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Del Cenere Gang's off-board outpost is an estimated 16 miles from Portland and operates as its own trade post. Long-term aNPCs will be moved here.

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    2.   3.2  Borders, Charmingtown, and Trespassing
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➵ Del Cenere Guidelines and Policies
Reading the introductory information on this page is mandatory before attempting to join Del Cenere as it pertains to important prerequisite guidelines, policies with engagement, information pertaining to restrictions, and is intended to bring players up-to-speed as to the expectations of conduct within IC and OOC parameters.

So you are looking to join Del Cenere? That's great! We would be happy to have you aboard our very own cowboy simulator (and make no mistake, Del Cenere is pretty big on the Cowboy Vibes) - however, before you get started, it is likely best to go ahead and brush up on our guidelines, procedures, prerequisites, and expectations with conduct both IC and OOC. This guide is specifically to serve as a crash course for prospective members, as well as to serve as reference for existing players within Del Cenere to aid in answering overarching questions! With this out of the way, let's begin:

1.  Rules

1.1  OOC Conduct

Del Cenere conducts itself via 'Souls' overarching rulebook, which can be found here. If there is ever any question as to whether or not something may be allowed - if it is not permitted on 'Souls, we will not permit this within our Discord, either. Leadership reserves the right to revoke membership to our Discord server(s), either with or without warning, should we find infractions in respectful conduct with other players on 'Souls. Poor conduct and excessive disrespectful behavior will be logged, should it occur.

Aside from this, however, if players have any questions (either in regards to OOC conduct, IC happenings, or otherwise) or think that something may require closer oversight, our inbox is always open! Otherwise, pinging the @El Faro role in our server will get Leadership attention when it is requested!

1.2  IC Conduct

Del Cenere expects its prospective members to be respectful towards the existing hierarchy, its culture, and, to an extent, encourages the assimilation of Outsiders into its fold. While prided as something of a melting pot, Del Cenere still strongly desires to be set apart from the wolf-dominated territories outside of its borders. While characters do not necessarily need to fully fit the archetypes of the Ashen (we rather enjoy seeing players rise to a challenge when it comes to striking a balance of individualism and community!), those that stray more severely from the status quo may find difficulty in fitting in.

Culturally, Del Cenere imparts tithe on its members and values strong work ethic and etiquette alongside positive reputation to excel members in rank. For more information on the hierarchy, where ranks fall, and how to achieve certain ranks, please see our hierarchy page.

Characters that exhibit frequent and excessive levels of disrespectful behaviors, disregard its rules, fail to contribute towards the Gang's well-being or cultural endeavors, or otherwise are put predominantly at odds with the functions of Del Cenere at large should not be expected to climb the social ladders any time fast.

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2.  Joining

2.1  Prerequisite

Del Cenere has a strong anti-wolf bias that permeates it thoroughly. While wolves and wolf-dominant hybrids are welcome to visit Charmingtown, prospective members must be under 50% wolf to join. Unfortunately, at this time, there are no exceptions to this rule, and is unlikely to change without radical change happening to Del Cenere as a whole.

Let it be known that Del Cenere is predominantly coyote operated and populated - Dogs, jackals, hybrids, etc. are soft-capped to the rank of Enkindled. Only coyote or coyote hybrids are allowed to hold positions within the Ashen Ring.

2.2  Joining Procedure

» Coyote and Coyote Hybrids

Members ranked in the Upper Echelon and Above (Las Antorchas and up) may greet, welcome, or invite prospective members to join Del Cenere, provided they fall within prerequisites. If a player within those ranks approaches a prospective joiner, or invites a coyote/coyote hybrid to Del Cenere, they should ping Leadership in order for us to reply with the acceptance message and get joiners titled!

Within Charmingtown

  • Prospective Joiners should seek higher ranked members to express their interesting in joining.
  • Prospective Joiners should be able to relay information in regards to their skillsets and worth to the Gang and be willing to submit themselves to interview.

At Borders

  • Prospective Joiners may not cross the border without permission.
  • Prospective Joiners must send up a greeting call and meet a Del Ceneren for assessment.
» Other Species

Only El Faro (Leadership) may greet, welcome, or invite Non-Coyotes to join Del Cenere, provided they fall within prerequisites.

Within Charmingtown

  • Prospective Joiners must arrange a meeting with El Faro at The Ugly Coyote (with pNPCs, or otherwise OOCly assumed).
  • Prospective Joiners should be able to relay information in regards to their skillsets and worth to the Gang and be willing to submit themselves to interview.

At Borders

  • Prospective Joiners may not cross the border without permission, and may even be expected to keep respectable distance.
  • Prospective Joiners must send up a greeting call and await El Faro for assessment.
» Once Accepted

Fresh Ashen members may not be entirely free of scrutiny once joined up and are subjected to the expectations of their fresh rank of Encender. This role within the Gang serves as an introductory one - as well as a form of probationary period within ranks. This period lasts two months minimum, unless extenuating circumstances dictate otherwise to exalt the fresh Ashen to a new state of notoriety. Until promoted into Las Brasas, Encender members:

  • Are restricted as far as housing. They may only reside within the Trailside Inn, or a camp within Charmingtown's borders
  • May not hold Occupations nor hold rank in Syndicates
  • May not venture deeper into packlands/outside of Charmingtown without supervision or escort from members ranked Las Brasas and above (pNPCs can count as supervisors!)
  • May be expected to work more 'grunt' tasks (i.e.: mucking stalls, sweeping buildings, or other small maintenance tasks)

Once promoted from the Encender rank, Ashen cannot be demoted back to Encender unless they fully sever ties with Del Cenere, and rejoin later or an exception is made for punishment's sake.

» On Ranks, Promotions and "Reputation"

Please see our Hierarchy page for more information about ranks.

Most information on how to garner promotion for your character are detailed on our Hierarchy page, listed alongside the ranks in question - and while there are minimal exceptions, some may be made in specific instances. There is a loose form of 'reputation' within Del Cenere - ways to positively impact your character's reputation includes: Pursuance of Occupations or additional tiers of occupation, Membership or movement through a Syndicate or participation in a Free Company, Engagement in pack events and volunteering in assistance, or Multiple submissions of tithe in one tithe period. However, this also can have the adverse effect of negative reputation - the loss of occupations (through failure to maintain them), expulsion from syndicates, or failure to engage in the Gang's events and culture may result in demotions, or stagnation of rank.

The highest ranks of Del Cenere require invitation from Leadership - Enkindled titles are custom, and are expected to carry relevant weight to your character (like an epithet!) and are generally restricted to English or Spanish.

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3.  Guidelines

3.1  Activity, Participation and Dropping Characters

» Threads and Completion Rules

There are several instances in which players will submit their threads to Leadership for consideration - in the events of Syndicates, Occupations, Game Points, Event Raffles, Prompt Completions et al. While these threads do not need to be archived to be considered 'complete', Leadership will gauge completion of threads by the player's word count. In order to reach completion, the player's total word count in a thread must reach 1000 words to be accepted. All completion rules follow this guideline unless otherwise stated.

Exceptions to this rule are made in the case of Occupations - if the thread does not hit the 1000 word count (otherwise referred to as WC) limit before the thread goes 'inactive', players may supplement their word count for the prompt via a secondary thread. Please note, however: If the original thread dies, it must be on the part of the other participant, and not the person seeking the Occupation.

» Events and IC Rewards

Del Cenere hosts all sorts of events for players to participate in! Most notable, of course, is our Lancaster Stockshow, a large population event which draws in players from other packs to compete in fun and games! In order to reward players for interacting with these events, we tend to offer baubles to some degree, including IC prizes. However - it should be noted that we expect participants to, well, participate! As such, we generally implement ways to engage the players outside of methods like names-drawn-from-a-hat.

In order to keep things fair towards players taking part in events, failure to respond ICly to event threads thus forfeits any IC reward! Failure to ICly respond tends to mean players have to assume what has happened/what is going on, after all - and, in order to minimize the fine line of OOC assumptions and keep it to a minimum, we feel that this is the best course of action. We apologize for any inconvenience this could pose.

» Prompt Stacking

Generally, we do not allow for prompt stacking to take place.

What do we mean by Prompt Stacking? Prompt stacking is when players attempt to utilize multiple prompts in order to achieve multiple things at once - namely, stacking Syndicate prompts and Occupation prompts. Unfortunately, we will only accept one or the other in a single thread - players cannot broad-sweep in this manner to accrue all rewards in a single go. This also goes for Occupation tiers - players must unlock each tier as it comes, and cannot immediately attempt to unlock a tier III without first getting tiers I and II, as a form of gradual growth and progression in a skill.

Additionally, when it comes to monthly prompts, we will only accept game points for one prompt at a time to prevent "bulking" points. The only exception we will allow for prompt stacking is in the case of utilizing the monthly Featured pNPC!

It should also be noted that we do not allow LASKY threads to count towards prompts.

» Considering Dropping your Character?

That's perfectly fine! Whatever your reason may be, players are always welcome to drop their Del Ceneren character to place them on 'aNPC' status. The character in question will remain in DCG in a passive, "paused" status at the rank they were dropped at for about 6 months, before they will be moved to the off-board "Outpost", Palisade. Please note: at this rate, the character, while able to rejoin DCG at whatever time the player chooses to rejoin, will be considered fully inactive - as such, any occupations, residencies, or syndicate positions they held will be Forfeit and will need re-gained from scratch. Any corresponding or linked Adoptables, or NPCs listed on our pages that are relevant to the inactive character will also be removed (so please, keep a record of your information via your character's wiki page!)

As far as the process of dropping (otherwise referred to as NPCing) your character, please fill out the form found in the Drops thread, and send it to DCG's Pack Account. Please be concise with your form - Any active threads on that character will need archived, after all! Additionally, in the case of picking the character back up, it provides a helpful resource for us to refer back to when re-instating your character's rank.

If you want to fully drop your character, and have them referenced as leaving Del Cenere, you may post the dropping form directly in the thread above, which will then fully de-title your character and remove them from affiliation with Del Cenere. Should you choose to rejoin with that character in the future, it will be considered a 'hard reset' - i.e., they will have to start from scratch!

3.2  Borders, Charmingtown, and Trespassing

Border Information
by Despi

» Borders and Maintenance
Del Cenere's borders are maintained by a web of trailheads, patrolled by scouts. It can be expected that these are regularly traversed - if not by your Del Ceneren character, then by the pNPCs, who will maintain markers with ties, scent, effigies, et al.

These markers and indicators are far more utilized and visible in the areas where Outsiders are unwelcome to act as a deterrent - while a few effigies may frame Charmingtown, most reminders and markers will be far more apparent lining the rest of Del Cenere's territory. Within Del Cenere, trailheads are often marked with ties and stone cairns, and it's in good practice to carry ash to mark trees to indicate which paths have been most recently taken.

  • Border Scent: Coyote, Dog, Horse, Ash, Woodsmoke, Urine
What constitutes Trespassing?
  • Breach of Charmingtown's borders into Del Cenere's territory
  • Malicious, or intentional defacing of ties or an effigy
  • Lingering in silence at the border, or otherwise showing behaviors of 'casing' the territory
  • Cover-marking (scratching, urination, or other acts of vandalism) at the border
  • Disrespect of Ashen Scouts or attempts to antagonize Ashen Members as an Outsider

Individuals found guilty of, or suspected of, trespassing on Del Cenere are to be chased off, harrassed or attacked and may be subject to being barred of future visits to Charmingtown.

» Visual Markers

  • Effigies: Scarecrow-like sentinels, usually comprised of remains draped on a wooden post or stake; made to look like figures standing guard over the borders. Effigies are usually a skull (non-species descript), a makeshift “ribcage” (if not an actual bone one), and some kind of clothing or decoration (or both), and decorated with ash or paint for luck. Each effigy is meant to be unique - to copy someone else’s effigy is an insult.
  • Ash Markings: Used almost exclusively for intra-pack communication and amongst scouts. Ash markings, given their impermanence, generally indicate a fresh patrol along trails and will scrawl symbols against trees or rocks as a form of shorthand to communicate their findings, or to encourage other scouts to deviate towards a different trailhead.
  • Ties: Dyed leather cording or cloth straps may be spotted hanging from tree branches, generally to notate a trail.
» Semi-Open Borders

Del Cenere is not entirely averse to Outsiders, and was among the first packs to allow Outsiders to co-mingle with its denizens in the form of an open-bordered trade hub by the name of Charmingtown! Non-Del Ceneren characters, or even prospective members, may come to visit the town, hock their wares, or otherwise peruse the foundries therein and offer up commerce in exchange for their stays within the Coyote-dominanted Gang. More information about Charmingtown and it rules and regulations can be found on its page.

However - individuals above 50% wolf are subject to higher scrutiny and surveillance from Del Cenere and must adhere to the following:

Wolf Guest Stipulations

  • May only stay for two days' time
  • Must leave for a minimum of two week's time before visiting again

Exceptions to this rule are generally made for trade envoys, large-scale events, or on a case by case basis as approved by Leadership.

» Inviting Guests to Del Cenere

Characters are welcome to invite guests to come stay at Del Cenere, though they are still beholden to the same rules that apply to everyone! (Wolves only are permitted two days' stay unless an extension is required by Leadership, etc.)


  • Guests are only permitted visitation within Charmingtown
  • Guests are allotted quarters via a campsite, or at the Trailside Inn

This is to say that visitors are not allowed beyond Charmingtown. You may not invite Outsiders to private residence - doing so counts as trespassing and is perceived as a security threat towards Del Cenere as a whole! Requests for infractions of this must be cleared on a case by case basis with Leadership, and is only permissible at Leadership discretion.

3.3  NPC Guidelines

» Pack NPCs (pNPCs)

If you thread with or make an OOC assumption with a pack NPC it is highly courteous for you to edit that NPC's Wiki page or profile with this information, or post in our Maintenance Thread to let us know. It can tough to remember to update stuff, but please do try!

When using a pNPC, make sure:

  • To read over their profile and play information thoroughly and carefully.
  • To use them in a way which makes sense for their profile and play information.
  • To update their relevant Wiki profile with the thread where they appeared OR let us know about the thread.
  • Not to cause extreme injury or death to an NPC without Leadership approval. Minor, treatable injuries are fine!

Remember, our pNPCs tend to operate as individuals all their own, and are not simply props! If you'd like to engage in any sort of plotting with a pNPC more directly and have questions, do not hesitate to reach out to Leadership with ideas and suggestions. We love to encourage their use!

» Absent NPCs (aNPCS)

Members who fall inactive - per board standards - will be placed on an aNPC (absent NPC) status! These characters are ready to be picked back up at the Player's convenience, and will remain in the rank table for a period of time. However, aNPCs are not to be confused with cNPCs - they may not play active roles in threads, and are only allowed to be mentioned passively, if at all. These characters are not available to be in threads, or played out in the least. It is best practice not to reference or make assumptions with these characters - especially without the player's consent.

Characters on an extended aNPC status will be sent to Del Cenere's off-board Outpost, Palisade, in order to keep our rank table from getting excessively cluttered. Characters who are sent off-board will be de-titled, and lose any occupations or placements within Syndicates or Free Companies. Players who have characters in Palisade may pick them back up at any time, or even remove their characters from Palisade.

» Canine NPCs (cNPCs)

Per board rules, there is only one canine NPC permitted per character! Canine NPCs must follow DCG's guidelines and prerequisites in order to be permitted membership with Del Cenere. All cNPCs, upon joining, are ranked Encender, just like a freshly joined played character. Players do not need to put up a joining thread for their cNPCs - it's as easy as pinging Leadership, with the name and wiki page associated, and we will add them to the Rank Table. cNPCs are permitted to advance in rank, and are allotted two Occupation slots.

In order to rank up your cNPCs:
Players must produce five threads that heavily feature your cNPC, and PM their request for promotion to the OOC Pack Account. Heavily featuring cNPCs means the following:

  • cNPC must be present in the entirety of the thread
  • cNPC must play an active part in the thread - conversing, interacting with the character or other present participants, and generally being present
  • cNPC feature threads must hit completion rules.
  • Canon LASKY threads apply; in the case of LASKY, these threads must take place entirely through the perspective of the cNPC.

cNPC Characters are not able to exceed the Played Character's rank - the only exception is in the case of a played character ranking up, being dropped, and applied a cNPC status to a new character of lower rank. When in this status, these prior-play cNPCs will not be allowed to rank up until after the played character's rank surpasses theirs.

» Youth NPCs (yNPCS)

Played Characters which utilize pup points will be assigned the respective yNPCs based on points. yNPCs will remain as such until the NPC reaches one year of age, and subsequently, ranks out of the Chispa rank automatically. Unfortunately, upon rank out, the NPC will no longer be eligible for yNPC status, and must either be sent to Palisade until they're able to be picked up, or they will be shifted into an open cNPC slot. Should the player choose to keep the yNPC on as a cNPC, we will discuss, as we do with played characters, where the NPC will be placed post Bautizo (either as Encender or promoted to Las Brasas).

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