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» Charmingtown, Irving & The Parish
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Del Cenere Gang's off-board outpost is an estimated 16 miles from Portland and operates as its own trade post. Long-term aNPCs will be moved here.

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Are you looking to take your writing game to the next level? Del Cenere offers incentives to boost your word count, engage with the Gang, and participate in OOC aspects of our pack in the way of points! Once you accumulate enough points, turn them in by posting to the Pack Maintenance Thread and requesting your reward. Simple as that!


  1. Threads must be archived to be submit them for their points.
  2. If you are using a spreadsheet to track your points, please remember to clearly indicate which threads, talismans, etc. have already been claimed and which you are submitting for points.
  3. Where applicable, prompts referring to completion rules require an 800 word minimum AND two posts to be submissible!

Pack Game



15 Top Poster - 1st Place
10 Top Poster - 2nd Place
5 Top Poster - 3rd Place
10 +50 posts a month!
20 Earn Spotlight Soul on your Del Cenere Character


Word Count

2 250 word post
5 500 word post
7 750 word post
10 1000 word post
-- If a post exceeds 1000 words then additional word count follows the same system

Ex, 1250 words - 12 points, 1750 words - 17 points


IC Activity

3 Assist a fellow Del Ceneren in something small (Limit 3 per month - must follow completion rules)
5 Thread with a new recruit - less than 2 months membership (+2 for each additional thread - must follow completion rules)
5 Help someone earn an occupation
5 Add an animal or item to Del Cenere communal stores (Limit 4 per month)
5 Engage in some shady business with a fellow Del Ceneren against a non-pack member/loner
5 Assist a packmate with a project (Limit 3 per month - must follow completion rules)
10 Advance a rank!
10 Complete a monthly thread prompt (must follow completion rules)
10 Join a Non-Mandatory Pack Thread with your Character (+4 for each additional post)
10 Start or reply to an AW within Del Cenere (Limit 4 per month - must follow completion rules)
20 Earn an Occupation (+5 for each additional occupation thread, limit 2 per month)
20 Small Participation in a pack plot (Less than three threads - must follow completion rules)
40 Large Participation in a pack plot (More than three threads - must follow completion rules)


OOC Activity

5 Submit your threads for the wiki’s History. (Maximum once per month)
10 Earn a Talisman!
20 Add your character to the Directory
20 Submit a Pack Plot/Project that is actively played
40 Recruit a friend!

Adopt and pick up a Del Ceneren!

125 Adopt and pick up the Featured Del Ceneren!


50 points Temporary One word custom title, Del Cenere Fade, three months
60 points Marked IC Residency in any settlement!
100 points Temporary Three word custom title, Del Cenere fade, three months
150 points A table for your character, details to be discussed with leadership, or one change token for one existing title
300 points Permanent Three word custom title, any color, any fade
400 points Your character will receive an IC reward, to be discussed with leadership
( i.e.: A new hat and slacks courtesy of the Tanner, a horse from the communal stable)
500 points Permanent Non Del Cenere Icon
550 points Permanent Del Cenere icon, with any scroll over
1000 points A simple avatar of your character drawn by Despi

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