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Portland Outpost
The Outpost is Casa's off-board territory, located due west of Portland. Long-term aNPCs will be moved here.

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Quick Stats

  • Location: Portland, Maine
  • Status: Request
    • Only members of Casa di Cavalieri or those with approval from CdC leadership may roleplay in or reference this area. Threads limited to LASKY.
  • Foundation: August 2017
  • Current Leader: Aldora Knight
  • Population: 49 total
    • 49 Adults
    • 0 Puppies
  • Travel Information:
    • Distance to Casa di Cavalieri: ~430 miles (693 km) (when using land bridge)
    • Average Travel Time: ~10-13 days on foot (10 hours of travel per day at 5 mph). Especially leisurely travel may take two weeks or more. The trip would not be significantly accelerated on horseback.


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General Information

Image by Steve M.

IC History

In the Summer of 2017, the Syndicate once again attacks Casa di Cavalieri. Casa di Cavalieri is victorious in the conflict, and it is learned that the Syndicate originated from the Portland area. The current Lune,Luca , decided to send a group to set up an Outpost to both further the pack's interest in trade, and also to keep an eye out for any future Syndicate activity.

Since the year of its establishment, the amount of members coming and going to the Outpost Camp steadily increased, and in the Spring of 2021, the camp was dissolved and the members of Casa's Portland Outpost claimed an old wharf building in Portland's Old Port - this building was once the Harbor Fish Market and had been being used on and off as a fishing wharf for Luperci until Casa staked its claim.

The members of the Outpost took the next year fixed up the dilapidated building to the best of their ability, turning the many rooms within mostly into quarters for the members.

The Sylvie

During the renovation of their new claim, the members of the Portland Outpost purchased a retrofitted human sailboat from local Luperci fishermen. After a bit of sprucing up, the vessel was named "The Sylvie" in remembrance of the Outpost's longest lived member, Sylvie Agnès, who managed to make it to the ripe old age of fifteen years before passing.

The small sailboat can hold a total of five adult Luperci and can be driven by as few as two. It is seaworthy, but only in relatively calm weather. It is used solely for fishing and small trips around Portland's harbor.

IC Procedure

Characters may freely come and go to the Portland Outpost but must make the leadership in Casa di Cavalieri aware of their intentions and length of stay. Many families choose to go to Portland to start their families in a more civilized society than what Casa di Cavalieri (and Nova Scotia in general) can offer. Messengers are often hired or chosen from inside the ranks to make the couple weeks journey to the Outpost and back so that the two groups can be in healthy communication with each other.

OOC Procedure

Players have the option of requesting their aNPC character be moved to the Portland Outpost where it assumed they remain active and part of Casa di Cavalieri's society without having to worry about the 2 month aNPC policy removing their character from the board. Characters living at the Portland Outpost do rescind their title from Casa di Cavalieri proper, and will be ranked accordingly in the Outpost's hierarchy. (e.g., Cadets become Ensigns, Officers become Lieutenants)

Characters are implied to remain at the The Outpost indefinitely unless their player reaches out to leadership and requests otherwise.









Owned by: Isobel

  • Abilities: Rider trained, pull trained (not necessarily cart), war horse trained.
  • Personality: Out of the saddle, Seeker is a sweetheart that loves scratches and treats and will always 'seek' out one or the other. In the saddle he's a far more serious soul, eager to please and responsive to every command he's given.
  • Description: Thoroughbred dapple grey with black mane and tail, dark points on his legs and around his muzzle. About 16hh at the withers. Due to severe injury during the Syndicate Conflict, he has been retired as a war horse
  • Gifted to Veri by her father, Solomon .
  • Given to Isobel when she left for the Portland Outpost.


Owned by: Casa di Cavalieri

  • Abilities: rider and war trained, could also be used for stud
  • Personality: --
  • Description: Stands about 15 hands; buckskin with a white blaze and sooty muzzle, mane and tail, and legs.
  • Originally a member of the Mire herd before captured and tamed by Midnight Shores.
  • Received from Midnight Shores upon the pack's disbandment.
  • Subsequently won by Asuilaak in CdC's 2017 horse auction
  • Given back to the pack as a communal animal the end of 2018


Owned by: Everett Moreau

  • Abilities: --
  • Description: A sturdily built stallion, possibly a hybrid of various pony breeds such as Fell Pony, etc. He has a pale grey base coat, with cream highlights and a dark muzzle. Reference Image.
  • About: Docile and friendly, his temperament is closer to a gelding's than a stallion's. He loves to run and be fussed over.
  • Given to Everett as a parting gift from the group that looked after him during the end of April til late May.


Owned by: Arthur Knight

  • Abilities: Rider trained, sure footed, very fast
  • Personality: Calm, docile, not easily spooked, aloof to strangers
  • Description: Very large suspected quarter horse, buckskin colored
  • Notes: See Arthur's NPCs for more information
  • Acquired in Portland.


Owned by: Sian Damaichu

  • Abilities: Rider trained.
  • Personality: Lively, confident and loves attention. Can be mischievous and excitable when he's bored. Quick learner but can test his rider.
  • Description: Grade Horse - Amber Champagne with four white socks & minimal white on neck/in mane. 17hh.
  • Notes:
    • Good endurance; ambling gait.
    • Can carry riders up to ~220lbs
  • Born in May 2014 to Hwin, sired by Chamerion, in Cour Des Miracles. He was named Bree.
  • Skoll Haskel gifted Bree to his mate, Aurelya Shandara, in May 2016. She cared for him until her disappearance in early 2017.
  • Later gifted to Galilee, who renamed him.
  • After discussion, Galilee gave Suncatcher to Sian Damaichu in 2018.


Owned by: Zanthe Damaichu

  • Abilities: Rider trained
  • Description: Black and white mare of Gypsy Vanner ancestry, DOB 2015
  • Personality: Warm, attention seeking, compliant.
  • Notes: Gave birth to twin foals, Nick and Sally, in spring 2020
    • Gifted alongside her twin foals to Salsola by Aani Aston-D'Noires upon her joining in April 2020
    • Purchased from Whisper and Grievous Eternity as Salsola's first Thistle Market in December 2022 by Aldora Knight as a gift for her son Zanthe


Owned by: Jhiral

  • Female common raven


Owned by: Arthur Knight

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