Nikamew Sycamore

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Nikamew Sycamore is a member of the Court of Fangs.

Born in Mer Bleue, he was raised in a small, feral pack consisting of close family. His early childhood was normal, but upon reaching shifting age, he was eager to explore what made him different from others. Unfortunately, this led to other, non-shifting packs viewing the Luperci as a threat -- which resulted in his family being attacked and cast out of the reserve. Following this, Nikamew dispersed to live on his own.

In the years since, he has been constantly on the move -- thief of snares and cunning, passionate opportunist drifting from place to place. Too traditionally-minded to join with any of the larger Luperci-dominant packs and civilized settlements encountered along the way, he sought like-minded canines who would accept him for what he is. He eventually found this in the recently-formed Court of Fangs.


  • Date of Birth: 08 November 2018
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species: Wolf
OOC Information

Court of Fangs members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • General conversations, cooperative hunts, and play that would not affect later RP.
  • Nik wandering and bringing back normal "forest news" -- prey movement, environmental hazards, mNPC canine sightings, etc.

Anyone may reference seeing or smelling Nik from a distance in Ethereal Eclipse.

Plot Opportunities
  • Nik is curious about "civilized" lifestyles and enjoys debating their merits and drawbacks, himself enjoying "simpler" living but always looking for ways to make his feral life easier without making it more complicated. ;)
  • Want to get into a fight? It takes a lot to rile him up, but Nik will fight -- and can also incite one by stealing from a kill.
  • Nikamew is a fairly blank slate and a plot tool. If it doesn't end in his death, he can play a part in just about anything you need for co-rank threads, etc.!

1.  Characteristics

1.1  Appearance


Nikamew is long-legged, with the slender features of most timber wolves -- though due to his average size, thick fur, and surprising sturdiness, no one could mistake him for anything but a purebred wolf. He has long whiskers and almond-shaped eyes, the fur of his cheeks and ruff of his neck prominent where the rest of him seems sleek. While his thicker coat hides most of these, he has some nicks and scars on his snout from tussles in the past.

His gradient of sepia, fawn, and cream shades -- darkest at his head, lightest at his legs -- is broken up by his cream-colored ruff and darker patches of bistre brown. Notably, his saddle and tail-tip are bistre, as are small markings on his lean face: his ear-tips, spot on his muzzle, and chevron markings near his eyes. His eyes are dark ochre.

Nik is most commonly found in his Lupus form, where he travels with a slinking, almost vulpine gait. He occasionally shifts to Optime if it serves a purpose, and appears equally confident in this form as he does his others, although he stands with hunched, feral bearing. In this form, his mane becomes long, unstyled silky off-white hair.



  • Lupus: 32 in (81 cm) ↔ 84 lb (38 kg)
  • Secui: 43 in (109 cm) ↔ 150 lb (68 kg)
  • Optime: 6ft 4in (76 in / 193 cm) ↔ 244 lb (111 kg)
  • Speech: Smooth and musical, seemingly on the edge of laughter.
    • Speaks some Cree, and can understand common French vocabulary.
  • Scent: Heath, peat moss, larch, cottongrass, leaf-litter and detritus, musk, rabbit
  • Physical Expression & Quirks:
    • Grins often.
    • Sinuous, furtive, slinking gait -- but also deliberate and confident in his actions.
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1.2  Personality

Summarized: Opportunistic, cunning, passionate, playful, flippant

Nikamew is a wolf with two simple goals: living a decent life, and being right.

The former goal is simple, as Nik just wants food, fun, and company. The latter goal is one of many factors that puts him at odds with others. His feral upbringing, and the unjust exile of his family pack, has given him a complex about his worldview. One of his favorite pastimes is debating more humanized (and, in Nik's eyes, foolish and overly complicated) Luperci, forcing them to justify their beliefs. If the other takes offense, well, that's their fault.

His demeanor is generally pleasant, playful, and sometimes lackadaisical -- seemingly always amused and unbothered by anything (especially when he's in the process of riling up someone else). He enjoys lighthearted tussling and good company, and can be a fun companion to someone on the same page as him, but his flippancy often also rubs others the wrong way. A risk-taker with confidence in himself bordering on arrogance, he often doesn't give the appropriate weight to serious things.

Nik doesn't tightly hold onto any moral code. Certain things are expected, of course, such as providing for his group and (more or less) keeping on the good side of those he likes. However, he is an opportunist who would never neglect an advantage, even if it's a "dishonorable" one. He sees nothing wrong with thievery and bullying if it means benefiting himself or his group. He isn't above stealing from traps, using tricks or intimidation, or putting expendable others in harm's way to get a meal; honor feeds no one, after all.

  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Motivations: Freedom, pleasure, being right, establishing a pack or family, learning new tricks
  • Fears: ---
  • Likes: Playing, singing, debates, flora that reminds him of home
  • Dislikes: ---
  • Species: Initially leery of coyotes, Nik has since come to understand them as fellow opportunists as he's lived as a loner. Unfamiliar with non-spitz-type dogs and frequently baffled by them, stereotyping them as civilized and "other."
    • He hates cats.
  • Non-Luperci: Coming from a predominately non-shifting family, he has nothing against non-Luperci -- but also has nothing against using his Luperci forms to dominate them if he needs to.
  • Civilization: Nik sees "civilized" traits such as clothing or livestock as over-complicated and unnecessary, preferring a simpler life. Secretly, he is intrigued by medicine and weaponry, but he doesn't have the patience or drive to learn these things, so he dismisses them as too complicated, too.
  • Age: Despite readily taking advantage of almost any other demographic, Nik respects those of an especially advanced age and believes they have earned their peace. Nik also adores young puppies.

Grey-asexual, Nikamew rarely experiences attraction to others, and puts a greater emphasis on platonic relationships in his life. He has courted females before, more out of a desire to do what's "natural" and start a family than any real attachment, and these relationships quickly petered out. He will have sex for pleasure and would enjoy such an act with a friend.


Nonreligious, Nikamew believes in no gods or tenets (and disdains the concept of following an invisible god's rules). He knows there are forces beyond anyone's understanding, but rather than speculate as to their cause or attribute things like disasters to deities, he gives them little thought. It's just how the world is.

2.  History

Born in Mer Bleue, Nikamew was raised in a small, feral pack consisting of his parents and brother, an uncle, and his grandmother. Nik and Maskwa had a normal early childhood, often babysat by their uncle Butterbur (who was too infirm to hunt), and told stories and taught wiles by their keen-minded grandmother, Karthwine.

While all previous generations of his paternal family had been non-Luperci, his mother Soraya introduced the virus to her mate Bittercress and, by extention, her children. The pack adapted well to this in the beginning, as neither Soraya nor Bittercress utilized their Optime forms. However, when the pups reached shifting age, they were eager to explore what made them different from most of the packs in Mer Bleue.

At first, this was not discouraged; the ability to shift granted them, and by extention their pack, an advantage. However, what would have been a quickly-forgotten minor territorial scuffle when the boys were yearlings ended up turning other packs in the area against them -- as they teamed up on an interloper in their Secui forms. While attitudes toward Luperci varied in Mer Bleue, they were often ambivalent at best, and this act made the threat the shifters posed apparent to their neighbors.

Two family groups banded together to attack Nikamew's pack, demanding that the shifters be cast out of the reserve. The conflict escalated, which resulted in the death of Butterbur. In the end, the little band was forced to move.

Indignant and desiring revenge, Nik made a lot of noise about reclaiming their territory and insisting they'd done nothing wrong -- but his family was too scarred by the conflict, and even his brother disagreed with him. Maskwa ended up standing by the family to protect them, and Nikamew dispersed to find his own path.

In the years since, Nikamew was constantly on the move. A few failed courtships meant that Nik remained alone, still too traditionally-minded to join with any of the larger Luperci packs and settlements he encountered along the way. Life as a lone wolf was difficult, but Nik became a skilled thief of snares, adapting to his situation as he travelled.

3.  Relationships

  • Mother: Soraya Sycamore
  • Father: Bittercress Brier
  • Siblings:
    • Littermate: Maskwa Brier
    • Younger: Kōna Brier, Pipihcew Sycamore, Wāseyāpan Imaani
  • Uncle: Butterbur Brier
  • Paternal Grandparents: Karthwine Nettletooth & Feverfew Brier
  • Maternal Grandparents: Pippa Imaani & Kaskitewâw
  • Maternal Great-grandparents: Amka Imaani & Samedi Sycamore
  • Extended: Prior

4.  NPCs

cNPCs: yNPCs:
  • Current: ---
  • Previous: ---

Fennel (Hide)
  • Sex: Vixen
  • Species: Red Fox
  • Date of Birth: Spring 2022
  • Key Features: Wispy fur
  • Coloration: Golden-fulvous
OOC Assumptions

Court of Fangs members may reference:

  • Seeing or smelling Fennel in the forest surrounding the den-site, though never within it.
  • Fennel might make cheeky remarks to wolves, and play chase, but she always keeps a safe distance away.
  • She might bring news of danger to the Court, or news of prey -- especially if she gets a helping in return.
  • More Information »

Skills & Abilities:

  • Hunting, Stealth, Running, normal fox stuff~


"While the roots of her fur were a warm fulvous color, the long hairs lightened to gold at the tips, wispy in a way that made Nikamew think about a dandelion head transitioning from petals to tufts."
Fennel looks like the average fox, though more gold-toned than red, with typical dark stockings and white underside. She's on the smaller side, and skinny due to slim pickings of prey, especially during warmer seasons; in the winter months, she looks dense and plush thanks to her coat, but with her characteristic wispiness. Her slit-pupil eyes are a rich brown.


Spunky as an adolescent, Fennel has grown more cynical as an adult vixen. She retains the clever playfulness stereotypical of her species, but she doesn't allow herself to trust others too deeply, and recognizes her place at the bottom of the predator pecking order. She will "bargain" with larger animals -- for example, give them a piece of information in exchange for scraps of food -- and play tricks on those deserving, but she always makes sure there is an opening for herself to escape and, being a clever gambler, never bets with what she isn't willing to lose.

5.  Miscellaneous

  • "Nikamew" means "sing" in Cree.
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