Niamh Aisling

This character is a Pack NPC of Casa di Cavalieri. For more information regarding pNPC roleplay within Casa di Cavalieri, please see the board-wide NPC procedures.

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Niamh Aisling

by Jazzy

Niamh is an Irish born Wolfdog who chose to explore the world on her own after the disbandment of her old pack. Having always been interested in the art of speaking to spirits and searching for ghosts, Niamh was drawn from place to place to 'help' with those troubled by the dead. She found herself in Casa di Cavalieri to do just that; to free the pack from a miserable spirit. However whilst there, she felt motivated to remain to continue to help the pack in taking care of their wandering spirits as well as think of new ways to pay respects to those gone. In Niamh's opinion, there's a lot of dead folk in the Cavalier pack, so it seems like a perfect fit for the odd Irish lass.





  • Date of Birth: November 1, 2019
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Casa di Cavalieri
  • Mate: None
  • Pack: Casa di Cavalieri (01 November 2022)
  • Rank: Second Cadet
    • Co-Ranks: None yet
  • Family: Aisling
  • Birthplace: Ireland
  • Species: Wolfdog



Casa di Cavalieri members may plot and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Coming to Niamh for advice on ghosts or spirits.
  • Listening to Niamh talk about both the Faeries and ghosts, very convinced in the 'otherworldly'.
  • Allow her to perform a ritual, or help her in conducting one, to bring you good luck or deter bad spirits.

When Roleplaying with Niamh, the following things may help:

  • She speaks with a strong Irish accent, we recommend looking up how to write with an Irish accent or else simply refer to it in post. (E.g. 'Niamh spoke with a thick Irish accent')
  • Niamh has a 'Faerie Companion' in Sídhe, a decorated horse skull always found puppeted on her right hand. Sídhe 'speaks' through Niamh, usually yelling, and is much more rude and abrupt than Niamh is. (NOTE: Sídhe is not an actual Faerie, as those do not exist in 'Souls. He is likely an additional personality of Niamh, but Niamh sees him more as a magical spirit attached to her.)
  • Loves to chat and listen to stories, eager to believe even the more outlandish of tales.
  • Is almost never seen without Sídhe, only ever removing the horse skull in private.

1.  Appearance

  • Niamh is a lean wolfdog, her patterned and thick fur linking to her dog heritage. Her coat is a mixture of warm reddish-browns and creams, with her eyes a glowing and intense amber colour.
Optime: 5 ft 8 in (173 cm) ↔ 160 lbs (72 kg)
  • Scars:
    • None
  • Tattoos & Piercings:
    • None

Clothing & Accessories

  • Humanization: High
  • Clothing & Accessories: She tends to wear clothing that drapes across her, from cloaks to dark furs, with bands of cloth ties around her head to keep back her short but wild hair. The most unique aspect of Niamh's appearance is Sídhe, the 'Faerie' companion taking the form of a decorated horse skull on her right hand. This skull is always kept clean, with white rabbit fur lining the back of the skull like a short mane, a piece of dark cloth hanging down from the skull to cover Niamh's arm as she puppets it. Two pouches of sand are stuffed into the skulls eyes, along with beads to give Sídhe his 'eyes'.


  • Speech: Strong Irish accent, jolly tone, Sídhe always shouts
  • Scent: Dirt, Bones, Earthy tones
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Sídhe will click his mouth open and closed as he 'talks'. Niamh never seems to acknowledge that she's talking for him.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Relaxed body language, her right arm always seems more rigid as it holds up Sídhe.
By Nat
By Jazzy

2.  Personality

  • Outlook: Optimistic (Sídhe is Pessimistic)
  • Sociability: Extroverted
  • Expression: Submissive
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good


  • Niamh is a woman of a lot of wandering thoughts and ideas, coming out with wild and fun stories as a result and being very open-minded to all sort of ideas and beliefs. Niamh sees wonder and magic in life and death, often having little sense of the morbid side of death as it links so closely to her skillset and lifestyle. In some cases this means Niamh doesn't fear death, however isn't ready to move on just yet, seeing her job of speaking on behalf of those lost as an important role not yet complete. Not oblivious to the tragedies of others, Niamh tries her best to bring comfort to those in mourning or in distress, often relying on old rituals or inventing new ones in the hopes of bringing hope to others.

Her best friend is Sídhe, who the woman claims is a Faerie spirit possessing her right arm and a companion she has had her whole life, seeing Niamh through the darker times of life when her family fell apart. Sídhe is much more rude than Niamh although he shares the same believes and compassion as Niamh does, believing a bit more in tough love and being completely clear in his words and intentions, much to Niamh's dismay at times.

  • Likes: Chatting, stories, speaking to the dead, spirits, magic
  • Dislikes: Killing, cruelty, ignorance, disrespecting the dead

3.  Skills

  • Commune with Spirits (Journeyman)
Talking to the dead and detecting spirits is something Niamh is innately talented in, but also trained into her by her family back in Ireland. Whilst Niamh still has some things to learn, her rituals don't always work and she doesn't always connect or understand the spirits she locates, her willingness to accept other methods means she's on her way to becoming a master of the craft.
  • Herbalism (Journeyman)
Although more an expert in the knowledge of herbs that can effect the mind, Niamh knows a good few things on herbal remedies that can help with ailments, especially in teas or smoked herbs and what they can do to help.

4.  Threads

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