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1.  About

Every day, both Dictionary.com and Merriam-Webster post a new Word of the Day on their websites. They typically also post it on their Twitter accounts as well.

Correctly use either words in your posts throughout the day. Each time you correctly use it, you will be awarded one point. The object is to add up your points and get prizes! Of course, you'll also be expanding your vocabulary and learning great words like eructation, the act of belching or a belch (Dictionary.com WoTD 02.03.10).

2.  History

Word of the Day is probably one of the longest-running contests on 'Souls. It was invented in a gigantic kettle, using a formula recommending the mixture of uranium and crow's feet, at some point centuries before the Cold War--or perhaps at some point in 2003 or 2004. At first, we tried to update the word from Dictionary's site to our forum header, but because the word was constantly outdated or forgotten about, we decided the much better method of delivery (going to the dictonary.com site itself) was necessary. Thus, Word of the Day in its current form was born.

Until 2019, only Dictionary.com's WotD was used. After that, Merriam-Webster was added as an option.

2.1  Super-Points

At some point back in the day, we went crazy and decided to allow people to use the last thirty words from the last thirty days in a single post to earn thirty points. This was only done once? It was never a monthly thing or even a regular occurrence.

2.2  Double Points

In April 2021, the Spring Forth contest included a bonus decree that offered doubled points for WotD usage over the course of the month. This bonus occurred again in April 2022.

3.  Prizes

Prior to the advent of the various pack games, the Word of the Day was the only continuous way of earning custom titles and icons outside of specialized games and contests.

  • 10 Points - Move an existing custom title or icon or edit an existing title.
  • 50 Points - Permanent custom title in up to three words; unlimited colors.
  • 100 Points - Permanent custom icon.

4.  F.A.Q.

  1. Is word of the day by player, or character?
    Word of the day is by player. All cumulative points from all characters can count toward a single prize.
  2. Sometimes, Dictionary.com doesn't post the Word of the Day until 3 AM my time. Is it okay to keep using yesterday's word?
    For Word of the Day purposes, "whenever Dictionary.com decides the new day starts is when the new day starts. So despite it being 2am or whatever, if the new word is not up yet, use the old word."
    Merriam-Webster seems to reliably update its Word of the Day around midnight Eastern Time.
  3. Do LASKY posts count toward Word of the Day?
  4. Are variants on a root word acceptable?
    Yes. If the Word of the Day is "baffling," using "baffled" is fine.
  5. Do Word of the Day points expire?
    Accumulated Word of the Day points expire after 365 days after a player becomes inactive.

5.  More Information