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Urho Sørenssen Rask is the only child of Søren Rask and Pinja Ruoho, born in Kilpisjärvi, Finland, and was a result of a one night stand between his parents. Raised by his mother and step-father until he was of age, Urho traveled south and met up with some of his father's family in Stockholm, Sweden where he apprenticed in fighting and blacksmithing among other extended members of his family and collected more information about his elusive father. After the majority of his training, he journeyed west in search of his father based on the information from his family as well as bits and pieces from different traders to the south. Eventually, he followed the trail to Spain and across the Atlantic into North America, where he made a trek north to Nova Scotia, the last reported sighting of his father.

While looking for his father in Nova Scotia, Urho became attracted to the promise of family and kinship that Salsola offered and ended up joining their ranks as an associate. Now ranked among the Family as a Confidant, he makes himself useful as a smith, hired muscle, and laborer where he can.

After a few months within Salsola and bringing his workshop up to speed, Urho often makes trips to the Salsola Outpost and to Hyacinth Silevue in particular, and by Winter of 2017, ending up with four children of his own: Symre, Seppo, Kjell, and Taika.






  • Date of Birth: December 13, 2012
  • Human Age: ~36 Years
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species: Wolf/Dog Hybrid
15% Dutch Shepherd, Greenland Dog
12.5% Broholmer, Norwegian Elkhound, Tamaskan Dog, Kangal
  • Family: Rask
  • Birthplace: Kilpisjärvi, Finland
  • Name Meaning:
Given Name: Brave (Finnish)
Surname: Energetic, speedy (Danish)
  • cNPC: N/A
  • yNPC: N/A
  • Companion Animals
Sten (Percheron Horse)

Pack Information

OOC Assumptions!

Plot Opportunities!

  • Pack: Salsola
  • Current Rank: Confidant (Jan 2016-Present)
  • Co-Rank: N/A
  • Previous Rank(s):
Family (Dec 2015 -Jan 2015)
Associate (Oct 2015 - Dec 2015)

Salsola members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Urho wandering around Salsola packlands for materials or food.
  • Urho frequenting the area around the Orchard.
  • Urho trying (and failing) to train his animals.
  • Urho's goshawk Barbas flying around the lands and being a little shit.
  • Urho consuming an obscene amount of food in public. Fatass.
  • His intended Faction rank is Vendor.
  • His current job goals are for Artesano!
  • Urho's starting to explore the territories outside of Salsola a little more. Neighboring packs should come say hi! :D
    • Urho is working on a map project to help himself become more familiar with the surrounding territories, even if he doesn't leave Salsola that often. Anyone who's a cartographer or even just really familiar with the Nova Scotia area should help him complete his map!
  • Urho has special winter items and Spring inventory to trade! See his Inventory for specifics.
  • Urho recently obtained a Northern Goshawk to train to transport letters and scout the borders because he is slow, but he's no birb trainer and it's not going very smoothly. Ornithological experts should be a big help to him!

1.  Appearance

1.1  Palette


A man of Northern Heritage, Urho has a fluffy, warm appearance despite being born into a land ravaged by harsh winters. His fur as a whole is very dark, with the exception of a golden arrow shaped marking along his chest and neck, as well as a strip under each arm along the ribs. His face and back are shrouded in the darkest colors, providing a mask. His eyes are also a bright golden-amber color, contrasting greatly against his dark mask. Throughout his fur is a subtle brindle that is only obvious in sunlight.

His build is the most unusual thing about him, a thick log of muscle and fat. Unlike most luperci, Urho retains a "strongman" type appearance reflected in his doggish heritage, keeping him thickly built while in all forms. He also seeks to keep this build by training in a specific way, though it leads to many faults in both general life and combat. However, he does seem to thin out in the summer months and put on more weight in the winter, emphasizing his chubby physique.

His behavior and appearance are greatly humanized, even more so after his acceptance into Salsola. Despite dressing in clothes often (except in the hotter months) he doesn't tend to grow out a mane and style hair in any way. At most, he grows out a short mohawk, but often cuts it down anyway so that it doesn't get in the way when he works. A clean-cut look is what he most prefers in terms of his own fur.

Optime build reference: Eddie Hall


.Gondola (#1e1111)
.English Walnut (#352720)
.Kabul (#5c453b)
.Driftwood (#a38546)
.Mai Tai (#ae6e09)
.Amber (#ffbf00)
.Night Rider (#0e0707)


  • Fur: Kabul is the majority color.
  • Markings:
    • Gondola mask over the muzzle and around the eyes, on the back of the ears, nape of the neck, and withers that wrap around the ribs.
    • English Walnut hood over the head,, below the jaw, on the shoulders and back, and the tip of the tail.
    • Driftwood "arrow" marking on chest, stripe on the side of the ribs just under the arms, and woven into the English Walnut and Gondola in a brindle pattern.
  • Optime Hair: Gondola.
  • Eyes: Mai Tai with a ring of Amber in the center.
  • Nose and Paw Pads: Night Rider
  • Scars: The Hand of Eris branded in between his shoulder blades appears as Night Rider.


110 lbs (50 kg)
30 in (76 cm)


175 lbs (80 kg)
35 in (82 cm)


300 lbs (136 kg)
6ft 3in (75 in) (191 cm)

1.2  Clothing and Accessories


.Seaweed (#141c09)
.Mallard (#2f3c1d)
.Green Leaf (#466d0e)
.Ronchi (#e5cc3f)
.Black Forest (#0c1204)
.Martinique (#ffffff)
.Martinique (#ffffff)


  • Shirt: Seaweed is the main base color.
    • Green Leaf trim on the collar, front seam, and on the inside of the sleeves.
    • Ronshi stripes on top of the Purple Heart along the inner shirt collar and the inside of the sleeves.
    • Ronshi patterns on the shoulders and collars
  • Pants: Mallard is the base color.
    • Knee protectors are Black Forest in color.
  • Wrappings: Seaweed is base color.
  • Belt: Black Forest is the base color.
    • Ronshi sewn trim around the edges and Hand of Eris insignia.

Picture hur


  • Miscellaneous scars and burns along the forearms. (Hidden)
  • The Hand of Eris branded in between his shoulders.



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2.  Personality

Turn Out Like His FatherHorny VikingsBoisterous BruiserLoophole AbuseMade of IronStout StrengthMighty Glacier

Compared to his father, Urho inherited quite a few traits from him. Practical and efficient, Urho was built to be a strong worker. However, in his young age, he also tends to be cautious and submissive, a rather shy individual when it comes to others. Growing up in a remote area led him to be afraid of the larger cities, unable to comprehend so many bodies in the same place. He does have a sense of resolve that helps him through areas of uncertainty.

The main thing that sets him apart from his father is his personality. Rather than being an extreme hermit, Urho really does like talking to others and learning from them, settling for interacting with as many other luperci as he can handle. He finds great interest in other cultures, finding the range of experiences fascinating. He also likes to take a lot of information from other cultures in regards to weapons to widen the variety he can make. In general, he's much more positive and optimistic, despite being very apprehensive.

He's also quite charismatic to some extent, having an endearing quality rather than a suave one, but he can gain people's trust by playing the jolly fat man card (even though that's his usual personality, anyway). He's gotten quite a few good bartering deals from watching the women in the Rask family barter, compared to the men who often had short fuses and resorted to aggression very easily. From this, Urho knows how to soften people up and get them to let their guards down, allowing him the opportunity for a better deal or even some useful information.

Often enough, Urho has the ability to point out loopholes in rules, often wiggling his way out of sticky situations or securing a deal for himself that isn't as good for the other party as it is for him. He's intelligent in terms of figuring out behaviors and intricacies of languages, but he never learned how to read and learns best from doing, not watching. However smart he thinks he is, there is still a lot of things he doesn't know and forgets that there is so much more to learn.

Steadfast in both body and mind, Urho's biggest downfall is his bullheaded approach to things he thinks he can charge through. It often gets him hurt in some way or another, but it hardly phases him at first. Only later when he's laying down with aches all over his body will he regret it, but once he's healed up he'll go right back to charging though.


  • Scent: Pine, salt, smoke, char.
  • Speech: Heavy scandinavian accent (with both Danish and Finnish qualities).
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Very modest, partially reserved, and has the tendency to move his hands while talking. Very much like this.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Inquisitive, curious, taciturn.


Name: Harbard
  • Demeanor: Surprisingly enough, it's not too much different than normal. He does, however, play up the bumbling fat fool act most assume him to have. Since he's not the best liar, he's easier for him to start by exaggerating the qualities he already has into an unsuspecting caricature.
  • Scent: Sage, pine, tobacco, woodsmoke.
  • Notes: While Urho doesn't tend to outright lie, he knows he can't tell the truth while in disguise, either. He'll either avoid subjects where he can, or talk about things as relayed to him from another person, but he'll generally stick to omissions and untruths rather than blatant lies.

2.1  Ideals


  • Expression: Introverted, Submissive, Cautious, Friendly, and Polite.
  • Sociability: Gets on well with most, though he will seem distant or cold at times. If he considers you a friend (or you feed him) he'll act like you're bed buds.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
    • "Values his family, but will not heed their requests necessarily."
    • "Will keep his word, generally."
    • "Believes people deserve the treatment they are willing to endure."
    • "Supports the law when advantageous to do so."


  • Finding his father: Urho always wanted to know his biological father, but has only caught ghosts of him in other places.
  • Self-realization: Growing up without a father left him without much guidance, despite having a 'stepfather' of sorts. He really wants to find his place somewhere and make something of himself. He's started this with apprenticing under his father's relatives in Sweden.
  • Family: Blood or no, Urho is all about having a true family, even if nobody is related. He didn't have the best relationship with his biological mother, step-father, and his obviously absent father, so he's looking for his dream family somewhere else.


  • Failure: Being successful in some way is his bottom line, failure being not an option. Wasting his life for nothing scares him quite a bit, being unable to bring back lost time.
  • Insanity: Loss of sentience or reality is something Urho's witnessed firsthand and that experience left him never wanting to become something feral.
  • Isolation: Never finding his "true" family is a fear that ties into failure, since this is one of the things that Urho yearns for.


  • Urho doesn't have much in the sense of spirituality. His mother, who raised him with an adoptive father, never instilled any faith in him, so he grew up not really thinking of the concept.


  • Size: He has met luperci of all shapes and sizes and doesn't really seem to see a difference in any of them. Some call him fat, though. ROOD >:|
  • Species: Urho has yet to meet any coyotes, but he's had run in's with jackals in the past and he'll likely make a comparison. They didn't treat him well due to his predominately dog heritage, as did some wolves he met. Those, however, are in the minority.
  • Faith: Urho never adopted the old religion his father adhered to, but he never saw any malice in it, either. He's whatever with religion.
  • Gender: His sexuality leads him to treat males and females generally the same. He's also been abroad for a while and has had good and bad experiences with both sexes.
  • Sexuality: Urho holds no qualms over sexuality, being non-heterosexual himself. He will not, however, share his sexuality with others unless absolutely sure there will be no negative reaction, due to previous experiences.
  • Non-Luperci: Urho hasn't had much contact with Non-Luperci outside of his arrival in Canada. He's not sure how he feels about them; on one hand, it's their choice. On the other, it's a really bad choice.
  • Packs: Inclined towards Salsola's biases, but doesn't have much of an informed opinion on them.


  • Constantly moving around and exploring has left Urho without time to figure this out. From what he's seen/known so far, he probably leans on a scale between bisexual to asexual. Bisexual with a low libido is probably the most accurate descriptor.


  • Likes: Cold, Blacksmithing, Sparring, Fighting, Learning new things, Lifting heavy shit
  • Dislikes: Heat, Too much emotion, Sedentary lifestyles, Pacifists, Weak-ass motherfuckers


  • Alcohol and some tobacco was common around Urho's childhood, but he hardly partook in anything else.
  • He regularly smokes tobacco out of a pipe and drinks mead and whiskey as his favorites.

3.  Relations

3.1  Family: Rask

Positive Relations

  • Eir Rask and Seija Rask: Urho spent equal time between Eir and Seija, but liked them for very different reasons. He knew how much they hated each other but respected him, and often tried to get them to at least tolerate each other while trying to hog him for sparring. With Eir, he appreciates her headstrong courage but often tried to encourage her to practice finesse. With Seija, he appreciates her honor and trustworthiness but often chided her about being closed minded towards others.

Neutral Relations

  • Pinja Ruoho: Even though his mother raised him for his entire life, Urho doesn't understand why she couldn't convince Søren to stay with them in Finland, at least until he was old enough to remember his dad. She let him leave on his own though, despite being a doting mother with her first son.

Negative Relations

  • Søren Rask: Never being around in any part of Urho's life has turned his image into something of contempt and anger, despite the fact that his son still wants to see him as a father. From what he's heard, Søren was a businessman through and through, Urho taking after him to some extent in both personality and appearance.

3.2  Pack Relations

Positive Relations

  • Basilaris Eternity: Another Family member Urho met before his joining. A very silent/strong type, but a mutual interest between the two giants helped them establish a positive relation.
  • Hyacinth Silevue: Another Associate whom Urho met shortly after his acceptance to Salsola. They hit it off nearly immediately while she helped him butcher a deer he'd brought as a gift for the Family. Urho is also very sweet on her.
  • Ondine Heiwa: Ondine was the person who recruited Urho into Salsola and was his sponsor during his initiation. He finds her to be an excellent cook and thinks very highly of her due to her delicious food and overall very polite demeanor.
  • Osrath Eternity: The daughter of the Queen and someone whom Urho looks to for trade opportunities. She obtained a horse for him and in response, he made weapons for her two young daughters. Though the two don't speak often outside of business, they are still quite respectful towards each other.
  • Salvia Eternity: After being able to speak with Salvia (and her mate, Stannis) in a more private manner, Urho has a lot more respect for Salvia than he did originally. He's extremely thankful for her letting him see if he fits into Salsola. He doesn't know quite yet that she is a relative to Basilaris.

Neutral Relations

  • Bacchus Revlis: A strange, slightly creepy man who seems to not really know how to be sociable or just normal. However, he seems nice enough.
  • Rafael Salcedo: A slender hound who Urho met before joining Salsola's ranks. Urho taught him how to lift heavy boulders, though Rafael had a fair bit of difficulty with it. Still, the hound seemed neutral, if not friendly, to Urho.
  • Bane D'Angelo: Another Salsola member who Urho teamed up with to receive brands. Outside of the branding and healing processes, however, they haven't spoke much.
  • Hel Eternity: A member who taught Urho a little bit about the history and significance of the symbols around Salsola. They weren't overly friendly to each other, but not hostile either.

Negative Relations

3.3  External Relations

Positive Relations

  • Mara Savoy: A pleasant local whom Urho accompanied to the Outpost.

Neutral Relations

  • Xylia Napier: A lone wanderer who helped out Urho in mapping out the local area right after his arrival. Helpful young woman.

Negative Relations

4.  Skills and Inventory

4.1  Abilities



  • Hand-to-Hand (Master): Studied under several Rask teachers in tandem with blacksmithing.
    • Lausatök (Viking wrestling)
  • Armed (Master): Studied under several Rask teachers in tandem with blacksmithing.
    • Archery
    • Blade (Swords/Axes)
    • Blunt (Clubs/Hammers/Maces)


  • Persuasion (Master): Learned from the Rask women in tandem with his other social skills.
  • Manipulation (Journeyman) Learned from the Rask women in tandem with his other social skills.
    • Urho learned how to psychologically strong arm a customer into buying a product, even if they weren't getting the greatest deal out of it. It felt underhanded at the time (and still does to an extent) but he accepted that it was necessary and went along with the training anyway.
  • Bartering: (Master) Learned from the Rask women in tandem with his other social skills.


  • Bowhunting (Master): Learned through previous skills and applied with mastery of archery.
  • Blind Hunting (Master): Learned through previous skills. Further honed with the Rask teachers.
  • Stalking (Apprentice): Learned through previous skills. Further honed with the Rask teachers.
  • Trapping (Apprentice): Learned through previous skills and inherited knowledge from his mother.


  • Handline Fishing (Apprentice): Learned through previous skills.
  • Harpoon Fishing (Apprentice) Learned through a crash course. Accented by weapon skills.


  • Blacksmithing (Journeyman): Studied under several Rask teachers in tandem with combat skills.
  • Horseback Riding (Dabbles): Given a crash course, but no formal training.
  • Medical Care (Dabbles): Learned from pictures in a medical pamphlet, but the knowledge is incomplete. Most of it is honed through practice on himself.



  • Brute Strength
    • Due to genetics, Urho is naturally inclined for size - and his training only amplifies that. He's able to lift heavy weights and keep himself on a steady center of balance.
  • Combat Training
    • Urho's training makes him confident and sure in his abilities, which make for a ruthless warrior. The wide variety of weapons he's trained with makes him a formidable enemy no matter what's in his hands.


  • Charisma
    • Urho's endearing personality and sharp personal skills make him a successful merchant and an adept conversationalist.
  • Trade Network
    • Garnered respect and reputation through trading is well earned and useful for him in future endeavors, especially if and when word spreads.


  • Knowledgable
  • Adaptable
    • Wide training regimen makes nearly anything a weapon, metal or word.
    • Generally cold climate lends him an advantage, especially during bitter winters.



  • Fatass
    • His weight conversely makes him very slow and not adept at running. He either keeps to a certain circle of area or stays planted in the same spot. He will not give chase to someone if they run away from him.
  • Uncultured
    • Urho's skill in martial arts is limited to Lausatök, a Viking age combat form based on wrestling. Other forms of martial arts are totally foreign to him and would cause some form of distraction.


  • Honesty
    • One of his base personality aspects. Being a part of Salsola makes him struggle with being a fair person in comparison to accepted Salsolan culture.
  • Straightforward
    • Politics aren't a motivation, nor a thought in his decision-making. While he does seek approval and family, the Game isn't something he is educated in.


  • Illiterate
    • Never taught to read or write and doesn't believe he'll ever need the knowledge no matter the langauage. "Writing" consists of drawings or hieroglyphics.
  • Foreigner
    • Struggles to be understood or convey his meaning correctly in English.
    • Unfamiliar with the Nova Scotia area, though is familiar with the Drifter Bay and Isthmus of Chignecto areas.
  • Unlucky
    • Inability to work with animals is an unspoken curse for the Rask family. Though the weight trend could also attribute to that.

4.2  Residence

Location: Northeast of the Apple Orchard, Salsola

  • A turf house built by Urho during the winter of 2015/2016. On the outside, it is basic in construction; Half of the house is lowered into the ground where the top half's bricks were harvested. A simple, makeshift hut houses Urho's current blacksmith paraphernalia. On the inside, the house is long and features a cooking spit in the center while benches and stone walkways circle around it. At one end of the house, opposite of the entrance, is small room dedicated to storage.

4.3  NPCs


  • Species: Percheron Stallion
  • Age and DOB: 2012 (~3 yr)
  • Description: Very large Dark Bay Percheron. Black points and face with some blending of a lighter reddish-brown and a white blaze. The mane and tail have been trimmed short.
  • Personality: Calm but shy temperament. Enjoys treats.


  • Species: Northern Goshawk
  • Age and DOB: 2016 (~<1 yr)
  • Description: Dark charcoal and grey when full grown with deep red eyes.
  • Personality: Willful and nippy.

4.4  Inventory


Trade Opportunities

Items under this category are special items that are extremely useful that Urho has recently made which he doesn't need/want. This means they're up for grabs for the right price!

  • Sealskin Sack (x1)
  • Sealskin Cloak (x2)

General Trade

  • Offering: Forged and handmade weapons, small pieces of armor/clothing, custom gear
  • Accepting: Scrap metal, unique weapons, bits and baubles, food/drink, information



Raw scrap

  • Bones
  • Wood
  • Scrap metal
  • Coal
  • Sinew
  • Various animal pelts
  • Chains
  • Cloth


  • Rucksack
  • First Aid kit
  • Food & Drink
  • Ivory smoking pipe
  • Smithing Gear
  • Bowyery Gear
  • Misc. tools
Bolt cutters
  • Rusty beartrap

5.  History

5.1  Overview

Previous Packs and Ranks

Europe Loner (December 2012 - April 2015)
Halifax Loner (August 2015 - October 2015)
Salsola Associate (October 2015 - December 2015)
Salsola Family (December 2015 - Now)

Born in the frigid north of Finland, Urho was raised surrounded by snow and frost. His mother raised him on her own for the first couple of months, taking a mate later and having more children with him, giving Urho an adoptive father. However, he always wanted to know about his own father, who he was and where he came from. It broke Pinja's heart, but she didn't have much information besides the fact that he was from a village called Kolding, to the southwest in Denmark. Before he turned a year old, Urho took it upon himself to travel south, intent on learning more about the absent side of his family.

After arriving at a center in Stockholm, a few hundred miles north of Copenhagen, Urho searched for a merchant to trade with. Coincidentally, he found the sign bore the name of his father: Rask. Inside, he met what turned out to be a couple of his cousins. Inquring about his father, he learned about the history of blacksmithing in the Rask family, fascinated by the amount of information. After confirming his relation to the family, he requested an apprenticeship so that he could continue the tradition, finding a connection with his father in an odd way.

Over a year and a half of training later, Urho departed from Stockholm and traveled by foot south to Berlin and hopped onto a trade route west towards Paris, then Montpelier, and then to Barcelona, where he hopped onto a ship destined for Lisbon. He knew that Lisbon was a major port for the Western world, but he found that there were talks of people sailing west across the ocean to a different land. Interested by this idea, he found a ship to take him to the West, finding himself in Barbados. The heat was difficult for him though, a stark departure from the frozen north he called home. Another boat ride north landed him on the main continent, getting directions from a local who swore he'd seen him before, but happened to have met his father years earlier instead. The directions led him north, towards Halifax and the surrounding territories.

5.2  Timeline

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Italics denotes threads incomplete or dead.

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