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This details the history from 2001 during the foundation of Bleeding Souls up until the fires that ravaged the lands in the spring of 2007. To read further, please check out the Souls History page.

1.  Era 1

Three wolves founded 'Souls. Stormy Blackwolf-Apollyon and Ruby were friends from another cluster of packs to the northwest, and they had picked up Moondust somewhere along the way. The trio of wolves stumbled on 'Souls, and they decided to split up and form three packs.

Stormy Blackwolf-Apollyon founded Storm, her previous pack's namesake. Storm soon had its first beta wolf, Nirupama Rashmi, after she was very successful during a pack hunt. Ruby founded Silent Dawn and selected her first subleader, Solo Tree, though soon after she replaced her with Aisha. Shadowed Stars did not do as well as either of the other two packs. Their land was not supplied by a stream, and when winter came, there was not enough prey on their land to sustain them. Moondust began to spend more and more time away from her pack, eventually leaving it leaderless.

Storm and Silent Dawn were growing rather large. When Storm's beta wolf met a high-ranking male from Silent Dawn named Argent Noirci, they struck out to found their own packs. Krystine Dragmire, from Shadowed Stars was selected to be their subleader, since she and Rashmi were friends. Clouded Tears experienced early success and attracted several new members to their ranks. Steady leadership and the strong love between the alpha pair seemed to hold them together well. Silent Dawn experienced another shift in leadership, which involved the promotion of a male wolf named Alorran to gamma male. Ruby began to grow disinterested in the pack, but her subleaders held Silent Dawn together.

Meanwhile, Shadowed Stars' lack of leadership had resulted in a female named Omoi assuming the alpha female position after a particularly lengthy alpha departure. Omoi saw that fertility was dying in the Shadowed Stars packland, and the she-wolf moved the pack to more fertile grounds. She chose a mountain along the eastern range, Ashen Mountain. Unfortunately, Omoi's gamble to save the remnants of Shadowed Stars condemned her to death, as cancer overtook the alpha not long after. Her daughter, Mordulin Aika, took over the new pack, named Jaded Shadows in honor of its predecessor.

In Silent Dawn, a similar fate befell Ruby, though she was demoted for a brief stint at gamma before leaving completely. Alorran took control of the pack, with Aisha still as his beta female and newly promoted Bloodblack as his beta male. Aisha and her love interest, Bloodblack, served just below Alorran for some time. Eventually, Bloodblack left, and Aisha followed. Taaktuq Piqaluyak, who had served as the Beta Female of Storm, took her chances with Silent Dawn and led as Alorran's co-Alpha for a brief time before moving on again. When Alorran left briefly to journey elsewhere, his cousin Miriam held the pack during this time, returning leadership to him on his return.

Clouded Tears suffered a brutal tragedy. During a hunt, an aggressive female bear with cubs attacked the pack. The alpha male Argent Noirci and the beta female Krystine Dragmire were killed. Rashmi delivered his children perhaps a month after his death, and started to lose her mind not long after giving birth to Argent Rashmi and Nirupama Noirci. Only the support of her subleaders Ashened and Kiriska, promoted after the hunt tragedy, kept the pack running smoothly. She eventually abandoned the alpha post, leaving control of the pack with her brother, Darkling Owl. Unfortunately, the male proved ineffective, and disappeared shortly after inheriting leadership of Clouded Tears. Ashened took control of the pack, with Kiriska and Ceres Sadira serving as her subleaders.

Storm had cycled through leadership as the other packs had, with both Aschere and Atangiqsauruq serving briefly as alpha males. The third choice, Shadowfax, remained longer than his predecessors, though in the end Stormy was left alone again. For a long time after this merry-go-round, Stormy retained sole alphaship of Storm, though she had several subleader ranks filled at different times. Taaktuq had served as her beta for a long time, though she eventually moved to Silent Dawn. Emerald Mist and Miska Aloisio both served as the pack's third for brief and separate intervals, though Misty was quick to depart to form her own pack.

Misty chose the Haunted Forest as her packlands, and formed the Celestial Hollow pack with the support of her beta pair, Freak Oriel and Ravyn Stormbringer, both chosen from Clouded Tears ranks. Misty proved ineffective, and left shortly after assuming leadership of the pack. Though her beta pair took control of the pack, they too disappeared, and a young male from Clouded Tears, son of Nirupama Rashmi and the late Argent Noirci, took over the pack. Nirupama Noirci remained longer than either of his predecessors, though he only had one subleader serve beneath him, a male named Blue Radiance.

2.  Era 2

In Silent Dawn, there were several swift changes in leadership. Alorran and his adopted son, Romney, had ruled the pack together for several months as the alpha and beta wolves, respectively. Together they created a strong, well-knit group. Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, the alpha male left with his son, leaving a hot-tempered alpha female named Faye in their place. Faye, Romney's brother, held control of the pack for only a brief time until Romney returned without Alorran. Faye returned alphaship to Romney, who appointed a male of the pack, Nosferatu Trauma?, to his beta rank, and the two stabilized the leadership again for some time.

In the fall, remnants of an ancient coyote clan stirred on Hell's Coast. Two coyotes, Kaena Lykoi and Yasu Zarah, found each other there. The two had made each others' acquaintance some months before serving in another coyote clan in another cluster of packs, fighting for a fair share of territory and prey from their larger wolf cousins. They decided to rekindle the fire, and together formed the Inferni coyote clan on the thin strip of beach that was Hell's Coast. Zarah took the top position in the clan, while Kaena was her faithful subleader. They called together a few coyotes, but soon found that unity in coyotes was a hard thing to muster as their numbers dwindled and the encountered almost immediate struggle.

In Jaded Shadows, Mordulin Aika promoted a male named Salvaged Eternity to the beta position for support. By chance, he encountered Kaena Lykoi in the human city remnants, and the two had sex, awakening the demon inside of Salvaged that provoked him to rape, murder, and pillage the land for years after this initial encounter, eventually fathering roughly seven litters of children to different women. His first strike happened to be at the coyote who created the monster himself--he killed Kaena's new lover, Zulifer Yfel, thus igniting the blood war between the pair. Following this, the wolf proceeded to father several bastard litters of children, usually by raping unsuspecting female wolves. None of his descendants carry the Eternity name.

Silent Dawn's leadership fell apart as Romney departed and Nosferatu? disappeared, leaving Silent Dawn basically leaderless for a few days. In Celestial Hollow, the reign of Nirupama Noirci ended, and he turned the pack over to the former beta of Storm and alpha female of Silent Dawn turned rogue wolf, Taaktuq Piqualuyak. She spied an opportunity in the status of the Silent Dawn pack, and moved the tiny remnants of Celestial Hollow to the Moaning Wood?, recruiting a lone wolf passing through the territory named Damian de le Poer to her cause. The two named the pack Chimera, for it consisted of the remnants of two packs. Unfortunately, roughly a month after Chimera's formation, Taaktuq took off again, leaving Damian in charge.

Damian instilled a sense of stability into the region it hadn't seen since Romney and Alorran ruled together, and he had two subleaders to assist him, though neither had very much longevity. Kennedy disappeared after achieving the gamma rank, and was surpassed by a wolf named Tigra Sunbound. Unfortunately, her split personalities caused her to turn into a crazed, bloodthirsty wolf named Syliat, and she disappeared after too long. Fortunately for Chimera, Damian alone remained steadfast, and the pack flourished, fostering the beginnings of both the D'Angelo and de le Poer families.

Clouded Tears's leadership had remained steady for some time, with Kiriska and Ceres Sadira as the beta pair and Ashened at the helm. The pack was revisted by a familiar face one evening, Nirupama Rashmi. Unfortunately, the leadership of the pack did not receive her well, though they allowed her a low place in the ranks. All three of the female leaders of Clouded Tears blamed their first alpha for the failure of her brother and replacement, Darkling Owl. Fortunately for Rashmi, her longtime friend and permanent ally, Stormy, stole her away from Clouded Tears after a mild confrontation with its leadership. Rashmi found herself exactly where she started so many years ago at Stormy's side and the beta rank. Soon after, the raven-furred alpha of Storm confessed she loved Rashmi, and the two of them became mates and the alpha pair of the pack, with a male who had been raised in the pack, Syniero, serving as the beta male.

Tragedy again befell an alpha of Clouded Tears, and Ashened was raped and killed by Salvaged Eternity, her body dumped so no one would find it. The beta female, Kiriska, took over the pack with Ceres Sadira as her beta female. The pair were extremely troubled by the disappearance of their longtime friend, and the trio of female leadership which had reigned Clouded Tears for over year was shattered in one foul event perpetrated by the vile beta of Jaded Shadows. Shortly after he killed Ashened, Salvaged Eternity raped Nirupama Rashmi of Storm, impregnating her.

For the first time in its history, Storm found itself without Stormy. About a month following the promotion of Rashmi and the announcement of their love and just days following Rashmi's rape, Stormywas struck dead by lightning on the pack's territory. The pack discovered her body not long after, and Rashmi, who had been just about to tell Stormy of Salvaged's vile act, was left alone in the world. She promoted a new male of the pack, Zero, to gamma male to help her and Syniero lead in Stormy's absence, since she was well aware that the Eternity wolf's seed was growing into puppies in her belly. She died in childbirth, leaving three puppies--Nirupama Apollyon, Nirupama Hale, and Nirupama Tsunami in the care of the pack. Syniero assumed alphaship of Storm upon her death, with Zero as his beta wolf.

The struggling coyote clan also experienced shifts in its leadership--Yasu Zarah disappeared, leaving the distraught Kaena in her place. She departed not long after taking control, murdering her daughter, Maeryn Lykoi, just outside of Bleeding Souls' territory. Since the two were virtually identical in appearance and Kaena made a mess of the corpse, it was believed that the Lykoi woman was dead. Arlo Xyl, the adopted son of Yasu Zarah, took control of the coyote clan, but the clan continued to falter, dwindling in membership until it was just a few coyotes. Shortly after Arlo Xyl stepped up to lead Inferni, he raped the alpha female of Clouded Tears, Kiriska. She died in childbirth, with just one child surviving, a male named Laruku Tears.

Ceres Sadira assumed leadership of the pack, though she was wary. All of the pack's previous alphas were now dead, and there were rumors that a curse accompanied the top position in the Clouded Tears pack, since all but the the short-term Darkling Owl had died leading the pack. She promoted her son, Acid, to the gamma role, to help her lead the pack, as well as a young female wolf named Colibri Soul. The luckless Inferni clan had dwindled to just one coyote following Arlo's death--until an outsider named Kidorah Talik stumbled upon its lands, and assumed the leadership position, hoping to revive the coyote clan.

3.  Era 3

In the human city, trouble began to brew. A lone female wolf named Thavardo began to recruit wolves to her cause, proclaiming the apocalypse was well on the way. She fancied herself a religious prophet, and she gained a fair amount of support from several lone wolves and pack wolves alike. She soon had a cult following, which she called Azathoth. The cult attempted several failed plots, though they were very nearly successful in castrating the serial rapist of the land, Salvaged Eternity. Thavardo became pregnant by the alpha male of Chimera, Damian, bearing one son named Ahren de le Poer. The cult experienced moderate success until Damian shot Thavardo in the head, killing her and Azathoth in one brutal blow.

Jaded Shadows had remained rather stable throughout this time; a beautiful red wolf named Fatin Kali stepped up to help the team of Salvaged Eternity and Mordulin Aika, serving at first as Gamma and then alongside Salvaged Eternity at beta. Despite Salvaged Eternity constantly ravaging the land, he retained sub-leadership of the Jaded Shadows pack, perhaps because Mordulin Aika considered Salvaged her adopted son. The pack remained rather stable, a welcome change from its uncertain beginnings in Shadowed Stars. Their former packlands had long deteriorated into something of an uninhabitable wasteland?, meaning Omoi's bid to move them had come at just the right time.

Amidst the darkness and turbulence, there was some joy in the summer of the puppy. There were several mateships and several rapes which produced a large number of children, laying the foundations of several major families. Colibri Soul and Acid mated, producing the first generation of the Soul line. Daituki Nasphrite and Ceres Sadira also had children, which eventually gave rise to the massive Sadira family. Several litters were fathered by Salvaged Eternity , not all of which were produced by consentual sex.

Excitement brewed on Hell's Coast during the chill of November. A very human-looking wooden ship was spied off of Hell's Coast. A crew of European wolves were on that ship, bringing with them the strange and intriguing customs of Europe. They set up a base on Hell's Coast, just north of Inferni, which was powerless. The coyote clan's numbers had dwindled to just two, and Kidorah Talik, the leader, could only agree to allow the Syemv ship's Captain, Rurik Russo, to settle just next door to the coyotes.

In Storm, there were several quick, successive shifts in leadership. Syniero left the pack to Zero, who decided to follow him after only a short time, leaving the pack to his brother, Adreon, who promoted a long-standing member of the pack, Hearse, to help him lead. This stabilized the pack, and Storm seemed to be recovering from the quick losses of Stormy and Rashmi at long-last. Their neighbor to the south, Chimera, began to experience problems, however. Damian, the longtime alpha, fell ill with cancer, and began to also experience problems associated with being an opium addict.

Inferni finally began to experience success as it surged to an unprecedented twelve members, with the leader Kidorah Talik finally finding stability in her subleader, Segodi Mogotsi . The pair led the coyotes in a hunt for the first time in two years since Inferni's inception. Kaena made her return to the pack, promptly attacking Salvaged Eternity in a bid to gain vengeance for her lost lover. She soon fell for Ahren de le Poer, son of the Chimeran king, and bore him eight children, the beginnings of the Lykoi family in Bleeding Souls.

Jaded Shadows experienced its first hiccup in leadership--Mordulin Aika broke her leg and her nephew, Spade, stepped in to help lead the lack during her time of absence. Salvaged Eternity, who had become Fatin Kali's mate, was enraged by his adoptive mother's decision, and jealous that he had not been trusted to lead the pack during her recovery. He attacked Spade, who promptly ejected him from the pack. Some confusion ensued in Jaded Shadows when the stable leadership changed overnight for the first time in years.

The Syemv pirates which had settled on Hell's Coast were experiencing difficulties as well. The original group had begun to break down; several of the original members of the clan had disappeared, leaving only Rurik, Kiska, Empathy Havazik, and two other European wolves. Unfortunately, Kiska became pregnant, and Rurik was convinced she had cheated on him. He left for a brief period of time, and on his return he discovered Kiska with a coyote from Inferni, Segodi Mogotsi. He promptly chased off Segodi and told Kiska to leave. The Syemv pack was founded in sadness, as he called together his dwindling crew, announcing the move to the southern part of Hell's Coast. Empathy briefly served as his beta female, though she too disappeared not long after having children by Segodi Mogotsi.

4.  Era 4

During the summer, a drought struck the lands. Smaller streams drawing power from the main river throughout the territory began to dry up, and prey began to disappear, becoming more scarce as the summer progressed. There was no rainfall whatsoever in August, and many creatures began to die of the heat and lack of food and water. Among them was the alpha male of Storm, Adreon. An old friend of his, Gibraltar, discovered him on his deathbed, and Adreon passed control of the pack to Gibraltar. Hearse, the beta wolf of the pack, simply disappeared upon Adreon's death. Hearse had never been an incredibly social creature, and perhaps it was only friendship with his alpha which had kept him so loyal for so long.

Damian also succumbed at long last to the cancer which had plagued him, and at first it was assumed that his son, Ahren de le Poer, would assume the title of alpha male. Unfortunately, Ahren had chosen to run with the coyotes of Inferni, moving to Hell's Coast to live with Kaena and raise their children together. His cousin, Mab de le Poer, stepped in to take control of the pack. Damian's widow, Misery D'Angelo, and the beta female of the pack, Summer, reinforced this decision, supporting the new de le Poer alpha, though there was some friction among the other members of the pack. Eventually, Mab departed, leaving Ahren free to claim the throne. He departed Inferni and took up the reigns of Chimera.

He was not the only one to leave Inferni; the longtime leader, Kidorah Talik , also departed. Segodi Mogotsi ruled in her place, altering the hierarchy first given to them by Kidorah. The coyote clan was successful during his reign, though he continued the more wolf-friendly political environment of Inferni, a sharp departure from the wolf-hating coyotes which had founded it. Syemv also experienced problems with leadership. Rurik Russo, the alpha male of the pack, promoted a female named Akumu Rouyaken to alpha female and left, depressed by the departures of his old-world friends. The new alpha appointed Phasma Kiles to a subleader position not long after.

Two key leadership changes allowed a new pack to form. Akumu Rouyaken left Syemv and Ahren de le Poer disappeared from Chimera, and Phasma Kiles and Physe Revlis took control of their respective packs. The two were inexperienced leaders, and they decided it would be best to combine their ranks and form a new pack. They called themselves Aremys, a hybrid of their former names, Syemv and Chimera. Segodi Mogotsi left Inferni to a childhood friend, Roane Kinsella. The new leader disliked the pressures of leadership so much he ran, and on his departure he encountered Kaena, who was making a third return to the clan, intent on finding her family and finally exacting revenge on Salvaged Eternity , who was wandering around as a loner.

5.  Era 5

Mordulin Aika departed Jaded Shadows after leading the pack for many years, leaving Fatin Kali and Tayui Aston as the alpha females of the pack. Fatin began to form something of a romance with the Aquila of the nearby Inferni clan, Kaena, through their mutual dislike of Salvaged Eternity and other connections between them. The two kept their relationship mostly secretive, though tensions between Inferni and Jaded Shadows were almost nill. Unfortunately, Inferni was not so placid with their southern neighbors, the new Aremys pack. Just a month after Physe moved the Chimeran remnants to the southern coast, they were attacked by the coyote clan.

Hollow Nothing's forces joined up with Kaena and Inferni's coyotes. Kaena was angry that Syemv had stolen a piece of their land--though to be fair, Segodi and Kidorah had conceded it to them--and Hollow had a vendetta against Physe Revlis. Together, they attacked the pack and drove them back east, where they resettled on the Moaning Wood?, which had remained unoccupied following Chimeran abandonment. Inferni took back their piece of the coast and half of the land Aremys once lorded over, and Hollow Nothing and his followers occupied the former Aremys house and some of the surrounding territory.

Clouded Tears experienced a shift in leadership at long last as Ceres Sadira unexpectedly died, although her death was speculated to be a form of passive suicide. Laruku Tears, the son of one of the previous alphas, Kiriska , took control of the pack, though he began experiencing some serious mental health issues not terribly long after assuming the throne of the pack. A split personality, Ryoujoku Ame, emerged, and he found himself with long, black holes in his memory, unable to recall what he'd done during these periods of time.

Storm's roster also changed again as Gibraltar disappeared, and his subleader Phoenix took control of the pack, promoting a young wolf named Pilot Haddon to help him lead alongside. They experienced several issues early on, however, the pack is attacked by a cougar and an avalance strikes the packlands. The alpha male, Phoenix, fell ill with pneumonia and appointed Pilot to lead the pack during his recovery.

In Inferni, Kaena had departed, passing along leadership to her son, Gabriel de le Poer. One night, he heard a voice that told him to set fire to the lands, so he did just that. The fire consumed the territories, forcing everyone in them to evacuate south. All of the existing packs broke up during this period of time, and many creatures and canines died during this period of time. Many fled south, however, and these new lands were named 'Souls in honor of the former lands.

6.  Further Reading

To read further, please check out the Souls History page.