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Casa's collection of books

Casa has two locations for the keeping of books, the Lounge and the Memorial Library.

The Lounge is a quiet, cozy space in Fort Kingsbury's Courthouse for Cavaliers to sit and read or to perform their own tasks. There is a luperci-made chess set in the corner and two bookshelves containing a few assorted human made and luperci-made books. The human made books are overwhelmingly in poor condition, with waterstains, pages missing and other exposure damage.

The Memorial Library, located in Wolfville, is a larger place dedicated to not only storing books but also restoring any that are handed into Casa by Scavengers or trade, as well as a place for books to be made. Casa's Scolars can be found in the Memorial Library often, especially Borya Hushhowl, who lives within the building.

Item Amount Tags Notes or Description


A guide to archery x1 No Trade Written by Honored Elder Jace Wolfe, this book is a beginners guide to archery and covers the topics of drawing power, aiming, and arrow creation. It is written on parchment and bound in brown leather and sinew.
Observing the enemy x1 No Trade Written by Honored Elder Jace Wolfe, this book covers the basics of battles and fights, the development of observational skills and fostering an awareness of ones surroundings. It is written on parchment and bound in black leather and sinew.


Simple Medicines x1 No Trade Written by Master of Medicines Morty, this book contains simple herbal remedies and medicines for healing minor illnesses such as coughs, colds and low-fever.
Detailed Healing x1 No Trade Written by Master of Medicines and ex-Chief Cleric Veri , alongside Honored Elder Jace Wolfe, this book contains detailed descriptions of beginner, intermediate, and advanced methods of medicinal practice, from setting bones or stitching wounds, to clearing illness, to giving birth. It also contains in-depth lists of every known herb, medicinal or poisonous, and its effects, as well as sketches of each one.


A History of Casa Di Cavalieri x6 No Trade These collections of loose notes were bound together into a comprehensive account of Casa's history. Written by the previous and current leaders, it is constantly being updated.
The Knight Family Tree x1 No Trade A book written by Scholar Borya Hushhowl that details the beginning of the Knight family in Casa and every name born into the family or adopted in.
The Hushhowl Family Tree x1 No Trade A book written by Scholar Borya Hushhowl that details the origins of the Hushhowl family, including every member of the family and a brief history on how they came to be.
The Tournaments x1 No Trade A book written by Scholar Borya Hushhowl that details the Tournament games held by Casa in 2020 and 2021, including all the events with a narrative-style description and the winners.

Labor and Production

Bees and their keeping x1 No Trade Written by Brotherhood member Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii. This book is a firsthand account of finding, caring for and propagating bee-hives, as well as harvesting of honey, wax and propolis. It also contains the schematics for creation of a simple Langstroth Hive


Reading and Writing x1 No Trade Written by Casa legend Lorenzo Knight, this book is a basic guise of teaching younger members to read and write. Written by the Knight for his brother, this book is especially aimed towards those suffering from dyslexia and is written in a font conductive for those with the disability to read.
Music x1 No Trade This book is a small, old human book of nursery rhymes and lullaby's. It's condition is highly compromised and it is likely this book will soon be no longer in any readable state.
Bible x1 No Trade A human produced bible, it is in terrible condition and many of the pages are missing or unreadable.

Story Books

Maya's Flowers x1 No Trade Written by Borya Hushhowl for his younger siblings, this book details the quest of a young pup called Maya who is trying to find colourful flowers for her family, discovering the consequences of doing good deeds along the way.
The Lost Lands x1 No Trade Written by Borya Hushhowl for use as a book for novice or learning readers. The book details the story of Vezda, a young wolf wanting to restore his pack to life and going on a journey to find them a new home called The Land of Green. On his journey, the boy learns the value of friendships and the rewards of making difficult choices.
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