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CharmingtownThe Parish


Del Cenere Gang's off-board outpost is an estimated 16 miles from Portland and operates as its own trade post. Long-Term aNPCs are moved to Palisade.

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  1.   1.  Notable Establishments
    1.   1.1  Trailside Inn
    2.   1.2  The Ugly Coyote
    3.   1.3  The Trading Post
    4.   1.4  The Lancaster Stockyard and Livery
  2.   2.  Charmingtown Residency
Credt: blm_mtdks@Flickr
Cradled in the hold of the Burnt Church Mountain range sits Charmingtown, a bustling trade post and the living, beating heart of the Del Cenere Gang.

The only place open to outsiders within Del Cenere, Charmingtown is a bustling little settlement, built on the bones of a long-dead homestead. Any fields have been overtaken by forests, the old barn that stood has been halfway overgrown with ivy, and the fence is falling in places, but the old buildings are still sound, the worst of their collapsing over with for the most part. Left behind are their foundations, or the shells of those that couldn’t stand up to the elements, now refashioned into stalls for barter, or workshops, and the old water tower, long dry, now stands to overlook it all.

1.  Notable Establishments

Being the bustling, public place that it is, Charmingtown is a host to a number of old buildings, an inn, a bar, a stockyard, trading posts, and a slew of temporary housing (some in the form of pseudo tent-cities), to sate varying comfort levels of guests and new arrivals. This part of Charmingtown is the only area open to outside visitors and, while traders and travelers are welcome, many close eyes keep watch over them for any evidence of nefarious motives.
Credt: blm_mtdks@Flickr Credt: blm_mtdks@Flickr Credt: blm_mtdks@Flickr Credit: bloodyheart15@Reddit

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1.1  Trailside Inn

A permanent building with the intent of impermanent residency - New members and outside dignitaries are allowed temporary residency at the Inn. Unkindled members are automatically filtered into the Trailside Inn's care, where the rooms are clean, and their needs are provided for with fresh cooked meals and accommodations. If occupancy is filled, the doorman is responsible for setting up lodging with simple tents until a vacancy opens up.

1.2  The Ugly Coyote

Nestled in the heart of Charmingtown is a lively little watering hole. What used to be a bar for the town's previous residents has been semi-restored in a project spearheaded by Boone Lykoi and Johnathan Winthrop to give traders and travelers a place to mingle with members of the coyote gang and discuss trade over revelry and drinks. Either can be referenced working in the establishment, be it tending bar, distilling spirits, or talking trade.
From the outside, one would see an old brick building of two floors with broken windows draped with curtains of buckskin. Only the bottom floor is accessible on the inside, for the staircase leading up is partitioned off with rope. A long bar stretches the length of the room, behind which, on a shelf, are bottles and jars of whiskey and shine that are distilled in-house. Several stools sit along the bar, but there are tables as well that stretch along the wall for cards and games of chance.
A friendly hearth burns in the corner.
In the back, hidden behind a buckskin flap, is a dusty room used for storage and backroom deals. A beaten old couch sits beside shelves of excess wares.
The two Ashen are open for offers, more or less, when it comes to slingin' drinks. They'll take leather, herbs, pouches, general materials, arrowheads, okay-quality gems, or other useful, non-perishable items. The boys want to make sure it can be verified as ' good ', and won't take the word of an outsider that their meat is fresh.
Credt: onasill@Flickr, edited by Mandi Credt: zagatbuzz@Flickr, edited by Mandi

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1.3  The Trading Post

Trading Post information here!

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1.4  The Lancaster Stockyard and Livery

Boasting a swath of grassland for grazing animals, the Lancaster Stockyard and Livery houses some of Del Cenere's horses as well as its fowl. Split-rail fencing splits this area off into smaller pastures, each with a crude loafing shed or lean-to for inclement weather, while the Livery sits against a backdrop of overgrown woods. Guests, travelers, and traders are welcome to keep their horses in the stalls of the Lancaster Livery for the duration of their stay, where they will be cared for by the Gang's experienced Gauchos.
For those Ashen without private pastures, Lancaster Stockyard and Livery is one of two locations with a stable where they may house their horse. However, members of the Gang are expected to take care of their own animals and are encouraged to keep them out to pasture as much as possible.
Credit: Credit: onasill@Flickr Credit: onasill@Flickr Credit: garytrinity@Flickr

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2.  Charmingtown Residency

In addition to the establishments above, Charmingtown is also where many Del Cenerens choose to find housing for themselves. See our Residency page for more information about buying a permanent residence in Charmingtown!
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