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General Information
  • Dark Orchid (#571B7e)
  • Slate Gray (#98AFC7)
Theme Song
I See Fire
cover by Peter Hollins, original by Ed Sheeran
Founded On
21st October, 2011
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  1.   1.  Use of Gardens
    1.   1.1  Herbs
    2.   1.2  Vegetables
    3.   1.3  Fruits
    4.   1.4  Other Things
  2.   2.  Beyond the River

An example of the current gardens

Located in and around the Fort, at first the gardens of Casa appear to be an uncontrolled seething mass of plants. When looked at closer however it is possible to pick out paths and trails and some kind of organization to the area.

A poly-culture of different plants are cultivated by the Farmers and other Labor orientated members. There is a mixture of both perennial and annual plants and seeds are saved each fall for planting in the subsequent spring.

Towards the center of the gardens, a greenhouse style project is currently underway, three long ditches have been dug into the dirt that eventually will be used for faster, earlier growing of medicinal herbs and plants.

North of the river Kingston is an area of deliberately planted and grown grass used for both standing hay and for grain to be fed to livestock during the winters.

1.  Use of Gardens

  • Members are free to use these items however they see fit.
  • Adding and maintaining the gardens will be seen by leadership and higher ranked Cavaliers as a sign of good faith and contribution to the pack.
  • Please update the item quantity when you have made use of it. If you do not want to update the Wiki or cannot, please let us know to update it.
  • Here is the Souls plant guide. It holds a large list of plants, their uses and their areas to be found.

Current Plants

Item Amount Notes or Description

1.1  Herbs

Meadowsweet Small Amount This plant is extremely versatile and has several uses including, medicinal, for dye making, for flavoring or scent disguises.
Lavender Large Amount Lavender is well known for its calming effects as well as its culinary purposes.
Thyme Small Amount Used mainly for culinary purposes.
Blue cohosh Small Amount This herb is used in conjunction with other herbs and fluids for abortive and contraceptive purposes.
Mint Small Amount Has both culinary and medicinal purposes, is most often used for pain relief salves.
Marijuana Small Amount Used exclusively for medicinal purposes.

1.2  Vegetables

Carrots Large Amount
Pumpkins and Squash 5-7 plants
Potatoes Large Amount

1.3  Fruits

Apple Trees 7 mature trees Small, fragrant, but not particularly sweet or juicy fruit.
Blackberry Large Amount Used primarily for dying; this is how we get that Casa purple!
Raspberry Large Amount
Thimbleberry Medium Amount

1.4  Other Things

Maple Trees Large Amount Not located within the gardens but owned by Casa, The Sugarwood maples are tapped and used to make a sticky syrup used for sweetening and flavor.
Pine Trees Large Amount Found all around Casa, these trees are cultivated for their sap which is used as a sticky, resinous glue. It dries hard and is extremely versatile.
Various grasses Large Amount Casa grows a variety of hays and grasses to feed their livestock including Switchgrass, clover, buckwheat and regular grass.

2.  Beyond the River

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