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  1.   1.  Written History
    1.   1.1  Foundation
    2.   1.2  Family Foundations
    3.   1.3  Shaky Foundation
    4.   1.4  Lykoi Dynasty
    5.   1.5  Fire and Blood
    6.   1.6  The First Dahlian War
    7.   1.7  Phoenix Valley Tensions
    8.   1.8  Tensions Brewing
    9.   1.9  The Second Dahlian War
    10.   1.10  Changes in Inferni
    11.   1.11  Boreas Conflict
    12.   1.12  Some Kind of Header
    13.   1.13  Inferni-Cour des Miracles War
    14.   1.14  The Red Star
    15.   1.15  A Year of Two Wars
    16.   1.16  Ashes to Ashes
  2.   2.  Leader History
  3.   3.  Inferni Specialties
    1.   3.1  Plots
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  4.   4.  Former Clan Ranks
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    2.   4.2  Former Miscellus Ranks
  5.   5.  Historical Pack Relations
    1.   5.1  'Souls
    2.   5.2  Bleeding Souls
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1.  Written History

Pretty much everything written herein (except where specifically noted) is a part of Inferni's written history -- it's included in a large book kept within the D'Neville Mansion's library, and was written throughout 2011 and 2012 by Myrika Tears.

1.1  Foundation

The Coyote Invasion led to a large number of coyotes entering the Bleeding 'Souls area. Several fights occurred with the appearance of the new species, and many coyotes knew each other from a prior coyote clan, the Darklands Clan in the Salvaje Valley(note). On 24 October 2002, Kaena Lykoi and Yasu Zarah met on Hell's Coast to found the clan together.

From the start, Inferni was difficult to control. The coyotes didn't adjust well to living in a structured society, and Inferni was spread thinly. Members came and left as they pleased, and shortly after the clan's foundation, most of the original members had disappeared. Despite their lack of strength, the clan maintained a fierce and hostile attitude toward wolves.

Early on, however, a wolf was allowed to run with the coyotes despite their prejudice: Zulifer Yfel. He was accepted only because he was the lover of Kaena Lykoi and father to her children. Just a few days prior to the birth of Maeryn Lykoi and Kerberos Lykoi, the clan's first children, disaster struck in the form of a wolf named Salvaged Eternity -- Zulifer was killed.

When Zarah disappeared shortly thereafter, Kaena stepped in as the leader of the clan. She led for a few months, promoting Arlo Xyl (Zarah's adopted son) to the subleader rank. Unfortunately, Kaena proved ineffectual and, still suffering due to the loss of Zulifer, departed from the clan. Her daughter Maeryn's body was found some distance outside of Inferni; her similar appearance to Kaena led some to believe that Kae herself had been killed.

Arlo Xyl, now the clan's leader, raped Kiriska, the leader of Clouded Tears. She became pregnant with his children, but died in childbirth, bearing a single living son, Laruku Tears. The subsequent Tears alpha, Ceres Sadira, hunted down and killed Arlo.

1.2  Family Foundations

After a brief period of leaderless chaos, Kidorah Talik took up leadership. Inferni flourished and reached new numbers never before seen -- eighteen at its height. A coyote named Segodi Mogotsi was given the third-in-command rank. The pair engaged in a perfectly business-like relationship at first; later, however, Kidorah became pregnant with Segodi's children, and to save face, the two became mates.

Yasu Zarah returned. After being raped, she gave birth to three children -- Layla Xyl, Kyran, and Suki Lykoi. Zarah desired vengeance on Ceres Sadira for the murder of her son Arlo, but realized the unlikelihood of her survival. Her three children were given to Zero, the alpha male of Storm at the time. Their safety assured, Zarah went to her demise.

Kaena returned after eight months of absence, primarily motivated by a desire to find her children and have vengeance herself. Much to her own chagrin, she found herself pregnant with a wolf's children once again -- none other than Ahren de le Poer, son of Chimera's alpha Damian de le Poer, and Thavardo, leader of the Azathoth clan. Therefore, for the second time, Inferni accepted a wolf. That very night, Kidorah, Kaena, and Ahren traveled to Chimera, where they burned Damian's cabin to the ground in a display of bravado and statement of Ahren's new clan.

A bad drought hit, followed by a famine. The coyotes were affected particularly badly, since Hell's Coast was not populated by much prey to begin with. Kidorah and Segodi took the clan to different areas in search of food and water. They discovered that the Yawrah River snaked through the Crystal Caverns in places, and was still a viable source of water.

In late August, Kidorah Talik and Kaena Lykoi each had litters of puppies. Sadly, Kidorah's was half stillborn, with just two puppies surviving: Nyika Mogotsi and Tedros Talik. Kaena gave birth to a litter of eight: Ikatha Lykoi, Baneesh de le Poer, Corona Lykoi, Molochai Lykoi, Vitium Lykoi, Rikka de le Poer, Gabriel de le Poer, and Conway de le Poer (note).

In November, a group of European wolves settled to the north of Inferni. Kidorah relinquished a very small piece of territory to them, and the two groups maintained primarily neutral, standoffish relations thereafter. A Syemv wolf or two trespassed into coyote territory, but were driven back rather quickly.

1.3  Shaky Foundation

Segodi Mogotsi and Kidorah Talik began experience problems, and eventually they ended their mateship. Kidorah left the clan frequently and began wandering around aimlessly, questioning her own reasons for coming to the region in the first place. Segodi took the second-in-command rank, Zweiten, in order to keep the clan in working order during her absences.

Ahren remained in Inferni until a lone wolf killed his son, Baneesh. Segodi threw him out on suspicions that the wolf had killed his own child. Shortly thereafter, Ahren encountered Kidorah, informing her of Inferni's events during her absence. She returned and her resumed leadership; however, in the summer, she disappeared entirely and left Segodi to lead the clan.

During Segodi's reign, the ranks were again adjusted, abandoning the ranks Kidorah had established in favor of a new system. The coyotes traveled all the way to the Concrete Jungle to research the new ranks and discovered books on Roman society. Inferni maintained a sizeable membership during this time and was mostly stable. The Inferni-Tears War occurred. It began over what was essentially a very bad drunken accident, and eventually escalated into a few deaths and fighting -- however, it was resolved peacably between Laruku Tears and Segodi before widespread deaths could occur.

In April, Kaena became pregnant again, this time with the children of a mysterious coyote named Astaroth Kimaris. On the sixth of June, Kae gave birth to three children -- Ahemait Lykoi, Samael Lykoi, and Razekiel Lykoi. She raised them with the help of her eldest son, Molochai Lykoi, but left the clan shortly after their birth, isolating them and herself within the Concrete Jungle.

Shortly thereafter, Segodi, too, departed. He left an old friend, Roane Kinsella, in charge. Over the fall, Inferni's numbers had dropped to just six coyotes. Roane found he had difficulty adjusting to a leader rank, and was on his way out of Hell's Coast when he ran into Kaena Lykoi, heading back toward Inferni to rejoin. Roane revealed his plans to abandon Inferni to Kaena, who was more than happy to take up leadership once again.

1.4  Lykoi Dynasty

Shortly after her sudden acension to power, Kaena Lykoi again changed the ranks. She integrated jobs into her ranking system, allowing coyotes to keep their specialty as they advanced in the hierarchy. The pact between raven and coyote began in 2007 with Marlowe and Kaena. Marlowe offered his and his kind's services with scouting in return for a steady supply of food.

She organized an attack on the Aremys pack, primarily motivated by the tiny slice of territory conceded by one of her predecessors. Hollow Nothing, a former member of the clan, approaches her with a proposal, suggesting they drive the canines out. Kaena agrees and assembles Inferni that moment. Thereafter, Hollow and his mate and son lived as a "protectorate" of Inferni, occupying Syemv's former mansion home to the south -- at least until he was mysteriously found slaughtered within his own home.

When Zaets Russo of Aremys shows up and demands an explanation for Inferni's actions in the war, several Infernians are prepared to provide one -- with fangs, of course -- when Vitium Lykoi protests, allowing Zaets to escape. For this treachery, Vitium is ejected from Inferni by Kaena; his Chaos star was slashed over to remind him of his banishment.

Inferni formed a weak alliance with Jaded Shadows, based mostly on Kaena's personal relationship with Fatin Kali -- which, in turn, was sparked by a mutual hatred of Salvaged Eternity. The "alliance" itself never evolved to anything more than the respective leaders helping one another out privately. However, Kaena was able to finally seek her vengeance on Salvaged, and killed him on Hell's Coast.

Kaena also found herself pregnant again -- this time, by the leader of Clouded Tears, Laruku Tears. Kaena delivered four healthy children in July -- Arkham Lykoi, Andrezej Lykoi, Rachias Tears, and Eris Lykoi; however, Eris was of a different father (though this was semi-secret until much later).

Kaena remained active in her role as leader until the end of September, when she began to spend more and more time away from the clan. Towards the end of October, this trend became permanent; Kaena left without a word. Leadership of Inferni then transferred to Gabriel de le Poer, her eldest son and then-subleader.

1.5  Fire and Blood

For several months, the clan's numbers juggled until eventually leaving only relatives bound to each other by blood or mateship.

Several incidents of violence occurred, including an attack on Storm's alpha, Phoenix. More of this strife, however, was internal: Andrezej Lykoi attacks his brother Arkham Lykoi and is subsequently exiled by Gabriel. He continued to cause trouble thereafter, however. Faolin Mogotsi and Gabriel de le Poer had two surviving children -- Ezekiel de le Poer and Talitha Lykoi. Gabriel continues the semi-alliance with Jaded Shadows, albeit as his mother did and primarily via friendship with Fatin Kali.

One night, Gabriel left Hell's Coast and started the fire that consumed Bleeding Souls. This was done at the command of "The Voice." He led his clan out, though in the process they lost several members, including Arkham Lykoi, the leader's half-brother -- who, upon witnessing Gabriel's arson, left abruptly. When Inferni crossed the mountain through a cut, they found themselves the first in the southlands.

Gabriel soon came across a relative, Anselm de le Poer, who assisted him in exploring a territory known as The Waste. Inferni soon claimed these lands and reformed. They began to spy on the wolves in the area and adopted a policy of treating all wolves as hostile, though Gabriel de le Poer sought to eliminate the reputation carved by his mother: Inferni wasn't to engage in child-killing and petty wars over such trifles as a small slice of land ceded years ago. Still, wolves were considered enemies, and trespassing was not to be tolerated.

1.6  The First Dahlian War

The causes of the First Dahlian War can be traced to one specific incident: in April 2008, Mew Sadira trespassed and was subsequently attacked by Asphyxia Holocaust. Mew, who was pregnant at the time, had a miscarriage due to the stress of the confrontation. Her brother, Haku Soul, took it upon himself to avenge her. The wolf hunted down and assaulted Asphyxia -- in addition to slaughtering a mother and child of Inferni, leaving them on gruesome display. Gabriel and Anselm found the scene, and thereafter went to Dahlia de Mai and killed two wolves, and thus began the conflict that became the war.

It did not take long for the other wolf packs to learn of the war blossoming between Inferni and Dahlia de Mai; their leaders allied against the coyote clan. Gabriel's father Ahren warned of this matter and offered his assistance as a spy. Gabriel accepted, but did not inform his co-leader or clan. Fatin Kali also provided the same warning -- she had spoken up for Inferni during the meeting, and was departing that night. The Aquila sent his children away with her.

On the first of August, Dahlia de Mai led a full-out attack on Inferni. In the aftermath of the skirmish, both sides realized they had gained a hostage -- Inferni had taken Firefly Sadira, the mate of Haku, and Dahlia had Talitha, Gabriel's daughter. Furious, Gabriel eventually realized that they had reached a stalemate and a little over two weeks later ended the war by trading the two hostages. The packs agreed on a non-aggression pact, but tensions remain thick. In the war's aftermath, personal reasons caused Anselm de le Poer to depart Inferni without any explanation.

1.7  Phoenix Valley Tensions

After Anselm's departure, Corona Lykoi took up leadership. Jasper de le Poer, half-brother to Gabriel and Corona both, is allowed to join the clan as an outsider despite his wolf blood. Tensions remained high between Dahlia de Mai and Inferni, primarily due to threats of the subleader Haku Soul; however, the agreement between Gabriel and Cercelee, the pack's leader, kept the peace.

Ryan de le Poer, began falling in love with a member of Phoenix Valley, DaVinci Daite Nasphrite. The Phoenix Valley wolf began to trespass intentionally to see her. Gabriel would not stand for this trespassing, and warned the boy repeatedly to stay away. These tensions came to a head, however, when Zana Avaya Lykoi was found wandering alone. Zana was half-sister to DaVinci and of clear coyote heritage (supposedly by Samael).

Due to her mother's irresponsibility, Zana was kept with the clan for two weeks. DaVinci, who had been panicked over his sister's disappearance, found the girl and demanded her return. Gabriel refused, citing the poor parenting she had been receiving. DaVinci left in a huff and returned to Phoenix Valley empty handed. DaVi and Zana's mother, however, Iskata would not accept this answer.

Although blind, she found her way to Inferni and demanded the return of her daughter; Gabriel again refused. When Iskata suggested Gabriel bore responsibility for Faolin's death, the Aquila attacked her in a fury, killing the former Matriarch. He hid the crime and said nothing of the matter, not even after Faolin herself returned (clearly still alive). DaVinci came to Inferni once more, and furious, Gabriel wound up attacking him in attempt to drive him off. Gabriel then went to Phoenix Valley and threatened the Patriarch, Jefferson, which led to a fight. Though no war was ever declared, tensions between the two groups remained high until DaVinci's disappearance.

At some point, Corona left; Ryan was promoted to the rank of Centurion to fill her place. Sadly, Ryan departed from the clan shortly after promotion, presumably following DaVinci to seek life outside of 'Souls.

1.8  Tensions Brewing

During the spring, Kaena Lykoi returned, reintegrating herself into the clan's hierarchy. Anselm also returned, as did Samael, who had been presumed dead of sickness. The clan's stability seemed certain, and numbers seemed to improve. In summer, however, a strange lone wolf began smashing bones and other decorations along the border, as well as trespassing onto their land several times. The wolf -- nicknamed "Bastardo" by Anselm -- was caught eventually. He was summarily executed, the honors carried out by Halo Lykoi -- who received a promotion Hydra just after the kill. Kaena Lykoi also succeded Ryan to the second-in-command post, reclaiming the second-in-command position she'd held at Inferni's first inception.

The fall season brought two influxes of new coyotes, most of whom did not stay to see the winter. The exceptions to this would be two familiar faces and two unfamiliar faces -- Rikka de le Poer and Razekiel Lykoi, both children of Kaena, and Cotl Ulrich, a strange Germanic hybrid with a penchant for bodily modification and Snake, a stoic young warrior who quickly rose up in rank. Another, stranger addition to the coyote clan was Vieira Lykoi, not a Lykoi by blood, but a half-sibling of Razekiel and Samael through their father. Though many of the newcomer coyotes were quick to move on, these remained longer than the others, integrating and reintegrating themselves into Inferni once more.

However, the fall also brought tragedy to Kaena Lykoi's life -- in late 2009, she was raped by the the Dahlian wolf Haku Soul. This prompted months of strange behavior from the Centurion; Gabriel's trust in his mother began to falter, and he questioned whether he had been right in reappointing her to leadership. However, when the new year came, Kaena revealed to Gabriel what had happened to her, sparking his fury immediately. He fetched his half-brother Samael and headed for Dahlian territory, unsuccessfully making an attack on Haku's life.

1.9  The Second Dahlian War

The very next day, Gabriel called together the coyotes of Inferni to declare the Second Dahlian War, reigniting the conflict that had had seemed to end only a year and a half prior. Inferni's numbers began to grow exponentially, and the clan soon found itself with the highest recorded membership -- with thirty-two coyotes, they began to seek vengeance against Dahlia de Mai and Haku Soul.

There are numerous small attacks, but on March 6, the Inferni coyotes lead a larger attack against the wolves. This was met with the Dahlian's retaliation: on April 1st, just a day short of the clan's second re-birthday, Haku Soul and Sicarus de Ericeto lead an attack on the coyote clan -- they burn Harrow Road and the Ravine. Sicarus is betrayed by Haku and left to die; Kaena shows up to attempt to fight Haku, but Halo scares him off.

The fires consume part of the coyote clan's territory; they shift their territory northwards and choose more strategical borders, using the streams and mountains to hold claim to their land. Shortly after the act of arson, Dahlian members band together and formally oust Haku Soul from the pack; his son, Conor Soul, takes over, signifying the end of war.

Following the war, the clan settled somewhat; in July of 2010, however, Haku Soul -- now alone in the world -- returned and dug up the bodies of those killed during the war. He redecorated the borders with them. He is attacked by Kaena, who he defeats, and heads off to kill Gabriel. Gabriel kills him, however, and Kaena lives thanks to being rescued by Jefferson Soul of Phoenix Valley, Haku's half-brother.

1.10  Changes in Inferni

Kaena's daughter, Eris Lykoi, returns and starts trouble: this includes a cat-fight with her cousin Halo, as well as posing various other inconveniences to the members of Inferni before abruptly leaving. Kaena's health, meanwhile, begins to decline; she is, at this point, something like a decade and change old, and beat the hell up. In the Snowstorm, she is snowed into her den, and Inferni has to work to dig her out. Shortly thereafter, Gabriel asks her to step down from her position as subleader.

In April of 2011, Gabriel de le Poer himself was caught in a landslide that destroyed the path to Goldsglen Peak, resulting in permanent injury; he steps down from his position, leaving his son Ezekiel de le Poer in his place; for the first time in several years, Inferni's leadership is made up of new Lykoi blood.

While spending time with Talitha de le Poer, Makhesthai Lykoi is killed by two outside hybrids on Inferni's territory. Ezekiel de le Poer comes to his sister's rescue, but not in time to save the boy; this causes Inferni's allowance of coyote hybrids to shift more towards coyote blood.

In September, the AniWaya Conflict strikes the south. In order to capitalize on the tensions and warfare, Inferni raids AniWaya for food and valuables. They are fended off by one of the Tribe's Guardians, but AniWaya's enemy Crimson Dreams is blamed for the raid.

A coyote named Chapel Morte joins Inferni and becomes cause for suspicion; "accidents" begin to happen on clan land after she joins. This eventually culminates in Chapel attacking clan pups with the intention of destroying the "weak" Massacre line. She is killed in retaliation, but Kesho Maisha dies in the attempt, and not long afterward long-time Hydra Hybrid Holocaust dies of his wounds.

Sage River Lykoi does not respond well to the killing of Chapel, and so Ezekiel effectively banishes her from Inferni; she joins a more peaceful pack, Ichika no Ho-en.

In January 2012, relative newcomer Vesper is promoted to Optio.

Near the end of February, Halo Lykoi is attacked at the borders while defending her children. Ithiel de le Poer and Myrika Tears come to her aid, but the Triarii is blinded and so unable to keep her rank.

1.11  Boreas Conflict

In March, a lone wolf scout appears at the borders, but he is driven off without violence. Not long afterward, however, two wolves break into clan territory on horseback from the north, riding almost to the D'Neville Mansion. They are fended off, but this attack was merely to test Inferni's strength.

By April, the Boreas Conflict has begun in full-force; there is another attack from the wolves. Aquila Ezekiel de le Poer and his half-brother, Ithiel discuss the attacks and reason that the wolves are a group of warriors from Scintilla, where Gabriel de le Poer was once a general of the coyote army. The Boreas wolves followed Ithiel, his brother Aemon, and Kastra Hunting with the intention of eradicating coyotes from Nova Scotia for good.

Inferni begins construction on archery stands at around this time, so that archers can remain out of reach and somewhat camouflaged while they shoot at intruders.

The attacks continue off and on during the month, and Inferni soon realizes that their close neighbors, Salsola, have also been targeted. The two packs exchange information about the attacks then forge an alliance against the Boreas. They dispatch scouts to find where the wolves have settled, and on the first of May converge on the camp. They kill almost all of the wolves, destroying everything and bringing home spoils.

1.12  Some Kind of Header

After the Boreas Conflict, Ezekiel de le Poer gives up the leadership to his cousin, Myrika Tears. Vesper remains as the Centurion, or second-in-command.

Relations with other packs begin to shift as a result of the new leadership; notably, Myrika offers gifts (including the surplus of war spoils) to neighboring packs to help relations, and an alliance is formed with Salsola via its new leader, Salvia Eternity.

1.13  Inferni-Cour des Miracles War

In April, Liir Altav and Skoll Haskel get in a tussle over a missed hunting opportunity. This leads to Liir attacking Aurelya Shandara. After hearing the news of the attack, Skoll intimidates Vicira Tears to get information about Liir before being chased off. When Silvano Sadira journeys to Inferni and demands Vesper for Liir's punishment, she turns him away, claiming she can not punish him for actions he caused before joining Inferni and will not turn over one of her own. The King returns to Cour des Miracles, but tensions still run high between the two packs.

When the King's son Pascal Sadira turns up missing, his trail ending in the Dampwoods, the Court blames Inferni for his kidnapping. The two packs spend some time to prepare for the oncoming battles, which end up taking place around both Inferni and Cour des Miracles.

After getting sidetracked on a mission, Marlowe de le Poer and Linden Aatte cross paths and begin to organize a final battle between the two packs. Linden reports the suspicious plan to Skoll while Marlowe returns to Inferni. In mid October, Marlowe leads Inferni, while Skoll leads Cour des Miracles, to Halifax. The final battle occurs, but it soon stopped by Silvano and Vesper. Marlowe flees once the battle dies down, with Vesper giving chance. She almost kills him before he manages to make his escape. Vesper exiles Marlowe from Inferni as a traitor for planning the fight behind her back.

All of Inferni's fighters return home, while Vesper and Silvano meet to agree on an armistice. Once Vesper returns to Inferni, she calls a meeting to speak of Marlowe 's exile as well as her usurp of her mate's rank. She names Cartier Inferni her Centurion while she becomes the first non-Lykoi Aquila in years.

1.14  The Red Star

Though winter is bountiful, it brings with it more paranoia; coyotes start getting hurt in strange accidents, a newcomer falls rabid, and a puppy -- one of Inferni's two dog Outsiders -- is poisoned. Osprey Fleurine is revealed to be behind the "accidents" and poisoning, denouncing Inferni (and half-wolf Aquila Vesper) for allowing dogs and other mongrels to live in the coyote clan. His execution is a controversial one.

A blazing red star appears in the night sky, and a curious group of coyotes from Ceniza Valley declare it a good omen, a symbol of the Lykoi family's Chaos Star. The clan celebrates its appearance, but not one night later the star falls from the heavens -- leading to terrible destruction in the form of winds, quakes, and waves. Not long after fall of the "Chaos Star," Inferni learned of the death of Kaena Lykoi -- an unforgettable figure in Inferni's history, and the matriarch of the Lykoi line.

Tensions linger in the clan, internal and external. Basilio Lykoi attacks wolves outside of clan territory -- and beat one of his own clanmates, the dog Jehan. Liir Altav assaults an Anatheman and is given up to the pack as punishment. Even Vesper and her daughter Vicira Tears are unable to see eye-to-eye, and Centurion Cartier is made to step down after an injury.

At the end of the year, suspicious attacks begin occuring outside the borders.

1.15  A Year of Two Wars

A terrible enemy long thought defeated resurfaces after several years: the Boreas wolves, who sought to wipe out the coyotes and their heathen neighbors. Inferni and Salsola ally once more against the religious fanatics and successfully kill their leaders and drove them out -- though the war is not without its casualties, as some newcomers and innocents perish.

Following war comes pestilence: a sickness sweeps throughout the land, taking the life of a longtime medic, several livestock, and even some of the clan's new children.

While Inferni shook off the sickness, however, a different sort of poison spreds from within. The crimes of Basilio Lykoi -- one of Inferni's head warriors -- come to light, and the man is exiled for his betrayal (dying alone in the wilderness some weeks later). Taking advantage of Basilio's absence, Izual Massacre assaults a clan mate and fled justice.

As Inferni's fifteenth anniversary neared, tension brews in Drifter Bay. A freak attack against her friend Virue leads the Aquila, Vesper, to retaliate against the first Salsolan she saw. Weeks later the first casualty emerges: a yearling Infernian is (allegedly) killed by Salsola's second-in-command. Though they were allies against the Boreas just seasons prior, the two packs declare war.

Skirmishes and raids draw blood and lead to the Battle of Drifter Bay, a full assault on Salsola that ends in disaster when Vesper was crushed beneath the Salsola Boss's horse. Inferni retreats to lick their wounds, but their enemies do not sleep: on one cold night the D'Neville Mansion -- home to generations of coyotes -- is razed to the ground.

By the light of the embers, Vicira Tears assumes leadership of the fire clan from the broken Vesper. Her first act as Aquila is to surrender to Salsola -- but her second is to bring Inferni back to their ancestral homeland: the territories of Bleeding Souls where the fire clan first formed fifteen years prior. The coyotes cross the mountains once again, and settle in a land that had begun to recover from fires of its own.

1.16  Ashes to Ashes


The final year of the coyote clan opens with the harsh, lean winter of the desolate Blacklands, the burned ancestral homelands to which Inferni returned last year. Coyotes struggle to find food in the frost, though they are determined to improve upon their home — chasing stragglers from the city and beginning construction on a barn and corral for their dwindling livestock, many of whom were culled out of necessity when hunters returned home empty-handed.

Spring seems like a brief turn-around for the clan, bringing new growth and new members as the coyotes came together to construct their homestead. However, the deaths of two mothers seem like omens for what was to come that summer.

Terrible storms brew over Inferni. The rivers flood, and strong winds bring down the newly-completed barn. Mosquitoes and flies plague the coyotes and their livestock, many of which fall to illness. With conditions miserable and morale low even after the cessation of the rains, tensions rise within the clan, and dissenters voice plans to forge their own destinies.

In the end, following the tragic (and preventable) death of her infant son (and many days of silence), Aquila Vicira Tears calls Inferni together to disband the fifteen-year-old coyote clan.

2.  Leader History

Leaders of Inferni
2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Yasu Zarah (2002)
Kaena Lykoi (2002-2005, 2007)
Arlo Xyl (2002-2004)
Kidorah Talik (2004)
Segodi Mogotsi (2004-2006)
Roane Kinsella (2006)
Gabriel de le Poer (2008-2011)
Ezekiel de le Poer (2011-2012)
Myrika Tears (2012-2015)
Vesper (2012-2017)
Vicira Tears (2017-2018)

3.  Inferni Specialties

3.1  Plots

3.2  Contests

4.  Former Clan Ranks

Leaders are bolded.

Zarah - Arlo




  • Leader (2, m/f)
  • Subleader (1)
  • Member
  • Youth
  • Outsider
  • Fuhrer (1)
  • Zweiten (1)
  • Beirant (1)
  • Soldat (soldier)
  • Ausblick (scout)
  • Apotheke (healer)
  • Subordinate (basic)
  • Rogue (omega)
  • Youth (puppy)
  • Outsider (wolf)
  • Legatus (1)
  • Centurion (1)
  • Aquila (1)
  • Passus
  • Seni
  • Septem
  • Octavus
  • Novem
  • Accensi (omega)
  • Youth (puppy)
  • Outsider (wolf)
  • Aquila (1)
  • Praetorian (2)
  • Gladius (warrior)
  • Imaginifer (image-bearer)
  • Imperium (trainer)
  • Scorpio (hunter)
  • Veritas (historian)
  • Praeses (Scout)
  • Gladius Minor (apprentice warrior)
  • Discens (upper subordinate)
  • Tirones (subordinate)
  • Quintus (Omega)
  • Tirones Minor (Puppy)
  • Outsider (Wolf)

Gabriel - Ezekiel


Myrika - Vesper

  • Legatus
    • Aquila (1)
    • Centurion (1)
    • Optio (1)
  • Triumvirate (council)
    • Triarii (head warrior)
    • Consul (historian)
    • Praetorian (intelligence officer)
  • Diocese (masters)
    • Hydra (warrior)
    • Imperium (trainer)
    • Caelum (scout)
  • Immunes (trained specialists)
    • Hastati (warrior)
    • Aedile (groundskeeper)
    • Vigiles (watchmen)
    • Scorpius (hunter)
    • Vexilarius (blank)
    • Imaginifer (image bearer)
  • Milites (basic ranks)
    • Equites (footsoldier)
    • Discens (upper subordinate)
    • Praeses (scout)
  • Discentes (low ranks)
    • Tirones (subordinate)
    • Tirones Minor (youth)
    • Quintus (omega)
  • Causarius (retired)
  • Outsider (wolf)
  • Legatus
    • Aquila (1)
    • Centurion (1)
    • Praetorian (1)
  • Triumvirate (first specialists)
    • Primi Bellum / Primi Miscellus / Primi Lumen
  • Immunes (trained specialists)
    • Bellum
      • Hydra (brawling specialty warrior)
      • Rorarii (legatus' guard)
      • Militum (keeper of the peace)
      • Sagitarii (weapons specialty warrior)
      • Caligati (horseback specialty warrior)
    • Miscellus
      • Duplicarius (dual specialist)
      • Armorum (armory keeper)
      • Sepsarii (specialist)
      • Scorpius (hunter)
      • Praefectus (general trainee)
    • Lumen
      • Vigiles (border scout)
      • Vicarius (spy)
      • Optio (Interpack scout)
      • Tribunus (messenger)
      • Signifer (Intrapack scout)
  • Tirones (basic recruits)
    • Evocati (protected class)
    • Tiro Bellum (war) / Tiro Miscellus (miscellaneous) / Tiro Lumen (scout) -- subordinates
    • Quintus (omega)
    • Outsider (wolf)
  • Legatus
    • Aquila (1)
    • Centurion (1)
    • Praetorian (1)
  • Triumvirate (Council)
    • Magister (advisor, guardian, elder)
    • Regulus (commander, manager)
    • Bellator (warrior, knight, soldier)
  • Immunes (Trained Specialists)
    • Bellum (warriors and war preparation)
    • Sanitas (health, plants, growth)
    • Fera (livestock, animals, gear)
    • Civilis (community and social)
    • Mercatura (goods, items, and production)
    • Sciens (tactical and scouting)
  • Tirones (Subordinates)
    • Evocati (protected class)
    • Tirones (subordinates and newcomers)
    • Quintus (omega)
    • Outsider (wolf)

4.1  Former Outsiders

4.2  Former Miscellus Ranks

Zulifer YfelWolfKaena Lykoi
Ahren de le PoerWolfKaena Lykoi
Jasper de le PoerWolfCorona Lykoi
AlacrityAfrican Wild DogAnselm de le Poer
Lucia CabrielWolfSnake
Jehan de l'OrDogCartier Inferni

The "Miscellus" rank was a former Immunes rank that basically held whatever job was too specialized to be a part of the regular ranks (e.g., we used it when we had no idea how else to rank a particular coyote). This rank was essentially replaced with the Sepsarii rank.

Tesserarius (Held by Hybrid Holocaust)
The Tesserarius organizes and commands a pair of canines or works alone during the night to keep watch over the clan's territory; this canine is responsible for reporting to the Aquila in the morning and exchanging any news that has gone on during the night with the leader.

Vexillarius (Held by Razekiel Lykoi)
The Flag-Bearer is responsible for added maintenance of the clan's image. In Razekiel's case, his job was to sit on top of Halcyon Mountain in his tent camp and keep watch there, informing any would-be trespassers that they were heading onto Inferni's land. He was given the position due to his already strategic place of residence and the unlikeliness that he would actually attack anyone just accidentally wandering into the territory.

5.  Historical Pack Relations




5.1  'Souls


  • 2016: Anathema's destruction of New Dawn sours Vesper's opinion toward them. However, she is somewhat friendly with the new (old) leader Aeron -- and seems to want to take advantage of Anathema's new status as a disliked pack. Liir(Altav?'s rape of Nyx Greyfire? complicated this relationship.
  • Summer 2014: New leader Kentaro Lykoi, son of Helotes, visits Inferni to learn about his heritage. [1]
  • December 2012: Axelle gives gifts to Inferni and discusses an alliance between the packs with Vesper, who agrees such a thing is possible in the future. [2]
  • Winter 2012: Anathema leader Aeron has puppies by Helotes, who acted as a sperm donor.
  • April 2011: Former Inferni member Itzal's departure from Inferni to join Anathema is seen as a betrayal by Gabriel and is a sour spot for members.[3]
  • December 2010: Inferni and Anathema experienced some tension when Izaak accidentally trespassed onto Anatheman territory.[4] This incident cost him his life and resulted in bad blood between the two groups.

Cercatori d'Arte

  • Inferni and Cercatori d'Arte were neutral toward each other, and members of each pack frequently traded with one another.
  • Kesho Maisha attacked Shawchert and Skye(Collins in CdA's early days.
  • Skye's son, Nathaniel, was kidnapped and raised by Hybrid. Closer to the end of CdA's life, Skye reunited with Nathaniel and had a largely positive relationship with him. There was thin but mutual respect between the leadership.

New Dawn

  • Because of both packs' policies on species, New Dawn and Inferni had a wary relationship.
  • Myrika had a positive interaction with Zalen, who was additionally Vesper's friend. Vesper made several diplomatic trips to the pack in an attempt to uphold the peace, which stuck.


  • Inferni had little to do with Sangi'lak despite the proposal of a trade route when it was still new.
  • Vesper's friend X'yrin Exultare led the pack -- but Sangi'lak's prejudices painted it in a bad light.

Ichika no Ho-en

  • Razekiel Lykoi, former Infernian and son to Kaena, lead this northern pack -- Inferni was welcomed on their territory at the time. While they possessed very different cultures and perspectives, there was no ill-will between the packs.
  • When Razekiel's daughter (Sage, the then-Optio of Inferni) left the clan for Ichika, there was some Infernian dislike toward the peaceful pack: Ezekiel considered the departure a betrayal of the clan and forbade further interaction with the mountain-dwelling pack.
  • The relationship was then rekindled somewhat through the efforts of Vesper and the latest leader of Ichika, her friend X'yrin Exultare -- the packs were in good standing when Ichika disbanded in mid-2012.

Crimson Dreams

  • Gabriel de le Poer was friendly with Anu Sheah, eventually leading to a trio of children born between them.
  • During the Second Dahlian War Savina Marino declares the pack's official neutrality.
  • At the time this pack disbanded, the two packs were essentially neutral -- their great distance made for infrequent interaction.

Phoenix Valley

  • Inferni was not fond of Phoenix Valley during the 2009 tensions and vice versa.
  • During the Second Dahlian War, the Valley's leader declared Inferni refugees unnwelcome. On the tail end of the Dahlia conflict, however, Jefferson Soul met with Gabriel de le Poer to discuss Haku Soul, and things went better than expected. Jefferson also rescued Kaena Lykoi after she was attacked on the Inferni border.
  • At the time this pack disbanded, the two packs were essentially neutral -- their past history made for a little bit of rockiness, but they weren't strictly unfriendly, either.

Dahlia de Mai

  • Dahlia was almost universally loathed by Inferni thanks to the First and Second Dahlian Wars. The feeling was somewhat mutual; some Dahlians hated coyotes, some didn't.
  • The coyotes begrudged the southerly pack for the wars essentially up until Dahlia de Mai's disbandment; although the last leader of the pack, Nayru and her predecessor Conor Soul were far more coyote-friendly than Haku Soul ever was, memories of the war did not quickly fade.

Twilight Vale

Shadowed Sun

  • During the First Dahlian War, Tayui Aston met with Gabriel de le Poer to establish their pack's neutrality.[5]
  • Shadowed Sun maintained a policy of strict neutrality given the nature of the pack. This was the state of things when the pack disbanded.


  • Nothing happened between these two and Insiemie was gone before anything could happen.

Labyrinth Glen

Esper Hollow

  • This coyote was coyote-friendly, with a number of coyote members. Ahren de le Poer, father to Inferni's then-leader Gabriel, was a member. He was technically still a member when he fought alongside Inferni in the First Dahlian War.

5.2  Bleeding Souls


  • Inferni and Chimera were, at first, at odds with one another: a trio of Infernians burned the cabin of the Chimeran alpha. Ahren de le Poer, a wolf and former Chimeran, participated in this raid to prove his loyalty to the clan so he might raise his children with Kaena Lykoi in the clan.
  • When Ahren and Kaena separated, Ahren returned to Chimera to take the leadership. Some of their children accompanied Ahren, and this led to a generally amiable relationship between the two packs, even if Kaena and Ahren were at times cold to one another.
  • These two packs were in good standing when Chimera merged with Syemv to form Aremys -- however, this did not factor into Inferni's consideration where the Aremys-Inferni War was concerned.


  • At first, Inferni was neutral-friendly with Syemv: Kidorah Talik and Rurik Russo of Syemv formed a neutrality agreement when the pirates first made their landing. Despite the agreement, some members of Inferni were less forgiving toward Syemv, going so far as to chase Syemv members out regardless of the neutrality agreement.
  • While Syemv remained neutral until the end of its existence, Inferni was growing more agitated with the wolves at the time Syemv became Aremys.


  • Kaena Lykoi held a grudge over a secession of land (a tiny little piece of land, at that) to Syemv by Kidorah. This eventually boiled into the Aremys-Inferni War, when Aremys was chased westward into old Chimeran territory.
  • Former Syemv and Aremys member Zaets Russo came back to Inferni after his pack was chased out -- he was chased out, too.
  • The packs remained negative toward one another until Aremys's disbandment.

Clouded Tears

  • Inferni was not friendly with Clouded Tears; coyotes caused the death of two Tears alphas, and they also engaged in the Inferni-Tears War. Tensions occurred at a few times between these two groups thanks to the coyote Mars's rape of Ceres Sadira (even though I don't think he was actually a member of Inferni; I think it just caused some members to dislike coyotes?).
  • Later, when Laruku Tears took over Clouded Tears, and Inferni was once again friendly with Clouded Tears to some extent, as they possessed a half-coyote alpha (who also had children with the then-Aquila of Inferni, Kaena Lykoi. The packs were therefore friendly when Clouded Tears disbanded.

Silent Dawn

  • Inferni was ambivalent toward Silent Dawn for the most part and vice versa; during the CoyoteInvasion the Dawn pack was not exempt from coyote violence, but beyond that they didn't bother one another. These packs were essentially neutral when Silent Dawn merged became Chimera.


  • Inferni and Storm were, due to their great distance, mutually ambivalent to one another up until Skoll showed up on Inferni borders a few times. Even then the dislike didn't really extend to the rest of the pack. Things promptly returned to neutrality following these events.

Jaded Shadows

  • For the entirety of Salvaged Eternity's reign, Inferni and Jaded Shadows weren't friendly at all, though the conflict between Kaena Lykoi and Sal never escalated beyond a personal fight.
  • When Fatin Kali took over Jaded Shadows, the packs had a very good relationship due to Fatin's sort-of-secret relationship with Kae. Kaena's son Gabriel de le Poer was also friendly with Fatin. The packs were in good standing when Jaded Shadows disbanded.

6.  Footnotes

  1. Kaena, Zarah, and RiotYote were played at Wild Wolf Society. Although the two games can hardly be considered part of the same universe (especially these days!) we were a lot less careful about canon and such in 2002. 8B ~ Sie
  2. YOUNG SIE: REALISM? IN A DROUGHT? LOL. Also I am pretty sure this is where the 6 litter cap came from since I think Mel and I were totes planning to have Ikatha and Banesh played. SIE: RUINING THINGS FOR YOU ALL HAHAH ~ Sie
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