2001 — The First Year

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Bleeding Souls was only around for the last month and a half of, and only a few minor things happened. The first few leaders were chosen, and there were a lot of short threads in which people's signature sizes exceeded the length of their posts. All in all, it was pretty cheesy, but everyone's gotta start somewhere, hm? :)

1.  Late 2001

1.1  November

1.2  December

  • - December: SoloTree is promoted to Gamma of Silent Dawn, but she is soon replaced by Aisha. Miranda is promoted to Beta of Storm.
  • 18 December: * Zulifer Yfel shows up, and for some reason every single wolf in 'Souls at the time (I am literally not kidding) descends on the thread and goes crazy. Yeah, ffs, this thread has 88 replies and... it's just so bad, don't even read it unless you're doing it for the lulz.^'

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