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It is mandatory to read over our relevant joining information before attempting to join!

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Del Cenere Gang's off-board outpost is an estimated 16 miles from Portland and operates as its own trade post. Long-Term aNPCs are moved to Palisade.

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Del Cenere has an active Discord group - Links are in our Acceptance post, or PM Leadership for your invite!
Only present or past players of a Del Ceneren character may join the DCG Discord Chat.

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  1.   1.  Promotion and Demotion
  2.   2.  Ranks
  • To see member's active ranks, visit the Membership Directory or our Rank Table for more details.
  • For co-rank/occupation information, and how to start collecting them, take a look at our Occupations information.

1.  Promotion and Demotion

Del Cenere's ranks are comprised of a balance of activity and IC based promotion - we like to reward consistently active and engaging members with promotions, though there is a strict, albeit unspoken IC heirarchy to adhere to; if you make thirty posts in a month (wow!) but half of those posts were your character speaking out of turn to higher-ranking characters (less wow!) or ruining other character's projects and work (mean!), you can expect higher-ranked characters to notice, and hinder your chance at progression. A good rule of thumb is to contribute to the Community! However, this is not to say that your character must be a kiss-up to their direct higher rank, so long as they are polite - there's always ways to circumvent their delegation if you know the right connections. ;)

Characters who join a Syndicate (see here) may be subject to a fast-tracked promotion, circumventing any time restraints or requirements. If a character is expelled from a Syndicate, however, they can expect demotion as IC repercussion!

Monthly rank-shuffles and promotions are made on a hybrid system between activity, the acquisition of co-ranks, as well as IC activity. The accumulation of ranks and IC activity helps your cause - think Talent Tree! Certain collections of co-ranks will result in promotion into Mastery Rank! Demotion will occur after two months of low activity (fewer than 5 posts) without given notice, or on an IC basis.

2.  Ranks

El Camino

Rey Salvaje

Rank-Up Prerequisite

Del Cenere's figurehead and leader in all matters. The Rey Salvaje's word is law, and their rule absolute. The wealth (or ruin) of Del Cenere rests on the Rey Salvaje's shoulders - and as such, is a servant to their Community as well as the shepherd.

  • There is no ranking up from Leadership roles.


The Comandante serves as the Rey Salvaje's right hand, and closest Confidant - the two are meant to balance once another's guidance. If the Rey Salvaje is unavailable, or otherwise unable to lead, the Comandante takes up the mantle for direct leadership.

The Ashen Ring

La Mano

Rank-Up Prerequisite

La Mano is named aptly for their role in the production and creation of goods and services for the pack. The Hand is at the center of all things made - baskets, containers, weapons - they are expected to be inventive and intuitive in the sense of expecting what tools will be best for a job, and upholding the maintenance and construction on pack projects that call for it.

  • Current La Mano: --
  • Past La Mano:
  • There is no ranking up from Ashen Ring roles.
  • Members of the Ashen Ring are expected and encouraged to direct other members to pursue Occupations involving their craft, as well as be consistently active within Del Cenere.

El Ojo

El Ojo or The Eye, is expected to monitor and report Del Cenere’s member actions to Leadership, and runs a network of members that have a hand in subterfuge. Amiable, but aloof, they’re expected to uphold a rumor of being everywhere at once, and are aided as well by La Oreja.

  • Current El Ojo: --
  • Past El Ojo:

El Corazón

El Corazón, The Heart, is more or less a spiritual leader and head medic of the people. They’re expected to be open to the populace, and to listen to their needs, and report it to Leadership, as well as mediate much of internal machinations. Expected to be compassionate, but level headed, and an impartial ally.

La Oreja

La Oreja, otherwise known as The Ear, deals with the pack’s ambassadors, and intra-pack affairs, gathering both intel and fostering relations beyond Del Cenere’s borders. They often times work with El Ojo to gather more information on neighboring packs via trade propositions.

La Carne

Spearheading the livestock operation, La Carne (The Flesh), is in charge of the livestock, food, and its acquisition for the masses. They're expected to have knowledge on tracking, hunting, and livestock, and typically are patient, but firm individuals, able to keep cool and composed under pressure.

  • Current La Carne: --
  • Past La Carne:

El Diente

El Diente or The Teeth, is the director or figurehead for conflict. Expected to be stern and tactical, they dole out punishments both within and outside of borders, and have command over those that have a hand in pursuing justice. The Executioner, they are perhaps the Leadership’s most dangerous tool, but used sparingly.

Upper Echelon

The Enkindled

Rank-Up Prerequisite

Masters of their professions, The Enkindled are the highest rank a non-coyote can hit within Del Cenere; they are the taskmasters, and to an extent, in charge of directing the work flow of the members and lower ranks. On top of that, each Enkindled rank is unique - pertaining directly to the occupations held by the member.

  • To rank out of Enkindled, a player must:
    • Have coyote heritage (unless exception is made),
    • Be a member of this rank for three months (or attain Mastery rank within a Syndicate),
    • Hold a minimum of four occupations
    • Make fifteen posts/have consistently good activity, and
    • Receive their Ashen Ring invitation from Leadership and complete the prompts provided.
  • To rank out of Elegido, a player must:
    • Be a member of this rank for two months (or join a Syndicate),
    • Make fifteen posts/have consistently good activity, and
    • Possess a minimum of three occupations pertaining to an Enkindled rank, unless an exception is made.

El Elegido

Rookies of their newfound trade, El Elegido have started on their path to Mastery of their profession. They hold a psuedo-apprenticeship of a rank beneath The Enkindled. El Elegido have just enough pull in rank to start directing those below them. They work hand in hand with El Probado, delegating tasks from The Enkindled and higher on the social rung to ensure everything runs smoothly within pack borders.

Mid Echelon

El Probado

Rank-Up Prerequisite

With a little more direction than the masses of Las Brasas, El Probado are proven members. They often take the role of a guiding hand amid the other members, though they still have not dedicated themselves fully to chosen occupations.

  • To rank out of El Probado, a player must:
    • Be a member of this rank for one month,
    • Make ten posts /have consistently average activity, and
    • Possess an occupation
  • To rank out of Las Brasas, a player must:
    • Be a member in this rank for one month, and
    • Make ten posts/have consistently average activity
  • To rank out of Chispa, a player must:
    • Reach one year of age and
      • Participate in their Bautizo (to rank to Las Brasas), or
      • Decline their Bautizo (to rank to Unkindled)
  • There is no ranking out of the Fumar rank.

Las Brasas

The pack's standard membership! Trusted members, but not yet refined into specialized jobs. The core of the pack - Las Brasas are the standard members, the welcome, and many of the pack. They are the gears that keep things turning, valued for their help, and their jack-of-all-trades mannerisms. The lifeblood of Del Cenere lies in Las Brasas. Chispa who undergo their Bautizo join the Las Brasas.

Chispa y Fumar

Young and Old members of Del Cenere, Chispa y Fumar are named for the new sparks of a generation, and the smoke of a spent fire. These two ranks are respected, and free of the responsibility and burden of workload from other ranks and permitted to enjoy either their childhood, or their retirement, in relative peace. Chispa are the young and, as of yet, untested, free to explore their youth, where as the Fumar are the respected elderly - let them dang youngin's pull the workload, you have margaritas to sip..

Lower Echelon

The Unkindled

Rank-Up Prerequisite

New joiners are automatically filed into the Unkindled rank. They have not yet proven their worth; they’re regarded with suspicion if from the Outside. Chispa who turn down their chance at the Bautizo after a year are automatically filed into this rank.

  • To rank out of Unkindled, a player must:
    • Be a member in this rank for two months, and
    • Make ten posts/have consistently average activity or
    • Perform a challenge to prove their worth to the community
  • There is no ranking out of the Unspoken rank, unless extensive exceptions are made.


The Unspoken are the disgraced members of Del Cenere - somewhat shunned, and not generally smiled upon, members of this rank are left as outcasts for their transgression. One who finds themselves in the ranks of the Unspoken is very unlikely to rise back above their station. In worse cases, these members are currently awaiting trial and persecution.

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