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The Outpost is Casa's off-board territory, located due west of Portland. Long-term aNPCs will be moved here.

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Casa di Cavalieri Information Portal


  • Mouse-over things liberally — there are tool tips abounds to help you remember what's what!
  • Open Characters are listed as such — they're adoptable and in need of a player! You can obtain 75 game points in Casa di Cavalieri by adopting one.
  • NPCs are notated by italics. Pack NPCs (pNPC) maybe roleplayed with. See pNPC RP Info for more information.
  • Novice Journeyman Master - Indicates a current co-rank, hover to see what co-rank is held.
  • Ambassador: Pack Indicates an ambassadorial role to a specific pack.
  • Mate to Character Indicates a mateship, hover to see to who.
  • Weapon indicates a character's weapon of choice.
  • The Brotherhood: Rank indicates member holds a Brotherhood Rank.




-- Cedric Stryder
Master Guardsman The Brotherhood: Master of Blunt Weapons Weapon of Choice: Shield Mate to Kai

The Council

War Lord

Lead Diplomat

Labor Head

Pack Advisor

Keeper of Whispers

Chief Cleric

-- -- -- Kai Wolfe-Denahlii
Master Herbalist Master Counselor The Brotherhood: Master Tactician Lilac Heart Mate to Cedric
Eros Damaichu
Journeyman Scout The Brotherhood: Master of Stealth Weapon of Choice: Dagger Amethyst Eye

The Brotherhood


Lucian Marino
Journeyman Stable Master Journeyman Pup-sitter The Brotherhood: Master of Ranged Weapons Weapon of Choice: Bow and Dual Axes Magenta Fang
Novice Groundskeeper The Brotherhood: Master of Bladed Weapons Weapon of Choice: Brass Knuckles
-- --


Novice Guardsman The Brotherhood: Master of Tooth & Claw Magenta Fang
Guinevere Callow-Knight
Journeyman Carpenter Novice Guardsman The Brotherhood: Master of Bladed Weapons Weapon of Choice: Sword and Axes Mate to Honrin
Pushok Hushhowl
Novice Artisan The Brotherhood: Master of Bladed Weapons Weapon of Choice: Sword
Asterope Seadance
Master Scholar Master Herbalist The Brotherhood: Master of Poisons Ambassador: Court of Fangs Indigo Shield
Artoia Denahlii
Master Guardsman Master Scout The Brotherhood: Master of Stealth Weapon of Choice: Dual Daggers Amethyst Eye
-- -- --


Nilda Catori (aNPC)
Novice Pup-sitter The Brotherhood: Master of Bladed Weapons Lilac Heart
Jacelyn Denahlii (aNPC)
Novice Stable Scholar The Brotherhood: Master of Blunt Weapons Weapon of Choice: Warhammer
-- --

Honored Elders

Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii (aNPC)
Novice Farmer Novice Herdsman The Brotherhood: Master Equestrian Weapon of Choice: Quarterstaff, bow Mate to Guinevere
Callum Knight (aNPC)
Novice Pup-sitter Weapon of Choice: Sword and Dagger
Ezra Vahn
Mate to Fiora

The Officers

First Officers

Quinn Damaichu (aNPC)
Novice Fisher Weapon of Choice: Spear
Zasha Hushhowl (aNPC)
Novice Falconer Novice Scavenger Weapon of Choice: Tekko
-- --

Second Officers

Darius Pierson (pNPC)
Master Tailor Weapon of Choice: Daggers
Risa Rivera (aNPC)
Weapon of Choice: Spear Novice Groundskeeper
Cerberus Ganesa (aNPC)
Novice Healer Lavendar Staff
Alyonna Hushhowl (aNPC)
Novice Blacksmith Weapon of Choice: War Hammer Magenta Fang
Yrsa Firebringer
Weapon of Choice: Sling-shot Master Healer Journeyman Tailor Lavendar Staff
Caspian Knight
Novice Sailor
Roza Hushhowl
Novice Sailor Novice Falconer Indigo Shield
Novice Cook Novice Tailor
Tegan Wolfe-Denahlii
Novice Leatherworker Magenta Fang
Erik Ivanov
Novice Cook Novice Groundskeeper Lilac Heart Weapon of Choice: Hand-to-Hand/Brawling
-- --

The Cadets

First Cadets

Leviticus Wardley (pNPC)
Journeyman Stable Master
Winifred Wardley (pNPC)
Journeyman Herdsman
Balti Ha'Lahria (pNPC)
Novice Hunter Novice Butcher Weapon of Choice: Bow
Alaric Ivanov (cNPC to Erik Ivanov)
Weapon of Choice: Short Sword
Pandora Knight (aNPC) Dolores Rivera Lyra Damaichu (aNPC) Pontifex Troy Lykoi (aNPC)
Weapon of Choice: Archery
Niamh Aisling (pNPC)
Novice Spiritual Advisor
Tor Wolfe-Knight (aNPC) Temnota Hushhowl (aNPC)
Weapon of Choice: Bladed staff
Dagon Knight (aNPC)
Horus Lykoi (aNPC) Antheia Hybanthus (aNPC)
Novice Healer
Johanna Greyfire
Weapon of Choice: Wakizashi sword Novice Pupsitter
Arrow Lee
Nazar Blacksun Besekel Greyfire
Weapon of Choice: Staff and Dagger
Kazimir Hushhowl Lotai Stryder
Kenta Sanderson Fiorenza vin Vahn Orion Knight
Weapon of Choice: Staff
Manitou King
Weapon of Choice: Fire sharpened stick
Mithra Blackfire
Weapon of Choice: Fists
Uriah Greyfire
Weapon of Choice: Staff and Dagger
Lucina Willow Orca Munroe

Second Cadets

Enlil (pNPC)
Novice Scholar
Nova Hushhowl (aNPC) Sam Ryan (pNPC)
Novice Falconer
Pasha Reis (pNPC)
Novice Cook
Kira Damaichu (aNPC)
Weapon of Choice: Staff and Sword
Battle Symphony (cNPC to Petrichor) Joern Jotunson (pNPC)
Novice Carpenter
Maddison Adler (pNPC)
Novice Blacksmith
Nashoba Northbrook(aNPC) Damon
Weapon of Choice: Great Sword/Hand-to-hand
Anidora (cNPC to Damon)
Weapon of Choice: Slingshot

The Recruits


Lotai Wolfe-Denahlii (cNPC to Tegan Wolfe-Denahlii) Nayavota Denahlii (cNPC to Tor Wolfe-Knight) Katja Hushhowl (yNPC to Zetsubou) Electa Hushhowl (cNPC to Lyra Damaichu)
Fenton Goodeboye (cNPC to Mithra Blackfire)
Weapon of Choice: Tooth and Claw
Celeste Knight (yNPC to Remus Knight) Tristan Callow-Wolfe (yNPC to Guinevere Callow-Knight) Nanouk Denahlii (yNPC to Guinevere Callow-Knight)
Weapon of Choice: Hand-to-hand/Feral
Abiri Catori (yNPC to Nilda Catori) Mirabel Rivera (yNPC to Kira Damaichu) Isobel (aNPC) Kerr


-- -- -- --

Junior Cadets



Luca Damaichu Jalsie Denahlii (cNPC to Nimue Denahlii) Nimue Denahlii Jayce Knight
Volk Hushhowl Emrys Damaichu Roman Wolfe Teemo Wolfe-Stryder


-- -- -- --

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