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A is the location of their built wooden dock, which has enough space to anchor two to three small to medium-sized vessels. B is the location of a small village space, with a number of Luperci-built wooden buildings, including a few cabins and storage/meat-drying areas. Yellow marks well-worn footpaths through the area.

Since the settlement shrank with much of the original crew's departure in early 2022, the remaining members keep a smaller perimeter around their unofficial territory.


  • Status: Active
  • Joining: Unavailable

This is a Loner Group comprised of board NPCs! Learn about thread and trade opportunities here!

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Oglethorpe is the name given to their camp by the crew of the Double Down, an exploration and trading vessel from Savannah, Georgia. While the camp itself is only a few thousand square feet, the territory frequented by its members encompass a portion of the Broken Occident (mostly around Mersey Cove), Shiloh Hills, and Ethereal Eclipse.

1.  Area

Travel-worn paths are evident throughout the area, with much regular travel occurring between the small settlement, the dock, and Rabbit Lake, as well as the northern end of the territory, near Wolf's Peak. In some areas, rocks have been set down specifically to kill the grass, making the pathways even more obvious.

Finn McGuff is often patrolling the general area and is the most likely first point of contact for visitors.

1.1  The Settlement

The settlement was the beginnings of a village and is situated halfway between Mersey Cove and Rabbit Lake. It is entirely Luperci-built and comprises of two large cabins, two smaller cabins, two permanent lean-tos, a storage shack, and a meat-drying shack. The buildings are loosely arranged around a large fire pit with smooth stones for seating.

A short distance from the meat-drying shack is a large tree with several metal meat hooks strapped to a branch just above eye level. There are often deer or boar carcasses hanging here in various states of processing. Further off to the side are a collection of prey bones.

1.2  The Dock

As of early December 2020, construction of the 60 ft dock is nearly complete. The dock is comprised of a mixture of red pine and white ash wood, stripped of bark and waterproofed with a variety of fat and oils. Some portions of the dock feel a little unstable and wobble slightly, especially under heavy loads, but it's probably fine!

The dock has enough space to anchor two to three small to medium-sized vessels, though Finn is unlikely to allow anchorage to strangers for safety reasons.

1.3  The Beach

The coast around the dock was formerly a wood processing center. There still remain a dozen or so logs in various stages of processing. On the edge of the beach are the remnants of the crew's initial camp, including the remains of the fire pit.

2.  Animals

The settlement does not currently have any livestock.

3.  History

After months of unlucky weather, detours, and delays, the Double Down lands in the Broken Occident near the end of October 2020.

The crew set up tents and lean-tos for their camp while they begin construction on a dock in the harbour and proper cabins. Foundations were laid for the settlement's initial buildings in December 2020. By fall 2021, six buildings are complete.

While Oglethorpe trades a bit with nearby packs and a number of loners, it never becomes the bustling trade hub that Bluebonnet imagined, and in early 2022, she decides to leave to return to Savannah, along with about half the original crew.

4.  Membership

4.1  Current Members

  1. Finn McGuff, Guard/Scout
  2. Dawnsong Pembroke, Healer
  3. Hurricane Cardiff, Teacher/Advisor

4.2  Guests

  1. None

4.3  Thread Log


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