Black Rock Islands

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  2.   2.  Islands
    1.   2.1  St. Paul Island
    2.   2.2  Scatarie Island
    3.   2.3  Portnova Isle
    4.   2.4  Chameau Rock
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Region Eastern Realms
Major Waterways Cabot Strait
Size ?? sq km / ?? sq mi


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1.  Description

The Black Rock Islands are an archipelago of five islands on the northern coast of the Eastern Realms peninsula. The largest of these is Black Rock Isle, and three of the five islands, tiny Chameau Rock, Portnova Isle, and Scatarie Island nestle quite close to Black Rock. To the far south, narrow and pointed St. Paul Island sits. None of the islands are accessible from the mainland, but only a narrow inle separates Black Rock from the northerly parts of Lightning Bay. Unfortunately, all the power of the Atlantic surges through this narrow channel at high tide, and the island becomes impassable. Sand bars make the area accessible at low tide, but the malleable nature of the sand means the path is never the same.

These islands still exist, but as of September 2020 are no longer contained within Playable Territories.

2.  Islands

2.1  St. Paul Island

The second largest island of Nova Scotia, found to the east of Lightning Bay and to the south of the Black Rock Islands. St. Paul Island is formed of granite and is extremely rugged. Like its much smaller easterly neighbor Thunder Island, St. Paul Island's shores are completely encircled by rock-face cliffs. The island is split by a narrow channel that fills with sea water with the tide. A number of small land mammals -- squirrels, raccoons, etc. -- inhabit the area. The island is nicknamed the "Graveyard of the Gulf" (of St. Lawrence) as it is fog-bound throughout much of the navigation season and posed a significant hazard during the age of sail. Again, the island poses a danger to Luperci navigators, who have been relegated to similar technologies.

2.2  Scatarie Island

Scatarie Island is small, situated to the east of Black Rock Island. Its coast is rocky, with protective shoals ringing the island and saving it the brunt of the Atlantic Ocean's impact and influence. Nevertheless, the climate is strongly influenced by the sea. Windswept and home to bent-back pines, Scatarie Island's foreboding and rugged coasts may not seem attractive from the coast of Black Rock Island. The fishing around Scatarie Island, however, might draw a Luperci yet -- some of the best fishing in the region can be had in the waters around this northern outpost.

2.3  Portnova Isle

This island to the south of Black Rock Island is approachable only from the closest land in Black Rock Island. A reef of jutting stones protects the island -- some of which are submerged entirely. The rest barely rise from the ocean, making a seaward approach incredibly dangerous, even in the most shallow of boats. This is ideal for the island's purpose -- housing a former prison. The prison's grounds occupy much of the island's area, leaving only a thin, shallow grove of trees to the southern end of the island. These trees shield the prison's main buildings from view -- but not the tall triple fence surrounding the island. Unconnected to the mainland and approachable only in a specific area by boat, Portnova Island was the ideal location for a prison in the time of humanity.

The building still sits, concrete and metal and strong even against the battering of the sea. Some of the prison is inaccessible -- locked doors and barred entryways protect some halls from those who would enter. Much of the prison, though, is open and easily accessible, once a canine is actually on Portnova Isle.

2.4  Chameau Rock

Tiny rocky outcropping south of Black Rock Island. Frequently the cause for shipwrecks, as there are a number of underwater surrounding rocks.

3.  HIstory

  • These islands still exist, but as of September 2020 are no longer contained within Playable Territories.