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Del Cenere Gang's off-board outpost is an estimated 16 miles from Portland and operates as its own trade post. Long-Term aNPCs are moved to Palisade.

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Del Ceneren Occupations

Occupations are Del Cenere's version of Co-ranks, and integral to promotion into higher ranks or standing within the Gang's syndicates. All occupations are weighed with equal importance - and are expected to work closely with one another to strengthen bonds of community and comradery as well as feed into the Gang's culture involving strong work ethic. Given the weight behind this, occupations and their maintenance may increase an individual's acclaim and reception within Del Cenere, and the failure to maintain their occupations may affect them adversely. Characters on extended aNPC status and shifted off-board will lose their occupations and have to start from scratch.
Occupations are broken into two individual groups: Doméstico and Extranjero, for internal an external workings of the pack. Certain that require crafting as part of their acquisition are expected to deposit a crafted item to Del Cenere's Storage once every six months, minimum, in order to sustain their occupation per the culture's concept of "tithe". Characters can and are encouraged to pursue occupations or better existing occupations through the Tier system.
Players are limited to six total occupations, or two max-tiered occupations; Each tier fills the slot of one occupation. For example - Coydog has maxed out with two Tier II occupation, and two Tier I occupations. Coywolf has maxed out with two Tier III occupations. Coyote has maxed out at six Tier I occupations. Coyote has an impressive repertoire for what they can do, but has mastered none of these skills, where as Coywolf has honed their abilities with their two occupations and may have higher quality work as a result. We encourage players to mix-and-match their characters' skill levels!
No longer interested in your Occupation? Don't worry - you can always request to drop an Occupation in maintenance to pursue another one - just be aware that, realistically, your character's skill with their previous occupation should deteriorate the longer they are no longer practicing!
cNPCs can obtain and hold two occupations - and must follow the Tier guidelines for acquisition, and are still held to the same standard with submissions to Storage every six months to maintain their occupation status.

Tier One

Tier Two

Tier Three

  • Tier I Qualifications »
    • Must write 1000 words involving the Occupation's prompt, over any number of threads.
  • Tier II Qualifications »
    • Must write 2000 words involving the Occupation's prompt, over any number of threads.
  • Tier III Qualifications »
    • Must write 3000 words involving the Occupation's prompt, over any number of threads.

I have an idea for a potential Occupation!

We would love to hear your ideas and feedback! Members have submitted their own occupation ideas and prompts to be added to the roster in the past. If you have an idea for an occupation, you may submit it to the OOC Account via PM for consideration! However, it should also be noted:
  • Is the Occupation able to stand alone as its own job? Is it different enough from current, existing Occupations?
  • Will the Occupation be accessible to other DCG members to pursue?
If you find that you want your Occupation idea to be more of a personal achievement, perhaps it would make for a better Enkindled title than an Occupation! To submit an Occupation idea to the DCG Account, please fill out the following form!

[b]Proposed Occupation Name(s)[/b]:

[b]Occupation Type[/b]: (Doméstico/Extranjero)

[b]Occupation Description/Purpose[/b]:

[b]Prompts[/b]: [list][*][/list]


Prompts are merely a suggested subject - if you feel as though any of these prompts do not fit a situation you would like to use, or if you have a thread involving one of the following skills that does not follow an existing prompt, do not hesitate to reach out to Leadership in regards to personalizing the acquisition of your Occupation!


Occupation Name



The general craftsman, the artesano is a crucial player in the livelihood of the pack. They are the ropemakers, potters, basket weavers, and candlestick makers. Each Artesano should have a distinct skill that sets them apart in their craft.

  • In order to master your craft, you have to have something to craft. Gather supplies, clear out an area, and make yourself a workstation.
  • You might be skilled, but there is always room for improvement. Learn a new technique that will help you make something exciting and new.
  • Oh no -The quartermaster has discovered a shortage in the pack's supplies! Make enough product to either fill that void or trade for whatever is needed.
  • Crafting is more than just an occupation - it's a gift. Create something for a fellow packmate and gift them your creation to show off your work!


Aside from the expected as far as haircuts and trims, barbers are in charge of medical treatments alongside beautification.

  • Perform a rotten tooth extraction, or lance a skin boil, or perform any other medical procedure and check up on the recovery of a patient.
  • Give someone a tattoo, or scarification, or a brand.
  • Groom someone - give haircuts, apply warm towels, style with beeswax, give someone a nice new ‘do!
  • Take notes on any medical procedures known, and pass on this knowledge to another prospective medic!


Setting themselves apart from the Gauchos, the Caballistas of the Del Cenere Gang bear responsibility for arguably the most valued asset of the Gang: its horses. These Ashen know horses inside and out and are exclusively dedicated to their health, conditioning, training, and gear. With the development of the Polvo de Oro horse now in full swing, it is the Caballistas who keep a watchful eye on the lineage and its legacy for the Rey Salvaje.

  • A healthy horse is a happy horse! Check over the communal horsestock for any evidence of lameness, dental concerns, signs of colic, or anything else that could be ailing them and treat accordingly. Don’t hesitate to use the help of a Barber or a Pulgar Verde if warranted!
  • Exercising a horse’s mind is just as important as their physique. Begin training a green horse or practice some groundwork with one who has already been broke. Alternatively, desensitize them to a variety of stimuli to help reduce their likelihood of spooking.
  • Not all horses are created equal, and some are less sound or desirable than others, while those born to the Polvo de Oro line require proper identification. Evaluate the communal horses for their qualities (or faults) and consider which horses should be gelded, which need brands, and who could be traded away.
  • Sometimes, despite it all, things just go wrong. Help a fellow Ashen with an urgent matter, such as assisting a foaling mare in distress, trimming overgrown hooves, etc. before anything gets worse! Alternatively, commit to a longer-term project, such as rehabilitating an injured, neglected, or abused horse.


Work isn’t always clean, and the Carnicero knows this; prey needs cleaned, livestock slaughtered, and the unsavory remains either repurposed or disposed of in a safe manner. A butcher has to know the best manner in slaughtering and cutting meat that’s presented to them, and is responsible for the production of Del Cenere’s food for communal affairs!

  • Is there a feast coming up? Prepare some food for everyone - make sure to cook it well, to avoid getting anyone sick, and be sure to make it impressive!
  • Dry meats with salt, and contribute them to the larder for later use, or help someone to prep their kill for communal stores.
  • Work with a Quartermaster to determine livestock that could be put towards a group meal.
  • Messy, messy! Clean out your workspace, tend to your butcher blocks, and find a use for all the tough, grisly bits that no one wants to eat!


For the discerning, book-wise Luperci, the Erudito's work revolves around the records, book keeping, and history of the Gang. Talented scribes and diligent workers, they dabble in a little everything pertaining to rosters - Births, deaths, trade envoys, holidays - Very little escapes documentation!

  • Visit with a friendly or allied pack to copy a book in their library that may be of interest to the Gang, or, create a book from scratch - Be sure to get only the most accurate information to log, though!
  • Is a pack project coming up? Touch base with the project leads to document the process; what materials are needed? What steps are taken? Be thorough with your instruction for future reference to other gang members.
  • Trades are happening near and far, scope out which ones are happening and record the information, store it, do so undetected or go as a guest! Information that might be helpful include who, what, when and where as well as any note worth events that take place during the trade.
  • Has there been a birth recently? A funeral? Touch base with the family to take notes - write a touching eulogy for a deceased member based on the tales of their life, or notate the new pups who have been brought into the world! Aside from this, be sure to share your findings with others and ensure the spread of information.


A rancher, through and through, a Gaucho prides themselves on their know-how and animal husbandry, regardless of what it is (though, they are specialists when it comes to larger animals). They’re the go-to for animal care and questions, and have a hand with maintaining any communal birds for falconry!

  • Help care for some of the communal animals - feed birds or livestock, brush horses, or help someone to care for their own animal!
  • Team up with other Gauchos to organize a round-up, and rotate livestock to other pastures!
  • Help clear some grassland of harmful plants for a prospective grazing patch, or maintain a current pasture.
  • Help another pack member with an unruly animal - break and train a horse, birth a nervous sheep, or wrestle a stubborn bovine; sometimes animal husbandry is harder than it looks!


Death is a somber affair, but that doesn’t mean the Gravetender sees nothing but the grimness of it! Somewhat spiritual in nature, the Gravetender’s job is to take care of those who have passed on, and honor their memories, as well as aid the families who’ve lost someone.

  • Help to prepare a burial - dig the grave, build the pyre, or make a cross to mark where the dead will lay. Alternatively: help clean up the aftermath of a hanging.
  • Tend to pre-existing graves - the honorable dead’s ashes are buried with wildflower seeds, and everyone wants a pretty looking grave!
  • Work with a Gardener to gather up wildflower seeds for stores, just in case!
  • Aid a mourning family! Bring them food, invite them out to visit their fallen, or lend and ear in memorial.


Manipulation of metal for tools, or even bone, in some cases, is a useful and desirable skill. A Herrero is expected to know the most effective manner to utilize scrap for tools for building or animal husbandry or even weapons - Inventiveness is key, you never know what people may need.

  • Invent something to help Del Cenere! Observe a niche that needs filled, and figure out a way to fill it.
  • Craft a weapon for someone, and help them train with it! Or, alternatively, help someone maintain weapons- fletch arrows, sharpen a blade, shine up some metal.
  • Find some scrap to make tools, or repurpose current scrap! Did someone bring in a kill recently? Repurpose the bones for tools!
  • Help out your local traders, or supply communal tools and demonstrate their use - the days of tilling a field with your bare hands is over!


The Lawman is not always a popular fellow - crooked as Del Cenerans may be, there are rules that need to be followed to keep from things falling into total anarchy. They are the Peacemakers, the Just, and make sure that everything runs smoothly.

  • Was there a particularly juicy piece of gossip floating around recently? It’s probably best to investigate to make sure it’s not trouble - gather what intelligence you can, before reporting it.
  • Actively protect borders - chase off an intruder (be it another luperci, or some manner of beast) to protect the pack’s lands!
  • Mediate a dispute between packmates before things get out of control, or break up a fight; keep the peace and encourage troublemakers to walk it off!
  • Uphold the Law, and apprehend a criminal in your midst! Who stole out of the cookie jar? Who’s been slacking on contributions? That won’t stand on your watch!


The Woodsman, talented in ways of spying lumber and seeing shapes there that others, otherwise, would easily overlook. The Leñador is an artisan, a craftsman, and handy to boot. Forests and woods are where they feel most at home, and they make it their mark to know the layout of every branch and how to safely traverse them. Need building supplies? Leñadors are who you should turn to.

  • There’s always something that needs building or repaired. Help to put up a fence, or mend it, or patch up a house!
  • Lumber is the trade of the Leñador, work with one of the pack’s Lumberjacks to find quality timber to craft and build.
  • Do you think traders could use more market styled stalls in Trailside? Do we have a larder to store food? Discuss plans to build something with fellow Del Cenere denizens!
  • Make a gift for a fellow Ashen member, be it furniture, or a figure. Or, alternatively, help them to build the base for an effigy to guard the borders!

Maestro Cervecero

The Pulgar Verde is the Maestro Cervecero’s best friend - after all, how is one supposed to brew tonics and alcohol alike without the help of knowing where all the best plants are? A master of using the still, the Maestro Cervecero has perfected the art of brewing, and as such, is the life of the party, so to speak.

  • Is there a celebration coming up? Craft some booze to help keep the good times flowing!
  • It’s no secret that some of Del Cenere’s traders have seedy intentions with their wares; help to supply a trader with some of their patented cure-all “medicines”.
  • Test out some of your newest batch on a willing (or unsuspecting!) volunteer! Alternatively, help out with an awful hangover you may or may not have caused.
  • The still requires regular maintenance - enlist some help to clean it out!


Little paws can be quick, excited, and, to be perfectly honest, exhausting, so parents of Del Cenere can often use assistance in raising the future of the pack. The Niñera’s job is to help out by giving parents a break and offering pups entertainment, learning, or a strong disciplined hand.

  • Entertain a puppy for the afternoon. But be sure to keep a close eye on them!
  • There's so much that Chispa have yet to learn! Teach a youngster a new skill, game, or hobby!
  • Take care of or protect a puppy in trouble. Alternately, help resolve a minor dispute or conflict between youngsters.
  • Talk with a parent about the best way to discipline young, rambunctious children.


Turning bolts of textile into articles of clothing that fit all shapes and sizes, for casual or work, is a job for the local Outfitter. Tailoring, altering and patching items of clothing of many different kinds will help keep the more dressed of the Ashen looking and feeling their best. There is more to it than simply clothing, however! Sewing and tailoring has many uses over clothing alone. Upholstering saddles with wool, creating baggage to help bring trade goods in an out of the pack and just a couple other aspects of the trade.

  • Create an article of clothing for an Ashen member, whether a gift or an order; or alternatively, work with Comerciante to trade your articles of clothing to outsiders to advertise the quality of your goods.
  • Saddle blankets take a lot of wear and tear and can break down after a while. See if anyone needs a saddle blanket whipped up to keep their horse feeling comfortable and looking sharp.
  • Get your hands on some raw materials and really get to work! Turn that wool or flax into a bolt of textile. Explain the process that your Ashen utilizes to turn that spool of jute or bundle of hemp into material for your character to use later, or donate to the stores.
  • An Outfitter can save time and energy by working with fellow Ashen to produce goods! Get in contact with the Gaucho, Pulgar Verde, or Tanner to gather high quality and trustworthy supplies for your Ashen to use.
  • Sometimes daily use is rough on one's garments. Mend/repurpose a worn out old outfit and make it look like new! Nobody will ever know!

Pulgar Verde

Gardening is the Pulgar Verde’s passion. Tending to plants, knowing their properties, and identifying them are second nature, and maintaining the crops are of utmost importance - after all, we don’t want someone cultivating poisons as poultices, do we?

  • Lend a hand to Gaucho while they’re clearing fields - after all, it’s hard for a single pair of eyes to spot potentially harmful plants!
  • Teach someone new, or someone young, how to identify edible plants, and which ones to stay away from.
  • Someone injured? Help to craft a poultice or a painkiller - just be sure to use the right ingredients!
  • Accrue and cultivate some new plants for pack stores, be they poisons or otherwise!


It’s all about that trade-trade-trade, and even more so, about knowing what’s coming in to packlands, as well as what’s going out! The Quartermaster must be in tune with all the communal stocks on food, drug, curatives, animals - you name it, they know of it. On top of this, they have a hand in pooling the clan’s contributions and ensuring everyone gets their share!

  • Take a count on communal stores - bookkeeping isn’t always fun, but it’s important, and who knows if there’s a thief running around!
  • Has there been a birth recently? A death? A marriage? Work with someone to put together a gift to make sure the family is taken care of through these obstacles!
  • Work with traders on discerning what Del Cenere needs! Is there a surplus of alcohol, or drugs? Supply them with product to push!
  • Do a headcount with the Gaucho, and try to predict which animals would be productive to trade - does Del Cenere need new livestock? How about pruning out the herds by adding to larder, or selling some off.


Ashen Scouts - Trailblazers are expected to maintain pack borders and keep a vigilant eye over the lay of the land. They clear away brush in order to mark walkways, and are expected to know every nook and cranny of the territory.

  • Clear a new trail for pack members to use, or maintain a current trail to ensure it’s still traversable! Use a communal animal to assist (or don’t!)
  • Maintain the border, clean up effigies, hang up cloth markers, or mark trees with ash.
  • Make a map or mark out current trailheads.
  • Help someone to traverse the trails, or teach someone else directions.


Occupation Name



Del Cenere is situated on a lake, and as such, it proves difficult to traverse quickly from one region to another - the Boatman is an aid in such, ferrying members (or approved visitors) from one side of the lake to the other, sometimes, for a price.

  • Go fishing! Bring someone with you to fish! Afterwards, bring all that fish in to get cleaned by the Carnicero.
  • Ferry someone across the lake, whether or not you charge a toll is up to you - but be sure to think through the consequences.
  • Maintain and repair the boat, or docks, or, potentially, carve out a new canoe with a friend!
  • Teach a fellow friend to sail, or how to boat safely across the lake!

Bounty Hunter

Occasionally, the hand of the Law transcends the borders of Del Cenere’s land, but that doesn’t mean that the threats are gone. The Bounty Hunter is vigilant, vicious, keen - they enact justice where the rest of the group cannot reach. There’s no rest for the wicked, and the Bounty Hunter makes sure of that.

  • Hunt down and bring a criminal to justice, and bring them to the Lawman, to await their trial.
  • Work with falconers, work with lawmen - source out rumors on outside dangers, and try to track them down with the resources available to you.
  • Perhaps the lead you got was sour - hunt down a supposed criminal, and hear out their story, and determine if it’s true for yourself.
  • The Comerciante will give out loans, but they’re not always paid back. Hunt down a debtor, and collect what is owed.


The Comerciante is the master of speechcraft, and could manage to sell ice to a polar bear. They are in charge of bartering - selling and trading of goods, especially if it’s mildly at the expense of others. Tenacity is key, and getting the better deal, and the upper hand, even more so.

  • Sell somebody they don’t need; convince them that they need it, and trade it off at an absurd price; alternatively, sell a pack member something at a discount.
  • Have an eye for details - catch someone trying to swindle your character or a packmate, and turn the tables on them.
  • Give out something on loan to a customer - and keep a ledger of your given-out loans (with interest).
  • Make a trade connection with another pack, preferably something lasting; trade routes make for profitable relationships.


Culturally attuned - the Cuentista are the shamanistic few. Firedancers, storytellers, enforcers of culture, both within pack borders and beyond them. They can act in part as missionaries - or perhaps, ambassadors.

  • Participate in a cultural event, or perhaps head one, in Del Cenere!
  • Venture to a neighboring pack, and expose a few of their members to Del Cenere’s packs and ideals.
  • Host an event for foreign ambassadors in Trailside, read fortunes, fire, or dance for a night of merriment!
  • Engage in spiritual healing with other characters - construct a sweat lodge, or engage in divination.


The teachers and mentors of Del Cenere, Entrenadors are knowledgeable in the myriad soft skills -- be it sociopolitical, literacy, arithmetic, or linguistic -- that are necessary in order to become a successful trader. Whether young or old; new to trade or veterans of the industry, Entrenadors patiently instruct their students in social astuteness and diplomatic readiness, reading and writing proficiency, basic arithmetic skills, and foreign languages.

  • Reading and writing, in addition to basic addition and subtraction, are important parts of record-keeping. Help another Ashen tackle one of these difficult skills. Remember: patience is a virtue!
  • Knowing another language can be enormously beneficial, but it takes life-long learning. Practice dialogue in a foreign language with another Del Ceneren to keep your skills sharp (and help someone else learn a new language)!
  • Tact, social astuteness, and interpersonal communication can often make or break a trade deal. Teach the importance and conduct of these sociopolitical skills to help an aspiring trader become more successful.
  • One of the best ways to ensure a lesson sticks is to put spoken theories into practice. Take your student out into the field -- be it in Charmingtown or abroad -- for some hands-on training with an outsider.


Eyes in the sky are a useful thing. Be it scouting ahead or hunting small game, these special Luperci who have bonded with an avian friend are a great resource to Del Cenere. A Falconer is versatile role with duties that include, but are not limited to: looking after one’s bird or hunting/scouting with their partner. In many ways, the bonds forged with these birds are the first defense against trouble.

  • Communication is vital. Practice low (or high, depending on the bird) speech with your avian friend, or maybe even teach a fellow member of the gang.
  • Use your bird companion to keep an eye on something that’s worth keeping an eye on.
  • Trap an adolescent bird and help its chance of survival to adulthood - or, alternatively, set loose your friend after they’ve been fully trained.
  • Work with someone to construct a mews, in the case that you want to keep your bird companion closer to home.


Do you like swinging axes? Wearing flannel? Well, this is the job for you. The lumberjack is responsible for bringing in the timber for his fellow countrymen and the builders - or he’s responsible for trading it away. Need to build a bonfire? The Lumberjack is your man (or woman)!

  • A tree looks to be leaning dangerously close to personal or pack property - help a packmate to take down that tree in a safer manner, before it does any serious damage.
  • Work with the Leñador for lumber that he requires, and go acquire it!
  • Mill down a cut into workable lumber!
  • Wayfinders and Trailblazers need assistance clearing routes for trade or trails!


Macheteros are masters of their chosen weapon, whether it be a sword, spear, axe, dagger, or anything else sharp and pointy. They are unafraid of danger and will often be the first to respond to a threat to the pack and its members.

  • Participate in a spar or duel against another member with your weapon of choice.
  • Study with someone knowledgeable in anatomy or learn the information yourself in order to find the most vulnerable and important places to hit in a fight.
  • Help a packmate out of a bind or defend them from an Outsider.
  • Train another in the art of the blade.


Livestock are nearly worth their weight in gold. The Rustler is in charge of Del Cenere’s livestock management. Should they acquire their livestock through legitimate means via trade or through thievery, it doesn’t matter, so long as Del Cenere has fresh livestock in their populace.

  • Trade, or perhaps, acquire (via theft, potentially! It’s up to you) some new livestock for Del Cenere.
  • Protect Del Cenere’s livestock from attempted thievery!
  • Breeding animals can get rough if the genealogy gets muddied - work with the Gaucho to keep track of the livestock’s bloodlines, and either trade away, or cull the herds to keep the bloodlines clean.
  • Scout out any wild herds (or even trade routes that carry livestock along them), or venture to a trade hub to scope out the animals on offer!


Del Cenere’s sharpshooters are the lifeblood of the pack. Necessary for defense, for hunting, for raids, there’s always an opportunity to put their skills to the test. The sharpshooters are highly trained bowmen who exhibit exemplary skill with a bow and arrow.

  • Practice your shooting, Tex.
  • Accompany another pack member on a hunt, or perhaps with the Bounty Hunter, and work your bow-related magic.
  • Work with the Herrero in getting supplies for arrows, bows and bows - or work with the tanner for designs for quivers.
  • Help to teach a fellow packmate how to use a bow and arrow correctly, or help them to train without injury.


The work of preparation and trade of furs and leathers is a labor-intensive, multi-stepped process, taking many days, and leaves you stinking - Tanning is by no means a glamorous job, but the results are nothing short of breathtaking. On top of that, who doesn’t like having a new jacket, or a new pelt to bundle up in?

  • Take an order, or a request from a pack mate and make them something special.
  • Start the process of tanning; skin, prepare treatment mixtures of fat or brain, and flesh the hide to get it ready!
  • Repurpose an old piece of leather into something new, or give an old outfit some new flair!
  • Put out requests - does a project need an abundance of deer skins? How about rabbit? Perhaps you’d like to participate on the hunt, and gather yourself some hides.


Knowing your way around pack lands is one thing, but knowing how to get around outside of them is another - the Wayfinder is in charge of finding the safest routes to travel, and forge the Trade paths between Del Cenere and outside groups. Often times, they’re the first to engage with Outsiders, so first impressions are key.

  • Forge a new trade route with another pack, meet and greet briefly, before coming back home.
  • Escort Del Cenere members between packlands and outside localities.
  • Learn some information from some outsiders - packs, or otherwise, the more snooping, the better!
  • Try to tour strange packlands, and size up whether they’re potential threats or allies, and try to get the lay of the land.

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