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The Outpost is Casa's off-board territory, located due west of Portland. Long-term aNPCs will be moved here.

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Casa di Cavalieri's Discord link is within our Acceptance message. Only past and present players of Casa di Cavalieri characters may join CdC's chat.

This page provides some information about our Leadership, including contact information, preferred contact methods, and their character's general demeanor. Feel free to contact any leaders of Casa with any questions regarding the pack.

If you want to get in contact with ALL OF US at the same time, please send any questions or requests to the Pack Account




OOC Leader

Hello there! I'm Melissa and I have been a member on Souls since 2007. I live in Canada, where I am currently a supply teacher and work at the Disney Store. I founded Casa with Jazper Rhiannon-Knight, who was Sole from October 2011 - May 2015. After retiring Jazper, I began focusing on his grandson, Luca, as my primary character. If you have any questions about the pack or want a thread with me, please send me a PM!

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OOC & IC Leader

Hey I'm Nat! I was one of the original founders of 'Souls, and so I've been an on and off member since 2001. I'm a super-adult person who lives in Texas with a husband creature, two cats, three tarantulas, a bearded dragon, and one snek. I have a regular full-time adult job, but 'Souls is my tasty piece of cake that I get to indulge in after a long work week. My primary character is Aldora Knight, who currently a member of the Brotherhood in Casa. I also do commissions which you are more than happy to ask me about at any time! Happy RP'ing!

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OOC & IC Leader

Hello lovely people, I'm Jazzy! I've been on and off 'Souls for a few years now. I live in the far off land of England, where I work with a Dog Rescue and hope to continue working with our wonderful canine friends in the future. I have one dog of my own, as well as many dogs at my work who I like to consider as my babies, and I use any free time to 'Souls it up or plan D&D games. My primary character is Cedric Stryder, youngest son of Luca Knight and the late Lyris Stryder, a hard working young man who aims to be the best he can be for his pack and family. I am always happy to take on threads, so feel free to PM me ideas!

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Aldora is the only daughter of Callum Knight and Veyra Damaichu and has lived her entire life within Casa di Cavalieri's. After a somewhat rocky start in her youth, she was quick to rise to the ranks and claimed the title of Sola in 2019. Mostly stoic and serious, Aldora will stare one down without realizing she comes off as intimidating, though her eyes are always gentle. In truth, she is soft at heart, and loves to entertain. Even if she does not show joviality, she enjoys humor and reverie, and has a soft spot for the downtrodden. Only those who purposefully do harm (either to themselves or others) draw her ire.

Cedric is the youngest son of Luca Knight and Lyris Stryder, part of the litter leading to the matriarch's death. Racing through his youth with a passion to do his best and live by the code of the Cavaliers, Cedric jumped through ranks quickly. He became one of the youngest to ever join the Brotherhood, and served a short term as the pack’s War Lord before claiming the leadership role of Lune to rule alongside Aldora Knight following a Plot to take over the pack.