Drought Plot

The Drought plot was the summer of 2005, when we decided to cut off all precipitation in 'Soulsverse and kick out a lot of the prey animals to induce a famine too. It lasted for July and August of 2005, and everything was back to normal and better by September of 2005. July was the worst month, though. :|


  • Adreon of Storm is one of the first to die, passing along leadership to Gibraltar. Hearse, longtime Beta wolf of the pack, simply disappears upon Adreon's death; it was surmised that the only reason the strange beta remained so long was his attachment to his leader. [1]
  • Damian de le Poer also dies, though he was already weakened by cancer. Alphaship of Chimera passes to Mab de le Poer, a relative of the alpha's. Her leadership is reinforced by Misery D'Angelo, trusted member of the pack, though not all of Chimera is so ready to receive her.

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