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  • Name: Paninya
    • Pronunciation: puh-NEEN-yuh
    • Nickname: Pan, Niña (if you want to lose a finger)
  • Date of Birth: 02 Jun 2017
  • Species: Coydog (Luperci Ortus) 1
  • Sex: Female
    • Pronouns: She/Her


  • Family: --
  • Pack: Del Cenere Gang
    • Rank: Las Brasas
    • Occupation(s): --
  • Residence: Charmingtown, DCG
  • NPCs:
    • cNPC: --
    • yNPC: --
    • Minor NPCs:
      • --


By Despi

OOC Assumptions

Del Cenere Gang members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing Paninya...
    • ... having general non-specific conversation - "Hi, how are you" type conversations.
    • ... tending bar at The Ugly Coyote.
    • ... heckling or pranking bar patrons who pass out.
    • ... scouting Del Cenere's trails.

Plot Opportunities

Catch Paninya at the Ugly Coyote!

  • A notable prankster, it's usually best not to leave your belongings unattended around her.
  • She commonly tends bar at The Ugly Coyote! Whether or not she does this to better swipe your things is unclear.
  • Paninya has some experience in subterfuge and can aid your character in the following tasks:
    • Thieving
    • Scouting
    • Spying
  • For more specific plots and assumptions, please reach out to DCG Leadership.

1.  Appearance


  • Fur: Genetically, she has a seal coat pattern. Paninya is a well-balanced coydog. With her blunter snout, unusual coat color, and thinner pelt, it is clear that Paninya is not a purebred coyote.
    • Optime Hair: Her hair is straight, dark (except for a white section at her forehead), and long. Usually kept up in a bun.
  • Facial Features: With the exception of her muzzle, which carries the wider, blunter appears of her dog blood, Pani has the sharp, pointed features of a coyote. The fur along her neck and cheeks grows upwards, giving her an impish look.
    • Eyes: She has almond-shaped, coy eyes.
  • Build and Size: Perhaps in part due to her dog blood, Paninya is on the smaller end of normal for what a purebred coyote would be. She has a leggy, trim figure with a flat chest and narrow hips that give her a rather androgynous look. However, she does possess a number of coyote characteristics, such as a thick tail, large ears, and narrow limbs.
    • Lupus: 40 lbs (18 kg) — 24 in (61 cm)
    • Secui: 130 lbs (59 kg) — 39.5 in (100.3 cm)
    • Optime: 160 lbs (72.5 kg) — 5 ft 9 in (71 in) (180.3 cm)
  • Humanization: Her humanization is moderate - Paninya has a straight, humanized posture and prefers her Optime form but often forgoes clothing and accessories. Her hair is straight, dark (except for a white section at her forehead), and long. Usually kept up in a bun.


  • Speech: --
  • Scent: -- Del Cenere Gang
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: --
  • General Posture and Body Language: --



Rangoon Green (#0E0D0B)

 Cocoa Brown (#362224)

Judge Gray (#553D33)

Squirrel (#918378)

Cloud (#D0CDCA)


Slate Gray (#6F7D8D)

Nose and Pawpads

Cod Gray (#090908)

2.  Personality

2.1  Basics




  • Lawful Neutral
    • Based upon her alignment, Paninya is most likely to:
      • --
      • --
      • --
      • --


With her devil-may-care attitude and tendency towards mischief, Paninya can be both insufferably annoying and delightfully amusing (depending which side of her antics you fall upon). Since her days with the band of rogues she fell in with over the course of the winter of 2018, the young coydog has grown a bit mistrustful of others and more guarded with her possessions and her emotions. As a result, it can be difficult to forge a close friendship with her. Despite this, unless she is out scouting or spying, she enjoys the company of others and can be found among the Ashen providing laughs in the form of pranks or indelicate jokes.

2.2  Details

► Interests

  • Likes: --
  • Dislikes: --

► Biases

  • Bias: Detail.

► Motivations and Fears

  • Motivation: --
  • Fears: --

► Sexuality

  • Sexuality
    • Detail.

► Substances

  • --

► Spirituality

  • --
    • Detail.

3.  History

3.1  Summary

Paninya is an annoying little trickster from Selmaski, a community of coydogs in Minnesota. When Diego del Bosque visited her community in the spring of 2018, her tribe revered him for his pure coyote heritage and, though she thought it was all a bunch of bologna, Paninya went along with it in order to get in his good graces. She left with him to travel to Nova Scotia, a place where a resident Selmaskian had once lived.

Though it quickly became obvious that she didn't follow her people's reverence of him, Diego allowed Paninya to stick with him and she joined Inferni in May of 2018. Unfortunately, things began to fall apart in the coyote clan as summer wore on and, after a number of annoyances, woes, and tragedies, tensions reached their peak and the clan disbanded. Rather than wait for the end to come, Paninya took charge of her own future and departed from Inferni before its disbandment.

She remained in Nova Scotia, however, and fell in with a rowdy band of rogues. While her time with this merry band allowed her to build on and polish up her mischief-making skills, including, but not limited to, thieving and trickery, there was little in the way of loyalty or camaraderie; any one of the could be on the receiving end of a prank or find themselves taking the fall for someone else. As a consequence, Paninya quickly learned to be mistrustful and cautious of others, scrutinizing every word and situation to the highest degree.

An opportunity for change and new beginnings came to her on a bitter, late-winter day in 2019 when a hanged man drew the attention of the band of rogues. But while the rest of the band went about scavenging the dying man's belongings, Paninya found a line within her skewed morals that she could not cross. Rather than let the man die, she decided to help him. When his two companions arrived on the scene and helped to cut him down, Paninya was provided a role within the coyotes' loner band: the Drygrass Posse.

Later, in June of 2019, she helped to form a new coalition of coyotes that persists to the present day: the Del Cenere Gang. She remains there, continuing to hone her thieving, scouting, and stealth skills in the Las Brasas rank.

3.2  Thread Archive

  • If you reference this pNPC in your thread, please adhere to Del Cenere's policies and add your thread to the archive!
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May 2018
  1. Small victories (May 7)
    Paninya, with help from Diego's coati, attempt to steal food from a loner named Woodsmoke.
  2. Did you and Jupiter conspire to get me? (May 10)
    Diego, Hocico, and Paninya make it back to Inferni and are greeted by a very excited Clover.
  3. Down in the dungeons, just creatures and me (May 22)
    After Hocico steals a necklace from Magpie, she and Paninya have a little fun with Diego.
  4. [M] [M] Jaws was never my scene (May 22)
    Diego falls into a hole while outside Inferni with Paninya and very soon after meets the digger of the hole: Izual Massacre.
June 2018
  1. Their destination must be the sun (June 10)
    Diego and Paninya sneak up on a Sapien who is in the area for diplomacy but end up being sneaked up on themselves.
  2. Caught in a place that is in between (June 16)
    Still up to no good, Diego and Paninya attempt to steal a horse from a scarred Courtier but quickly give up.


February 2019
  1. [M] Creativity is an instrument of immortality (Feb 17)
    While the band of rogues she is associated with scavenges a hanged man's belongings, Paninya helps his friends cut him down and later joins their loner band.
April 2019
  1. But I know that who I’m not is who I’ve been (Apr 20)
    Paninya comes across a crazy, heavyset dog wandering The Bluffs while raving about Luperci turning into humans and bring him to the attention of her companions. An argument and a minor scuffle ensue. Mysterious Sightings event thread
  2. The past, she is haunted, the future is laced (Apr 24)
    Working with a member of The Cartel, Evelyn and Paninya gather dry wood for a bonfire and come across some mysterious tracks.
June 2019
  1. Sooner or later God will cut you down (Jun 5)
    Nazario calls together the coyotes and dogs of both The Cartel and the Drygrass Posse and proposes that they work to fight the threat against them together.
  2. There's a thin dark cloud in the evening air (Jun 7)
    Gathered on the sandy shores between their respective camp, members from The Cartel and the Drygrass Posse discuss among one another what skills and uses they can provide to their cause.
  3. [M] I've lost all my patience (Jun 9)
    Months of being tormented by their enemy reaches a head in a singular bloody event that leaves one man gravely wounded and another fatally so. After a flurry of violence, they finally put an end to their threat.
November 2019
  1. [M] In space nobody can hear you disappoint your parents (Nov 8)
    Traveler Reblin comes to The Ugly Coyote and plays five-finger-fillet with Paninya.


June 2020
  1. I thought I'd slain the beast but I was just inside it (Jun 13)
    Reblin runs into trickster Paninya in The Ugly Coyote.
  2. I'm going to where the sun burns (Jun 22)
    Del Cenere hosts it's first Bautizo feast.
    • Pack Thread


February 2022
  1. [M] We're diggin' a grave where we laid (Feb 14)
    Paninya makes a brief appearance where she pairs Rafaela and Kubota together for the Gang's Lonely Heart Mixer.
June 2022
  1. [M] Feel so clean (Jun 16)
    Will hatches a plan to steal some goods for Del Cenere's birthday party, and Paninya joins him. Though things don't go directly according to plan, Paninya is able to escape with some good booze!

1 37.5% Dog (Plains landrace), 62.5% Plains Coyote