Nashoba Northbrook

Sex: Male
Species: Wolf (Canis Rufus)
Date of Birth:10th March 2020
Luperci: Non-Luperci

Lupus form only with a generally auburn burnt orange hue over most of his body with tan and black mixing in through his torso and legs. His head has auburn ears with a black ring on the edges and white fur inside. His forehead introduces black and gray fur mixed with tan then more auburn along the top and sides of his muzzle. He has almond shaped eyes that are the color of deep amber. Under his muzzle and down his neck to his chest and underbelly is a creamy white.

As of him turning two years old he has reached his max height in lupus at 26 inches, his body length from nose to tail tip is 52 inches and he weighs around 75lbs, which is typical of a male red wolf. Nashoba has somewhat grown into his big paws and ears, though his ears remain large to keep him cool in the hot summer months. He is slender with long legs and a long tail, with the tail being slightly more fluffy than an average red wolf.

As of now, he has not been infected with the luperci virus, so his only form is lupus.

No scars, tattoos, etc.

As a pup within the Souls verse Nashoba has historically been timid around luperci as the concept of shifting is very new to him especially coming from a pure non-luperci pack with little exposure to it. Otherwise he is very outgoing. Also loyal and protective of the few he calls friends and family. He does not tend to speak without thinking through consequences. Much of what he does is currently tied around his family's disappearance.

Now that he has been in Casa di Cavalieri for almost about a year and with everything that has happened in his past prior to Casa, it has forced him to grow up quite a bit. The two events that have affected him most are the injury and retirement of Armani who is like a surrogate mother to him and the poisoning at the Feast to celebrate the packs 10 year anniversary.

Since injury, Nashoba has grown closer to Armani since she spends a lot of time in lupus and he feels the need to look after her and protect her since she once saved his life by welcoming him with open arms into the family. The auburn man knows what it is to be a Cavalier by watching her and wanting to do right by Armani and the rest of the family.

The poisoning event that shook Casa di Cavalieri to its core, and Nashoba was no different. While he didn't get ill himself, those that he is close to did. It sparked a want inside of him to protect those he loves and cares for and has driven an increasing suspicion of loners.

Adopted Parents
Armani Catori, Dawn Hushhowl

Adopted Siblings
Nilda Catori, Lyall Hushhowl, Masie O'neil, Brannon O'neil

Nashoba's pack historically ranged in the modern day Western Carolinas and Virginia where fewer interactions with the human's past was present. Luperci was non-existent in his pack though some far reaching members may have seen one or two over the course of their lifetime.

His family was kidnapped by a luperci pack during the night whom which they had been running from for many months to the North (practically Nashoba's entire puppy life before Souls). His mother pleaded screaming for him to retreat away from the scene so he would not be discovered. When he returned for them, mustering the bravery at such a young age, his pack and family were nowhere to be found.

Traveling further North Nashoba encountered Casa di Cavalieri and is currently residing under the care of Armani and Dawn alongside the other pups under their watch as Nashoba learns what Luperci truly is and who he wants to become. He has trained and began honing his skills over the last year in tooth and claw.

After many moons and four seasons of life in the pack he has discovered that just because his family is not blood, doesn't mean they love you any less. Once shy, he is more outgoing and starting to branch out from just immediate family, looking for more friends and even potentially finding love even if that means getting the luperci virus.