Symre Rask


Credit: Despi


  • Date of Birth: November 24th, 2017
  • Sex: Female
  • Species: Wolfdog
  • Luperci: Ortus


  • Pack: None
    • Rank: n/a

Former Packs

(She is considered a Pentiti for killing a child)

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Symre lived her life in Salsola as a stranger. The Rask-daughter rarely fit in and was apt to speak her mind, often to her detriment. With few friends inside the pack she sought relationships beyond the borders, and as an act of rebellion did not disguise her identity from those she encountered.


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Immediate Family

* denotes relation is unknown to character


Hedge-Witch: Symre was a practicing member of Salsolas coven and explored a magick that she termed 'Quiddity.' She collected small birds with the help of her cat, and used them to decorate strange twig-like structures that she would erect about the packlands. Much of her work was marked with runes and twigs and she believed that her work brought balance to the world.

Detailed Relationships

  • Bennett de l'Or: A friend she made originally from Mistfell Veil?, the two struck it off as they both felt like outcasts in their respective homes. They often spent time outdoors together in the neutral territories, backpacking and hiking with their cats. In the wake of Symre fleeing Salsolas as Pentiti she sought to reunite with Bennett as he is the only real friend she has ever had.
  • Clementine Salcedo: Though of a similar age, Symre and Clementine butted heads from the start. This resulted in Symre being usurped by the Salcedo and created a rivalry that continued for as long as Symre was in Salsola. In retaliation Symre left curses about for Clementine, and often opened portals in the hopes that malevolent spirits would find her.
  • Torin de le Poer: Symre and Torin struck up a short lived relationship after months of flirting. It promptly ended when Symre stabbed him (whoops) in an angry rage after jumping to the conclusion that he was sleeping with Clementine after finding a red hair in his room. They broke it off soon after and to this day Symre has no idea it was actually Odalis.
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Animal NPCs
  • Current: Tali (cat)
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Born Symre Urhosdottir Rask to Urho Rask and Hyacinth Silevue in the Salsola Outpost, Symre is the sister to her siblings: Her twin Seppo, Kjell, and Taika.

It was impressed upon Symre at a young age that family means everything, though she questions why her parents are not married if this is something that is so important.

Symre has taken a great interest in Salsolas history and the magic that her mother so often speaks of. Despite Urho's warm demeanour she is more like her mother and tends to be cool and calculated when she speaks. Symre is deeply thoughtful and thinks that her brothers are morons and enjoys spending time with her sister, Taika.

Kjell left the Outpost in the summer of 2018, leaving his siblings behind. Symre considered her options and decided to follow soon after - eager to join the cut-throat ranks and intrigue of her native home.




  1. in the dead of the night i'll meet you in my sleep
    Symre explained her magic to her cat, Tali. (ps. lol the violet crystals were supposed to represent O'Riley)
  2. [m] a flame in the wind of death
    Symre accidentally burns down her Uncle Brocade?'s house, resulting in the death of one of Adelia's children.
  3. still sweating from the rush
    Symre reflects on the accident and meets Ankh Dd'Aabt?.
  4. its always me, me
    Symre finds the eldermare.
  5. i turned you into a secret
    Symre meets Jetta Salvias and hunkers down with her to wait out a storm in the neutral lands.


  1. outside my troubles are colder
    Symre moves into her new home away from the Ruins and runs into Silas del Morte.
  2. but in these eyes the melody smolders
    Symre stalks a big cat.
  3. pray for the dead
    Symre meets the first person in her life that has ever turned out to be a fast friend. Theodora teaches her something of her own magick, and together they cast a spell.
  4. [m] i am a witness watching it
    Symre attends The Last Supper wearing nothing but a coin necklace.
  5. just breathe
    Symre hangs out with her brother Kjell? and its cute.
  6. i fill my mouth up with air
    Symre unknowingly meets the leader of the Del Cenere Gang, Nazario?.


  1. [m] beneath a canopy of unbent sky
    Symre discovers a body with Percival Parhelion.
  2. when we all fall asleep where do we go
    Symre meets her arch nemesis, Clementine Salcedo for the first time.
  3. above this little town
    Symre is surprised by Torin de le Poer in the stable - she of course promptly punches him and a flirtation begins.
  4. throne of glass
    Symre sits in the empty hall and imagines what it's like to be Elphaba sitting in her throne during a Last Supper. She meets Kaeli Blacksun and her daughter and they discuss some of Salsola's history.


  1. i can make another world for us
    A rain storm forces Symre to seek shelter and she meets Jaketta Nocturne.
  2. without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible
    Symre goes exploring outside of Salsola and meets Bennett de l'Or. They are both surly weirdos... and become bff's.
  3. like a cat in the dark
    Symre and Theodora run into one another and Symre gifts her friend one of her cats. They deem themselves as Blood Sisters.


  1. shed your skin
    Symre and Torin run into one another in advance of a celebration. Torin goades her into maybe dancing at the supper.
  2. the thistle and the burr
    The Last Supper. Essentially everyone is announced to be married.
  3. don't be cautious, don't be kind
    Clementine? finds Symre at the Last Supper and their feud continues.
  4. [m] did you see the smoke
    Symre seeks reprieve from Torin and converses with Julius Valentine during the Last Supper.
  5. little light
    Symre meets Coaxoch and they discuss being witches.


  1. i know the rain like the clouds know the sky
    Symre meets Valerian Hollybriar and they have an awkward moment while being attacked by a badger. Symre is reminded that she is useless at fighting.
  2. blockades
    While exploring Amherst, Symre meets her cousin Aurelion Valentine.
  3. maybe i knew
    Symre and Torin make an adventure to Del Cenere to check it out. They run into Nazario? and Dahlia?.
  4. [m] its all a part of the pendulum
    Symre hosts a ritual... and it goes terribly wrong.
  5. i put a spell on you
    Symre meets a wilding man named Roswell Blackpike.


  1. [m] no civilizing hides out animal impulses
    Symre has anger issues. She takes this out on Julius Valentine.
  2. in the shadows
    Symre meets Athras Eryn a druid from Old Caledonia.
  3. withdrawl in disgust is not the same as apathy
    Symre hangs out with O'Riley Eternity and they complete a hunt together with his eagle. She has been infatuated with the Erilaz for as long as she can remember - this continues her weird obsession.


  1. learn from our mistakes
    Symre learns about Salsolas library from Idrieus.
  2. storms make trees take deeper roots
    Two of Salsolas giants get married. Symre grudgingly attends.
  3. fade into you
    During a break from the wedding Torin finds her and Symre drunkenly kisses him to prove a point... and then slaps him.


  1. give a little more
    Symre and Julius? inspect traps together while completing a barbed exchange.
  2. charm school pantomine
    Because Symre is a butt face she has been leaving curses underneath Morgana and Brocades front door. Morgana isn't too happy about it.
  3. wide eyed
    Symre meets Nickodemus and he tries to teach her about Sky People.
  4. regrets collecting like old friends
    Symre attempts to steal a kill from Crow.
  5. all that you know
    Symre goes hunting with Izrian Firebringer.
  6. so charming
    Symre goes to Del Cenere to hang out with Nazario?.
  7. shadows from a distance
    Bennett? and Symre meet up to go backpacking and hike through the mountains together.
  8. [m] ad virginem messis
    Symre participates in a ritual with the coven.
  9. [m] mizumono
    Arch nemesis Clementine finds Symre and usurps her position. Symre is again reminded that she cannot fight for the life of her.
  10. [m] no one cares if you're crying
    In a rage, Symre promptly beats up Odalis (rude) in her frustration of being bested by Clementine.


  1. [m] i see the end before we're started
    Ah yes, an anger bang. Thanks Torin! The pair of them officially kick off an on-again off-again relationship.
  2. so much twisted time
    A thread in which Symre goes off about how good O'Riley smells. What a creep.


  1. [m] i want oceans to part
    Symre meets Alejandra? and convinces her that she is summoning a demon through one of her portals.


  1. [m] a life of gathering gloom

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  1. more or less
    Symre visits Bennett? in Mistfell Veil and stays awhile. He shows her around and introduces her to his dad.
  2. the sun never shines
    Symre meets Spartacus?.
  3. the sun never shines
    Symre finds a red hair in Torin's home - she assumes she he is cheating on her with Clementine and loses her mind and slashes him with a nearby knife. The truth of it is that Odalis seduced Torin on purpose to spite Symre for beating her up earlier. RUDE.
  4. rest for the wicked
    Symre meets Khalifa d'Angelo and they go hunting together.
  5. the sun never shines
    Symre meets a cub and is like wtf.
  6. [m] a pleasure in the pathless woods
    Symre shows up to clean O'Riley's house in the pursuit of an Ancella job. They get high and she makes a move on him... and is immediately rebuffed.


  1. metric, metric, metric
    Symre meets Keturah? and is reminded that children are weird.
  2. [m] hit me like a hurricane
    Khalifa? and Symre play a game of truth or dare that escalates as the night goes on.