Resurrection de le Poer

Resurrection de le Poer

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8 Mar 2015


Coyote-dominant Hybrid 1






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Resurrection de le Poer is the son of siblings Stigmata and Prophet de le Poer, born in Inferni. He was the only surviving puppy of his litter -- despite being "stillborn" and needing to be revived.

He was raised in Inferni and became interested in maintaining its culture, acting in the clan's interest even when his body and mind began to fail him. He suffered epileptic seizures brought on most frequently by stress, and when he reached young adulthood began exhibiting symptoms of schizophrenia (specifically tactile hallucinations and religious delusions). An extremely religious man who feels that through death he had been brought closer to God, Resurrection began to believe that he was "chosen" by angels.

Shortly after these symptoms began, Resurrection went on a pilgrimage with his parents to spread word of God and Inferni to small coyote communities and loners. Res began to perform faith healing and (mostly harmless) bloodletting "rituals" for hybrids to cleanse them of their sinful wolf blood. Driven largely by a young man's pride and desire for independence, after a couple months he separated from his parents and journeyed with a group of young acolytes.

Boreas soldiers on their mission to attack Inferni passed through the area and killed Resurrection's companions. Res went into a seizure, and thinking him diseased and dying regardless, the soldiers went on their way. Sickly as he was, Resurrection struggled to survive alone in the wilderness -- but a young girl found him and nursed him back to (relative) health. When she revealed she had family in Inferni, Resurrection suggested they return together to warn their kin of the Boreas threat. However, between Res' illness and Briarblack's inexperience, their journey was long and arduous -- and they arrived several weeks after the Boreas wolves had already attacked the clan.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Palette

1.2  Distribution

1.3  General

Tundora (#454242)
Mine Shaft (#323030)
Japanese Maple (#7D0108)
  • Fur: Looks like your typical melanistic coyote - his coat is primarily Tundora
    • Markings: Mineshaft guard hairs and mask
    • Underbelly: Mineshaft
  • Eyes: Japanese Maple
  • Optime Hair: Tundora and Mineshaft
  • Nose, Scars and Paw Pads: Mineshaft
Distinctive Features

Resurrection has a gaunt face, and the dark fur around his bright eyes make them seem sunken. He rarely blinks.

Resurrection looks like a melanistic purebred coyote. His coat is thin and longer than his relatives', his fur is often tousled, tangled, and matted - and his hair in optime form is messy, overlong, thin, tangled, and often in his face. Average in height, but extremely skinny, with prominent bones and twiggy legs, Res looks like wind would knock him over. His humanization is high, and he frequently clothes himself and uses his optime form over all others. His hands are often hidden in his sleeves, unless he needs to show them to handle something. He prefers to keep his hands clean. Resurrection largely values his personal space, and can be made uncomfortable by others invading this or touching him. He's trying to get over this.

His ill health leads to him coughing frequently, from little aside coughs to quiet hacking spells (though turns aside at these).

  • Speech: Quiet, slow, very deliberate.
  • Scent: Strong smell of herbs, woods, water; Del Cenere, DeLePoer
  • General Posture: Resurrection attempts to carry himself neatly, though his sickliness means he often slouches. He makes up for this by sitting rather than standing when he feels he'll be somewhere for a while, usually without preamble or explanation.

1.4  Gallery and References

By Raze By Kiri

2.  Personality

2.1  Summary

2.2  Traits

Resurrection is a pious, friendly soul -- and dangerously charismatic in speech despite his sickliness. An orator, his skills lie in preaching to and convincing others; this is aided by an even temperament and a genuine desire to help others (or at least coyotes).


Trope, Trope, Trope, Trope, Trope


Pious, optimistic, quiet


  • Lawful Good
  • Based upon his/her alignment, Name is most likely to:
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    • Point.
  • Likes:
    • Oration, faith, helping others
  • Dislikes:
    • X
  • Motivations:
    • Del Cenere: upholding its traditions, spreading word of it, keeping its history
      • Res knows he cannot "contribute" in physical ways, so his utmost duty is to the Ashen's culture.
      • Hopes to maintain the legacy of Inferni in this new clan.
    • Beneficence: protect the helpless, heal the sick, feed the hungry, etc.
      • Feels this is his duty toward his fellow coyotes; may help "innocent" non-coyotes if he can.
    • Religion: service to his God, preaching, spreading its goodness
    • Understanding: learning about the unknown, seeking wisdom, spreading or exchanging knowledge
  • Fears:
    • X


Resurrection experiences attraction as normal, but he is celibate. While he maintains that this is a personal choice, as he is a holy man, Res does not believe that anyone would be interested in him anyway.

  • Species:
    • Friendly toward high-content coyotes and feels it is his duty to spread goodwill to them.
    • Pities low-content coyotes, wolf sympathizers, and wolves themselves as they were born into sin.
    • Neutral toward other non-coyotes, but can change based on whether they live a "wolfish" life or not.
  • Age: Children are innocent, and their sins are no fault of their own (but of latent wolf blood, parents' mistakes, et cetera). However, at some age they will become "aware" of their sin and responsible for it.


  • Monotheistic faith in the Abrahamic religion
    • Believes that he has been "chosen" by angels -- a strongly-held delusion influenced by his schizophrenia. He experiences tactile hallucinations -- the angels' "touch" -- and believes that his seizures come from God, that he walks the line between life and death.
    • Resurrection performs several rituals to strengthen the living coyote's spirit, protect against wolves and evil, etc. -- from the innocuous to the slightly more questionable
      • Prayer, baptism, communion are all common
      • Scattering powdered wolf bone, drawing holy symbols in places of power or along the border, decorating effigies, all meant to ward off wolves from the borders
      • Practices "faith healing" for minor illnesses and ailments, which sometimes works through the power of suggestion or placebo
      • Encourages minor blood-letting rituals for those of wolf descent to "purify" their blood
      • Incorporates Cenizan ash in marking others, with more religious designs
    • Drinks wine for communion and other spiritual purposes, but otherwise avoids all substances.

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3.1  2015

March 2015
  1. [M] hath a tongue, hath a revelation, hath an interpretation. (Mar 8)
    Resurrection is born to Prophet de le Poer, the lastborn. Born without breath, he is revived and earns his name.
April 2015
  1. Now concerning spiritual [gifts], (Apr 6)
    Res explores silently with his siblings.
  2. brethren, I would not have you ignorant. (Apr 6)
    Two of Res' siblings are swallowed up by swamp mud.
October 2015
  1. to preen and play in the palace garden (Oct 31)
    Resurrection reads his Bible with tutor Vicira Tears?' help. They assist Res' aunt, Crucifix de le Poer?, collect water for the garden; because he is not able-bodied, all Res can do is offer her uplifting words.

3.2  2016

January 2016
  1. [M] I only miss her when I'm breathin' (Jan 12)
    Res reproaches his fire-tongued aunt, Covenant de le Poer, for teasing Clover.
  2. the frozen leaves chiming (Jan 12)
    Res hangs out in the hot springs with Denise Bellamy. Crucifix joins them.
  3. Wanderers this morning came by (Jan 26)
    Res joins other Infernians in visiting an old vintyard.
February 2016
  1. [M] the angels, all pallid and wan (Feb 16)
    Resurrection has his first epileptic seizure. Unfortunately, Izual Massacre is convinced Res has contracted rabies from Denise. Covenant and Vicira try to take care of him.
  2. Killing snakes with a sharpened stick (Feb 23)
    Res watches the trial of Osprey Fleurine.
    • Pack Thread
June 2016
  1. Strive to enter through the narrow door (Jun 28)
    Resurrection begins feeling the touch of angels.
    • Resurrection de le Poer

3.3  2017

March 2017
  1. Pallid animals in the snow tipped pines I find (Mar 19)
    Resurrection guides Briarblack to Inferni.
June 2017
  1. They breathe their spells toward the departing day (Jun 28)
    Feeling "called," Res departs Inferni again.

3.4  2019

July 2019
  1. [M] The Tooth Fairy (Jul 18)
    Resurrection helps keep 12 calm and still while Clover tends to her head injury.
September 2019
  1. Bargain Prices (Sept 28)
    Resurrection watches over a trio of puppies while their mother? attends to a trader at the borders.
November 2019
  1. for bread and wine i'll extoll the meek (Nov 6)
    Resurrection patiently babysits Calhoun and chats with two newcomers? to the gang.

3.5  2020

January 2020
  1. we can use the bones to build another church (Jan 8)
    Resurrection practices a sermon and talks with Calhoun? about how they can improve the church.

1 87% Coyote (Northeastern, Plains), 11.5% (Red, Eastern Timber, Great Plains, Mackenzie Valley), 1.5% Dog (Husky, Sighthound, Wolfhound, Shepherd, et al.)