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  1.   1.  Founding Principles
  2.   2.  Pack Laws & Etiquette
  3.   3.  Ceremonies

Casa di Cavalieri Culture, Tradition and Ceremonies

Casa di Cavalieri has a rich and established culture that has lasted a near decade. The traditions and ceremonies established throughout the years act as a social structure, marking both seasons and life-events, and celebrating milestones and achievements. Cavaliers should take pride in the society they helped to build, and joy in participating in all celebrations.

In recent years, the pack has grown in size and wealth, and now has the ability to start sharing their culture with the other groups of Nova Scotia. Therefore, Casa di Cavalieri often plays the part of host for many large social gatherings, such the Olympic Games in 2021, the Tournament of Games in 2020, and the Leadership Summit in 2019.

1.  Founding Principles

All for One and One for All

Unity is the heart and soul of Casa di Cavalieri. Formed after war ravaged Nova Scotia, a group of like-minded canines came together to form a protective force in the event of another wide-spread crisis. Their mission was to protect and serve; each other and their allies. At the core of Casa di Cavalieri's culture is respect, loyalty, and honor. Cavaliers uphold the ancient tradition of human knights with ideals like protecting the weak, and must always strive to lead lives of honor and glory. Cavaliers come in all forms and skill levels, and if they are willing to work hard and help others, then they are part of the family.


Every member of Casa di Cavalieri is expected to follow a code of honor that coincides with Casa’s own. It is a tradition largely considered worthy of upholding, and is something to constantly strive for. Cavaliers are reminded that, when visiting other packs, they are essentially extensions of Casa and must behave as one. Members are expected to obey Casa’s laws even in other pack territories. Failure to do so will result in punishment based on the severity of the crime. Regardless of if your character is a spy, a healer, or a fighter full of passion, they should uphold a moral code. unnecessary, but apparent devotion to (and ambition within) the group is required if one is seeking the approval of those above them in the hierarchy.


Not only is loyalty expected, it is required. Cavaliers must acknowledge that the needs of their pack comes first, and they must be always on the look out for its best interests. While relationships with outsiders are permitted and sometimes encouraged, Casa’s goal is a worthy one and outweighs those of the members of other packs. Leadership, as the head of command, has the right to call upon the Cavaliers to fight at a moment's notice, and to coward away would bring shame to your character. Each Cavalier is important, and when one link cracks, so does the strength of the pack.

Combat Readiness

While not all members of Casa di Cavalieri join with a premeditated knowledge of combat, and are not required to, members are expected to possess the desire to learn to some extent. Cavaliers train to hone their skills, and often pick up new ones under the watchful eyes of their brothers and sisters as they progress through the ranks. Cavaliers are expected to be ready to fight at a moment’s notice and must keep their skills sharp, often engaging in training exercises alone or with other members of the pack. Not all Cavaliers will, or should be, interested in training, but it is expected that all members will be able to help defend their brothers and sisters if needed.


While displays of dominance and submission are not as important as in other, more feral, packs, members of Casa di Cavalieri are expected to defer to those that outrank them and to respect their judgments. Group mentality is encouraged, as even those of the lowest rank are expected to contribute to the betterment of their pack. Cavaliers are meant to work as a unit and must be in harmony with one another, sometimes even putting aside their personal differences for the betterment of all.

That being said, no one is considered above the law, and even the highest in ranks must conform to the pack’s standards. Each Cavalier is a brother or sister-in-arms and should be treated as one. Disrespect is not tolerated and can be punished by the leadership. Taking matters into one's own hands is discouraged, and leadership should be informed if your character has IC reason to believe another is causing trouble for the pack.

2.  Pack Laws & Etiquette

→ Hooky - Pups may not leave pack territory unaccompanied
→ Theft - stealing from a member of the pack, a member of a friendly pack, or a loner
→ Wrath - Causing injury to a member of the pack, a member of a friendly pack, or a loner who has not given cause for self-defense
→ War - initiating a conflict with another pack, or encouraging an act that may cause conflict with another pack
→ Adultery - separation from a mate is permitted through IC leadership approval
→ Cowardice - A member of the Brotherhood breaking his/her oath by not protecting an innocent at all costs
→ Death - Murder of a member of the pack, a member of a friendly pack, or an innocent loner
→ Violence - Rape of anyone, including enemies
→ Insubordination - Ignoring a direct order from the leadership, or neglecting to respect other members, particularly those of higher rank
→ Dishonesty - Lying to the leadership
→ Alcohol Consumption - Casa is considered a dry pack with Fort Kingsbury. Adults are welcome to drink outside of the Fort at the Five Shields Tavern. All alcohol in Casa should be kept within the tavern.
(Note: it is reasonable to have a secret stash of alcohol within the Fort however, characters who are played as drunk often will likely be IC questioned).

Possible Consequences

→ Anyone who breaks a law will be publicly announced to the pack.
→ Lesser punishments include: hard labor and demotion to Dishonorable.
→ Greater punishments include: exile or execution.

3.  Ceremonies


The Casa di Cavalieri version of a marriage ceremony is led by the Leadership or a close friend of the couple. Within the pack, family and relationships are extremely important and the future of the pack depends upon mateships. It is expected that guests and the couple arrive at the ceremony looking their best, however, clothes are optional. The ceremony is unscripted, consisting of the exchanging of vows. Sometimes the couple may choose to represent their mateship through a piece of jewelry. If a couple is not interested in a mateship ceremony, they may simply seek the blessing of Leadership to become officially mates. Although Casa di Cavalieri historically has no issues with same sex mateship, relationship types outside of monogamy may be frowned upon if shared publicly.
Mates wishing to end their partnership must receive permission ICly from the Leadership, who will ensure that the separation will be on the best terms possible for the good of the pack. Having children with another who is not your character's official mate while still in a mateship, is considered against Casa's Laws, as it promotes weakness in the family relationship and may cause future conflict within the pack.

Apprenticeship Ceremony

When a new litter reaches approximately shifting age (4-7 months of age) a ceremony is held in their honor to announce a Mentor for each youth. This signifies the start of the pups' education process. The Apprenticeship Ceremony is a good way of introducing each youth to all pack members

Starting the Apprenticeship

  • Pups between 4-7 months of age will be contacted by the Leadership and asked to request three adult characters (Officer rank or higher, including a choice of Council or Leader characters) to possibly be their mentor. Depending on the availability of Mentors, pups may be assigned to the same Mentor, or, a mentor below the Officer rank. Mentors are announced In Character during the Apprenticeship Ceremony.

During the Apprenticeship

  • Apprenticeship is the Casa di Cavalieri equivalent to an education system. Mentors are responsible for turning the youths of Casa into well rounded adults. The education process should involve an introduction to the various jobs within the pack in order to help the youth determine a path that they might be interested in perusing as an adult. All youths of Casa are taught to read and write by their Mentor or parents.
  • If an Apprentice shows interest in a skill that the Mentor does not have experience with, it is the Mentor's duty to assist the Apprentice by matching him/her up with a member of the pack who can encourage the Junior Cadet's interest in the skill. Apprentices must all learn how to defend themselves. The Pup Sitter is responsible for keeping pups safe out of the parents' care, and will report any concerns they have about the pups' education; so, Mentors are encouraged to be active in the Apprentice's life.
    • Note: A lot of basic education can be assumed to happen; a Mentor and Apprentice are not required to thread out anything.

End of the Apprenticeship

  • At 12 months of age, Apprentices will be contacted by the Leadership and given all the information that they need for their First Blood Ceremony. All Junior Cadets are required to participate in the coming-of-age ceremony. Pending how their First Blood goes, Junior Cadets will continue on into the ranks as a Cadet (if they pass) or Recruit (if they fail).

Do I Have to Mentor?

  • If you would prefer that your character never be a Mentor, it is your responsibility to PM the Leadership and let them know, as Mentors are only announced IC.

The Purple Sash

Acting as a smaller variant of the usual rank cloak given to adults, the purple sash is a shorter piece of purple cloth that a Candid or Reticent can choose to wear on them or keep stashed away as a precious trophy. It is given to them during their Mentor ceremony along with goals for the youngster to complete over the course of their 6 months of training. Each goal they complete earns them a colored shield badge woven onto their purple sash; the more badges a pup has by the time they face their First Blood, the better their chances at receiving a higher adult rank. This means that the young are no longer judged on their fighting ability alone, but also on the talents, discoveries, and skills they find on their journey into adulthood!

The challenges to earn the shields are as follows:

Red Shield: Explore a new place with your mentor or an adult and discover something new!
Orange Shield: Obtain Strength! Pick a weapon of choice with your mentor and start training with it, earning this mark when you’ve trained enough!
Yellow Shield: Obtain Knowledge! Learn how to read and write, and figure out the benefits of understanding the basic history of Casa!
Green Shield: Learn a new skill! With your mentor or someone else, learn a new skill from them and make good use of it!
Blue Shield: Help a pack mate with a task! Are one of the adults struggling with a job? Offer them some help and show them how capable you are!
Purple Shield: Complete your First Blood and succeed in proving your skills in combat!

Completing a goal requires you to follow the prompt and complete a thread with at least 3 posts or 900+ words. Once you complete this, PM the Casa Leadership to be rewarded with your chosen shield. The shields aren't official icons for your character, but once you earn them they can nicely decorate a wiki page or a signature!

The amount of shields a Candid or Reticent collects by the time they reach their first year of age and attempt their First Blood determines the rank they will be assigned to.

  • 2 shields or less will move to the Recruit rank.
  • 3 shields will move to the Second Cadet rank.
  • 5 shields will move up to First Cadet rank.

OOC: getting all 6 shields, which includes completing the First Blood successfully, will earn you the Woven Shield icon, a permanent icon for your character to demonstrate their achievements and ascension into adulthood!

First Blood

The First Blood Ceremony is a coming-of-age celebration for youths entering into the adult ranks at 1 year of age. The ceremony is a test of physical skill where each youth is matched against an opponent in a mock fight; the ceremony is held anywhere in the territory. Only close combat weapons or tooth-and-claw fighting is permitted as members are expected to ultimately be able to defend themselves from an attacker. The ceremony is over once one of the fighters reaches three hits (blunt weapons) or cuts (sharp weapons).
Junior Cadets will be contacted by Leadership around their first birthday with instructions on who/when the ceremony will take place, along with a request for the player to send Leadership a list of all training threads they have participated in. Once training threads are retrieved, Leadership will send out a PM describing the expected results of the ceremony. If both fighters are Junior Cadets, a high-ranked member will act as judge In Character. To pass, only 2 or 3 training threads are required, and should focus around the weapon or style of fighting that the youth plans on using in the ceremony.
Characters will be disqualified from the fight if they: strike the genitals, break bones, or cut deeply enough to cause significant blood loss. Junior Cadets who demonstrate the ability to safety wield a weapon and show a basic foundation for fighting will pass their First Blood, moving up into the Cadet ranks. Youths who prove to be a danger with a weapon, show cowardice, or a lack of basic fighting knowledge will fail their First Blood, moving only into the Recruit ranks in order to be given a second chance to prove that they will put forth an effort into learning to protect themselves and others.


→ Activity for these threads should be at least 1 post per week
→ The players may decide where in the territory the thread takes place
→ The players may decide how the results come about (ex. If the youth is to fail, then they can choose if they will show a lack of skill of be disqualified, etc.)


→ One weapon per character (shields count as a weapon, no long range weapons)
→ The character may choose to forgo the use of a weapon and focus on just hand-to-hand
→ No armor is permitted
→ Winner: First to 3 blunt hits or 3 cuts with a blade

Brotherhood Reflection and Oath

Members preparing to join the Brotherhood ranks must first perform a night's vigil at the Steam Baths. During this night, they are expected to reflect upon what joining the Brotherhood and becoming a knight means to them, be that simply glory or something deeper.
  • NOTE: This thread should be 300 words minimum.
After their vigil is completed, the soon-to-be Brotherhood member returns to The Fort to be greeted by the leader. After that the pack is gathered, and in front of all their brothers and sisters in arms, the member taking the Oath will be required to learn and repeat back the following:

"I ___, swear, on my honor, to my Sole/Sola (and/or) Lune/Luna to serve them with absolute loyalty; to face the evils of the world without fear; to be brave even in the house of my enemies; and to respect and cherish all life. I will be truthful to my brothers and sisters, and through my actions help guide Casa di Cavalieri to glory. Above all else, I will protect those who cannot protect themselves. This is my oath."

After the oath is spoken, they will be asked to kneel and be knighted by the Leader performing the ceremony, thus making their Oath binding. They will also receive their rank cloak, and a piece of fluorite chosen by the leader, as tokens of their achievement.
See our Brotherhood wiki page for more information.

Ceremony of Stones

This is an optional ceremony performed as a funeral for the dead. When a beloved member of Casa passes, their body is placed in The Silent Meadow upon a bed of wood. At sunset, the Leadership calls for the pack to join him/her in a circle around the to-be grave. Members must all bring a stone, preferably one the size of their palm and place the stones in a circle around the elevated body. When they place the stone down, they are encouraged to say a few words in honor of the deceased.
When the circle is complete, a torch is used to light the bed of wood surrounding the body. Members are then welcome to leave; however, a Leader, friend, or family member of the deceased stands vigil, keeping the fire burning through the night. After this ceremony is performed, it is highly recommended members avoid the area for a week or more to allow nature to break down the remainder of the body, leaving the bones to naturally lay within the circle of stones.

Rank Cloaks

In Casa di Cavalieri ranks are visibly distinguishable by using a system unique to other packs. Each rank tier is assigned a cloak lined with a fur specific to their rank and significance within the pack. The cloaks may be dyed/altered, but the fur lining will remain the same until they move up to their next respective rank tier.
Simple, purple, hooded cloaks are stored on a rack in the basement storage of the Courthouse for member use. The cloaks have an inch wide fur strip which runs along the edges of the cloak. The differing fur patterns are a means of assisting fellow members with knowing who among them is of which rank tier; this also helps members properly address one another. Cadets may find the cloak system particularly useful in helping them distinguish an Officer member to mentor under in respect to their desired Co-ranks, and also to help current Recruit-ranked canines integrate into the pack.
It is highly recommended that members wear their corresponding rank cloaks around the pack lands whenever possible. Your cloak is a display of your rank and it is an honor to acquire one, as new members do not have the right to a cloak. Cloaks do not need to be worn outside of the pack territory, while training or scouting the borders, nor during hunts. Please assume that leadership had your cloak altered by a tailor each time you rank up.
Cloaks are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to be worn during pack meetings or events.

Rabbit Fur - Cadets

Members of the Cadet tier make up the pack's main labor force. Their cloaks are lined with plush rabbit fur, dyed to their liking. These are newer members of the pack and should be sought out by higher-ranked individuals to further integrate them into pack life and begin their training for a Co-rank.

Deer Fur - Officers

Members of the Officer rank tier wear cloaks lined with soft deer pelt. Officers represent the middle class of Casa di Cavalieri, and are all achievers of at least one Co-rank. They are especially important to pack life, and their deer fur mantle's single them out as good sources of information, as well possible mentors for Junior Cadet, Recruit, and Cadet ranks.

Fox Fur - The Brotherhood

Fox fur mantles signify a member of the Brotherhood of Casa di Cavalieri. These individuals are highly respected and considered to be excellent sources of information. By their rank, they are required to have a specialization in a certain combative or survival skill.

Cougar Fur - The Council

Members wearing cougar fur are one of six powerful and respected members of Casa di Cavalieri's inner council. These ranks include: War Lord, Lead Diplomat, Keeper of Whispers, Labor Head, Pack Advisor, and Chief Cleric. They are second only to the Leadership, and command great respect both inside and outside the pack.

Bear Fur - Leadership

There are only ever two cloaks lined with bear pelt made at any given time. Bears are a fearsome enemy for the average Luperci, and anyone in Casa di Cavalieri wearing the pelt of one commands respect both in the pack and outside it. Bear fur is worn solely by the leadership of Casa di Cavalieri.

White Rabbit Fur - Honored Elder

Members of the Honored Elder rank tier wear cloaks lined with beautiful white rabbit pelts. Elders represent those of Casa di Cavalieri who have lived a long life and have earned some leisure. These members provide wisdom and advice for the next generation.

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