2007 — The Seventh Year

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  1.   1.  Early
    1.   1.1  January
    2.   1.2  February
    3.   1.3  March
    4.   1.4  April
  2.   2.  Middle
    1.   2.1  May
    2.   2.2  July
    3.   2.3  August
  3.   3.  Late
    1.   3.1  October
    2.   3.2  November
    3.   3.3  December 15

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2007 started off with a bang, ushering in the Inferni-Aremys war. After inheriting leadership of Inferni for the second time, Kaena Lykoi decided she was no longer willing to uphold Kidorah Talik's agreement with the founder of Syemv, and the tiny strip of beach that the clan had surrendered to their neighbor was suddenly worth a war, when combined with the explosive force of Hollow Nothing. Like Salvaged Eternity before him, Hollow terrorized the lands in general. This is also a strange year because there's a gaping chunk of history that was eaten by a black hole. :(

1.  Early

1.1  January

1.2  February

  • ~ February: Aremys-Inferni War Ends
    • As Aremys now lives across the way, nothing else really goes down. Inferni sees no point in trekking halfway across 'Souls to seek the pack, and Aremys just stays where they are for the most part.
  • 27 February: Physe Revlis and Gibraltar discuss the circumstances of Aremys's arrival back on Moaning Wood? as neighbors. Though in the grander scheme they know the war is bad, there is some light in the fact that the two can now more easily pursue their romance together.

1.3  March

  • 12 March: Ahren de le Poer briefly returns to southern Hell's Coast to visit Kaena Lykoi, the mother of his children. Though the two have completely diverged, the ghost of their former relationship reappears for a brief moment, and the meeting is bittersweet, as the two do not meet again.
  • March: Inferni has a meeting.

1.4  April

  • ~ April: Mordulin, who had ruled Jaded Shadows since its inception, disappears with virtually no warning, a stunning move to the pack. Tayui Aston and Fatin Kali step up to lead the pack, however, and although the Shadows pack sorely missed its alpha, life continued on the mountain.
  • April 01: Shadow Erikson, along with stillborns Beldin Rhiannon, Layla Rhiannon, Gareth Rhiannon, and Killane Aatte is born to Deuce Rhiannon and Eric in Aremys.

2.  Middle

2.1  May

  • ~ May: Kaena Lykoi finally kills Salvaged Eternity after almost five years of seeking revenge for Zulifer Yfel on Hell's Coast. Prior to killing him, she rapes him, inadvertently impregnating herself further (as she was already a few days pregnant with the children of Laruku Tears, albeit without his knowledge, too, as he was under the control of Ryoujoku Ame, split personality. OH, DRAMA.
  • May 23: Conri Church, Maeve Hollowed, Mira Aatte, Tahti Aatte, and Diggory Nothing are born to Soran Aatte in Aremys. The father is Hollow Nothing and the children are the product of rape.

2.2  July

2.3  August

3.  Late

3.1  October

3.2  November

3.3  December 15

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