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Del Cenere Gang's off-board outpost is an estimated 16 miles from Portland and operates as its own trade post. Long-Term aNPCs are moved to Palisade.

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Del Cenere has an active Discord group - Links are in our Acceptance post, or PM Leadership for your invite!
Only present or past players of a Del Ceneren character may join the DCG Discord Chat.

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  3.   3.  Monthly Prompts
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1.  Rules

  • Completion means you have written 800 words and 2 posts for your thread.
  • If the thread drops off because of inactivity, it must be the fault of your partner(s).
  • Use of NPCs is encouraged; however, RO threads are disqualified from collecting prompt points: you must actively engage another roleplayer.
  • Late completion is generally not an issue, but try to finish your threads in a timely manner. If you start it at the end of the month and it takes you another month and a half to complete it, it's fine. If it's six months late, not so fine!
  • Do NOT include the thread prompt or its points in your game log until completed. Obviously, once a thread has met our definition of "complete" (i.e., 800 words) you can add it to your log; it needn't be actually finished and in the archive to count as "complete."
Reminder: when you post up a thread prompt, it's awesome to let others know it's for the thread prompt in your post's description.

2.  Forecast

Weekly Weather Forecast



Partial Sunshine





All weather predictions are pulled from Google's data on the approximate location for Grand Falls, New Brunswick.

This Week








Partly Cloudy

  • Temperatures:
    • High: 16° C/60° F
    • Low: 7° C/44° F
  • Wind Speeds:
    • NW gusts up to 6mph

Partly Sunny

  • Temperatures:
    • High: 22° C/71° F
    • Low: 13° C/55° F
  • Wind Speeds:
    • NWN gusts up to 9mph


  • Temperatures:
    • High: 23° C/73° F
    • Low: 15° C/59° F
  • Wind Speeds:
    • S gusts up to 12mph

Partly Sunny

  • Temperatures:
    • High: 24° C/75° F
    • Low: 15° C/59° F
  • Wind Speeds:
    • SE gusts up to 9mph

Mostly Sunny

  • Temperatures:
    • High: 23° C/71° F
    • Low: 16° C/59° F
  • Wind Speeds:
    • WNW gusts up to 13mph

Rain Showers

  • Temperatures:
    • High: 23° C/73° F
    • Low: 12° C/53° F
  • Wind Speeds:
    • S gusts up to 7mph

Rain Showers

  • Temperatures:
    • High: 20° C/68° F
    • Low: 9° C/48° F
  • Wind Speeds:
    • WSW gusts up to 8mph

3.  Monthly Prompts

October Prompts

These thread prompts rotate monthly and are worth 10 points. Check back at the beginning of next month for a new set of thread prompts. Each month, there are specialty prompts relating to ranks or jobs of Del Cenere (with a few general bonuses, too).
  • Winging It
    • A strange sound has been heard at the Lancaster Stockyard, specifically in the stable; it's a soft scratching, for the most part, and subtle enough that it's been causing hackles to raise, and even seems to be spooking some of the livestock. Grab a friend and investigate this tittering, shuffling sound in the hayloft, and try to figure out how to best remove this unwelcome intruder.
  • Full-swing Fall and Harvest time Favors
    • There's been a great deal of harvesting going on at the Gardens to prepare for winter - and, as such, Del Cenere enjoys its first of many bounties. Given its limited supply, Alonso has been flexing his newfound Maestro Cervecero status with a second batch of Apple Cider! Cozy up in the cooler weather with a warm cup of mulled booze at the Trailside Inn, or next to the hearth at the Ugly Coyote, and perhaps remark upon the changing seasons as leaves pepper Charmingtown's main thoroughfare. Alternatively, use some of what's left of this season's apples, straight from Irving's trees, to make yourself or a friend some tasty treats!
  • All Eyes On Me
    • Isla de los Ojos possesses an inherently ominous air about it. Between the eyes on the trees, and the odd sounds that come from the small spit of land off Charmingtown's beach, it certainly does well to deter tourists. Rumor has it that the old mansion facing the lake is well and truly haunted, but no one has dared to linger long enough to find out if that's true. Challenge yourself, or a companion to a dare: Stay one night on the mansion's grounds. First one to leave the unsettling atmosphere loses!

4.  Pack Project Feature

Día de los Muertos Preparation Feature

These thread prompts rotate monthly and are worth 15 points. Check back at the beginning of next month for a new set of thread prompts. Project prompts can be used towards Occupations. Please mark your Project Threads with a [PT] for ease of logging!

It is no secret that Del Cenere has dealt with a great deal of loss in its brief lifespan, but, as the Gang approaches the end of the year, it honors the memory of the dead with a festival on the final day of October that carries through to the first of November, harking back to traditions long before the Gang's existence. Gather your family, or friends, and help prepare for the special day!

Consider contributing with the following!

  • A party for the dead requires food, food, food. Cooperate with preparing alcohol, meals, or conduct a small-scale hunt.
  • While Marigolds are still somewhat in short supply, there are still quite a few around, and they do carry a great importance in guiding spirits back to family homes! Collect some of the flowers, or plant some around Charmingtown.
  • Get together to create an ofrenda in your home in remembrance of those who have passed, or help someone create theirs.
  • Candles are supremely important to help guide the dead to their altars; as such, we're in dire need of some Artesanos to make sure we've got enough candles to go around!
  • Construct some lanterns or other decor for the gathering area beneath the Angel Oak!

5.  Featured NPC

Resurrection de le Poer

By Despi
Threads utilizing a featured pNPC can net you an additional 10 points!

Del Cenere's very own orator and resident holy man, Resurrection is a bit of an eerie, but well-meaning man. He gets worn down quickly with poor health, and is often quite still while he sits as a result, but if anyone ever has need of an ear to bend, he is ready and willing to listen to all who need it. He is, however, a pastor, so it's safe to expect for him to dispense some religious advice to your woes.

Given his fragile status, he can be most often found at the All-Saints Church or tending to the graveyard at the Parish.

For more information about Resurrection, check out his wiki here.

6.  Occupation Feature

September Featured Occupation

These thread prompts rotate monthly and are worth double points if paired with one of this month's Monthly Prompts, for a total of 20 points. Standalone, Occupation features and threads involving the acquisition of that occupation posted in the same month are worth 10 points.
  • Gravetender
    • Feature: In order to prepare for the day of the dead, the graveyard must be brought up to snuff! Clean some of the existing sites, harvest flower seeds and petals and decorate the places of resting for Ashen members who have passed on, and place candles. After all, it's supposed to be a party!
    • Regular Prompts:
      • Help to prepare a burial - dig the grave, build the pyre, or make a cross to mark where the dead will lay. Alternatively: help clean up the aftermath of a hanging.
      • Tend to pre-existing graves - the honorable dead’s ashes are buried with wildflower seeds, and everyone wants a pretty looking grave!
      • Work with a Gardener to gather up wildflower seeds for stores, just in case!
      • Aid a mourning family! Bring them food, invite them out to visit their fallen, or lend and ear in memorial.

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