Artoia Denahlii

Artoia Denahlii


Artoia Denahlii is the daughter of Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii and Guinevere Callow-Knight born 11 February 2021 in the carpentry shop of Fort Kingsbury, Casa di Cavalieri. She currently holds the rank of Sworn in the Brotherhood, though no one except her Lune, Keeper of Secrets, and her Apprentice knows this. She is the firstborn of her parents' lineage, and eldest sister to the twins Tristan Callow-Wolfe and Nanouk Denahlii, and just recently her youngest little sister Jalsie Wolfe-Denahlii.


art by: Nat

Basic Info

Date of BirthFeb 11th, 2021
Familyde Valence, Callow, Knight, Wolfe-Denahlii
BirthplaceFort Kingsbury, Casa di Cavalieri
RankBrotherhood: Master of Stealth, Sworn
Co-rankGuardsman Tier 3, Scout Tier 3



  • Nickname: Art or Arty
  • Pronunciation: Are-toy-uh Den-all-ee
  • Etymology: Artoia, derived from the mother of all arctic wolves, Artoi, of the Wolfe-Denahlii's religious beliefs. Denahlii, the great pack of snow and ice wolves hailed from the far north.
  • Epithet: "Let's try it!"


  • Family: de Valence, Callow, Knight, Wolfe-Denahlii
  • Birthplace: Fort Kingsbury, Casa di Cavalieri
  • Species: Wolfdog
  • Subspecies:
    • 37.5% Dog, German Shepard/Husky mix (Canis lupus familiaris)
    • 25% Arctic Wolf (Canis lupus arctos)
    • 12.5% British Columbia Wolf (Canis lupus columbianus)
    • 12.5% Easter Timber Wolf (Canis lupus lycaon)
    • 12.5% Great Plains Wolf (Canis lupus nubilus)

Plot Opportunity

Artoia is steadily growing in skill and confidence, striding on a path of secrecy to protect her family and her pack by becoming a Scout, a Master of Stealth of the Brotherhood, and joining The Amethyst Eye.

  • Any plots pertaining to information gathering or espionage of other packs or loner bands other than Casa di Cavalieri are welcome to help her build a rapport with them and provide threads for prompts.


OOC Information

OOC Assumptions

Casa di Cavalieri members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Being around the Wolfe-Denahlii Camp or her mother's Carpentry Shop.
  • Scouting any of Casa's borders, always with at least one other individual.
  • Artoia can also be found very commonly with Eros, as her mentor this isn't that strange, but she'll be working with him even after her First Blood.



art by: Shade


  • Speech: Artoia's speech is well put together, however, the older she'd gotten the more her Svinkan accent has naturally dominated her voice.
  • Scent: Artoia smells like a combination of Casa di Cavalieri and her family unit the Wolfe-Denahlii's when she's home. If she ventures out of the territory, her scent will be scrubbed to be natural to the neutral lands.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Artoia can tend to look like she's pissed off; she has a natural resting bitch face, it's just her general expression. She's much more animated around canines she cares for.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Artoia is a confident and self-assured Luperci, so she carries herself with conviction practically everywhere she goes. Commonly she will present herself as dominant leaning, a trait not only hereditary from two stubborn and dominant parents but an instilled confidence in all she did growing up.

Color Palette


Alabaster (#FAFAFA)
Rebel (#3C1206)


Surf Crest (#CFE5D2)

Nose, Skin, Paw Pads

Leather (#967059)


- lbs (- kg)
- in (- cm)

Artoia uses this form practically every day for scouting the borders of Casa. It's also common for when she goes hunting, as right now she's better with her feral hunting style than with a bow.


- lbs (- kg)
- in (- cm)

Artoia would only use this form for hunting bigger prey such as caribou or elk, or tracking down and driving out any cougars or bears that have wandered into the territory.


- lbs (- kg)
6ft - 5in (- in / - cm)

Artoia uses this form arguably the most, to conduct her personal training with her weapons and also in most antics that Eros might be putting her through, or any other skills she might pick up.



by somebody, probably

Aside from the fact that Artoia has two separate firecrackers working as her parents, this young pup has grown up so far to be patient, kind, and just in her actions.

Honrin is a just, compassionate father. He's always used his words, or life examples, to make sure his lessons come across to her and she truly learns something. Her favorite by far was the story he gave her when she chewed one of his leather gloves into oblivion. Her mother, Guinevere was much the same, answering any honest question with an honest answer, and bringing her up to be patient and kind towards others.

Artoia has a curiosity streak miles wide and loves figuring out things on her own, whether by observation or by asking people things. At least with her family, they've never tried to hide something from her or sugarcoat things, she knows they will tell the truth always, and she still feels comfortable going to them for practically anything should it be needed.

As she grows, she has now felt loss, and anger, and resentment. She has seen, and caused, death. She does not buckle beneath this lifting of the rose-colored glasses, purely because they were not as heavily rosy as they might have been for other pups her same age due to the fact that none of her family coddled her. She was allowed to be a child, of course, but they had not babied her either. Artoia now contains the same indomitable spirit and snark that both her parents and grandparents wield flawlessly. She will be a force of nature, razing down those that would bring harm to her hearth and home.


  • Some Personality Trait: Artoia has picked up the same sass and snark her mother could wield like a weapons.


  • Some Personality Trait: Anger comes to Artoia quickly and easily, and sometimes she has difficulty keeping it under control so she can use it, instead of the other way around.



  • Emotional Disposition: Most of the time Artoia keeps her emotions masked and under control unless she's around close friends or family, in which she becomes more openly expressive emotionally and affectionately.
  • Sociability: Artoia is reserved but friendly to all of her packmates, she'll be willing to help out with pretty much any task asked of her. With her friends and family, she's more relaxed around them.
  • Alignment: Alignment Lawful Good
    • Lawful Good - A lawful good character acts as a good person is expected or required to act. She combines a commitment to oppose evil with the discipline to fight relentlessly. She tells the truth, keeps her word, helps those in need, and speaks out against injustice. A lawful good character hates to see the guilty go unpunished. Lawful good is the best alignment you can be because it combines honor and compassion. However, lawful good can be a dangerous alignment when it restricts freedom and criminalizes self-interest.
  • Tropes:


  • Packs/Groups: Casa di Cavalieri is, of course, Artoia's number one priority
  • Species: One of her best friends is a mountain lion; she doesn't have any biases here.
  • Non-Luperci: Artoia doesn't understand not having hands? But she respects the choice if they don't want to be changed.
  • Gender: Artoia's family unit is typically ruled by the eldest Matriarch, and every woman born or married into the family has been a force to reckon with. So females have never been known to her as meek or submissive, even when carrying out nurturing or caregiving tasks. Men much the same way, they are fearsome warriors on the same level as they can be compassionate. Both can also be assholes.
  • Color: The only controversy Artoia's ever experienced over color was whether her own fur would be too loud to do her more discreet jobs. Since her Mentor is a bright redhead, that was quickly debunked.
  • Sexuality: Artoia knows of homosexual relationships, and also asexual relationships. Her parents, and most of her family unit, are heterosexual. She doesn't judge any of them, so long as all individuals are safe and happy in the relationship.
  • Age: The Old Ones are coveted for their wisdom and experience, not to be coddled but cherished all the same. Youth are the next generation to be protected and guided at all costs.


Demisexual - Artoia hasn't had a lot of in hands experience to truly figure out and be aware of what her preferences are, however, she does know she doesn't care what parts are attached to her partner, she's more attracted to who they are as a person. This is compounded by the idea that she's not comfortable having intimate relations with someone she doesn't get to know first, unless it's potentially for her job as a scout/spy then she would do it out of a sense of duty and no attraction.


The world can be cruel, Artoia has seen that firsthand. But the world can also be beautiful. To protect the beautiful parts, Artoia is willing to do practically anything to make sure it endures. Her pack, her family, and all of the loved ones contained within, are worth protecting and giving her life for, if necessary. Anything or anyone that threatens these things will be met with tooth, claw, and knife.


Artoia was primarily raised on the Denahlii Clan's beliefs, that of the All-Mother, creator of all things. She breathed life into the first northern wolf, Mother of the Arctic wolves, Artoi. The first wolf to live, and to die, was celebrated by Artoi, and She tossed him up into the sky from the crown of Her head, when he passed the tallest mountain, the highest cloud, to touch the heavens themselves, he created the Aurora Borealis, dancing lights in the sky that would forevermore contain every wolf's spirit when they passed on, to run, hunt, and be free forever.

Sprinkled into this, Artoia has also been exposed to the Cavalier's beliefs, wherein the first brave warrior to ever die, Fenris, was cast up into the sky and became the sun, to guide future warriors to also do good deeds and protect those in need of protecting, and should their path be true then upon their deathbed he would guide them into the sky to become a star.

Artoia isn't sure which is truer than the other, but she respects both of them equally, as they are similar in some aspects even if they differ in others.



  • Hand-to-hand (Journeyman): Artoia was taught hand-to-hand combat by Eros, she can hold her own ground for most of the time for now, and she's not afraid of taking a punch if that's what it takes to win.
  • Feral Fighting (Journeyman): Artoia's feral fighting skills are adequate enough, she can keep her opponent on their toes and keep them guessing as to what she'll do, though this is definitely something she should strive to strengthen in the future.
  • Archery (Journeyman): Though not her main use of weaponry outside of Optime hunting, Artoia is very skilled at wielding a bow and arrow, it is a symbol of being part of the Wolfe-Denahlii family, every member knows how to use a bow and arrow no matter what other skills or weapons they might have use of, and most are damn good at it.
  • Dual-Knife Fighting (Journeyman): Artoia trained with the knife for more than half of her apprenticeship, she is very comfortable with wielding them and has no trouble keeping track of their whereabouts as she uses them. As a gift for succeeding at her First Blood, her Mahnama Jace gifted Artoia with her own personal set of dual knives, complete with a sheath for each of them and a harness that strapped around the waist and each thigh to hold them in place. They are worn from Jace's years of using them, but still as sturdy and sharp as ever. Artoia treasures them greatly and gives them meticulous care, as well as practicing with them daily to hone them into extensions of her arms.
  • Bushcraft (Journeyman): From building a fire, to hunting and tracking, disguising her scent to not be affiliated with a pack, how to blend in even with a fur coat as loud as hers, if it'd help her survive on her own she'd been taught it.
  • Fishing (Journeyman): Artoia is skilled at fishing, if necessary, both by hand and by feral form. She gets it about 50% of the time successfully, which is still better than none even if she knows she can do better. She can also fish by weaving reeds into a trap and lowering it into the water to do the work for her.
  • Weaving (Journeyman): Artoia learned from her Mahnama Jace how to weave reeds into the necessary shape for both regular carrying baskets and also fishing traps. Now that she's lost Jace, practicing feels like a way to bring her closer to her grandmother. Her skill is progressing, and she no longer pokes her fingers sore.
  • Leathercraft (Journeyman): Originally Artoia had little intention of learning how to shape leather, however when her puppy brain decided that chewing on and destroying one of her father's good gloves was a good idea, rather than simply punish and scold her, she did get scolded, however, Honrin made her go through the reconciliation of making a new one for him. This gave her a new respect for how much time and effort had gone into the glove, and showed her true remorse for what she had done. She still practices the skill off and on, making new toys for her siblings or other pups in the pack as they grow and destroy the older ones, and she's renewed the leather of a handle or a sheath every now and then when it is worn too thin for safety.
  • Horseback Riding (Journeyman): Honrin began teaching Artoia the ways of caring for and riding a horse before she could even properly ride in her Optime form. She's had many hours of practicing now that she's shifted, on Artan, Cecil, Lady, and more challengingly, Resheph. She can ride at a walk, jog, trot, lope, canter, and gallop, and even if her horse happens to spook she could stay on fairly well. She can also hesitantly jump whilst on a horse, but that's still in the testing stages for right now.


  • Anger Blind: Despite all her training there are still moments where Artoia's anger gets the best of her, and it's honestly one of her greatest struggles to get control over. She's better with it now that she was as a puppy and a teenager, but it will still surprise her at times and she must wrestle with it internally to not incapacitate her.

Familial Relationships


Italics indicates an unknown relationship; they may be offboard or the relation is merely uncertain.
* indicates character does not know this person by name.


  • Parents:
    • Never has there been a time in Artoia's life that she has not felt like she could come to her parents. Always, they have made sure they are honest and open with her, and any questions she had while growing up were answered in the best way possible for her age at the time. Now as an adult, though Artoia has struggled with distancing herself from her family because of her choice to follow in the footsteps of Eros Damaichu, never once have they gotten angry or impatient with her for her choices. They support her always, and they have an understanding that no matter how she may behave she loves them to the ends of the earth and back. She'd do anything to protect them and see them be happy.
  • Siblings:
    • At first Artoia did not know what to do with siblings. They seemed like slow, incapacitating potatoes that had little chance of impacting anything or anyone. But then she gradually started to bond with them, first with her brothers when they were born, and later with her littlest sister. She realized she'd do anything, literally anything, to keep them safe. Artoia hadn't truly understood Jace's nearly feral drive to protect her as she had when she was younger, but now, being around her brothers, doting upon her little sister? Artoia would burn the world to the ground for them. It's an intense sensation and she doesn't always know what to do with it, it's a visceral reaction, but one she doesn't usually try to control as it fuels her goals for doing what she does as a Scout.

Other Relations


  • Jace Wolfe was a cornerstone of Artoia's life, a monolith, from the very beginning of knowing her grandmother the ancient matriarch had begun to shape and change Artoia for the better, passing on all that she knew of the Wolfe-Denahlii ways to the next generation, and making sure they would thrive. Artoia feels lucky and blessed that she had the time that she did, and she mourns the loss of her grandmother strongly, as she knows she probably always will. But internally she knows, Jace had imparted a portion of her spirit to Artoia to carry onward, so even though the physical body has left, crippled, ancient, and decrepit, Artoia knows Jace is watching over her from within as well as from the Aurora.
  • Temo Wolfe was a quiet, reserved man, but he loved deeply and without limit when it came to family, and Artoia had been no exception as one of the few grandchildren he'd gotten to interact with. Artoia loved and doted upon him as a child and young teen, though as an adult she regretfully thinks she took him greatly for granted just as she had her grandmother. Losing them had never been an idea, not really, especially not at the same time as she had. She wishes she could spend more time with her grandfather, talking to him about all he knows, and learning from him. One of her favorite memories of being with him was on the beach, he was looking for items to use for decoration, and it was with him that she found a shard of pink sea glass. She still has it to this day, crafted into being a necklace or hair adornment, but she rarely wears it except for special occasions from a fear of harm coming to it.


Minor Relations

  • Enemies:
  • Murders:
  • Significant Negative Acquaintances:

Past Relations:

Home & Inventory


Artoia lives in a personal wetu within the Wolfe-Denahlii Camp. She used to split her home between the Camp and the Carpenter shop, but she's moved out almost entirely to the wetu. She has a table for storing things on and a pile of furs she sleeps in.


  • Waist and thigh harness with two sheathes for each knife. A gift from her Mahnama Jace.
  • Necklace with a canine tooth that belonged to Mahnama Jace, she rarely goes anywhere without it.
  • Necklace with a pink seaglass, a treasure she found with Ghuraya Temo while beach hunting for trinkets.
  • A detachable pouch from her harness that can also double as a cross-body satchel; she keeps another smaller pouch inside containing some rolling papers, a secret stash of green flower, and a lighter.
  • A pelt from an adult lynx that attacked her while she was patrolling.

Animal NPCs


by somebody, probably


  • Name: Nikolai
    • Meaning: People's Triumph
    • Pronunciation: Knee-co-lie
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Lynx
  • D.O.B.: Oct 2023
  • Onboard?: Yes


  • Appearance: A young 2-month-old lynx kit
  • Personality: They're baby, nothing much yet
  • Skills: They're baby, nothing much yet


  • The kit's mother attacked Artoia and in self-defense, she had to kill her. Artoia smelled milk, meat, and kit scent on her body and went to go find the mother's den. She found two kits in the den and brought them home to the Carpentry for help caring for them from her parents.

Can be Referenced

  • Not yet, still a baby and only being cared for in the Carpentry Shop.




Duration: 11th Feb 2021 – Present
Residence: Casa di Cavalieri
Ranks: Brotherhood: Master of Stealth, Sworn (8th Feb 2024 - Present)
  • First Officer (27th Jun 2023 - 8th Feb 2024)
  • Second Officer (27th Sep 2022 - 27th Jun 2023)
  • First Cadet (26th Feb 2022 - 27th Sep 2022)
  • Candid (16th Aug 2021 - 26th Feb 2022)
  • Puppy (11th Feb 2021 - 16th Aug 2021 )
  • Scout Tier 3
  • Guardsman Tier 3

Artoia was born on February 11th, 2021 as a single child to Guinevere Callow-Knight and Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii. In the first few days of her birth, many different things happened that she wouldn't have recollection of, but were told in stories by the fireplace by either one of her parents. When she was just a couple of days old, Guin was called away by the Leadership to take a scout group and look for the missing search party that had been looking for Guin's currently then-missing apprentice, Nilda. The Sworn returned victorious, an apprentice at her side in addition to bringing home Pushok and Armani. Artoia's mother is the greatest, and she firmly believes that Guin can take on most if not all of the other mothers in the entire Fort.

The months of Artoia's early childhood and teen years were at the same time calm and also not. Artoia was given Eros as a mentor, her grandmother Veri died by falling down the stairs, Lucian and Caspian both left out of anger and grief, so until they got back she had to just buckle down and go through her apprenticeship. Eros wasn't easy to work under but she was one of the few that could flourish in his tutelage. Lucian and Caspian eventually came back, and she was so angry at them for a while, but she reconciled with both of them quickly.

Casa celebrated a decade of being a stable pack, but disaster struck in the poisoning of multiple members. Many were affected, a few died, and it was this event that really turned Artoia and drove her into Eros's employ fully. She threw herself into work and building her skills to be good at what she did, and she's one of the handful of Luperci Eros would trust to get done what needs doing, no matter what it might be.

This was tested when her cousins, a litter from Cedric and Kai, were kidnapped by a man who held a grudge against Eros and hired mercenaries to do his dirty work. Artoia was one of the first to volunteer when a plan was made, and during this mission is the first time she took a life hands-on. She'd do anything for her pack and for her family, but staining her hands in that way changed and hardened her. She suffered the consequences for a while via nightmares and panic attacks, but eventually, she worked through the trauma and came out stronger on the other side.

She's risen in the ranks to First Officer, she's successfully mastered many of the skills she threw herself into and she's a force to be reckoned with. She's gained three siblings, been in her first relationship with Alyonna, and also had her first breakup with the same woman. She's prepared to become a member of the Brotherhood soon, and following her path thus far she intends to become a Master of Stealth. She has her own apprentice now, and the universe loves its irony because it's also one of Eros's children.


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