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The Outpost is Casa's off-board territory, located due west of Portland. Long-term aNPCs will be moved here.

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Casa di Cavalieri Information Portal


  • Mouse-over things liberally — there are tool tips abounds to help you remember what's what!
  • Open Characters are listed as such — they're adoptable and in need of a player! You can obtain 75 game points in Casa di Cavalieri by adopting one.
  • NPCs are notated by italics. Pack NPCs (pNPC) maybe roleplayed with. See pNPC RP Info for more information.
  • Novice Journeyman Master - Indicates a current co-rank, hover to see what co-rank is held.
  • Ambassador: Pack Indicates an ambassadorial role to a specific pack.
  • Mate to Character Indicates a mateship, hover to see to who.
  • Weapon indicates a character's weapon of choice.
  • The Brotherhood: Rank indicates member holds a Brotherhood Rank.




-- Cedric Stryder
Master Guardsman Ambassador: New Caledonia The Brotherhood: Master of Blunt Weapons Weapon of Choice: Shield Mate to Kai

The Council

War Lord

Lead Diplomat

Labor Head

Pack Advisor

Keeper of Whispers

Chief Cleric

-- -- -- Kai Wolfe-Denahlii Master Herbalist Master Counselor The Brotherhood: Master Tactician Lilac Heart Mate to Cedric Eros Damaichu Journeyman Scout The Brotherhood: Master of Stealth Weapon of Choice: Dagger Amethyst Eye --

The Brotherhood


Lucian Marino
Journeyman Stable Master Journeyman Pup-sitter The Brotherhood: Master of Ranged Weapons Weapon of Choice: Bow and Dual Axes Magenta Fang
-- -- --


Novice Guardsman The Brotherhood: Master of Tooth & Claw
Guinevere Callow-Knight
Journeyman Carpenter Novice Guardsman The Brotherhood: Master of Bladed Weapons Weapon of Choice: Sword and Axes Mate to Honrin
Novice Groundskeeper The Brotherhood: Master of Bladed Weapons Weapon of Choice: Brass Knuckles
Pushok Hushhowl
Novice Artisan The Brotherhood: Master of Bladed Weapons Weapon of Choice: Sword


Nilda Catori (aNPC) Novice Pup-sitter The Brotherhood: Master of Bladed Weapons Lilac Heart Jacelyn Denahlii (aNPC) Novice Stable Scholar The Brotherhood: Master of Blunt Weapons Weapon of Choice: Warhammer -- --

Honored Elders

Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii (aNPC)
Novice Farmer Novice Herdsman The Brotherhood: Master Equestrian Weapon of Choice: Quarterstaff, bow Mate to Guinevere
Callum Knight (aNPC) Novice Pup-sitter Weapon of Choice: Sword and Dagger Ezra Vahn --

The Officers

First Officers

Quinn Damaichu (aNPC) Novice Fisher Weapon of Choice: Spear Zasha Hushhowl Novice Falconer Novice Scavenger Weapon of Choice: Tekko Artoia Denahlii Journeyman Guardsman Journeyman Scout Weapon of Choice: Dual Daggers Asterope Seadance Master Scholar Journeyman Herbalist Ambassador: Court of Fangs Indigo Shield

Second Officers

Darius Pierson (pNPC) Master Tailor Weapon of Choice: Daggers Risa Rivera (aNPC) Weapon of Choice: Spear Novice Groundskeeper Cerberus Ganesa (aNPC) Novice Healer Lavendar Staff Caspian Knight Novice Sailor
Yrsa Firebringer Weapon of Choice: Sling-shot Master Healer Journeyman Tailor Lavendar Staff Alyonna Hushhowl Novice Blacksmith Weapon of Choice: War Hammer Magenta Fang Roza Hushhowl Novice Sailor Novice Falconer Indigo Shield Petrichor Novice Cook Novice Tailor
Tegan Wolfe-Denahlii Novice Leatherworker Magenta Fang -- -- --

The Cadets

First Cadets

Leviticus Wardley (pNPC) Journeyman Stable Master Winifred Wardley (pNPC) Journeyman Herdsman Balti Ha'Lahria (pNPC) Novice Hunter Novice Butcher Weapon of Choice: Bow Alaric Ivanov (cNPC to Erik Ivanov)
Erik Ivanov Weapon of Choice: Hand-to-Hand/Brawling Dolores Rivera (yNPC to Kira Damaichu) Lyra Damaichu (aNPC) Pontifex Troy Lykoi (aNPC) Weapon of Choice: Archery
Niamh Aisling (pNPC) Novice Spiritual Advisor Tor Wolfe-Knight (aNPC) Temnota Hushhowl (aNPC) Weapon of Choice: Bladed staff Dagon Knight (aNPC)
Lotai Stryder Kazimir Hushhowl Johanna Greyfire Weapon of Choice: Wakizashi sword Novice Pupsitter Arrow Lee
Nazar Blacksun Besekel Greyfire Weapon of Choice: Staff and Dagger Odysseus Horus Lykoi
Zanthe Damaichu Weapon of Choice: Short sword Pandora Knight Orion Knight Weapon of Choice: Staff Manitou King Weapon of Choice: Fire sharpened stick
Mithra Blackfire Weapon of Choice: Fists Uriah Greyfire Weapon of Choice: Staff and Dagger Lucina Willow Orca Munroe
Fiorenza vin Vahn Antheia Hybanthus Kenta Sanderson --

Second Cadets

Enlil (pNPC) Novice Scholar Nova Hushhowl (aNPC) Sam Ryan (pNPC) Novice Falconer Pasha Reis (pNPC) Novice Cook
Kira Damaichu (aNPC) Weapon of Choice: Staff and Sword Battle Symphony (cNPC to Petrichor) Joern Jotunson (pNPC) Novice Carpenter Maddison Adler (pNPC) Novice Blacksmith
Nashoba Northbrook -- --

The Recruits


Lotai Wolfe-Denahlii (cNPC to Tegan Wolfe-Denahlii) Nayavota Denahlii (cNPC to Tor Wolfe-Knight) Katja Hushhowl (yNPC to Zetsubou) Electa Hushhowl (cNPC to Lyra Damaichu)
Fenton Goodeboye (cNPC to Mithra Blackfire) Weapon of Choice: Tooth and Claw Celeste Knight (yNPC to Remus Knight) Tristan Callow-Wolfe (yNPC to Guinevere Callow-Knight) Nanouk Denahlii (yNPC to Guinevere Callow-Knight)
Abiri Catori (yNPC to Nilda Catori) Mirabel Rivera (yNPC to Kira Damaichu) Isobel --


-- -- -- --

Junior Cadets



-- -- -- --


Nimue Denahlii Jayce Knight Roman Wolfe Teemo Wolfe-Stryder
Volk Hushhowl Luca Damaichu

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