorchas have proven themselves to be substantial towards the benefit of the Gang, and have made more concentrated efforts towards the betterment of Del Cenere and upholding its culture.

➵ Las Antorchas (The Torches)

Dedicated towards their craft, Las Antorchas are still considered green in their given profession, but dependable and trustworthy with their delegations. Their ranks serves as something of a pseudo-apprenticeship; they are more direct with their approaches to work ethic and the usage of their skills, and may choose to assist Mid Echelon members in discerning their own trajectories with vocations.

Las Antorchas are intimately familiar with the culture and colloquialisms of the Gang, and are expected to help uphold Ashen customs.

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6.  Mid Echelon

6.1  Las Piras

» Rank Requirements
  • Should ICly and OOCly exhibit regular attempts to participate in pack involvement.
  • Must pass an Activity requirement (10+ posts).
» Established Class

Las Piras are at the top of their tier in the hierarchy, established in their standing by their work ethic and reputable conduct within the Gang’s culture. They act somewhat as a figurehead amongst the Mid Echelon, providing a point of contact for delegation and instruction, and are given authority over others in their Echelon.

➵ Las Piras (The Pyres)

More refined than their counterparts within the Mid Echelon, Las Piras often serve as a mouthpiece on the conduct and action of Los Inciendos and Las Brasas as a whole. Thanks to their commitment to the Gang and its continued flourishing and functionality, they offer guidance to those stationed below them and offer suggestion to those above – as their judgement is deemed reliable, however, expressions should be well-constructed and thought out. If the result thereafter sours, it can reflect badly on the individual’s decision-making and deductive skill.

Las Piras lack the jurisdiction to punish lower ranks, however, vouching (or condemning) other members may result in aiding (or damaging!) reputations - but they must exercise this trust and ability carefully, as excessive pull and calls to action from higher ranking individuals may backfire on the individual for excessively flexing their rank.

6.2  Los Inciendos

» Rank Requirements
  • Should ICly and OOCly exhibit regular attempts to participate in pack involvement.
  • Must pass an Activity requirement (10+ posts).
» Trusted Class

Los Inciendos are a cut above Las Brasas – often they are intrepid, self-starting, and reliable. They may or may not have begun their trajectory towards refining their skills, but their willingness and intuition towards culture and contribution set them aside as intrepid and ardent, making them invaluable towards the function of the Gang as a whole.

➵ Los Inciendos (The Fires)

Trusted for their brazen ethic and staunch loyalty, Los Inciendos are hardworking and disciplined and quick to jump into tasks delegated to them from the Upper Echelon. These Ashen have proven their mettle and cut their teeth against the culture and practices of the Gang at large, but have not yet been tempered towards refinement. They are prime candidates in the eyes of Syndicates and Free Companies, who may look to poach them to join their chapters.

Los Inciendos are able to direct their efforts towards Syndicates at their rank and begin bolstering their reputation within the Gang.

6.3  Las Brasas

» Rank Requirements
  • Should ICly and OOCly exhibit regular attempts to participate in pack involvement.
  • Characters moving from Lower Echelon ranks to Las Brasas must complete their probationary period before eligible for Promotion.
  • Must pass an Activity requirement (8+ posts).
» Standard Class

The core of the Gang, Las Brasas members encompass the standard denizens of Del Cenere. They have not yet begun to pursue vocations or hone their craft, but are not without expectation – when higher ranked individuals have need of additional hands, the Las Brasas must rise to answer the call for assistance.

➵ Las Brasas (The Embers)

Yet to take direction and follow the direct vocations that would otherwise exalt them into the higher ranks, Las Brasas Ashen are valued for their potential. Still regarded as clean slates, they are assets to the community, if pressured to bend to the pressure of the ambitions of their superiors. They are encouraged to being pursuing direction with their occupations, potential syndicates, or free companies in order to continue to prove their mettle, or otherwise assist the Gang in Projects or engagements, lest they be perceived as freeloaders or have their loyalty brought into question.

Las Brasas members are permitted more freedoms than Lower Echelon members, and may escort them around territory or abroad. They are also permitted access to Del Cenere's residencies and are allowed to hold occupations. Chispa must have a Bautizo to rank into Las Brasas upon maturation.

6.4  Age-Restricted Ranks

» Chispa Rank-Out Requirements
  • Chispa ranking into Las Brasas must discuss their Bautizo with Leadership.
    • Bautizos may be completed either IC or OOC!
  • Chispa declining a Bautizo rank into Encender automatically, unless otherwise discussed.
» Fumar Rank Requirements
  • Reach 10 years of age, or be otherwise incapacitated by honorable means.
» Young and Old Ranks

Fresh born blood, and advanced age Ashen fall within the ranks of the Chispa and the Fumar. These Del Cenerens, while they may not hold bearing by contribution’s sake, are still highly valued for the continuation of the future, and the preservation of legacy.

➵ Chispa (Spark)

The freshest generations of the Gang, the Chispa are all pups and adolescents born within Del Cenere’s borders under one year of age. As they learn to navigate the culture and laws of Del Cenere, and learn of the complicated world abroad, they are free of the yoke of expectation involving things like tithe and official tasks like occupations, but curiosities and interests in vocations are encouraged and fostered so that they may flourish.

Young Ashen born abroad, or offspring to the Rey Salvaje, unfortunately, are exempted from the role of Chispa and their Bautizos, and must learn the ways of the Ashen quickly.

➵ Fumar (Smoke)

The Fumar serve as the retirement rank of Del Cenere, and have entered their twilight years. While they may no longer hold occupations, their life experiences and in-depth knowledge are highly sought after and respected among the Ashen. Their lives have been long and winding, and the Fumar have long since earned the rest, relaxation, and ability to command other Ashen for assistance and care. The only occupation they may still hold is that of the Entranador to serve as a mentor for whatever craft they had conducted in their prime.

Del Cenerens who end up crippled or incapacitated in service to Del Cenere may be prematurely retired into the Fumar rank to preserve their dignity.

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7.  Lower Echelon

7.1  Encender

» Rank Requirements
  • Characters seeking promotion to Las Brasas must:
    • Complete their 2 month probationary period
    • Must pass an Activity requirement (8+ posts).
  • Characters ranked Las Brasas and above may be demoted to Encender in the case of:
    • Demotion for IC reasons.
» Recruit Class

Fresh blood within Del Cenere – these are the untested Outsiders that seek to join the Gang’s ranks. The Encender are promising, but have yet to cut their teeth and prove their worth to the Ashen on the whole, and must test their mettle through a restrictive probationary period.

➵ Encender (Kindling)

The Encender are all fresh recruits to the society of Del Cenere. These are newly joined individuals from the Outside, Palisade-born natives, or Chispa who declined their Bautizo. While their reception is generally milder as time has gone on, context as to where these individuals came from may color the outlook on them – individuals without coyote blood, or those with middling wolf content may be regarded with more suspicion than most other Encender members.

They are restricted in their movements through Del Cenere or abroad, must have escort when traversing outside of Charmingtown’s borders until their probationary period is up, and are unable to hold Occupations or possess housing outside of the Trailside Inn until they rank up into Las Brasas.

7.2  Sin Luz

» Rank Requirements
  • Characters seeking promotion to Las Brasas must:
    • Complete their 6 month probationary period
    • Must pass an Activity requirement (15+ posts).
  • Characters ranked Las Brasas and above may be demoted to Sin Luz in the case of:
    • Demotion for IC reasons - including, but not limited to excessive flippant behaviors and disrespect of hierarchy.
    • Demotion for IC acts of treason.
» Pariah Class

The Sin Luz are the social pariahs, the outcasts, those which have proven that they are not trustworthy, or are otherwise dangerous or unworthy of the acceptance of Del Cenere's society. However - that is not to say that they are beyond redemption - Sin Luz are permitted to exist within the gang, after all, rather than face harsher punishments of exile or execution. Should they prove themselves, should they be exemplary, there may yet be a chance to save their name and their honor.

➵ Sin Luz (Without Light)

The Sin Luz are the forsaken members of Del Cenere’s society, having landed themselves into the lower dredges of the community for unwelcome behaviors, transgressions against fellow Ashen, or otherwise having landed themselves into hot water. The Sin Luz are stripped of all rank, any housing, and any standing – but they are not beyond reprogramming and assimilation into ranks. Rather than exile these individuals – there was something of value seen in them that is still prevalent enough that, perhaps in due time, these individuals may yet be (re)introduced back into Del Cenere’s culture.

The Sin Luz are prohibited from leaving Ganglands without supervision, and must stay within the confines of Charmingtown, much like the Encender. Continued disregard of the Gang’s rules, culture, ideals, hierarchy or otherwise will result in further punitive action.

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