Ronald "Ronnie" Winthrop

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Pack History



  • Birthplace: Homestead, Virginia
  • Family: Winthrop
    • Mother: Mary Winthrop
    • Father: Augustine Del Mar
    • Siblings:
    • Mate: --
    • Offspring: --
  • cNPC:
    • --
  • yNPC:
    • --
  • Minor NPC:
    • --


OOC Assumptions

  • Player: Pack NPC
  • Creator: Ryan
  • I'm an NPC of the Del Cenere Gang!
  • Del Cenerens may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:
    • A capable Gaucho, Ronnie is more than happy and willing to help out with an unruly horse, or help keep tabs on Del Cenere's livestock population!
    • Ronald regularly frequents, and helps to man, The Ugly Coyote - though, he does like to sneak the occasional drink, or will abandon his post to gamble and play cards.
    • Brief and nondescript social interactions, such as greetings or small talk.
  • For more specific assumptions, please reach out to DCG Leadership.



11 May 2014


Coywolf 1






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Ronnie Winthrop is a tobacco farmer and younger brother to Andrew Winthrop and Johnathan Winthrop hailing from the southlands of Homestead, Virginia. Of the loud and rowdy Winthrop triplets, Ronnie is a laid-back, joking male. Throughout his childhood (and well into adulthood), Ronnie and Andy were the bane of their older brother, John, who often tried and failed to keep them in line.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Palette

1.2  Distribution

1.3  General

 Graphite (#211206)
 Clinker (#39200B)
 Espresso (#643C1C)
 Potter's Clay (#8E613C)
 Mule Fawn (#8D582C)
 Sorrell Brown (#C9A486)
 Dune (#38342F)
 Fern Green (#447939)
  • Fur: Primarily Potter's Clay.
    • Markings: Mule Fawn accents, Espresso dorsal ticking, Clinker patch between shoulders, and tail tip.
    • Underbelly: Sorrell Brown.
  • Eyes: Fern Green.
  • Optime Hair: Graphite.
  • Nose, Scars and Paw Pads: Fern Green.
Distinctive Features

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Lorum Ipsum

  • Speech: --
  • Scent: --
  • General Posture: --

1.4  Gallery and References

2.  Personality

2.1  Summary

2.2  Traits

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Trope, Trope, Trope, Trope, Trope


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  • Lawful Neutral
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  • Likes:
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  • Dislikes:
    • X
  • Motivations:
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  • Fears:
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  • Religion
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3.1  2019

May 2019
  1. [M] strange hands halted me, the looming shadows danced (May 15)
    Following skirmishes, Bruni is returned to the two Loner Bands, carrying Calhoun Escuella, Ronald is part of those gathered that witness the macabre taunt.
    • Pack Thread
  2. [M] minute to midnight, don't be late (May 20)
    Whilst cheating his brother at dice, a fire is set in the camps, Ronald helps extinguish it while others chase the guilty parties.
June 2019
  1. don't take much to guide my hand (June 10)
    Skeleton and Ronald come across a wolf, setting out to trap the Drygrass Posse.
July 2019
  1. when it's burning low (July 15)
    A wedding is hosted in the newly-founded Del Cenere Gang between Comandante Boone Winthrop and Dahlia de le Poer.
    • Pack Thread
  2. [M] On a stormy sea, tossed in the waves (July 16)
    Johnathan and Twelve work with some livestock.
August 2019
  1. [M] But the meteor men beg to differ (Aug 31)
    The Winthrops help to clear out The Ugly Coyote.
September 2019
  1. Bargain Prices (Sept 28)
    Shale comes to Del Cenere to trade.
  2. [M] Mezzanine (Sept 28)
    Carlo Del Mar meets up with a Del Ceneren delegation.
October 2019
  1. How happy is a home? (Oct 2)
    Lyssa scouts out for a new home.
  2. And maybe he doesn't know that you're blinding (Oct 11)
    Ronald and Evelyn appraise some of Del Cenere's horses.
  3. Turn your head towards the storm that's surely coming along (Oct 18)
    Ronald and Evelyn work on beautifying Charmingtown.
November 2019
  1. call upon me, the dust and the scribes (Nov 19)
    Charmingtown's rudimentary storage building collapses in a winter storm.
  2. [m] The Michael Jordan of drunk driving (Nov 19)
    Nazario, Briarblack and Boone tend to Ronald's wounded leg, and the Rey Salvaje and Comandante discuss the collapse of the storage building.
December 2019
  1. [m] Burner (Dec 1)
    Ronald helps his brother John move some river rocks towards his house to build a heated bed.
  2. [m] Blame the two-for-one tequilas for whatever happens next (Dec 31)
    Following a rowdy party, Ronald and several others enjoy a hair of the dog courtesy of John.

3.2  2020

January 2020
  1. Like blood pulled through a vein (Jan 4)
    Evelyn and Ronald assess the livestock post winter, and discuss the animals with Johnathan.
  2. [m] It's our secret, it's our secret (Jan 22)
    Ronald works behind the bar as his brother has a charged discussioon with his -totally not- girlfriend
April 2020
  1. New Friends (Apr 5)
    Remy tries to rustle some livestock and is intercepted by Boone.
  2. Been Looking For A Trail To Follow (Apr 15)
    Hosea Courtright makes the trek to join Del Cenere.
May 2020
  1. [m] Liar's Bar (May 17)
    Ronald, Johnathan and Andrew assist Lyssa in fixing up her house.
  2. [M] Your hair is coxcomb red (May 19)
    Helena makes a meal for the Winthrops to prove herself.
  3. I Thread the Needle Through (May 24)
    Sugabear and his sister aim to join Del Cenere.
  4. Sing a little bit of these working [wo]man blues (May 28)
    Ronald, Johnathan and Andrew assist Lyssa in fixing up her house.
June 2020
  1. You and Me and the Devil Makes Three (Jun 6)
    Sugabear looks to make some natural insecticide.
  2. Right back to where we started (Jun 10)
    Evelyn, Remy and Ronald visit the new fillies.
  3. Sky in your bones (Jun 10)
    Evelyn and Ronald trade off the stallion, Jecamiah, to Jethro.
    • , Ronald Winthrop
  4. But I know when I die my soul is damned (Jun ??)
    Evelyn and Ronald take stock of Del Cenere's stores.
  5. I clutched a branch of soot and flame (Jun 23)
    Del Cenere's fledgling tobacco field's fire is extinguished.
    • Pack Thread

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