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This area is defunct!

This territory or sub-territory has been partially or completely destroyed; it is no longer a playable area.

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Size ?? square kilometres
?? square miles

Oasis was a former sub-territory in 'Souls; however, the 2016 meteor strike destroyed the land. What was left of the Oasis is now a part of the Broken Occident.

1.  Description

Even further north, but still within the boundaries of the Ashlands, there is a perfectly shaped hill-and-basin area that has managed to escape much of the tragedy of its surroundings. The Oasis has several clean-water ponds, flourishing fauna, and is naturally sheltered from harsh weather. There is still some evidence of the fire's work -- some of the flora is stunted and small, and there are few prey animals compared with the pristine forests found far north of the Oasis. Nevertheless, the area provides a lush green respite from the gray dull of the surrounding demesne.