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✧ Reading our Joining Information is highly encouraged before attempting to join!

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The Banners of Casa help define the career path of Cavaliers. By joining under a Banner, those sharing similar goals or jobs can come together to complete more work, or plan changes that can effect the pack as a whole. Each Banner is governed by a member of the Council or the Leadership, however those within the Banner do not hold rank over one another; meaning the Titles and Ranks of Casa do not hold sway over decisions made within a Banner. Instead, decisions are made together as a collective group, with the Council or Leadership standing in as any necessary final say or judge.

Joining under a Banner gives your character a chance to develop and grow alongside their peers, each sharing different skills with one another that can help reach certain goals. Occassionally, the Banners will be given a task to complete along with prompts that they can carry out within that month, with some of these tasks being ones set up by the members of the Banner themselves.

Once under a Banner, characters will also have access to special buildings set up within Wolfville, to be used for Banner gathering as well as places of temporary lodging or work.


Requirements for Banner Membership

The first and most important requirement for joining a Banner is to have a Co-Rank. Each Banner has a list of Co-Ranks that fit into their skillset, to demonstrate the importance of presenting a skill when representing one of the Banners. Speciality Co-Ranks are not listed on the Banners, but can however be used to meet the requirement provided players have discussed with leadership prior to their request to join a Banner, and the Speciality Co-Rank fits the theme of that particular Banner.

NOTE: Although each Banner has been given a choice of four Co-Ranks to apply, Leadership can be flexible on these. For example, if your character is a Hunter, but fits better in the Orchid Axe over the Amethyst Eye, then this can be discussed prior to your request.

Provided you have a Co-Rank, the next step is completing the additional requirement, specific to each Banner. These prompts must be 'completed' (900 words or 3 replies), before a Banner Membership request can be made. You have a choice of two different prompts for each banner, but only one needs to be completed in order to join!

The Banners

The Magenta Fang

“Focused on physical combat, protection of the pack from outside aggressors, as well as the maintenance and creation of weapons of war whether made of flesh or of earthly material.”

To hold this Banner, a member must...

  • Defend Casa di Cavalieri through physical combat, with the outcome being either killing your opponent or chasing them from Casa territory.


  • Create or fix up a weapon or piece of armour to use for yourself or for another Cavalier.
  • Earn one of the following co-ranks:
    • Guardsman
    • Stable Master
    • Blacksmith
    • Leather worker

Banner House Magenta Fang has claimed a house in the north of Wolfville.

Current Members
Lucian Marino Alyonna Hushhowl
The Orchid Axe

“Realizing that the foundation of any strong pack is based on its goods, whether physical or animal in nature. Maintaining all the mundane tasks and operations that make a pack function day-to-day.”

To hold this Banner, a member must...

  • Propose and spearhead a pack project, completing at least one IC thread towards the project.


  • Make significant repairs to buildings or constructions within Casa that are damaged.
  • Earn one of the following co-ranks:
    • Herdsman
    • Carpenter
    • Crafter
    • Groundskeeper

Banner House Orchid Axe has claimed a house in the north-west of Wolfville.

Current Members


The Indigo Shield

“Setting the wealth, welfare, and protection of the pack as paramount through forming positive relations with outsiders for trade, and setting up alliances to prevent or quickly resolve conflicts.”

To hold this Banner, a member must...

  • Trade for a large and important piece of equipment (or many smaller pieces) from a different pack or loner group.


  • Form a strong tie with someone from another pack or loner band, either by coming to their aid or earning their trust.
  • Earn one of the following co-ranks:
    • Scholar
    • Merchant
    • Sailor
    • Falconer

Banner House Indigo Shield has claimed a house in the north-east of Wolfville.

Current Members
Roza Hushhowl Asterope Seadance
The Amethyst Eye

“Life is not always black and white; there is gray that must be navigated with wisdom and caution. Intelligent creatures such as Luperci must find equally cunning ways of maintaining the status-quo, or changing it, if the need arises.”

To hold this Banner, a member must...

  • Spy and gain one interesting and unique piece of information from another pack or group.


  • Create an alias for yourself and hide your identity during an interaction with someone outside of Casa.
  • Earn one of the following co-ranks:
    • Scavenger
    • Scout
    • Hunter
    • Fisher

Banner House Amethyst Eye has claimed a house in the south-west of Wolfville.

Current Members

Eros Damaichu

The Lilac Heart

“Realizing that Luperci are spiritual, emotional, as well as physical creatures; this group is set to create an environment where all Cavaliers can achieve and maintain their best selves.”

To hold this Banner, a member must...

  • Positively influence someone’s decision making process, encouraging them to complete something that troubles them or to move them away from harmful decisions.


  • Learn more about another Cavalier, not just their name but their motivations and fears, coming to a better understanding about your peers.
  • Earn one of the following co-ranks:
    • Spiritual Advisor
    • Pup-sitter
    • Cook
    • Tailor

Banner House Lilac Heart has claimed a house east of the Town Square Market in Wolfville.

Current Members
Nilda Catori Kai Wolfe-Denahlii
The Lavender Staff

“True foundation of a pack is the health of its members; they must be strong, free of illness, well-fed, and remaining free of the fear that any of the aforementioned things will ever be lost to them.”

To hold this Banner, a member must...

  • Heal or aid in the healing of a wound.


  • Supply another Cavalier with food or herbal remedies.
  • Earn one of the following co-ranks:
    • Healer
    • Herbalist
    • Barber
    • Farmer

Banner House Lavender Staff has claimed a house in the north-west of Wolfville.