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1.  Introduction

Throughout the years, Casa has aimed to improve the pack lands to perfection, constantly looking to upgrade or otherwise better the pack's territory. These ideas don't just come from the minds of the leaders however, as it is encouraged for Cavaliers to be innovative themselves and think of brand new ideas. Pack Projects can range from small improvements to the lives of Cavaliers, to larger projects that can change the landscape of Casa and bring in new trade, materials or bring in guests!

2.  Guidelines

Anyone can propose for a Pack Project to take place, however there is a limit of two active Pack Projects at any given time. To suggest a Pack Project, you can send the form below to the Casa Leadership account via PM for approval.

Pack Project Form

Project Title: What is the project called?

Dates for Project: When is the estimated time for the project to begin and end?

Location for Project: Where in the Casa territory will this project take place?

Details of the Project: Please explain here what the Project hopes to create, what it will bring to Casa, and what kind of materials or work will be needed to complete it.

Project Leader: Who will lead this project? Both IC and OOC needed.

Project Hands: Who is volunteering to help with the project? Both IC and OOC needed, and additional hands can be added as the project goes on.

If a Pack Project is approved, then the leadership will give a number for the amount of threads related to the Pack Project that will be needed in order for the project to be considered a success. It is recommended that these threads are spread out throughout the time taken for the project, and each thread must reach 900 words or 3 replies from a Project Hand in order to be considered finished.

3.  Current Pack Projects

3.1  The Vahn Mill Project (Threads Needed: 1/8 Completed)

3.2  The Beehive Multiplication (0/3 Threads)

  • Dates of Project: November 2022 to February 2023
  • Location of Project: Fort Kingsbury & Wolfville
  • Details of Project: Casa's bee population has filled the available space in the already existing beehives, to profit off of this, Caspian proposes to build 10 more hives out of scavenged materials over the winter, in hopes to capture the swarms come spring and transport the newly established hives to Wolfville. Zasha will be in charge of scavenged materials for the new hives. Knowledge of the process and labor will come from Caspian with the assistance of Honrin.
  • Project Leader: OOC - Jace & Mayta | IC - Caspian Knight & Zasha Hushhowl
  • Project Hands: Caspian Knight, Zasha Hushhowl, Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii, Pushok, Zetsubou, Lucian Marino, Pontifex Troy Lykoi.

4.  Completed Projects