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Asterope Seadance
by Nat

Credit: Nat

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Asterope Seadance (a-STER-o-pee SEE-danse) is a member of Casa di Cavalieri, ranked as a Valiant. They hold the co-ranks of Master Scholar and Master Herbalist. They are an ambassador to the Court of Fangs and Master of Poisons in Casa di Cavalieri's Brotherhood.

Asterope Seadance is a scholar and herbalist raised in a semi-feral pack of the Seadance family far to the west. Following rumors of stories and peoples passed down from a the family matriarch, Echo Seadance, Asterope traveled east to Casa di Cavalieri, where they are now working in service to Casa di Cavalieri's goals of honor and defense.

Basic Information
Biographical Information
  • Date of Birth: 01 October 2020
  • Birthplace: British Columbia (Seadance Pack)
  • Etymology:
    • Asterope: Lightning, also refers to one of the 3,000 Oceanids, water-nymph daughters of the Titans Oceanus and Tethys (Greek)
    • Seadance: A delightfully self-explanatory compound surname (English)
  • Nickname: Aster, Astropop
  • Alias: N/A
  • Epithet: (Not cool enough for this.)
Physical Description
  • Sex: Male
  • Pronouns: They/them
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species: Wolf
  • Subspecies:
    • 50% Canis lupus occidentalis (Mackenzie Valley Wolf)
    • 25% Canis lupus columbianus (British Columbian Wolf)
    • 25% Canis lupus crassodon (Vancouver Island Wolf)
  • Family: Seadance
  • Pack: Casa di Cavalieri
  • Rank: Valiant (Mar 2024 – Present)
    • Sworn (Jan 2024 – Mar 2024)
    • First Officer (Oct 2023 – Jan 2024)
    • Second Officer (Sep 2023 – Oct 2023)
    • First Cadet (Mar 2023 – Sep 2023)
    • Second Cadet (Jan 2023 – Mar 2023)
    • Recruit (Nov 2022 – Jan 2023)
  • Co-ranks:
    • Master Scholar
    • Master Herbalist
NPC Information
  • cNPC: N/A
  • Minor NPCs:
    • N/A

Casa di Cavalieri members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Common knowledge; i.e. rank, name, knowing they're a Cavalier, having seen them “around”
  • Knowing that Asterope is…
    • …a scholar and herbalist
    • …practicing healing arts
    • …responsible for recordkeeping
  • Seeing Asterope…
    • …working in Memorial Library, the Courthouse's library in the lounge, or their workshop in Wolfville
    • …generally being helpful and curious
    • …walking around with their nose in a book very impractically

For anything else or anything specific, please ask before making assumptions regarding this character.

Plot Opportunities
  • For Cavaliers
    • Ask Asterope to help your character learn to read, care for books, or work in the garden.
    • Request assistance for a task or co-rank.
    • Seek herbs or treatment for a minor ailment.
  • For Others
    • Find Asterope at their shop in Wolfville and see if they can help with your scholarly or medicinal needs.
    • Engage with a friendly stranger.

1.  Characteristics

1.1  Appearance


Asterope's thick, bristling fur is the color of deep walnut wood that brightens to mahogany around the eyes and saddle in lupine form, with darker accents around the cheek ruffs, eyes, and muzzle. A lighter patch also adorns the center of their chest. Their eyes are a cheerful, pale jade. In optime form, Asterope sports a short, playful tuft of fur for hair that swoops up in a gentle, feathery crest. They are well-groomed and prefer to dress in practical, rough-spun clothes of somber greens, browns, and creams if clothing is required for the occasion, but most often, Asterope is found in nothing at all (except perhaps a quill and ink). Standing about 7’, they are lithe and lean of figure with elegant limbs well-suited toward dexterous activities like writing, sewing, painting, weaving, and dancing. Asterope's tendency toward feral hunting and living has added a layer of functional, sturdy muscle to their lanky physique. Asterope has a long, expressive face that’s as quick to smile as to knit in an expression of contemplation. They move a bit like a hummingbird, zooming quickly from place to place and hovering momentarily before moving on to tend something else. Asterope can also be found curled snail-like over a stack of records, stories, or specimens, and is very still in these moments, fully absorbed by the content at hand.



  • Lupus: 39 in (99 cm) ↔ 107 lbs (~48 kg)
  • Secui: 49 in (~124 cm) ↔ 170 lbs (~77 kg)
  • Optime: 7 ft (84 in / ~213 cm) ↔ 280 lbs (127 kg)


Asterope has a small knife scar on their left thigh, as well as several other small, negligible scars around their hands, arms, and legs from a lifetime of hunting, foraging, and other mundane activities.

Tattoos & Piercings:


  • Speech: Pleasant light tenor that's usually cautious and casual; Asterope's vocabulary oscillates between erudite and colloquial frequently and freely depending on the situation
  • Unique Scent: Paper, oak gall, prey blood, earth, salt
  • General Posture and Body Language: In optime, gentle and careful, conscious of their size and intent to avoid seeming frightening or unwieldly; in secui or lupus, confident and easy, neutral but not dominant
Coloration Palette


Irish Coffee (#5F3D26)
Cola (#422500)
Eclipse (#311C17)
Coffee Bean (#2A140E)
Karaka (#1E1609)

Optime Hair

Cola (#422500)


Pastel Green (#90EE90)

Scars, Nose/Pawpads/Claws

Tan (#D2B48C)
Black (#000000)

1.2  Personality

Summarized: Erudite, articulate, gentle, cautious, studious, meticulous, anxious, patient, empathetic, playful, investigative

Asterope is best described as curious but reserved. A scholar at heart, they enjoy observation and research as well as rich discussion. They believe play is an integral part of learning and appreciate others with adventurous attitudes. Whether it’s attempting to recover generational recipes, hypothesizing about the attitudes of the past, documenting current customs, charting genealogy, or contemplating the changes of the future, Asterope loves engaging with ideas and the processes of documentation, experimentation, and record keeping. However, when in the physical presence of a text collection, Asterope can be comparatively aloof, meticulous, and even tetchy--this is especially true with pups in the vicinity, who must be taught proper etiquette in order to preserve the wisdom of the ancients. While good texts should be read, they should also be appropriately tended and valued. They have a fondness for novelty, an excellent turn of phrase, and quiet co-working. They're much less fond of disrespect for community values, rash decision-making, and messiness. Asterope enjoys a multitude of personality types, but genuineness is a must. Asterope is offput by moral ambiguity and evasiveness. They love ceremony, celebration, and tradition, though they also very much value challenging established codes from the stance of constantly striving for better for the community.

  • Motivations: To be dependable, helpful, understanding, and kind
  • Fears: That they will fail, accidentally hurt someone, or disappoint those they care about
  • Likes: Healthy debate, organization, curiosity, experimentation, kindness
  • Dislikes: Cruelty, thoughtlessness, dishonesty
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
    • Will support their family even if it means personal discomfort.
    • Believes everyone should be treated fairly and kindly.
    • Considers the needs of the community in personal life.
    • Will take actions to aid others during times of crisis, even if unprofitable to do so.
  • No Significant Biases: Asterope tries very hard to take everyone as they are, so they give everyone a chance to present themselves before passing judgement (which is usually heavily caveated with a high degree of empathy).
  • 5 on the Kinsey scale: "Predominantly homosexual, only incidentally heterosexual."
    • Asterope does not spend time thinking about sex all that much, but does often think about love. For Asterope, trust, affection, safety, and shared values are important prerequisites to anything else.

Asterope has an interest in lore, history, and stories as part of their engagement with scholarship; it's easy for them to understand and respect the religious and spiritual beliefs of others as a result, but they tend toward quiet magical and religious skepticism.


The closest Asterope comes to substances is being willing to test out non-lethal, experimental poisons on themself. They have been persuaded to drink before, but they're generally unwilling to engage in any kind of substance use, and can most commonly be found drinking tea.

1.3  Skills

Note: Listed skills are those that the character has some significant talent or interest in to be noteworthy. Skills that have been mastered (and are best expressed as such) are marked.

Main Focus: Scholarship and Pharmakon
  • Scholar:
Asterope is actively engaged in the many facets of scholarship including paper making, book binding and repair, illumination, and record keeping. Their strengths are book binding, repair, and illumination, though their paper making is fair, and their record keeping is as organized as those who came before. They document pack members who rise to the Brotherhood ranks, make recordings of ceremonies, and help flesh out prominent family genealogies as they develop each season.
  • Poisons and Cures:
In the effort to continue building on the pharmacopoeia available to them, Asterope has endeavored to understand all that's possible about poisons, antidotes, and their administration. Along the way, Aster has discovered that the line between medicines and poisons is often fine, and has sought to expand their understanding of both to the benefit of their packmates and loved ones. Their endeavors include developing a non-lethal paralytic, practicing poison detection, and understanding curative or palliative doses of different substances depending on the relevant indication and the size of the luperci in need of treatment.
  • Gardening:
Related to poisons and cures, Asterope has cultivated a "poison" garden and tends to it diligently in addition to tending Casa's gardens to ensure they have ample supply of fresh, seasonal herbs. Relatedly, they often pick and dry herbs to ensure there is a static supply of available materials with which to create poultices, teas, tinctures, or other mixtures, dependent on intended route of administration and the needs of specific luperci.
Auxiliary Skills and Hobbies
  • Storytelling:
Asterope very much enjoys the creativity and communal nature of storytelling. Their love of words and willingness to engage complex moral and philosophical conundrums has drawn them to the tropes and literary devices that stories use to help explain the world. Because of this, Aster often has stories that apply to various scenarios, or stories primed to evoke specific emotions. They sometimes use these creative fictions as lenses through which to understand real-life problems.
  • Investigative Experimentation:
As it relates to substances and the body, Asterope is keenly curious to better understand how luperci respond to various substances and in what doses, and they're willing to test their ideas both on non-luperci and themself. Generally, this lends them toward an investigative disposition, and when left to their own devices, Asterope has a tendency to run away with questions and what-ifs about whatever subject is at hand.
  • Shifting:
Asterope is most often in secui form outside of the libraries or their workshop, and has invested time and energy into shifting arts, in part spurred by stories, myths, and legends of luperci capable of highly refined shifting. They keep a text in Memorial Library on the subject, detailing legends as well as their philosophy and method to heightening control over their shifting. Though bound like a book, it's more of a journal, also documenting Asterope's process and journey into understanding their multi-faceted form and changing shapes.
  • Poetry and Love Letters:
Related to feeling, sentimentality, and communication, Asterope has recently been trying their hand at poems and love letters. Despite their logical mind, they remain a creature of immense sensitivity and feeling, and look forward to exploring these aspects of the lived experience with those who are open to sharing.

2.  History

CHAPTER 1 / Salt and Sun
Seadance Pack
Duration: Oct 2020 – Nov 2022

Asterope hails from a land further north and has come south seeking the remnants of a curious community that their great-great grandmother, Echo, once told her children about. Asterope was weaned through multiple generations on Echo's stories of strife, triumph, love, and loss; her gentle nature permeated the stories in spite of her passing, and the stories’ romanticism encouraged Asterope's curiosity and intellectual flexibility from a young age. Through Echo’s inherited stories, they fell in love with the written word as well as the spoken, fixating on the act of recording stories, songs, records, and other information, as well as the arts of preparing paper, parchment, and hide for these purposes. Asterope began to collect the stories of others, especially the mythic and fantastical that alluded to a vivid world of the past and a rich tradition of imagined spaces. Asterope has three siblings—Melinoe, Chrysothemis, and Polyxo—who are from the same litter, each of different temperaments. Melinoe is an ethereal, mysterious, and grim soul; Chrysothemis is noble, bawdy, and bold; and Polyxo is generous, patient, and mischievous. Asterope’s parents are Syrinx, an impressive archer and stern soul, and Cassiel, a loyal and devoted protector, who remain in their community Asterope has left behind. Asterope has also been told of distant, likely deceased kin—Tobias, Konane, and Fineas—who are half siblings of one of Syrinx’s grandparents from Echo’s line. With promises to find ways to ensure communication between them and their family, Asterope also left behind an impressive, if piecemeal, text collection to forge new bonds and perhaps find opportunities to read new, unknown texts.

CHAPTER 2 / Seeker
Casa di Cavalieri
Duration: Nov 2022 – Present
Ranks: Valiant (Mar 2024 – Present)
  • Sworn (Jan – Mar 2024)
  • First Officer (Oct 2023 – Jan 2024)
  • Second Officer (Sep – Oct 2023)
  • First Cadet (Mar – Sep 2023)
  • Second Cadet (Jan – Mar 2023)
  • Recruit (Nov 2022 – Jan 2023)
Co-Ranks: • Master Scholar

• Master Herbalist


CHAPTER 3 / ???


CHAPTER 4 / ???

See Thread Archive? for individual threads »

3.  Relationships

  • Extended Family: Kali
  • Great-Great Grandmother: Echo Seadance
  • Great Grand Uncle: Tobias Seadance
  • Great Grand Aunt: Konane Seadance
  • Great Grand Uncle: Fineas Seadance
  • Mother: Syrinx Seadance
  • Father: Cassiel Goodgallows
  • Littermates:
    • Melinoe Seadance (Sister)
    • Chrysothemis Seadance (Brother)
    • Polyxo Seadance (Sister)
Other Relations
  • Odysseus is one of Asterope's dearest friends and confidants. Odysseus first showed Aster how to be a Cavalier and helped to train them in daggers so they are not completely martially useless, though their skills are now generally unpracticed and underused in favor of more intellectual pursuits. Asterope trusts Odie implicitly, and thinks he is the best amongst the Cavaliers, as he consistently illustrates bravery and a suave charm that helps him avoid the worst situations, though Asterope is certain Odysseus is capable of gliding or cutting his way through all of life's challenges as he pleases.
  • Nikamew is an unlikely friend and potential romantic interest. Asterope enjoys Nik's spitfire personality, honest display of emotions, willingness to engage in play, and rejection of the way Asterope has a tendency to overcomplicate things. Nikamew has been a steadying force in Asterope's life with his clearer perspectives and willingness to take things as they come rather than worrying over the dreads of unwritten futures, and he's provided surprising affection and joy to Asterope's life.
  • Roman, a kindred spirit in many ways to Asterope, has been something like a ward to Aster, who has taken the boy under their wing for whatever scholarly endeavors he's shown interest in. Asterope deeply appreciates Roman's kindness, brightness, good humor, and gentle nature, as well as his intellectual curiosity. Helping foster Roman's interests has also helped Asterope see the value of their role within Casa di Cavalieri.
  • Lucina has been Asterope's reliable partner in experimentation and observation of poisons. She has been helpful, kind, curious, and trustworthy.
  • Eros, Casa di Cavalieri's Keeper of Whispers and a Master of Stealth in the Brotherhood, has been part of many of Asterope's most intense experiences, and presents a challenging moral perspective that Asterope finds simultaneously fascinating, valuable, and frustrating.
Past Relations (Show)
  • Characters WAS something significant (positive OR negavitve), but they are now dead/left the pack or board/are otherwise no longer in contact with character.
  • Characters WAS something significant (positive OR negavitve), but they are now dead/left the pack or board/are otherwise no longer in contact with character.

3.1  Post Log & Archives

Note: Threads below are listed in chronological order of their initial post dates, and may not reflect their exact story chronology (see individual threads for backdating notes).



Asterope joins Casa di Cavalieri after a long journey traveling from the Seadance pack.


  1. Picking Up the Threads
    Asterope is greeted by Cedric Stryder and is welcomed into Casa di Cavalieri.
  2. Tickling the Ivories
    Asterope meets Pandora Knight for the first time.
  3. Branching Out
    In an effort to become a better Cavalier, Asterope begins practicing dagger fighting, and first meets Odysseus, who begins formally tutoring Asterope.


January - February

Asterope settles into Casa di Cavalieri and begins finding their place as a scholar. Asterope also makes a connection with the Court of Fangs.


  1. Charting a Maze
    Asterope is reorganizing Memorial Library and gets some help from their packmate, Petrichor.
  2. Watching you like a hawk.
    Wandering close to Casa's territory, Asterope runs into a lone pop, Zoltan Haskel, and stays with him to make sure he's okay before his father, Oberyn Haskel, comes to collect his pup.
  3. But tomorrow is tomorrow, we're here right now
    Exploring nearby territories, Asterope happens upon Lorien Coara, and the two exchange pleasantries and allusions to family stories before Lorien offers to take Asterope home.
  4. Loosening Ends
    Asterope makes paper by the Weeping Lake in Casa's territory in pursuit of their scholar co-rank..
    Asterope comes upon Lotai Stryder making something, and ends up with an unexpected and beautiful gift.
  6. You've shared your heart, now share your oath
    Asterope attends and documents Kai's induction into the Brotherhood in pursuit of their scholar co-rank.
  7. Whiskers in a crystal jar
    Asterope attends and documents Parzival's induction into the Brotherhood in pursuit of their scholar co-rank.

March - April

Asterope continues settling in and making connections with their packmates, striving to help others with their tasks and remain useful. For the first time, Asterope also makes a connection with another pack, Del Cenere Gang, and begins a relationship with the loner band, The Court of Fangs.


  1. Start looking at the edges of leaves
    Near the Pictou River, Asterope first encounters Anders Holt and his companion, Crow, after Anders manages to climb out of the river, having accidentally fallen in.
  2. Tapas
    Aldora Knight, Lucina Willow, and Asterope share new tapas and get to know one another.
  3. a moment that can't last
    Wandering close to home, and interested in the strange creatures that are horses, Asterope encounters Whisper Eternity, and they examine a herd of horses together.
  4. The best babysitter
    Parzival is tending to his younger siblings, the most recent litter of Cedric and Kai, and Asterope comes to assist.
  5. Shaping Up
    Odysseus continues his tutelage of Asterope in the dagger.
  6. Offering
    To join the Indigo Shield within Casa di Cavalieri, Asterope travels to the Del Cenere Gang hoping to trade some of their paper, where they meet Maria Soledad and Alonso.
  7. A House to Call Home
    Out exploring, Asterope runs into the disguised Eden de le Ulrich in Amherst.
  8. Run of the Mill
    Asterope assists Arrow, Lucian, and Ezra build the paper mill.

May - August

There is a stake-out and rescue mission regarding one of Casa's own lost sons, Orca Munroe, in which Asterope helps scout the slavers that have held him captive. Asterope also reconnects with the Court of Fangs. Asterope turns their attentions toward home and Casa di Cavalieri, pursuing their co-ranks and assisting their packmates.


  1. The forest is watching
    Parzival and Asterope engage in a stealth mission, performing reconaissance as part of the attempt to rescue Orca Munroe.
  2. souls like the wheels
    During an exploration, Asterope comes across some hot springs near La Roja, and there meets Túrin Kali and his sister, Pine. After surviving Pine's attempt to flirt with them, Asterope shares a story.
  3. No one ever said elves are nice.
    Oberyn and Asterope meet again, share philosophies, and learn about one another. Oberyn invites Asterope to tell a story at the Court of Fangs.
  4. [M] Spare the sympathy, everybody wants to be my enemy
    Investigating what Gaspesia has to offer, Asterope helps take down prey with Karizma Mercedes, and although she seems displeased at first, the two manage to come to an agreement over their shared meal.
  5. Sowing Seeds
    With Kai's permission and assistance, Asterope adds more mint to Casa's garden in pursuit of their herbalist co-rank.
  6. [M] You float like a feather in a beautiful world
    Pandora, slightly intoxicated, comes to Asterope to ask for help writing a love letter; Aster obliges.
  7. Wild Beyond Wonder
    Asterope assists Roza Hushhowl in pursuit for her falconry co-rank.
  8. Wending Our Way
    Asterope gathers herbs for Pasha in pursuit of their herbalist co-rank.
  9. My Kind's Your Kind; I'll Stay the Same
    Enlil is working on their cartography, and Asterope helps.
  10. Close your eyes as flower cups
    Near Casa di Cavalieri in Flanders Fields, Asterope runs into Nikamew Sycamore from the Court of Fangs. They discuss their philosophies of how best to live life, and begin an unlikely but affectionate friendship.
  11. Tinker Toys
    Asterope branches out of their comfort zone to help Maddie with her smithing, and they discuss weapons.
  12. Tea Time
    Although skeptical, Asterope sits for a tea reading with Niamh.
  13. The History of Me
    Asterope has a brief encounter with Ambrose Griffith, a recent addition to Casa, but one with strong family ties.
  14. Manner of Life
    Contemplating the ethics of animal captivity, Asterope talks to Sam about their thoughts and feelings.


Asterope turns their attentions toward home and Casa di Cavalieri, pursuing their co-ranks and assisting their packmates. In addition, their intellectual pursuits and interest in herbalism turn Asterope's mind to poisons, specifically, developing a paralytic to avoid having to kill.


  1. Building Better
    Joern and Asterope participate in rebuilding part of Wolfville's Waterfront Village, and Asterope patiently attempts to learn basic carpentry from their skilled packmate.
  2. Voidfish
    Lorien visits Wolfville and reconnects with Asterope.
  3. Nature Has Left this Tincture in the Blood
    While gathering ingredients to make a poison in pursuit of their Brotherhood induction, Asterope encounters a mysterious stranger (Egregore Prizmov, who is disguised).
  4. Turn Him into Stars and Form a Constellation in His Image
    Enlil, Odysseus, Cherry, and Asterope get together to chart stars, assisting Odysseus in pursuit of his navigation co-rank.
  5. Neon Fruit Supermarket
    With the help of Victor Redsmith, a wandering visitor, Asterope learns more about what the forest has to offer in terms of medicines and poisons in pursuit of their herbalist co-rank.
  6. Dark notes in a symphony.
    Asterope and Zoltan reconnect, and Zo sorts out what his title will be as he enters into the adult ranks of the Court of Fangs.
  7. An Ounce of Prevention
    Asterope transfers bayberry from their garden in Flanders Field to Casa's garden in pursuit of their herbalist co-rank.
  8. An Favor Amongst Friends
    As Asterope continues to research and refine their paralytic, they ask a packmate, Lucina, to observe them while they test it on themself.
  9. The Art of Book Making
    Asterope finishes and contributes a book about book making to Memorial Library's holdings in pursuit of their scholar co-rank.
  10. Curios and Cures
    Visiting Starhaven's gardens, Asterope encounters Toraberā Tanaka, and they talk herbs.
  11. Charming a Feathered Serpent
    Asterope attempts to learn more about Casa di Cavalieri's relationship with Salsola from Cedric.
  12. Refined Shifting
    Asterope adds their stories, philosophies, and experiences of refined shifting into a text added to Memorial Library in pursuit of their scholar co-rank.
  13. A Tongue Tipt with Poison
    Asterope encounters the mysterious stranger (Egregore Prizmov) again after agreeing to meet to discuss poisons.
  14. Starlit Wishes
    Curious about stars, Asterope climbs into one of Casa's towers, only to find Guinevere Callow-Knight and her daughter, Jalsie, discussing and practicing guardsmanship.
  15. Darkness Falls Across the Land; The Midnight Hour is Close at Hand
    Invited by Oberyn, Asterope tells a spooky story to the Court of Fangs to welcome autumn.

October - November

Asterope takes a luperci life for the first time, and rededicates themself to the pursuit of understanding and curing poisons and other wounds. Asterope participates in Casa's Spirits Passing tradition and learns its origins.

  1. The First Step of Many
    Casa di Cavalieri names mentors for Roman, Jayce, Teemo, Nimue, Jalsie, Ayla, Luca and Emrys, and Asterope attends and documents.
  2. I'm my mother's savage daughter
    Wandering in Mirage Glade, Asterope runs into Antheia Hybanthus in the fog.
  3. [M] Look Both Ways
    Asterope accidentally runs into Eros while he is tracking two suspicious loners into the pack; unwilling to leave Eros to potential danger, Asterope finds themself embroiled in an unanticipated conflict in which they take a luperci life for the first time.
  4. All Ye Rascals
    Wandering into the Five Shields Pup, Asterope attempts to connect with other packmates.
  5. [M] Life Lessons
    Young Nimue learns that the natural world is harsh, but Asterope attempts to ease the pain of that with a commemorative poem for a deceased mouse.
  6. [M] Raindrops on a blustery day
    In the medics' office in Casa's Courthouse, Asterope, Kai, and Yrsa discuss cures as Aster pursues their herbalist co-rank.
  7. And my aim is fair.
    Asterope helps Roman obtain his Yellow Shield, and the pair bond over books and having gentle natures.
  8. Garden of Earthly Delights
    Asterope solidifies the poison garden they have been working on in Flander's Fields in pursuit of their herbalist co-rank.
  9. You Can Only Find the Right Way After You Lost It
    While he's taking a nap in Mirage Glade, Asterope stumbles upon Manitou King.
  10. A Thread of Investment
    In Wolfville, Asterope trades herbs for needles with Laird Beautrix, a friendly loner and merchant.
  11. The ghosts sing me songs of the past
    Cedric shares with Asterope how Casa di Cavalieri was accidentally poisoned by a well-meaning but negligent band of entertainers, whose spirits are now tethered to the pack.
  12. Blue and coral-banded shells stick beneath each claw
    Intent on having fun, Nikamew arrives at Asterope's invitation to explore the Shattered Coast. The two bond further, and each takes a memento of their adventure home with them.
  13. Starspun stitches, echoing hollows
    Lotai and Asterope reconnect after Lotai's long seclusion.
  14. [M] The Ingredients of Our Poisoned Chalice to Our Own Lips
    Asterope tests their paralytic on themself with Lucina's help in pursuit of their Master of Poisons position in the Brotherhood.
  15. You Knew But You Could Never Say
    Odie and Asterope reconnect at the Five Shields Pub; Asterope tells Odysseus about their recent poison test, and Odie seems upset; they part amicably but ultimately in distress, and Asterope feels many things are left unsaid.
  16. [M] out in the garden where we planted the seeds
    While exploring Mount Oromocto and trying to mentally and emotionally recover, Asterope runs into Luna and Fury, and offers to assist them in hunting.
  17. Maybe I am; Maybe I'm not
    Arrow and Asterope decorate masks for the Spirits Passing event.
  18. The way to a wolf's heart.
    Asterope helps Roman and Pasha prepare a feast for the Spirits Passing event.
  19. Long Live the Weeds and the Wildness Yet
    Contemplating the categorization of things and their value, Asterope weeds the Silent Meadow around the stone circles, encountering Mirabel Rivera.
  20. We will remember always, like the sky remembers the stars
    Asterope attends a Spirits Passing ceremony of paying respects to those who have moved on.
  21. Dance to the ghost song
    Asterope attends a Spirits Passing ceremony of a light-hearted dance with packmates.
  22. Memories Old and New
    Asterope attends a Spirits Passing ceremony of commemorative feast with packmates.
  23. [M] The Silent Language of Grief
    Pandora and Asterope trek to find new and interesting plants, but both of them, for different reasons, struggle with their current mental state.


As Asterope recovers emotionally and throws themself into their work, they decide to attend the Thistle Market, eager to see what others have to offer and to see whether there is interest in their goods for trade.

  1. Cry for me sky
    Returning from a hunt gone awry, Kenta Sandersen is wounded, and Asterope helps him by cleaning and stitching his wound, putting to use some of their new cure-oriented concoctions.
  2. Fine Shrine
    As part of Casa's Spirits Passing tradition, Asterope, Pandora, and Roman meet up, dressed as faeries, to cause mischief at Odie's house.
  3. Strange Hours Through My Fingers
    Preparing for their induction into the Brotherhood as Master of Poisons, Asterope reflects on their time in and contributions to the pack at the Steam Baths.
  4. resin of treasure starts from every vein
    Anders and Asterope reconnect at the Thistle Market, and Aster gives Anders some spore prints. They discuss their common interests in herbalism.
  5. [M] A Whirl of Words
    Luca Damaichu tries to study in the library, and after losing his temper and throwing a book (destroying it), Asterope first warns Luca that he could be expelled from the library before helping Luca find his patience again.
  6. failed at maths
    At the Thistle Market, Asterope connects with the charismatic Rohan Heartsong, and they agree to trade Aster's poetry for a stay at the Starhaven Inn.
  7. Queen takes rook.
    Asterope encounters Eriz Prizmov (disguised as Opal) at the Thistle Market and they discover a mutual interest in medicines and experimentation while dancing around the topic of poisons.
  8. Outta Sorts, Outta Water
    Whisper and Asterope reconnect; Aster learns she's a Salsolan. Asterope exchanges decorative paper in exchange for Whisper helping them be braver in the presence of horses.
  9. Greatest game ever played
    Kenta and Asterope hunt together and share their experiences of settling into Casa. Asterope checks in on Kenta's wound.
  10. One set of footsteps echoes a thousand more
    Asterope attends and documents Volk Hushhowl's mentor ceremony.
  11. hand-me-down tune
    At the Thistle Market, Asterope runs into Túrin again and they trade goods.


January - February

Asterope is inducted into the Brotherhood as Master of Poisons. Nikamew and Oberyn call on the Cavaliers for aid, and Asterope and Parzival answer.


  1. Share stories, perchance one of your own
    Asterope is inducted into Casa di Cavalieri's Brotherhood as Master of Poisons.
  2. Some Ghastly Predicament of Mine You'll Find
    While working in the library, Aster comes across pawprints of Eros and his brother, Quin, and brings them to the Keeper of Whispers. Eros seems more upset than happy, but the two connect for the first time after Asterope killed a luperci, and Asterope continues trying to understand Eros' world view.
  3. words, mere words, how terrible they were
    O'Riley Eternity, Erilaz of Salsola, runs into Asterope at the Thistle Market, leaving Asterope harrowed by his pointed words and incisive observations.
  4. Winter's Warm Hearth
    Asterope runs into their packmate, Erik Ivanov, tending to Casa's fires, and listens to his difficult family predicament, attempting to comfort Erik in the process.
  5. psychic damage
    In Ethereal Eclipse, Maskwa Brier finds a strange relic of the times before, and Asterope helps investigate it.
  6. For Graphs of Passion and Charts of Stars
    In their workshop in Wolfville, Asterope tests their ability to detect common poisons with the help of Lucina.
  7. flood me like atlantic
    While scouting Starhaven Inn ahead, Aster runs into Nightingale and tells her about Casa di Cavalieri; the two share a pleasant conversation.
  8. My rise is horizontal.
    At Starhaven's carnival, Asterope meets Isola Grimalkin and her companion Gidora; they exchange pleasantries and learn about one another's interests and families.
  9. Radio Radio
    Asterope helps Petrichor and Battle put some trespassing loners back on the right path in pursuit of Battle's guardsman co-rank.
  10. The beach is different, but the horizon remains the same
    Wandering Whisper Beach, Aster notices Orca doing maintenance on the life preserve, and with great curiosity, asks to watch him dive to catch crustaceans.
  11. Rally the hunters
    Parzival, Petrichor, and Battle engage in a hunt.
  12. Thinking thinking
    Asterope finds their packmate Pushok engaged in songwriting in the library.
  13. Be Our Guest
    As Casa di Cavalieri makes its way to Starhaven's carnival, Asterope offers to provide meat by going on a hunt so that Erik can prepare food for all of them in pursuit of his cook co-rank.
  14. fire tests gold, suffering tests brave men
    Oberyn and Nikamew call upon Casa di Cavalieri for aid in the wake of an accident that has befallen the Court of Fangs, and Asterope and Parzival answer.
  15. blind curve
    Asterope receives a mysterious visitor (Níndari, disguised) at their workshop in Wolfville.
  16. So Hang High Soft Star
    Asterope visits the Del Cenere Gang and decides to brave Charmingtown's bar, The Ugly Coyote, but has an awkward brush-up with Bishop del Bosque, who is extremely agitated by Asterope's presence, which makes them feel awful.
  17. And don't you hear the goldenrod whispering goodbye
    Branching off with Nikamew, Asterope goes to help the Court of Fangs' injured. However, Whimsy, an elder with a prior case of respiratory illness, does not seem like she will pull through. Asterope puts on a brave face while falling apart inside at Whimsy's tragic state, and fears that Nikamew may hate Asterope for not being able to do more to save her life.
  18. Fashioning Gallows Out of Plastic and Bone
    Hearing a new Master of Stealth has been appointed, Asterope calls upon them, discovering it to be Artoia Denahlii. Asterope and Artoia discuss their goals and make plans for how to collaborate moving forward. Artoia makes a startling request, asking Aster to test their paralytic on her, too.
  19. Studio Strewn with Illusion and Tinctures
    Nimue meets Asterope to help reorganize Memorial Library's holdings again.
  20. The edge of tomorrow.
    Asterope greets Roman on his birthday and gives him a small, scholarly gift.


  1. The edge of tomorrow.
    Asterope finds Artoia pleasantly at rest, engaging her kitten companions, and attempts to socialize.
  2. Just scholarly things.
    Nimue seeks Asterope to ask them how to teach her paper making.

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