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  1.   1.  Floors
    1.   1.1  Main Level
    2.   1.2  Lower Level
    3.   1.3  Upper Level
  2.   2.  Member rooms
    1.   2.1  Upper Level
    2.   2.2  Lower Level

The Courthouse is almost entirely cement and stone construction. Coming into the main entrance of the Courthouse, you are greeted by a short central set of stairs that leads to the main level and to the side of that are two similar set of stairs leading to the lower level. Similarly, once you top the stairs leading the main level, there are dual staircases to either side leading up to the upper level. The staircases leading to the upper and lower levels are directly over one another.

1.  Floors

1.1  Main Level

The main level of the courthouse is for communal use only. Including such things as: Courtroom (vaulted ceiling, balcony seating in upper level, located at the end of the Celebration Hall), War room (a conference room with a long, wide wooden table and heavy wooden chairs as well as various maps covering the walls, both human and luperci made), Celebration Hall (vaulted ceiling, balcony on the second level- this is the main, very wide hallway through the center of the building) and kitchen. The pack's healer will also have a room available on this floor to use for their stores and as a treatment area.

1.2  Lower Level

The lower level of the courthouse is partially submerged underground, and due to several floods in the past, water-damage and water-lines are not uncommon. Rooms do have windows, though they are long and thin, high up the walls. This level contains many empty rooms that Cavaliers are free to claim. At the end of this level, halls conjoin to lead to a large room situated with an old (non-functional) heating furnace. This room doubles as the pack's armory. Countless weapons of different makes line the walls and are set on display. These weapons are open for communal pack use, though it is recommended the heavy door remained closed to prevent any curious youth from wandering in. Astride the armory lay two smaller rooms that are utilized for storage of various items.

1.3  Upper Level

The highest level of the courthouse consists of large rooms, though few in number. The upper level rooms are reserved for members of the Council and Leadership. High-ranking members may choose to use these rooms as living quarters and/or offices. The upper level also has a vaulted aisle surrounded by railings where one can look down on the Great Hall. Between the Sola and Lune's rooms, there is a balcony looking out over the courtroom.

2.  Member rooms

  • Please keep your room description to less than 100 words.
  • Rooms L1 and R1 are reserved for families with at least three occupants.
  • Rooms L2-L4 and R2-R4 are reserved for at least two occupants.
  • Center rooms are intended for single residents.
  • If you would like to claim a room but are not comfortable updating the wiki, make a request in pack maintenence, and we will update it for you!

2.1  Upper Level

ROOM Occupant Description Former Occupant(s)

West Side

Sola Aldora Knight Aldora uses this room strictly as an office. Her personal living space is in the house she shares with Minerva Griffith. However, she will often sleep here if she wants extra privacy. The room is a large office lined with windows, the largest of which looks down at the gardens; it is warm, bright, and cozy. Jazper, Alistair, Lyris
War Lord --
  • Clean, neat, and organized, everything has its place. The room has a large wooden desk with several bookshelves all pushed up directly against the wall behind it. There is a chair for the desk, two chairs that sit opposite of the desk, and a sofa lines the wall that has the room's window. A long, large table is pressed up against the opposite wall (the one that is shared with the outside hallway). On this same wall, there are various maps of the pack's territory as well as areas known beyond it and a rough estimation of the location of other packs. Several weapons racks can be found lined against the remaining wall space, and various weapons, shields, or armors can be found throughout the room in general.
Teagan Stryder, Lorenzo, Cedric Stryder
Lead Diplomat -- -- --
Keeper of Whispers -- -- --

East Side

Lune Cedric Stryder

Cedric only uses this room for a quiet place to speak to worried pack-mates. It has a well-made bed with a fur rug over the top for someone to sit on, as well as a clean desk and chair where Cedric usually sits. Although it is fairly bare, the Lune tries to keep it looking lived in by storing some of his collectables and tokens from his childhood in there, such as his old and now broken shield and some stones from the Fort wall.

Luca Knight
Pack Advisor -- Aldora Knight, Wayne, Sebastian
Labor Head Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii
  • A long, old wooden desk and chair occupies one edge of the room.
  • A rudimentary map of Fort Kingsbury can be found tacked to one wall.
Lyris, Luca
Chief Cleric Veri Secanti

Veri uses this room strictly as her office/additional medicinal storage. Her personal living space is her house in the Fort where she lives with Rurik and her various children.

  • Various bookshelves line the walls for herbal storage, both dried and fresh, some poisons are kept here as well so newer Healers don't mistake it for medicine.
  • Two cots are pushed against the wall, used for extremely sick patients who might need to be quarantined. On this same wall is also a chaise lounge couch.
  • A desk sits next to the window for natural light during the day, facing the door with two chairs for guests and one for herself. On it she keeps track of notes for what herbs they have in store and what the farmer should have in production. Also this is where she keeps notes on the expertise level of any pack healers, and how many they currently have in training compared to those who hold the Medic corank.

2.2  Lower Level

ROOM Occupant Description Former Occupant(s)

West Side

L1 Night, Remus Knight -- Aveline, Darkness, Hartt, Dusk, Dawn
L2 --
  • A room with a twin bed with a metal frame
  • Near the twin is a tall wardrobe and next to it is a desk and chair
Iorek, Riley
L3 Day Hushhowl
  • Small twin size bed, metal frame, with a few blankets
  • Nails in the wall beside the door for cloaks and weapons
  • Shelf on wall
  • Small desk with 4 drawers and a old wooden stool
Raoth, Veri, Minerva
L4 Ezra Vahn, Fiora vin Vahn, Fiorenza vin Vahn, Arrow Lee, Orin Knightsong
  • Wooden frame, straw mattress bed. Three makeshift beds of fur on the floor.
  • Wall hooks for cloaks next to the door
  • Wooden stool in the back, left corner of the room.
  • Small chest of drawers across from the bed
  • Small table next to the bed, and an empty, wooden bowl.
Rurik, Eldesia, Asuilaak, Shtiya, Dawn Hushhowl, Armani Catori


CL1 Izrian Firebringer
  • It has a twin-sized mattress in the corner of the room. Next to it is a simple bedside table with a drawer.
Aniki, Nadia, Lycaon
CL2 Eros Damaichu
  • Simple straw mattress in the corner
  • Lonely and empty, with a smoke-stain on the ceiling
  • Smells of weed
Dixie-May, Wayne, Luca, Lyris, Guinevere
CL3 Keelan Kearney
  • A pile of furs is set up in the corner furthest from the door, saddlebags sitting open next to them
  • Various projects litter the floor.
  • The room is tidy, with piles of fur and blankets in one corner.
  • Various scavenged or otherwise salvaged furniture such as a simple desk are found in another corner.
  • A small drawer sits next to the desk, it smells of herbs and wood.
Everett, Nora Knight
CR1 Nazar?
  • One pelt bed is on the ground opposite the door.
  • The room is eerily empty
Callum, Veri, Zetsubou, Dusk Hushhowl, Borya Hushhowl
CR2 Sian Damaichu
  • A small bed in the corner piled high with blankets.
  • At the foot of the bed is a trunk full of clothing and scraps of cloth for future projects.
  • On the opposing wall is a small table with a chair and a candle where Rumpa often sits in the evening to read or finish his work.
Adelle, Alister, Lola, Rumpa Nightshade
  • A simple twin sized bed with one blanket is pushed up with the headboard in the middle of a wall. On one side, there's a nightstand which he props his cane against.
  • A chest of drawers seems to dominate the room as it appears to be vomiting enough clothing to dress the whole pack. They're scattered across the floor and draped on the bed. They're consuming everything.
Larus, Valerie, Thyri, Arlen
CR4 Theodora
  • Simple, relatively empty room. Has a simple bed and a small table.
  • Dusty, as nobody has made residence here in a while.
  • Small dresser with two drawers.

East Side

R1 Tessa de la Croix, Margeaux de la Croix
  • The room is fairly sparse with a few belongings moved in.
  • There is a pile of furs on each side of the room, which appears to be divided in two with an imaginary line.
Alexander, Teagan, Indi, Makoto
R2 -- -- Alistair
R3 Jamie O'Neil
  • A large queen mattress, with many furs on it for warmth and comfort
  • There is a wooden desk and a small wooden chair on the side of the room.
Nyx Moonhunt
R4 Wally Sherman
  • Twin sized mattress on the floor with a quilt and a small folded blanket used as a pillow with many furs adorning it for warmth and comfort.
  • Small wooden stand
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