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  1.   1.  pNPC Interactions
  2.   2.  aNPC Policies
    1.   2.1  General aNPC Policies
  3.   3.  cNPC Policies
    1.   3.1  General cNPC Policies
    2.   3.2  Minor NPCs
  4.   4.  yNPC Policies
    1.   4.1  General yNPC Policies

This page houses information regarding NPCs of Del Cenere Gang and other NPC policies, separate from the Character Directory.

1.  pNPC Interactions

If you thread with or OOC assume something with a pack NPC it is highly courteous for you to edit that NPC's Wiki page or profile with this information, or post in our Maintenance Thread to let us know. It can tough to remember to update stuff, but please do try!

When using a pNPC, make sure:

  • To read over their profile and play information thoroughly and carefully.
  • To use them in a way which makes sense for their profile and play information.
  • To update their relevant Wiki profile with the thread where they appeared OR let us know about the thread.
  • Not to cause extreme injury or death to an NPC without Leadership approval. Minor, treatable injuries are fine!
  • Adhere to board-wide pNPC procedures.

Otherwise, have fun with the pNPCs! We encourage you to make use of our pNPCs, and if you have any suggestions regarding them, please contact us.

by Despi

Alonso de los Santos

Pack Standing


  • Rank: El Probado
  • Occupation(s): None!
  • Disposition:
A rather chivalrous sort, Del Cenere's own Don Quixote - Alonso is honorable. Dignified. He's rather idealistic, romanticizes details with a vivid imagination and loves to socialize and collect stories.
  • Alonso maintains the Trailside Inn! Need a blanket in the middle of the night? He'll accomodate!
  • Every so often he mingles with folks over at the Ugly Coyote - whether tending bar, or chatting it up, Alonso's warm demeanor makes him a very good ear to chat up!
  • He has a burro! Every so often, Alonso maintains trails carved through the territory with his little shaggy pal.

by Despi

Resurrection de le Poer

Pack Standing


  • Rank: El Probado
  • Occupation(s): Cuentista
  • Disposition:
Pious, religious, and gentle-mannered aside from his rather eerie looks. He's charismatic, charming, and persuasive!
  • Resurrection is a man of God! If your faith is shaken, he's there to help bolster your confidence.
  • Everyone needs to chat up someone to get some weight off their chests. Why not let it out, and let your friendly neighborhood Cuentista lend an ear?
  • Need something spiritual done? An area make you uncomfortable, need a cleansing? By all means, Resurrection is ready and willing to help out.

Template by Kiri, colored by Mandi


Pack Standing


  • Rank: Las Brasas
  • Occupation(s): --
  • Disposition:
With her devil-may-care attitude and tendency towards mischief, Paninya can be both insufferably annoying and delightfully amusing (depending which side of her antics you fall upon).
  • Need ideas or advice on how best to prank, trick, or otherwise harass someonef? Paninya would love to help you out in your mischief-making (as long as you let her participate)!
  • A decent thief, Paninya could always use someone to act as a decoy while she works her "magic."
  • Paninya likes to hang out in the Ugly Coyote, taking advantage of drunken visitors and/or doing a little gambling of her own.

by Despi

Dillon "Gramma Dill" Harland

Pack Standing


  • Rank: El Probado
  • Occupation(s): --
  • Disposition:
Pragmatic, good-natured, and serious. Despite scowling a lot and generally being cantankerous, Gramma Dill is a good teacher with a heart of gold.

Allow Gramma Dill to help out with the livestock!

  • Practical and diligent, she is particularly fond of sheep and knows how to spin wool, dye yarn, and work a loom.
  • True to her heritage, Gramma Dill is so devoted to the smaller ruminants that she even sleep out in the pastures with them so that she can continue to guard them at night.
  • It's not unusual to accidentally mistake Dillon for a sheep. Not only do her curls resemble those of her hoof-stock brethren, but she spends so much time with them that she even smells like one!

by Despi

Dustin "Dusty" Scarborough

Pack Standing


  • Rank: Las Brasas
  • Occupation(s): --
  • Disposition:
Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, Dusty has a deep appreciation for birds and enjoys a more easy-going, hippie-like mindset.

Allow Dusty to help out with the livestock!

  • Dusty is plucky (and often times, plucked) - and loves to spend hours tending to the communal birds of Del Cenere. It's not out of the ordinary to hear him chattering to the flocks while they come to investigate him!
  • Did you know there are some 50 types of pheasant running around on this big blue marble of a planet? If you've been hanging around Dusty, you sure do now.
  • Dustin is actually quite the artist - sculpting with wooden twigs, feathers, drawing with charcoal - he's got journals worth of pictures he'd love to share.


Bojack "Boots" Mckenzie

Pack Standing


  • Rank: El Elegido
  • Occupation(s): --
  • Disposition:
Coming soon!

Allow Boots to help out with the livestock!

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA


Holland "Holly" Mckenzie

Pack Standing


  • Rank: Las Brasas
  • Occupation(s): --
  • Disposition:
Coming soon!

Allow Holly to help out with the livestock!

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

2.  aNPC Policies

2.1  General aNPC Policies

Members who fall inactive - per board standards - will be placed on an aNPC (absent NPC) status! These characters are ready to be picked back up at the Player's convenience, and will remain in the rank table.

However! In efforts to maintain cluttering the Rank Table, members who remain on aNPC status for an extended period of time will have Leadership reach out - After six months of inactivity, Players are given the option to send their character to Palisade - aNPCs in Palisade are still allowed to return at any time!

If Leadership's message goes unanswered after two weeks, aNPCs will be automatically shifted down to Palisade!

3.  cNPC Policies

3.1  General cNPC Policies

  • Players must abide by the board's rules on cNPCs!

Per board rules, there is only one canine NPC permitted per character! Canine NPCs must follow DCG's guidelines as well (under 50% wolf, dog or coyote heritage) in order to be permitted membership! All cNPCs, upon joining, are ranked Unkindled, as is the player character.

Canine NPCs are able to progress in rank - provided the player character has also advanced, but cNPCs cannot overtake the played character's rank. If you'd like to request your cNPC advance in rank, please message the Pack Account with a minimum of five threads featuring your cNPC! The highest rank cNPCs can achieve is El Elegido.

3.2  Minor NPCs

Minor NPC's (non-canine, i.e.: horses, sheep, birds, rats, etc.) follow board rules - keep in mind larger minor NPCs will require more care that your character needs to handle, and are not afforded the same level of communal care and attention as the pack's Communal Animals! Also, for courtesy's sake to your fellow packmates, we would advise limiting the number of large animal minor NPCs that you have - Having a large number of horses, cattle, etc. requires that you have a large amount of space - we advise no more than 3 large minor NPCs.

4.  yNPC Policies

4.1  General yNPC Policies

  • Players must abide by the board's rules on yNPCs!

Youth NPCs are assigned to parent characters, unless otherwise requested/stated. In order to aid in reducing clutter in our Rank Table, yNPCs that have ranked out of Chispa (at one year of age), will ideally shift to cNPC status - if the played character's cNPC slot is filled, we will permit a single yNPC to remain as such -- Don't worry! You are not losing your yNPCs - they will simply be moving to Palisade until they are ready to be picked up!

Leadership will reach out before yNPCs are shifted around to discuss this with the Player!

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