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Del Cenere Gang's off-board outpost is an estimated 16 miles from Portland and operates as its own trade post. Long-term aNPCs will be moved here.

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» Rules

  • Completion means you have written 1000 words over any number of posts for your thread.
  • RO's are not excluded - however, we would still prefer seeing players engage with other characters, and pNPCs; as such, we have the following limitation:
RO threads may only be claimed once per month; Thread completion rules still apply. This means that, should a player chooses to complete a Seasonal Prompt, a Monthly Prompt, and a Pack Feature Prompt, two of those three prompts must engage another player and hit completion to be eligible for points across all three.
  • If the thread drops off because of inactivity, it must be the fault of your partner(s).
  • Late completion is generally not an issue, but try to finish your threads in a timely manner. If you start it at the end of the month and it takes you another month and a half to complete it, it's fine. If it's six months late, not so fine!
  • Do NOT include the thread prompt or its points in your game log until completed. Obviously, once a thread has met our definition of "complete" (i.e., 1000 words) you can add it to your log; it needn't be archived to count as "complete."

Reminder: when you post up a thread prompt, it's awesome to let others know it's for the thread prompt in your post's description, or by utilizing Gen's helpful Infobox!

1.  Prompts and Events

1.1  Seasonal

Seasonal Prompts

Seasonal prompts are ongoing and will span the entire season. Completion of these prompts will net you 5 points per prompt, once per month that the prompt is ongoing. (Hide Seasonal Prompts)

  1. Spring is in full swing, and with it comes a litany of color. Budded trees give way to fresh, verdant leaves, and grasses begin overtaking swathes of territory en masse. Petite early-season blooms of wildflowers have also begun, powdering meadows with pops of color! However, along with all this fresh growth also comes pollen and spring fever.
  2. After months of dormancy, insects are on the rise. Clouds of midges cover the glassy surface of Moosehead Lake, mosquitos occupy the air around slower crawling waterways, and tall grasses hide ticks and fleas, waiting for someone to hop onto!
  3. Warm days are interspersed with rainfall and springtime showers, with puffy white clouds crawling the skylines - exceptionally overcast days and evenings, however, bring rolling thunderstorms (and with it, instinctive alarm and fear, especially in livestock)!
  4. While the canopies of the Arcadian forests of Tall Tree are still filling out, undergrowth comes in quick to try and take advantage of the cool-temperature sunlight before it ultimately gets choked out, some of which make hazards for trailheads carving through the undergrowth.
  5. Migratory song birds are making a return North, and bringing the morning chorus with them!


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1.2  Current Events


See the current Newspost for more information, as well as any associated prompts involving current events and going-ons pertaining to this month. Eligible game points or other rewards may be denoted in the newspost, if applicable. (Hide Newspost Recap)

Newspost Event

The current Newspost covers peculiarity and changes within Del Cenere's territory after a year contending with the forces of nature - from flooding to tremors, the Ganglands have been in the midst of an almost silent undertaking of change. Or, at least, they were. Now that the snow is melting, the cracks are beginning to show, and there's been plenty of changes shaking up the coyotes' home turf. With these changes comes the opportunity to name things - perhaps you've an idea of your own?

Luces de Primavera is also underway (Late March - Early April); Help out a fellow Ashen with their Spring Cleaning chore list, or take advantage of a temporary Tithe submission opportunity, including a lessened word count requirement!

Bounty Board

Bounty Board prompts are small, limited undertakings where outcomes are fueled by player engagement, and may involve multiple steps to be completed. These prompts require sign-up, which can be done via the Bounty Board channels in our discord, when applicable. Rewards are largely IC and determined by outcomes. (Hide Bounty Board Prompts)

Calling All Hunters

(Posted on the board out front of the Ugly Coyote is a piece of curled parchment, with a stiff charcoal scrawl, with the call to action bold and large to catch attention.)

Attention, Ashen. It's come to my attention that a group of feral hogs has moved its way into the territory, and are making their presence known with uprooting plants and destroying the trails. There's no telling how far they've encroached - but we will need to deal with this problem sooner rather than later before it reaches a more detrimental scale. Interested parties can leave word with Alonso, or meet me at Casa Inadaptada, where we will coordinate further.

Warning: It's been implied that these animals are aggressive, and are keenly intelligent. If you see Dusty at the infirmary, please relay your well-wishes.

- Nazario

(Posted alongside this, on a much smaller scrap of birch bark and with less legible handwriting, the following is stated:)

Please get rid of them. They're threatening the local birds.

- Dusty

Monthly Prompts

These thread prompts rotate monthly and are worth 10 game points upon completion. Check back at the beginning of next month for a new set of thread prompts. (Hide Monthly Prompts)

May Prompts
  1. It starts with a tittering through the trees - sharp, and trilling. These sounds are everywhere around The Parish and Silverado Field in particular; and, quick as a flash, the source of such sounds dart by in a blur of green! Ruby-throated hummingbirds have begun appearing for the summer months, and are taking advantage of the trumpet-flower blooms along the bluffs. Brash and brazen, these daring aerial acrobats hardly seemed fussed by the passing luperci.
  2. Warmer weather leads to the dreaded shedding season. Itchy, scratchy, scruffy looking Luperci may often choose to forgo their clothing this time of year to save themselves the trouble of cleaning their garments of clumps of downy winter fluff - help a neighbor out with the de-shedding process, or rope someone into itching that persistent scratch between the shoulders!
  3. It's the birds and the bees - or, perhaps, more accurately, the result thereof; With grasses growing in lush and tall as the seasons takes off, wildlife bring about their next generation. Fawns hide in crops of grasses, baby rabbits beneath shrubs, and sleepy black bears bring their cubs with them on foraging trips as they emerge from hibernation.

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1.3  Continuous Prompts

Chore Prompts

Chore prompts are perpetually ongoing. Chores affected by seasons will be noted as such - otherwise, they are available year-round, and may provide a jumping point for Tithe ideas. These prompts are merely suggestions, and not intended to be a wholly definitive chore list. Completion of these prompts will net you 5 points per prompt, once per month. (See Chore Prompts)

Trailside Inn Maintenance
  1. Assist in the Trailside Inn's kitchen, either by helping the Innkeeper with putting together meals for the Inn's inhabitants, prepping ingredients, or by scrubbing and cleaning cookware.
  2. Launder bedding from the Inn's rooms - beat out bed furs to rid them of dirt and air them out on the clothesline in the courtyard, scrub quits or blankets, or help to make and fix beds.
  3. Dust furnishings and help clean up any discarded refuse left behind by other denizens to keep the Inn clean, or sweep out the foyer.
Foundry Maintenance
  1. Sweep and dust out Foundry buildings to help keep them clean and tidy!
  2. Help ferry supplies to Foundries. Each foundry has specific requirements of raw materials - i.e., The Painted Pony usually requires wool or leathers, the Goldbrush Apothecary utilizes curative herbs. Should these supplies need picked up from Irving's storage, be sure to have an escort!
  3. Assist in maintaining Foundry properties - clear out trash like unusable leather scraps or other such things, do a spot clean and shake out rugs, or assist in moving displays or other furnishings.
The Ugly Coyote Maintenance
  1. Stock up on alcohol. The building has a larder full of supply - take note of what's been depleted behind the bar, and replace what needs replacing with bottles or jugs from the larder.
  2. The back store room behind the bar is host to cleaning supplies, tools, and cookware; make sure these are organized, clean, and ready for use, or, alternative, clean out wood or clay cups to place back out beneath the bar top.
  3. Clean out the fireplace of soot and ash, or otherwise ensure that firewood, starters, and kindling are properly stocked for the evenings.
Charmingtown's Thoroughfare Maintenance
  1. Trails have long since been worn into gravely dirt roads with Charmingtown's high traffic and continued use, however, that also means that they are subject to wear and weather. Help to maintain the paths around Charmingtown by raking out ruts until they're at least marginally more smooth, or weed out/cut back impeding foliage.
  2. Keep Charmingtown clean! Keep stoops and porches swept up, water supply barrels topped off, and, if you are feeling exceptionally gracious, perhaps look into planting a few half-barrels with flower seeds come springtime.
  3. Ensure lanterns are topped off on supply to remain lit come nightfall, replacing wicks, oil, or candles as necessary.
Building and Construction Maintenance
  1. Buildings are always subject to wear and tear with time; Patch a leaky roof, make adjustments to shore up a sagging porch, replace railings, or perform other general upkeep to maintain the structural stability of Del Cenere's buildings.
  2. Improvements are always much appreciated, even if purely aesthetic! Installing new shudders to keep out the wind and the weather, cleaning and sand wood to freshen it up, add some fresh insulation in the form of sod or moss, straw, and sand slurry. Making retrofits to old buildings to better fit luperci use is always appreciated!
  3. Livestock lodgings also require frequent check-overs; replace stones or wooden railings in fences, fix any potential holes in stalls, stables, or barns, and check in on feed storage areas often - rodents and pests often like to chew their way in, if not monitored!
Territory and Trail Maintenance
  1. Packs require distinctive markers and borders to lay claim to their territories; Del Cenere often makes use of colorful ties, and of course, Effigies to get their points across. Help in maintaining the indicators which mark Del Cenere's claim.
  2. Some trails along Del Cenere's outer edges are more frequently traveled than others, most often indicated by ash symbols left on trees or stones. Leave behind an ashen mark yourself to indicate where it is you've been while maintaining the trails, or, alternatively, encounter a mark left behind and divert your path down a different trailhead.
  3. The outer trails aren't the only ones which matter; Del Cenere relies heavily on its well-traveled routes to navigate throughout the Ganglands. Weed out plants, cut back brush, clear branches, or dig out burgeoning ruts to keep intrapack travel as smooth as possible.

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2.  Features

Pack NPC Feature

Every month, we feature one of Del Cenere's pNPCs with an informational synopsis involving them, alongside a handful of things which may be happening within their own personal lives that may act as prompts which may be used by players wishing to use pNPCs in their threads. Threads utilizing a featured pNPC can net you an additional 10 game points per month when they are featured, with or without a prompt. Please remember to update the NPC's wiki page and their thread log! (Hide NPC Feature)

Lucille Pierson
  • For more information about this pNPC, check their wiki for more information.

Somewhat demure and certainly nervous, Lucille is not exactly what one would call overt in her conduct. Content to follow after great-aunt "Gramma" Dill, her independence leaves a little to be desired, especially considering she seems overly concerned with 'inconveniencing' her fellow Ashen to ask for help. With Dill slowing in her step, Lucy has been tasked, for the first time, to shepherd the flock of sheep and the tribe of goats all on her own through Spring, both with bringing about crops of lambs and kids, and relocating them through the territory to make sure they get a proper amount of browse.

It's a little overwhelming! Lucille could use the extra pair of eyes, or hands, as she makes her own attempts to assist the Gang's Pionero in driving her livestock along the trailheads to clear away the fresh greenery threatening to overgrow the walkways.

Occupation Feature

Every month, we feature one of Del Cenere's available occupations with extra prompts that can go towards attaining, or furthering, that vocation. These thread prompts rotate monthly and are worth double points if paired with one of this month's Monthly Prompts, for a total of 20 points. Standalone, Occupation features and threads involving the acquisition of that occupation posted in the same month are worth 10 points. (Hide Occupation Feature)

Pulgar Verde
  • For more information about this occupation, check its listing for more information.
  1. Plants are bursting back to life from their winter dormancy. While fruit-bearing plants are far off from yielding crops, the sunny season is still prime time to search for forage and to catalog whatever the Gang's territory has to offer!
  2. Harvest wild medicinal plants to bring to the médicos of Del Cenere, or, alternatively, help a healer to find these forage so they can collect them at their leisure!
  3. Gaucho and Caballisto are constantly in need of fodder for their livestock, and with spring taking off, so too do parasites which may harm the livestock. Help to find additive foods to help cull any gut-bugs, or help find plants which could help repel pest insects.
Project Feature Feature

These thread prompts rotate monthly and are worth 15 points. Check back at the beginning of next month for a new set of thread prompts. Project prompts can be used towards Occupations, or count towards completion towards your contribution to the project. (Hide Project Feature)

Gardens Upkeep

It's Spring! That means that the Gardens are in need of maintenance to ensure a proper, good yield for this year's cultivated crops.

  1. Crop plots are looking a little drab this time of year - old plants which haven't sprung back from dormancy need pulled up, and fertilizers need administered to help bolster growth during this crucial time to compete with the climate's short growing season.
  2. Weeds, weeds, and more weeds! Undesired plants threaten to pop up constantly, and required pulling to keep from sapping nutrients intended for cultivars - just be careful not to uproot one of the wanted plants in the process!
  3. The beehives of the small apiary are starting to thrum back to life, and there are a lot of insects - a new hive may be needed, and the current hive divided to help expand our buzzy friends' colonies.
  4. Wear and tear tends to happen over a winter season, especially with heavy snowfall - trellises and raised bed edging may need replaced or repaired.

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