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  • Dark Orchid (#571B7e)
  • Slate Gray (#98AFC7)
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I See Fire
cover by Peter Hollins, original by Ed Sheeran
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21st October, 2011
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The Portland Outpost is Casa's off-board territory, located just west of Portland.


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Casa di Cavalieri boasts a wide and varied terrain but these are areas of importance.

Fort Kingsbury

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Casa di Cavalieri has an active Discord group! Links are in our Acceptance post, or just PM Leadership for your invite!

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Casa di Cavalieri Information Portal


  • Mouse-over things liberally — there are tool tips abounds to help you remember what's what!
  • Open Characters are listed as such — they're adoptable and in need of a player! You can obtain 75 game points in Casa di Cavalieri by adopting one.
  • NPCs are notated by italics. Pack NPCs (pNPC) maybe roleplayed with. See pNPC RP Info for more information.
  • Novice Journeyman Master - Indicates a current co-rank, hover to see what co-rank is held.
  • Ambassador: Pack Indicates an ambassadorial role to a specific pack.
  • Mate to Character Indicates a mateship, hover to see to who.
  • Weapon indicates a character's weapon of choice.
  • The Brotherhood: Rank indicates member holds a Brotherhood Rank.




Aldora Knight
Journeyman Vocalist Journeyman Hunter Ambassador: Del Cenere Gang The Brotherhood: Master Tactician Weapon of Choice: Bow
Cedric Stryder
Master Guardsman Ambassador: New Caledonia The Brotherhood: Master of Blunt Weapons Weapon of Choice: Shield

The Council

War Lord

Lead Diplomat

Labor Head

Pack Advisor

Keeper of Whispers

Chief Cleric

-- -- -- -- Eros Damaichu Journeyman Scout The Brotherhood: Master of Stealth Weapon of Choice: Dagger Amethyst Eye --

The Brotherhood


Lucian Marino
Journeyman Stable Master Journeyman Pup-sitter Ambassador: Bete Noire The Brotherhood: Master of Ranged Weapons Magenta Fang
-- -- --


Starlight Hushhowl (aNPC)
Journeyman Stable Master Novice Blacksmith The Brotherhood: Master Equestrian Weapon of Choice: Sword
Guinevere Callow-Knight
Novice Carpenter The Brotherhood: Master of Bladed Weapons Weapon of Choice: Sword and Axes Mate to Honrin
-- --


Nilda Catori (cNPC to Cerberus Ganesa) Novice Pup-sitter Lilac Heart Zetsubou Novice Groundskeeper The Brotherhood: Master of Bladed Weapons Weapon of Choice: Brass Knuckles Pushok Hushhowl Novice Artisan The Brotherhood: Master of Bladed Weapons Weapon of Choice: Sword --

Honored Elders

Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii (aNPC)
Novice Farmer Novice Herdsman The Brotherhood: Master Equestrian Weapon of Choice: Quarterstaff, bow Mate to Guinevere
Armani Catori (aNPC)
Novice Blacksmith The Brotherhood: Master of Bladed Weapons Weapon of Choice: Sword Dawn Hushhowl
Jace Wolfe (aNPC)
Novice Hunter Novice Guardsman The Brotherhood: Master of Ranged Weapons (retired) Weapon of Choice: Bow Mate to Temo
Temo Wolfe
Weapon of Choice: Staff Mate to Jace
Ezra Vahn -- -- --

The Officers

First Officers

Josephine LaBelle (pNPC)
Journeyman Cook Weapon of Choice: Throwing knives and Tooth and Claw
Howland Reeves (pNPC)
Journeyman Guardsman Novice Herdsman Weapon of Choice: Spear and Staff
Quinn Damaichu (aNPC) Novice Fisher Weapon of Choice: Spear Jacelyn Denahlii Novice Stable Scholar Weapon of Choice: Tooh and Claw
Yrsa Firebringer Weapon of Choice: Sling-shot Master Healer Journeyman Tailor Lavendar Staff Kai Wolfe-Denahlii Master Herbalist Master Counselor Lilac Heart Zasha Hushhowl Novice Falconer Novice Scavenger --

Second Officers

Leoris Steinmeister (pNPC)
Journeyman Armorsmith Novice Merchant Weapon of Choice: Mace
Darius Pierson (pNPC) Master Tailor Weapon of Choice: Daggers Theodore Hudson (pNPC)
Journeyman Barber Novice Guardsman Weapon of Choice: Baseball bat
Borya Hushhowl (cNPC to Veyron Knight) Novice Scholar Weapon of Choice: Staff
Callum Knight (aNPC) Novice Pup-sitter Weapon of Choice: Sword and Dagger Risa Rivera (aNPC) Weapon of Choice: Spear Novice Groundskeeper Parzival Novice Guardsman --

The Cadets

First Cadets

Leviticus Wardley (pNPC) Journeyman Stable Master Winifred Wardley (pNPC) Journeyman Herdsman Alaric Ivanov (aNPC) Balti Ha'Lahria (pNPC) Novice Hunter Weapon of Choice: Bow
Brannon O'Neil (aNPC) Novice Scholar Skoll Stormfast (cNPC to Perses Stormfast) Lyall Hushhowl (aNPC) Alice Boudreaux (aNPC)
Petrichor Cerberus Ganesa Novice Healer Lavendar Staff Temnota Hushhowl Weapon of Choice: Spear and Staff Perses Stormfast
Artoia Denahlii Novice Guardsman Caspian Knight -- --

Second Cadets

Battle Symphony (cNPC to Petrichor) Day Hushhowl (aNPC) Novice Stable Master Fiorenza vin Vahn (cNPC to Pushok Hushhowl) Dawn Hushhowl (aNPC) Weapon of Choice: Rapier and Bow Mate to Armani Catori
Heska (aNPC) Nashoba Northbrook (aNPC) Lola Firebringer Kira Damaichu Weapon of Choice: Staff and Sword
Maisie O'Neil Novice Scout Novice Butcher Amethyst Eye Arrow Lee Nazar Blacksun Orion Knight Weapon of Choice: Staff

The Recruits


Nayavota Denahlii (cNPC to Tor Wolfe-Knight) Nova Hushhowl (aNPC) Damon (cNPC to Guinevere) Erik Ivanov (cNPC to Artoia Denahlii)


Macbeth (pNPC) Tempest (pNPC) -- --

Junior Cadets



Katja Hushhowl (yNPC to Zetsubou) Electa Hushhowl (cNPC to Lyra Damaichu) Lyubov Hushhowl (aNPC) Celeste Knight (yNPC to Remus Knight)
Vezdatini (cNPC to Lunatini) Alyonna Hushhowl Lyra Damaichu Veyron Knight
Zanthe Damaichu Lunatini Ambrose Griffith --
Roza Hushhowl Kazimir Hushhowl -- --


Tristan Callow-Wolfe (yNPC to Guinevere Callow-Knight) Nanouk Denahlii (yNPC to Guinevere Callow-Knight) Maribel Rivera (yNPC to Kira Damaichu) Dolores Rivera (yNPC to Kira Damaichu)
Aster Knight? (yNPC to Remus Knight) Dagon Knight? Tokhaka Stryder Pandora Knight
Tegan Wolfe-Denahlii (yNPC to Kai Wolfe-Denahlii) Lotai Stryder? (yNPC to Kai Wolfe-Denahlii) Tor Wolfe-Knight --

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