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Casa di Cavalieri boasts a wide and varied terrain but these are areas of importance.

Fort Kingsbury

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  1.   1.  Introduction
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  3.   3.  Quick Maps
  4.   4.  Subterritories

1.  Introduction

Casa's claim spreads from as far east as the rich forests of The Dampwoods and The Sugarwoods, to the rolling hills and valleys of Overgrowth Sunrise. It is nestled up against the Loch of Fundy, and the most central part of the territory engulfs all of Whisper Beach and several crumbling human towns. Overall, Casa's borders host a wide variety of fauna and habitats. Thick forests dominate the surrounding lands of Fort Kingsbury, as well as to the west; meanwhile, rolling hills and valleys take up the majority of the east.

2.  Guard Towers

In the Spring and Summer of 2020, Casa decided to improve their border security with the construction of three guard towers. These towers of simple, wooden design allow those patrolling Casa to rest near the borders and remain vigilant. Those holding the Guardsman rank are assumed to use these regularly, but the towers are available for anyone to use and Cavaliers are encouraged to volunteer patrol shifts around the towers. The towers are located below Wolfville, in the Sea of Grass and east of the Silent Meadow. An visual example of the towers.

3.  Quick Maps

4.  Subterritories

The Dampwoods - East Territories




Summerville is a small town that consists of roughly ten functional buildings. Most of the houses are too broken down to enter or make use of, as they were built about a hundred years ago and the weather hasn’t been kind to them. There is a church, restaurant, gas station, police station, grocery store, medical clinic, and a small mall-type place all scattered within a two mile radius, along with various houses and sheds/barns scattered throughout.

The town is so small that most canines pass it by without realizing it’s there, therefore many of the materials are still intact, if any are there at all. The secluded area has been adopted by a small herd of wild sheep that stay there nearly all year round because of the prime grazing.

The Steam Baths



These hot springs were once part of a park, an exhibit for curious humans. The water smells very faintly of sulfur and other minerals, and it bubbles year round. There are several pools, each with varying temperatures. Some are very hot, tolerable by only those with the thickest of skin. Others, meanwhile, vary from warm to cool. Every pool is isolated by rocks, with some being higher than others and requiring climbing to get in and out of. The majority have short rims of dark grey and black stone. One noteworthy pool is filled with cool water and the walls of stone glitter with a crystals varying in exposure. When the sun sets or rises, the light makes the gems sparkle, causing the pool to light with a variety of color.

The baths are where to-be Brotherhood members go to preform their Vigil.

Silent Meadow



The Silent Meadow is a place of mourning the dead. Those who die in Casa are given marked graves in the form of a circle of stones, in which their bones are left in peace on the earth. The marked graves make up the western portion of the meadow, while the eastern half is littered unceremoniously with bones of thieves, trespassers, and enemies of Casa who have perished at the members' hands. Surrounded by tall trees, the sun hardly ever directly touches this small meadow, giving it a darker presence. The few flowers that do grow here add a sense of serene beauty.

One of the pack's cultural ceremonies, the Ceremony of Stones, is held here.

The Sugarwoods



Years and years ago, before the rise of the wolves, humans tapped nature's bounty in whatever ways they could. The Sugarwoods, as they called them, were a densely forested range of Maple trees, whose sap could be tapped and drained into processing structures called sugar houses, where it was then boiled into the desirable product: maple syrup.

The humans are gone, but the tools of their activity remain. The sugar house has long been empty of the humans that created and worked it in the days of old, but, still, it stands, waiting for the harvest of sweet sap to begin again. Sap tinkles out of the old tapped trees between February and April, and can be used for glue, sweetener, or healing pastes.

Weeping Lake



Weeping Lake is the largest body of water surrounded by land within Casa. Along the western shore of this long lake, weeping willow trees grow close to the edge, trailing leaves in the water and creating shady areas to relax. An old human cottage, broken down and overgrown, can be found if one snoops around in the undergrowth, as can the remains of a jetty. The Weeping Lake is often foggy in the early mornings, giving it an eerie feeling.

Mirage Glade



Mirage Glade is a mixture of thick forest and open fields located near Windsor. It is plentiful of fresh water and land to roam, making it the perfect home for a small herd of wild horses. Several of the herd's larger stallions are aggressive and territorial, it is a good idea to avoid getting in a fight with these beasts. For the most part, the herd is skittish and elusive, making the opportunity to catch more than a glimpses of horses through the trees is rare. Often the horses seem like mirages, visible out of the corner of your eye, but gone when you turn to look, which gives the Glade its name.

Sea of Grass



The section of land comprising the Sea of Grass consists of a series of large, flat fields with several, wide, rolling hills, giving the landscape an almost wave-like feeling and adding to its name. The fields are covered in long, thick grass almost up to the waist of an average-sized Luperci. When one is in one of the lower, flat sections of the Sea, it can almost seem as though the grass extends out endlessly in every direction, though, perching on top of a hill reveals a good view of the surrounding settlements and the dune-filled beaches that the Sea fades into.

Rabbits and other small game are plentiful in the Sea of Grass, especially around the river, which provides much of the fresh water in the area.

Fort Kingsbury



In the center of Casa's territory is the packs residence, Fort Kingsbury. The Fort is a small human village surrounded by a stone wall, which was reclaimed and made inhabitable once again by the early Cavaliers. The stone wall is old and mossy, standing at about 7". It is effective in guarding Kingsbury from intruders, though, over years of natural wear, it is not as strong as it once was. Four small archery towers stand at each compass point, allowing archers and guards to overlook the wall. Within the Fort walls is an old courthouse, several small houses, a barn, stables, garden, and a town square with shops and a fountain. Pear trees have taken up root in the Fort, spread out among the houses for residents to enjoy.

For more details, please view the Fort Kingsbury page.

Ethereal Escape - West Territories

Whisper Beach



Whisper Beach sits along the Loch of Fundy's shoreline, subject to the irresistible tug and pull of the loch's tremendous tides. Nonetheless, the beaches here are sandy and far less rocky than those found on surrounding coastlines; as a result, this area was once a prime tourist attraction. Now, the sandy shores have been empty for many years, and the only remnant of man is the thin, overgrown roadway snaking along the coast, following the beach. To the south, it becomes a highway, long-dominated by surrounding forest. Only crumbling fragments of the blacktop remain as tree roots crack and destroy it from beneath; here, nature was quick to reclaim what humanity had so boldly proclaimed as their own.

Along Whisper Beach is Casa's Life Preserve. The Life Preserve is an artificially-created fishing zone. This rocky stretch of beach was been cordoned off from the ocean by Luperci-made nets to encourage breeding of various shellfish, crabs and other small sea foods. Built by former Cavalier, Lola, the Life Preserve provides an abundance of food to Casa and, often times, the hunters or fisher folk can be seen plucking a bumper crop from the shallow pools. Maintained by the fishers and those under the Labor Head's control, the Life Preserve is monitored to prevent over fishing.

The rocks are covered in a thick mat of algae and are slipper, and an unwary Luperci has a chance of slipping and falling. In the early mornings and late evenings, fogs caused by the salty ocean often linger and cover them with dew.

Knight's Peak



Named after the founding family and cultural base of Casa, Knight's Peak is a cliff in the southwestern portion of the territory. The peek overlooks the forests within the claimed lands and the Loch of Fundy. It is an ideal place to star gaze, but, is only wide enough for a small group of wolves. A short layer of grass and moss has managed to soften the exterior of the cliff, making it home to small rodent families, as well as the odd bird nest.

Dragon Tail Trail



Dragon Tail Trail is a crack in the earth surrounded by thick vegetation, making it quite dangerous to stumble upon. This deep wound in the ground slashes through the landscape, creating a gap only as thick as a yard. When one's ear is bent in the direction of the darkness below, you can hear the weak trickling of a stream. The depth of the crack varies, but the vulnerable are warned to keep their distance, for, an unlucky fall can easily kill you. Three times during its course towards the sea, it widens to a pool, making a large circular gap in the land above. There is no telling what treasures have been lost in time within the trail below... if you are brave enough to attempt the climb down.

Windsor & Strega's Bay



A tourist town which, similarly to other cities and towns, has been overgrown by greenery, and many of the buildings have started to fall apart. Within the city, there are many shops, houses, and some tall apartment complexes explore. Casa members are encouraged to bring any tradeable or usable items back to the Fort in order to enrich pack life.

Along the shore of the loch, there are many abandoned houses, though, most are broken and collapsed. Yet, the abandoned docks of an old recreational beach property remain. There are several docks jutting out into the bay that are still in decent form. A few have rotted away and are unstable, but some of them are still fully functional and secure. Boats can be moored here, and a few of the boathouses can be used to keep a boat locked during the winter months or during storms. The beach is also a great place to play and wander, the sand soft and golden.

It is at Strega's Bay that the The Avalon is housed when not in frequent use.

Hidden Ravine



Tucked to the southeast border of Wolfville, the ravine is a long, thin, stretch of land that is lush with life. Due to the shape of the ravine, the sun hits the ground only a few hours a day, making this the perfect escape for the summer heat. Large boulders dot the terrain, but are camouflaged by the thick, soft moss and climbing ivy that grows here. The entire floor of the ravine is green with moss and fallen leaves, making the softest natural carpet in Casa. At the very eastern tip of the raven, the land opens up to meet the Loch of Fundy. From this point, one can get a clear view of Esther Island, and, during the night, the view of the stars is spectacular.




Memories of human activity are everywhere in this long abandoned town. It contains not only simple houses and shops that can easily be used as dens, but also numerous official buildings, including a church, a school, and an old library. These official buildings contain bountiful information and resources for those that are hungry for human secrets. Time has taken its toll on the buildings, and, here and there, trees are found growing out of roads and houses alike. The plentiful numbers of houses to live in makes it a wonderful meeting point. Positioned in the middle of Wolfville, the town square was once a well kept park used for gatherings of the humans. A circle of stone benches is a prime spot for hanging out, while the wooden gazebo, still standing though a little dilapidated, makes a nice setting to escape the sun.

For more details, please view the Wolfville page.

Esther Island



A rocky island just north of Whisper Beach, marking the inner edges of the Loch of Fundy. The island is dominated by imposing sea cliffs and rough tides to the northeast, creating a dangerous area for boats or swimmers. To the southwest, the approach is more hospitable, with smaller, rocky slopes leading down to the sea and several sheltered bays.

The center of the island hosts a small patch of vegetation, not enough to support land-based wildlife, but, enough to provide a home to various birds. Between these and the various seagulls, hawks and such inhabit the cliffs unmolested, and Esther Island is somewhat of a bird sanctuary. It is inhabited year round by some form of avian in large numbers. Also found on this island is an old human lighthouse, which is over grown by vines and bird nests.

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