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Del Cenere Gang's off-board outpost is an estimated 16 miles from Portland and operates as its own trade post. Long-term aNPCs will be moved here.

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  1.   1.  Limitations and Maintenance
    1.   1.1  Prerequisites and Slots
    2.   1.2  Tiers
    3.   1.3  Tithe and Occupation Maintenance
  2.   2.  Occupations
    1.   2.1  Artificio
    2.   2.2  Suministro
    3.   2.3  Labranza
    4.   2.4  Archivos
    5.   2.5  Balaurte
    6.   2.6  Bienestar
    7.   2.7  Especialista

➵ Del Ceneren Occupations

Occupations are Del Cenere's take on Co-Ranks, and are an integral part of the Gang's culture and path to securing promotion within hierarchy or standing within syndicates. All occupations are weighted with equal importance, as they each contribute to the well-being of the Ashen as a whole, and strengthens bond of community vis-a-vis the significance on work ethic. Occupations and their specific maintenance may assist individuals' acclaim and reputation within Del Cenere, and as such, the failure to maintain their occupations can have the adverse effect and result in demotion as it reflects the failure to contribute towards the community's continued proliferation and security.

Occupations are organized by their purpose: Artificio, Suministro, Labranza, Archivos, Balaurte, Bienestar, and Especialista. Especialista Occupations are limited for their incredibly niche use - only a few characters can hold these occupations at any given time. Each category of occupation has their own specific forms of tithe (maintenance) - and tithe must be carried out and submitted at least once every six months of the calendar year to keep their chosen occupations.

In order to claim your Occupation, please post in either DCG's Maintenance Thread or PM the Pack Account.

Have an idea for an Occupation?

We would love to hear your idea for an occupation and encourage players to share their ideas! There are a couple things to keep in mind:

  1. Does my occupation work as a stand-alone idea? An occupation idea may be denied if it has exceptional overlap with an existing occupation, all ideas must be able to stand on their own or at least have enough substance to justify it being separate from current vocations.
  2. Does my occupation have utility to other DCG members? Occupations that may be considered too niche may be declined if they do not have a broad enough appeal or accessibility. If your occupation is more of a personal achievement, it may work better for an Enkindled title!

That being said, please send the following form to DCG's OOC Pack Account in order to submit your idea for review!

(PM Title: Occupation Idea Submission - Occupation Name)

[b]Occupation Name:[/b] Name (Keep in mind DCG's naming conventions - names should be in Spanish, and please include the translation!)
[b]Occupation Category:[/b] Artificio, Suministro, Labranza, Archivos, Balaurte, Bienestar, or Especialista
[b]If Especialista, how many characters can hold this occupation at one time?[/b] Must be a number greater than one, and less than five!
[b]Occupation Purpose and Description:[/b] Describe the vocation and what it does here - what does it do? What is its significance?

1.  Limitations and Maintenance

1.1  Prerequisites and Slots

» Prerequisites

Characters (or NPCs) seeking to pursue occupations must be ranked Las Brasas before they are able to acquire occupations. (For information on how to promote your cNPCs, please see our NPC Guidelines on our Guidelines & Joining page!)

Chispa and Fumar are exempted from holding Occupations - the only exception to this rule is the Erudito/a occupation for the Fumar, where they may act as a mentor for their prior occupational fields for new generations seeking to pursue those vocations. If a character holds an occupation upon 'retirement' (More information on Fumar and retirement can be found here) the occupations will automatically convert into an Erudito occupation, and will cap out at three tiers, as with any other occupation.

Occupation threads must be completed and submitted with a three month time frame in order to remain relevant.

Characters on extended aNPC status (and any NPC attached to them) that have since been moved off-board to Palisade, however, will lose their occupations and must begin anew upon rejoining Del Cenere.

» Slot Limitations

Played characters are limited to six occupational slots, and cNPCs (unless previously played) are limited to two occupational slots that can be mixed and matched to the player's desires in skillsets. Please note, though, however, the more types of occupations your character holds, the more tithe threads you will have to complete! Your characters may always hold skills but choose not to pursue a relevant occupation and keep it as something of a hobby - the Occupation itself is more or less a signifier towards an official "Job" and function within the Gang itself.

Tiers also occupy an occupation slot: As such, tiers work as a form of occupation mastery - characters are encouraged to pick and choose their workloads to best form their repertoire. Example: Coydog has four occupations; Artesano I, Pulgar Verde I, Peletero I, Erudito III. With this set of occupations, Coydog is set up to be a master scholar and record-keeper; they have knowledge and know-how for skills involving the production of paper, leather-binding books, and have mastered scribing, maxing out the number of occupations they may hold. Should, for whatever reason, they choose to drop their Erudito occupation, that would free up three occupation slots to them again, given its number maxed out tiers.

1.2  Tiers

Tier Acquisition
Tier I
One Occupation Two Occupations Three + Occupations

Tier I Qualifications »

  • Must write 1000 words involving the Occupation's prompt, over any number of threads.

Tier II
One Occupation Two Occupations Three + Occupations

Tier II Qualifications »

  • Must write 2000 words involving the Occupation's prompt, over any number of threads.
  • Must have already completed qualifications for Tier I.
Tier III
One Occupation Two Occupations Three + Occupations

Tier III Qualifications »

  • Must write 3000 words involving the Occupation's prompt, over any number of threads.
  • Must have already completed qualifications for Tier I & Tier II.

1.3  Tithe and Occupation Maintenance

» What is Tithe?

Tithe is Del Cenere's form of co-rank maintenance. Players must submit tithe once every six Calendar Months in order to maintain their occupation, or risk losing their occupations and facing the IC repercussions for doing so. Cut-off dates for submissions are June 30th & December 31st. Tithe is tailored specifically to each occupation type (Artificio, Suministro, Labranza, Archivos, Balaurte, Bienestar & Especialista) - to see what will fulfill tithe for your specific occupation, please see the corresponding tables per occupational type.

Why is tithe so stringent?

Well, there's a number of reasons! Tithe was a founding ideal of the Del Cenere Gang, meant to encourage growth in community and bolster support and well-being for packmates and provide items for everyone to use. Additionally, this helps to encourage an 'investment' in how players build their characters; a litany of different skillsets at Tier I looks impressive, but requires a ton of work to maintain them all, where as a single occupation that's been mastered at Tier III has allotted time for efficiency; this essentially plays off as 'quality vs quantity'. If players want to pursue many occupations, they may! It will just require work.

» Clarifications and Rules
  • Completed tithe must be submitted to DCG's Maintenance Thread.
  • Threads must hit 1000 WC for completion rules, unless exemptions are made for events detailed in newsposts. RO's are permitted.
  • Pursuing additional tiers for an occupation is not a substitute for tithe. Tithe must be a contribution towards communal use or well-being.
  • Tithe threads are per occupation type, but not per tier.

Coyote holds Pionero III and Comerciante II, and it's time to submit their tithe. Coyote will need two threads to qualify - one for the Balaurte Occupation Type, and one for Bienestar Occupation Type.
Coydog has Pulgar Verde I and and Carnicero III, and tithe is coming up! Coydog will only need to submit a single thread for tithe, as both occupations fall beneath the Suministro classification.

  • cNPCs are exempt from Tithe requirements, and thus do not need to maintain their occupations with a thread.
  • Failure to submit a tithe thread before the cut off will remove a tier of the occupation in question, or remove the occupation entirely, and likely result in demotion. Alternatively, multiple tithe submissions in one 6 month period (3+) will reflect positively on your character and prompt promotion.
  • Requesting to drop an occupation does not count the same as a failure to maintain and characters will not face repercussion for dropping occupations.

2.  Occupations

2.1  Artificio

Artificio Occupations


» Crafting and Creation of Non-Perishable Goods

Tithe and Maintenance: Characters in possession of an Artificio occupation must maintain their co-rank via tithe in order to keep their occupation. As such, it's expected that once every six months (counted via Calendar Year, in June and December) players must complete a single thread (1000 WC) involving the creation of an item to be donated to pack stores or risk losing their occupation.

» Artesano/a (Craftsman)

Ropemakers, potters, basket weavers, and candle stick makers, all – Artesanos possess the discerning eye for the arts as well as the ability to transform raw materials into something to serve aesthetic or practical use. Their invaluable skill makes them indispensable assets to the mogul-esque empire of the Gang on their ventures for trade and cultural individualism. Each Artesano’s work is unique, and encouraged to be of the highest quality – whether its for personal use, Gang use, or to be hocked in trade ventures abroad.

  • Prompts:
    1. Crafting is more than just an occupation - it's a gift. Create something for a fellow packmate and give them your creation to show off your work!
    2. You may be skilled, but there is always room for improvement. Learn a new technique that will help you make something exciting and new to flex your artistry and finesse.
    3. There seems to be a shortage of a product! Gather your supplies and materials, and make an object of your choosing to contribute towards Del Cenere's stock.
» Camisero/a (Outfitter)

Turning bolts of textile into articles of clothing that fit all shapes and sizes, for casual work or otherwise, is a job for the local Camisero. Tailoring, altering, and patching items of garments of many different kinds will help keep the more dressed of the Ashen looking and feeling their best – but there is more to it than attire alone! Sewing and tailoring has its litany of uses; Upholstering saddles and tack with wool, creating baggage and satchels to help carry traded goods in and out of the pack are but a couple examples of the profession.

  • Prompts:
    1. Create an article of clothing for an Ashen member, either as a gift or an order. Alteratively, work with a Comerciante to trade your goods abroad.
    2. Get your hands on some raw materials and get to work to make it tenable. Turn wool or flax into a textile, spin yarn, or utilize hemp or jute.
    3. Sometimes daily use is rough on garments or tack. Mend or repurpose a worn out outfit or saddle to make it look like new - Nobody will ever know!
» Carpintero/a (Carpenter)

When is kindling not just kindling? When are trees not simply trees? In the hands of the Gang’s Carpintero, lumber is shaped, refined, and made tenable into goods of exceptional quality. They are craftsmen of a high caliber – not only for the artistry of their work, but the utility of many of their products. From wood carvings, fencing rails, garden boxes, roof patching, to home furnishings, Ashen know they can turn to the reliability of the Carpintero’s versatility for products that will last.

  • Prompts:
    1. There is always something that needs built up or repaired. Help to put up a fence or otherwise mend it, patch a leaking roof, replace damaged doors, or create frames for the Gang's effigies.
    2. The Carpintero is the sister occupation to the Leñador - work with one of the Gang's lumberjacks to assess trees for your projects, or appraise raw materials already in Del Cenere's stores.
    3. The ultimate mark of a carpenter's skill and talent is the creation and completion of furnishings, big and small. Take a commission, or otherwise create any manner of house furnishing (carved mantlepieces, chairs, tables, bowls, or shelves) within Luperci means.
» Herrero/a (Blacksmith)

Manipulation of metal, wood, or bone for tools is a useful and desirable skill amongst intrepid Ashen. A Herrero is expected to know the most effective manner to utilize scrap for instruments ranging from weaponry, gardening, to husbandry, as well as anything (and everything!) in-between. If an Ashen needs a tool for a project, the first one they look for is the Herrero – their inventiveness is key to aiding pack mates’ ease with tasks. These keen-minded individuals’ productions serve as a necessity in day-to-day assistance.

  • Prompts:
    1. Craft a weapon for someone, and help them train with it, or alternatively help to maintain communal weapons. Fletch arrows, sharpen blades, or tend to armor.
    2. Supply communal tools and demonstrate their uses. From pitchforks to combs, no invention is too inconsequential.
    3. Upcycling old or damaged goods is all a part of the job. Dismantle unviable tools, scavenge from ruins, or otherwise refine and repurpose scraps so they may be used in the future.
» Peletero/a (Leatherworker)

The work of preparation and trade of furs and leathers is a labor-intensive, multi-stepped process that spans several days and leaves you stinking – Tanning is by no means a glamorous job, but the results are nothing short of breathtaking when done by the very hands of the Gang’s Peletero. Where the Camisero specializes in textiles, the Peletero works in furs and hides. Among their skillsets is carving, stamping, perforating, pyrography – their hands are unbelievably steady, and these Ashen have exceptional patience with their artistry.

  • Prompts:
    1. Go through any steps in the process of tanning - skinning, fleshing, stretching and treating with fat or brain - your goal should be to turn a carcass to serviceable fur, leather, or hide.
    2. Some scraps simply aren't good. Find a use for an odd-shaped piece of leather. Alternatively, cut down odd, untreated skins into strips and bring them to a Carnicero to have them cured; There's nothing better for teething pups than braided, smoked hide!
    3. Put out requests - perhaps there's been a large order of deerskins for a project? Maybe you're wanting to create rabbit-fur pillows? Perhaps you'd like to participate in a hunt and gather the goods yourself!

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2.2  Suministro

Suministro Occupations


» Creation and Preparation of Perishable Goods

Tithe and Maintenance: Characters in possession of a Suministro occupation must maintain their co-rank via tithe in order to keep their occupation. As such, it's expected that once every six months (counted via Calendar Year, in June and December) players must complete a single thread (1000 WC) involving the creation of an item to be donated to pack stores or risk losing their occupation.

» Carnicero/a (Butcher)

The Carnicero is the ultimate purveyor of flavor and succulence. Best friend to the hunter and the farmer, excess stock is brought before them to be made into palatable food – and none is more skillful in this rendering than the Ashen cooks. Their sense of taste is robust, and their ability to cook a memorable meal unrivaled – but, even aside from fresh home-cooked meals, the Carnicero is a specialist when it comes to curing, salting, and smoking meats for longevity in the larders to ensure food is kept year-round.

  • Prompts:
    1. Dry meats with salt, and contribute them to the larder for later use, or help someone to prep their kill for communal stores.
    2. Create something mouth-watering with what would otherwise be considered byproduct. Smoke pig, sheep, or deer ears to make delectable chews, pickle the feet of fowl or hoofstock, create a broth from tails and marrow-rich bones, or render fat into long-lasting lard for future cooking!
    3. While it's the most common base the Carnicero works with, meat is not the only material to be turned into delicious meals! Get some dairy with the help of the gauchos to make butter or cheese, or work with the Pulgar Verde to bring some Luperci-friendly vegetables and herbs to the table.
» Maestro Cervecero/a (Brewmaster)

A master of the mash – the Maestro Cervecero takes the distilling, fermentation, and production of alcohol to new levels. They have served, historically, as a foothold in the locality for the booze they brew. Meads, whiskeys, moonshines and berry wines, the Maestro Cervercero is expected to be an expert in all forms, while also keeping a curious and discerning palette to test out fresh infusions of ingredients. They often work together with the Pulgar Verde for flavor profiles, as well as the production of placebo tinctures often pawned off by traveling Comcerciante.

  • Prompts:
    1. It’s no secret that some of Del Cenere’s traders have seedy intentions with their wares; help to supply some of their patented cure-all “medicines”.
    2. Coordinate plant-knowledge with a Pulgar Verde, and collect fresh botanicals, fruits, saps, or honeys with which to flavor, infuse or make your alcoholic beverage.
    3. Test out some of your newest batch on a willing (or unsuspecting!) volunteer! Alternatively, perhaps your experiment went terribly wrong; Clean out the still thoroughly to get rid of the soured mash scent - at the very least, vinegars are still very useful to the Carnicero!
» Pulgar Verde (Gardener)

The Pulgar Verde is keen-eyed, patient, and astute; Their knowledge of plants is expansive and intensive, and these Ashen are the ones most turned to when it comes to manner of poultices and poisons for their innate abilities to find and nurture foraged or gardened greenery – plant identification and classifications are each skills practiced and intensely cultivated by the Gang’s gardeners and it is expected that they aid in teaching and passing on this knowledge with others, alongside the aid in the crafting and creation of medicinal goods and lethal toxins.

  • Prompts:
    1. Craft a poultice, painkiller, or any other medicinal good. Alternatively, accrue harmful plants and cultivate a poison.
    2. Teach someone new, or someone young, how to identify the uses in plants - Psychoactives, dyes, consumable plants, medicinal, poisons, there's plenty of utility to be learned! Otherwise, log your information and give your learnings over to the Erudito so they have record of what can be gardened or foraged within Ganglands.
    3. Maintain the Gang's gardens out in Irving. Harvest fruits or vegetables, weed garden beds, or gather compost to prepare the soil for frigid, frozen winters.
» Leñador/a (Lumberjack)

The Leñador is at home among the forests and woods of Del Cenere’s territories and abroad – and they are indispensable with their sense for health amongst trees and brambles and their unending supply of firewood, kindling, and other timber goods they contribute Gang’s stores and the Carpintero’s workshop. The Gang relies on them to help maintain the forest’s natural balances; deadfall is portioned out and removed for bonfire use, trails kept clear, and dry and dead briars trimmed away where foragers and hunters may travel.

  • Prompts:
    1. A tree looks to be leaning dangerously close to personal or pack property - help a packmate to take down that tree in a safer manner, before it does any serious damage.
    2. Take to the trails with the Pionero and work to clear away brambles, fallen branches, widowmakers, or other hazards to ensure safe travels between localities within Ganglands.
    3. Mill down fallen trees into workable lumber - create planks, posts, fence rails, or firewood for the use of the Ashen!
» Cazador/a (Hunter)

Prowling, hunting, and stalking are each skills in the pocket of the Ashen Cazador. They know the ley lines of the forests, floodplains, mountains and marsh, and each quarry of prey animal therein – their knowledge is paramount to the Gang when it comes to the trapping of wild game, either for capture, or for slaughter, and their tracking skills are unparalleled. These intense individuals work either alone, or coordinate group-styled outings to take down various number of game, either by tooth and claw, snares, or other tools of their trade.

  • Prompts:
    1. Track your quarry through the wilderness and log the migratory patterns of wildlife through Gang territory to plan out proper hunts - Knowing your prey increases the likelihood of favorable outcomes with hunts, after all!
    2. Craft traps - snares, deadfalls, tension traps, or even fish traps, and set them out in the wilderness of the Gang's territory or along borders as defense. Avoid disaster as well and set out markings to warn your fellow Ashen to prevent them from falling victim to potentially lethal mistakes!
    3. Coordinate a hunt with a packmate! Utilizing your know-how, either lethally take down game for food or safely trap companion birds for the Halconero.

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2.3  Labranza

Labranza Occupations


» Monitoring, Acquisition and Husbandry of Livestock

Tithe and Maintenance: Characters in possession of a Labranza occupation must maintain their co-rank via tithe in order to keep their occupation. As such, it's expected that once every six months (counted via Calendar Year, in June and December) players must complete a single thread (1000 WC) involving the maintenance of communal animal stock or risk losing their occupation.

» Halconero/a (Falconer)

The Halconero is an expert when it comes to the care and husbandry of the Gang’s avian flocks, from the biggest eagles to the most innocuous chicken. These birders are unrivaled with their ability to safely trap fledgling raptors and training eyes in the skies, and are encouraged openly to learn, and teach, speech to these invaluable assets of Ashen intelligence, and they are expected to foster and care for poultry to ensure that Del Cenere has a steady retinue of food whatever the season that befalls the Ashen.

  • Prompts:
    1. Communication is vital. Practice low (or high, depending on the bird) speech with your avian friend, or maybe even teach a fellow Ashen the ins-and-outs of speaking with birds.
    2. Trap an adolescent bird and help its chance of survival to adulthood - practice hunting, spying, or sending messages with your fresh avian companion.
    3. Construct a coop, loft, or a mews for your avian companions to ensure they have shelter in the case of inclimate weather. Alternatively, set free a wild raptor friend once it has survived past the fraught and delicate stage of adolescence so it can return to its natural life.
» Caballisto/a (Horseman)

Setting themselves apart from the Gauchos, the Caballistos of the Del Cenere Gang bear responsibility for arguably the most valued asset of the Gang: its horses. These Ashen know equines inside and out and are exclusively dedicated to their health, conditioning, training, and gear. With the development of the Polvo de Oro horse now in full swing, it is the Caballistos who keep a watchful eye on the lineage of the breed and its legacy for the Rey Salvaje.

  • Prompts:
    1. A healthy horse is a happy horse! Check over the communal horsestock for any evidence of lameness, dental concerns, signs of colic, or anything else that could be ailing them and treat accordingly. Don’t hesitate to use the help of a Médico or a Pulgar Verde if warranted!
    2. Exercising a horse’s mind is just as important as their physique. Begin training a green horse or practice some groundwork with one who has already been broke. Alternatively, desensitize them to a variety of stimuli to help reduce their likelihood of spooking.
    3. Sometimes, despite it all, things just go wrong. Help a fellow Ashen with an urgent matter, such as assisting a foaling mare in distress, trimming overgrown hooves, etc. before anything gets worse! Alternatively, commit to a longer-term project, such as rehabilitating an injured, neglected, or abused horse.
» Gaucho (Crofter)

The crofters and cowherds of the Ashen, the Gaucho are tradesmen of all creatures hoofed, large or small. They maintain the health of the Gang’s herds, from personally owned companions to communal stock, and their expansive knowledge on husbandry is vital towards the community as a whole; Stock must remain hale and healthy, and it often falls on the decision of the Gaucho if tough calls need made on culls and if fresh blood needs brought in, alongside helping birth fresh generations of livestock.

  • Prompts:
    1. The Gang's livestock are their lifeblood, both for food, supplies, and trade, and thus, it's important to keep them healthy! Shift livestock through pastures, check them over for injury or illness, and keep them in good form.
    2. Maintain supplies collected from livestock - goats and cattle are share-milked with their offspring, sheep and goats are sheared for wool, and if allowed to free-roam, pigs are useful in finding truffles and other edible forage!
    3. Hoof health is understated in its importance for the health of creatures big and small - with the aid of another Ashen, keep animals steady as you trim down hooves to keep them clean and pristine for the good of the beast of burden. Alternatively, aid someone having a health crisis with their animal companion - help birth livestock babies or administer veterinary care to a sick pet and monitor if the situation improves.
» Ladrón/a (Rustler/Thief)

Light fingered and silver tongued, the non-scrupulous Ladrón utilizes a vast toolkit from subterfuge to force with which they implement against Outsiders. While traditionally thieves of all manner of livestock and finely tuned to rustling, purloining of other skills are certainly welcome amongst these clever Ashen, provided it returns wealth to the Gang as a whole. It’s encouraged that the Ladrón work in a pair as averse to alone – comprised of the distraction and the pickpocket – not only for safety’s sake, but to increase the likelihood of success in their endeavors.

  • Prompts:
    1. Keep your ear to the ground. With Charmingtown being a relatively busy trade hub, it's easy to come across leads for potential targets to your thievery.
    2. Swindle, or otherwise liberate, livestock from an Outsider to either add to communal stock or sell off to some other fence. Just remember to ensure that you are not followed back to Del Cenere's territories, by whatever means you see fit!
    3. Livestock are not the only things the pilfering Ladrón is after. Steal supplies, purloin goods, or otherwise appropriate a stranger's belongings to bring back to the Gang. Alternatively, practice your diversion-and-swipe tactics on a fellow Ashen (provided you give back what it is you've nipped off of them)!

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2.4  Archivos

Archivos Occupations


» Recordkeeping and Education

Tithe and Maintenance: Characters in possession of an Archivos occupation must maintain their co-rank via tithe in order to keep their occupation. As such, it's expected that once every six months (counted via Calendar Year, in June and December) players must complete a single thread (1000 WC) involving the upkeep of communal records, logging of or relaying and dissemination information, or risk losing their occupation.

» Erudito/a (Scribe)

When it comes to the cataloging, recordkeeping, and historical resources of the Ashen, the studiousness of the Erudito is beyond compare. These scribes are dedicated towards the dissemination of information and logging of it – as well as the creation of books, paper, and resources to further their craft. Sometimes regarded as insatiable gossips, they are personable in their pursuits to find and figure out objective events and counter points to current affairs. The Erudito’s fingers are consistently on the pulse of all goings-on within Ganglands.

  • Prompts:
    1. Visit with a friendly or allied pack to copy a book in their library that may be of interest to the Gang, or, create a book from scratch - Be sure to get only the most accurate information to log, though!
    2. Go through the process of creating a book with which you will inscribe information. Create papers, bind the pages, and create sturdy covers. Alternatively, practice your penmanship - write with a quill and ink or charcoal.
    3. Create a historical record. Take note of pack events, pack projects, take a population census, or otherwise gather information over pack happenings with your fellow Ashen, or otherwise organize information that you have gathered to make an accurate timeline for quick and easy discovery to reflect on.
» Entrenador/a (Mentor)

The Entrenador is the only occupation that the Fumar can hold well into their retirement. Mentors and teachers all, their knowledge can range from language, arithmetic, social and cultural prowess, to any matter of other occupations, provided they can concisely and accurately relay information towards those seeking to learn crafts of all sorts. Whilst they generally deal in the teaching of Chispa and Unkindled to begin setting them along the right path (culturally, at the very least), age holds little bearing on the ability to learn, and the Entrenador is nothing if not an open book.

  • Prompts:
    1. Reading and writing, in addition to basic addition and subtraction, are important parts of record-keeping. Help another Ashen tackle one of these difficult skills. Remember: patience is a virtue!
    2. One of the best ways to ensure a lesson sticks is to put spoken theories into practice. Take your student out into the field and have them engage in the topic of your teaching directly.
    3. Learning a new skill - whatever that skill may be - is fulfilling and immensely beneficial, but oftentimes takes life-long learning. Practice learned skills with another Del Ceneren to keep your skills sharp and assist them on the road to mastery!
» Niñero/a (Babysitter)

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and while this rings true, the Niñera takes this task to heart. While this occupation is traditionally held by women, the Gang welcomes any and all nannies who would take up the insurmountable task of rearing offspring from pups through daunting stages of adolescence and teenhood. Guidance takes many forms, and the Niñera is nothing if not adaptable to their charge; it’s up to them to determine tactics from tenderness to discipline, and raise well-adjusted generations of Ashen.

  • Prompts:
    1. Siblings bicker, and they bicker a lot. Help resolve a minor dispute or conflict between youngsters, or aid a parent in mediating their children's fighting.
    2. Teenage months are awkward, gawky, and riddled with hormones. Exercise your patience and hear out the (at times petty) anguishes and ailments a young Ashen is going through, and dispense advice if you feel it's needed.
    3. Oh no! Even with the best of intentions, slip ups are bound to happen - with the world being so big, and confronted with limitations they may not yet understand, aid a Chispa through a downright nuclear meltdown.
» Secretario/a (Quartermaster)

Belligerent, intelligent, keen, shrewd, and perhaps a bit nosy – All terms can be made in accurate statement regarding the Gang’s Secretario. These astute individuals monitor all goings-on whenever it concerns the stores of the Ashen’s goods; Larders are to be stocked. Woodpiles are kept supplied. Coffers are stuffed full. Whenever possible, if an item runs low, the Secretario are the first to know of it and delegate orders to the appropriate parties to proliferate numbers in supply, earning them a reputation akin to a busybody.

  • Prompts:
    1. Take a count with communal stores, or otherwise monitor the Gang's assets closely to ensure appropriate stock is being kept. Alternatively - find a short in the numbers, and get to the bottom of this deficit or intercept a theft!
    2. It seems as though an item is getting low in storage! Seek out someone with the appropriate Occupation, and task them with fulfilling what's needed with the power of orderly delegation.
    3. Check in with Syndicates, Free Companies, Foundries or Project Leads to gauge what is needed to ensure smooth operation, and secure whatever means they need.
» Sepulturero/a (Gravekeeper)

The job of the Sepulturero is a grueling and disheartening task: contending with the grief of the Ashen and their dead. These Ashen are the gravediggers, the pyre builders, the tenders to the headstones and poets of the epitaph; there is beauty in the end of things, after all, and even in the grisly affair of entropy, the Sepulturero extend their understanding as they guide families through the process of healing in the wake of loss, and help with the construction of ofrendas for the time when Día de los Muertos comes around.

  • Prompts:
    1. Help to prepare a burial - dig the grave, build the pyre, or make a cross to mark where the dead will lay. Reach out to the grieving family to secure whatever baubles they would like to decorate their fallen's grave site with.
    2. Assist in the construction and decoration of an ofrenda for the grieving family, and bring an offering of your own to lay out for the recently deceased.
    3. Tend to the graves outside the All-Saints Chapel - dust off crosses, fix or mend ties, polish antlers or sweep off horns, and trim back wildflowers once they grow too leggy - just be sure to let the plants seed so they can grow back full and beautiful the next year!

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2.5  Balaurte

Balaurte Occupations


» Combat Specializations

Tithe and Maintenance: Characters in possession of a Balaurte occupation must maintain their co-rank via tithe in order to keep their occupation. As such, it's expected that once every six months (counted via Calendar Year, in June and December) players must complete a single thread (1000 WC) involving training in combat or maintaining the upkeep of communal armor/weaponry, or risk losing their occupation.

» Arquero/a (Ranged Combat Specialist)

The Arquero are Ashen skilled in all manner of ranged weaponry and ambush or stealth tactics, though they are not limited strictly to archery! While bows are the stereotypical go-to, bolas, javelins, spears, darts and slings of all sorts are tools of the trade and are used with pinpoint and devastating accuracy in the nimble hands of the Arquero. Tried and true – these ranger specialists are assets in warfare and hunting parties alike, able to disable prey or foe from considerable distance.

  • Prompts:
    1. Practice your marksmanship. Standing and hitting a target is very important - however, quite standard; and challenging oneself leads to greater improvement. Attempt archery from horseback or whilst otherwise moving, throw javelins through dense cover, or practice with slings and bolas on craggy or uneven ground over a long distance.
    2. Assist and compete with a fellow Arquero to improve your skills, or otherwise train up someone fresh to the trade of ranged combat.
    3. Put your skill into practice with pack hunts or other stealth and ambush related tasks - an Arquero needs to move silently, and efficiently, but also needs to be effective in incapacitating a target!
» Guardián/a (Lawman)

The even-tempered counterpart to the Inquisador, the Guardián mediates all internal conflicts and affairs amongst the Gang to ensure its smooth operation and adherence to their laws and customs. They are expected to be objective and impartial as they dole out punitive action or intervene in drunken outbursts at the Ugly Coyote. While their reputation sets a precedent for being squeaky-clean with their own conduct, this is not always true; Temptation is an insidious thing and crooked Guardiáns are not unheard of but are seldom caught.

  • Prompts:
    1. Actively protect borders. Chase off intruders (be they luperci or some manner of beast), or, alternatively, defend a fellow Ashen from an assailant!
    2. Mediate a dispute among Ashen members and make the final call as to how to resolve things. Whilst not necessarily popular, stepping in can be a necessity - and, sometimes, greased palms can help sway the outcomes of conflict.
    3. Charmingtown draws in all manner of outsiders seeking drink, food, or trade, and sometimes bad seeds get dragged in with them. Intervene in a conflict and throw out an interloper before things grow more serious, or throw them overnight into the Drunk Barrel to cool off and think about what they've done.
» Inquisador/a (Bounty Hunter)

Where the Guardián is cool, collected and schooled, the Inquisador is beholden to no such rules. They operate as an extension to the Rey Salvaje’s wrath and word of law even abroad the Gangland’s borders, and ruthlessness is encouraged when contending with bounties that have done the Ashen wrong. While these jobs may be few and far between, the Inquisador’s discretion and muscle may be called upon, should needs dictate, to correct poorly behaving individuals when the Guardián’s reason is not enough to sway them back to order.

  • Prompts:
    1. Dole out justice on behalf of the Rey Salvaje or Comandante, and apprehend a bounty who has done the Gang wrong. Alternatively, exercise the skills of any well-to-do hunter, and track down your quarry to issue a warning.
    2. The Inquisador is intended to be the Gang's muscle - usually abroad - but sometimes a flex of strength is required within the Gang's borders. When the Guardián's mediation fails, step in, and make the point known.
    3. Intimidate information out of an outsider in whatever method is deemed effective against them.
» Machetero/a (Melee Combat Specialist)

The savage, the merciless, the lethal – the Machetero is the discerning weapon at behest of the Ashen’s will. These individuals specialize in close-quarters combat and are anticipated to train regularly, adhering to regimens and militaristic discipline to keep them honed both mind and body. Theirs is the skill of tooth, claw, club, or blade. Should the time ever call for warfare, the Machetero eagerly seek the forefront of the conflict and straddle the fine line between bravery and callous ferocity.

  • Prompts:
    1. Study with someone knowledgeable in anatomy or learn the information yourself in order to find the most vulnerable and important places to hit in a fight.
    2. Practice sparring or combat with your weapon of choice, or learn skills with a new and unfamiliar armament. Warriors must be fearless, and any hesitation can lead to death on a battlefield.
    3. Training the body and mind is more than just engaging in combat to ensure peak physical fitness. Wind down with a fellow Ashen with meditation, a good meal, or otherwise engage in other exercises like hikes, stretching, or runs to free the spirit and work the muscle.
» Pionero/a (Scout)

The Pionero is quiet and surreptitious – and perhaps not entirely geared towards combat. They are scouts and trailblazers – and while much of their vocation involves the mapping and maintaining of Gang borders, their job also deals with the dangerous acquisition of intelligence and bartering of information. Pioneros are expected to be resolute, steely and perceptive – the obvious should not evade them, nor should the most minute of details. Their occupation requires that they be sound and anchored thoroughly to the moment, and perpetually keyed to the little things, as any detective would be.

  • Prompts:
    1. Clear a new trail for pack members to use, or maintain a current trail to ensure it’s still traversable! Alternatively, maintain the border, clean up effigies, hang up cloth markers, or mark trees with ash or carved markings.
    2. Gather information involving another pack or a loner band - the more subtle you are, the better. Knowledge, after all, is power and revealing your own identity is up to your discretion.
    3. Aid a Cazador in good prospective areas to lay border traps, coordinate with the Ruedero to relay safer routes in strange territories, or otherwise assist other Ashen in navigating the world abroad and what areas to avoid.

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2.6  Bienestar

Bienestar Occupations


» Mental, Social and Physical Wellness

Tithe and Maintenance: Characters in possession of a Bienestar occupation must maintain their co-rank via tithe in order to keep their occupation. As such, it's expected that once every six months (counted via Calendar Year, in June and December) players must complete a single thread (1000 WC) involving contributing traded goods to communal stores, assisting fellow Ashen with their well-being, or coordinate a social venture (3+ characters in the thread), or risk losing their occupation.

» Comerciante (Merchant)

The Comerciante is a hawkeyed magpie when it comes to wares and goods. Using their gift for gab, they can barter and sling goods or services in even the most discerning trade hall. It goes without saying that the Comerciante’s skill oftentimes calls for them to make underhanded dealings or hock the occasional bottle of snake oil – but it’s all in the name of good business. When there’s nothing worth bartering, the rube is the source of income, after all.

  • Prompts:
    1. Sell somebody they don’t need; convince them that they need it, and trade it off at an absurd price; or sell a fellow Ashen something at a discount.
    2. Have an eye for details - catch someone trying to swindle your character or a packmate, and turn the tables on them. Sometimes, making a huge fuss over even little things can result in discomfort - and these situations may prove advantageous if the target is eager to make a quick and painless exit.
    3. Coordinate a trade venture abroad and keep tabs on other packs' and loner bands' supplies they have to offer, in case there's anything that could prove advantageous to own, and foster profitable relations with other traders.
» Cuentisto/a (Orator)

The Cuentisto is an orator of high degree – storytellers, spiritual advisors, religious mouthpieces, and cultural pundits on matters worldly, mythical, or otherwise. They are patient, passionate, and kind, knowing full well the power of the written and spoken word and the lessons that can be imparted as such. While healing the body is one matter, healing the soul and the mind is another, and these sharp-minded and silver-tongued speakers are the thread with which they mend. The Cuentisto does, and should seek to ensure, that legacy lives on in tales.

  • Prompts:
    1. Guide a meditation with fellow Ashen in order to clear the minds and cleanse the spirits. Construct a make-shift sweat lodge and otherwise lead your fellow packmates along a spiritual journey - just be sure to get consent before using any inebriants.
    2. The border between Cuentista and Bruja is thin. Engage in divination or scrying of any sort at the behest of another Ashen, or gather the materials for a seance.
    3. The Cuentista's ability to weave tales of warning, woe, and revelry is unmatched, and generally takes place about a campfire. Relay these stories to other Ashen, or pass on cultural relevance to a new generation to keep legacies going.
» Médico/a (Medic)

Medicinal properties, from mending to salves and poultices, are the trade of the Gang’s Médico. Physical well-being keeps people working, keeps folks comfortable, and keeps the overall health of the Ashen high, and thus, the Gang’s healers are held in the highest esteem for the responsibility they wield for the good of the community. Often times, they work closely with the Pulgar Verde and the Cuentisto to maximize the benefit to their charges and the efficacy of their care.

  • Prompts:
    1. While hoofstock and horses are not the specialty of the Médico, occasionally Gaucho and Caballisto may reach out for assistance involving injuries befalling the Gang's animals.
    2. Combat - whether serious or for training - is tricky business. Patch up an injured Ashen's wounds or check in with an injured packmate on the mend to ensure their health is coming along smoothly, and monitor carefully for any signs of infection.
    3. Fleas are a well-known vector for all manner of disease and ailments. Administer a flea-killing method to help an itchy Ashen out. Alternatively, aid a sick Ashen with their ailing health and make attempts to bring them around on the mend, or help manage pain in the elderly.
» Orientador/a (Diplomat)

A master in speechcraft and political intrigue, the Ashen’s very own notoriety abroad depends solely on the actions and presentations of the Gang’s Orientador. The knowledge of Del Cenere’s culture, customs and ideals are tantamount – and expected to be held true – of these esteemed diplomats. On whatever missives they take abroad, they bring with them the voice of the Gang; and while they are expected to be courteous beyond the borders, they must mince their words very carefully, and know when compromise is best while still acting within the whims and wishes of the Gang.

  • Prompts:
    1. Tact, social astuteness, and interpersonal communication can often make or break a trade deal. Teach the importance and conduct of these sociopolitical skills to help an aspiring trader become more successful, or otherwise practice this skill.
    2. Socially engage with a stranger - be they a loner, a member of a foreign pack, or someone belonging to a loner band - and garner information with them to discern whether or not these individuals may prove useful allies, or formidable enemies.
    3. Organize a trade venture with the Comerciante to other packs - and, while abroad, attempt to learn the culture and customs of these strange peoples. If possible, get the lay of the land to the best of your abilities.

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2.7  Especialista

Especialista Occupations


» Specializations and Niche Skills

Tithe and Maintenance: Characters in possession of a Bienestar occupation must maintain their co-rank via tithe in order to keep their occupation. As such, it's expected that once every six months (counted via Calendar Year, in June and December) players must complete a single thread (1000 WC) involving specifically upkeeping/contributing a communal item tied to their occupation's niche or risk losing their occupation.

» Balsero/a (Ferryman) x2: Sean Butler, Open

Wayfarers of the lake and the Gang’s riverways, the Balsero is at home on the waters and their knowledge pertains to all things nautical. Theirs is the job of transporting Ashen across bodies of water that would otherwise take more extensive time to schlep across on land. When not ferrying their gangmembers, the Balsero are on the waters with nets or rods to harvest bountiful shoals of fish from Moosehead Lake’s waters or rivers, or are otherwise aiding the Cazador in trapping otters and beavers for their water-resistant pelts.

  • Prompts:
    1. Ferry someone across the lake, whether or not you charge a toll is up to you - but be sure to think through the consequences of heckling a fellow Ashen for unreasonable fees!
    2. Carve out a canoe, make a boat or raft, or maintain and repair existing water vehicles or tools therein. Oars need carved, any and all docks need maintained, and even fish nets get holes, over time.
    3. Gather up a companion and hit the lake for a quiet afternoon of fishing - trawl the waters with a net, or cast a line into the water, and bring back your bounty for the Gang to partake!
» Ruedero/a (Wheelwright) x2: Open, Open

The land-trapped brethren of the Balsero, Ruedero are the Gang’s wagon-workers and wheelwrights, and work tirelessly to maintain or coordinate the construction of these indispensable tools. While, like the Carpintero and Herrero, they are expected to have some woodworking prowess, their true skill lies with mending, maintenance, and reinforcement of the at times complex kinetics of carts and their ilk, and are often tasked with the job of loading or offloading goods and driving the wagons along treacherous roads strewn through the outer wilds to transport Ashen Orientadoras or Comerciantes on their pilgrimages.

  • Prompts:
    1. The Gang's carts get a lot of use, either with carrying items through the (at times) rough trails of the territory, or dragged through the rough and rugged lands beyond borders. As such, wear and tear is to be expected - refresh and repair the carts or the harnesses and yokes to keep things operational.
    2. Improvements can always be made. With help of the Carpintero or the Herrero, add reinforcements to make a bumpy ride more comfortable or the wagons more sturdy for the road. Replace metal bands lining the wheels, reinforce seats, or create straps to help secure items in the bed.
    3. While small, luperci-run carts are well within the realm of attainable, the utility of such is nigh zero - hoofstock drawn carriages and carts are where it's at. Work with a Gaucho or Caballisto in order to train up animals to pull these land ships to maximize what can be carried!

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