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Roza Hushhowl (Row-zah Hush-howl) is a member of Casa di Cavalieri, currently ranked as a First Cadet.

She is the daughter of Dusk Hushhowl and Zetsubou, along with her littermates: Kazimir Hushhowl, Alyonna Hushhowl, and Katja Hushhowl. She is the youngest of the children born to her parents, being part of their third litter. She also has three older siblings, but didn't get as much time to interact with them as she did her other siblings. Her childhood was full of adventure, romping around with the others around the densite. All in all, everything was well and good.

When Casa di Cavalieri was celebrating their foundation, she was horrified to find that not only were members of the pack getting sick, but also died. Of those that were ill, there were also those that had gone comatose from the sickness, including her own brother. It didn't help that other members of her family, including her sister, had been ones that had gotten sick. She was secluded away from them while they were recovering, but it certainly didn't help her feel any better. The idea that someone would do something like this, and from within their own pack hit her hard. When it was discovered that the cause was not only a poison, but that the trial held for the accused left them to only be under heavy watch, rubbed her the wrong way. It was a fair verdict, but made her bitter because of her siblings being directly affected.

When she came of the proper age to be given a mentor, she was assigned to Starlight Hushhowl. With as many Hushhowls as there was, she wasn't surprised she was given to someone within the family. She was determined to show both her mentor, and her family, how much she could grow. She wanted to make sure there would not be another incident her siblings would have to experience, or at the very least, she would be able to do something rather than be secluded from them. Tragedy struck in the middle of her apprenticeship when her mother died. It struck the young Hushhowls, but she was still determined to do her best when her First Blood came around. Having passed, she was the one that seemingly did the best of those in her age group, but found her family returned to being her priority outside a few instances.

Currently, Roza is working hard to fit into her new role in the adult ranks. She focuses on the training of Iolanta, an Osprey she helped rescue, as well as upkeep with more water related tasks. She has been assigned as the mentor to Lotai Stryder, even though she was younger than most qualified for such an assignment. She wants to train him the best she can, and show she will not let her other fellow knights down.

Roza Hushhowl
by Nat

Credit: Nat

OOC Information


Biographical Information
  • Date of Birth: 29 June 2021
  • Birthplace: Casa di Cavalieri
  • Etymology:
    • Roza: Rose (Polish)
    • Hushhowl: Quiet Howling (Russian)
  • Nickname: —
Physical Description
  • Sex: Female
  • Pronouns: She/Her or They/Them
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species: Wolf-Jackal
    • 88% Wolf (Mackenzie Valley, Russian, Arctic, Eastern Timber, Common Gray Wolf)
    • 12% Jackal (Abyssinian Jackal)
NPC Information

Casa di Cavalieri members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Common knowledge; i.e. rank, name, knowing he’s a Cavalier, having seen him “around”
  • Seeing her...
    • ...around Casa di Cavaleiri, mostly around the Hushhowl Densite or the water's edge
    • ...being in the company of her family, or her osprey

For anything else or anything specific, please ask before making assumptions regarding this character

Plot Opportunities
  • Now that Roza is among the adult ranks, she is looking to get to know the adults better and make some friends as well as connections. Come meet her?
  • Roza has her own trainee she is mentoring. Why not come watch her and Lotai?
  • Training is an important part of Casa culture. Why not spar with Roza or go out to do some kind of training together?
  • Why not help Roza with obtaining some co-ranks? (Sailor and Falconer)




Although technically a wolf-jackal, there is very little to show she would be. Most, if not all, of her features lean much more towards her wolf heritage. Her muzzle is much shorter and thicker with short, rounded ears. Her tail is the only thing that sticks out, seeming to be a bit bushier than a normal wolf's. Her arms and legs have some muscle to them from combative training, but not as much as other members of her family. She has a slimmer middle figure, though has some broader shoulders. She definitely gets her height from her father's side of the family, being as tall as she is.

She certainly got her father's looks when it comes to her pelt. She inherited his brown and white color scheme, though lacks the black coloring her father and sisters have. In winter, her colors get slightly darker with her longer fur, though not by much noticeable difference. She has the same color eyes as her father, though opposite in their placement. When her optime form, she grows long hair that falls just past her shoulders. Her hair is somewhat thick, keeping form no matter how she is moving. There are a few bangs that hang past her ears, but most fall along the back of her head.

Clothing & Other

Casa itself seems very split when it comes to how humanized it is, though most in the pack do seem to wear clothing, be it simple or something more complicated. Seeing as her family also wears clothing, so too does Roza. She seems to have inherited a mix of styles from both sides of her family, even though they wear similar things. She normally wears simple, though decorative tops, usually sleeveless. She has taken an interest in wearing ones with an Asian style. Simple pants, even if on the slightly baggy side like her father's, the ends staying loose rather than clinging to her ankles. She wears armor along her shoulder, there being a small loop on the strap to hold her polearm in place when not in use. She wears leather bracers for falconry purposes.

Reference Image
by Nat

Coloration Palette


Alto (#d7d7d7)
Coyboy (#52312c)
Cocoa Brown (#251d1a)

Optime Hair

Cowboy (#52312c)


Blizzard Blue (#ace0ee)
Lavender Purple (#9988b3)

Scars, Nose/Pawpads/Claws

Mine Shaft (#222121)
Additional Images (Hover for Artist Credit) (Show)
by Pabs by Forest Family by Gen by Nat


  • Lupus: 37 in (94 cm) ↔ 95 lbs (43 kg)
  • Secui: 48 in (122 cm) ↔ 130 lbs (59 kg)
  • Optime: 7 ft 0 in (84 in / 213 cm) ↔ 240 lbs (109 kg) (Preferred)



Tattoos & Piercings:



  • Speech: Roza shares an equal confident and relaxed manner of speaking. When in the presence of those of higher ranks, especially those in leadership positions, he speech will become more formal. She is clear to show her respect in her speech. If there are moments that are more serious when a gentler touch is needed, her voice will become softer and more compassionate, especially if it is a member of her family; though, she still brings in her confidence to help try to cheer them up.
  • Unique Scent: Earth (wet sand/dirt), stone, salt, avian.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Roza keeps a general relaxed posture, though straightens up whenever she's outside of the packlands or at serious events. Though she presents herself as having a much more dominant and confident stance, this is mostly in place to hide her worry. It becomes more true if she deems the situation more in her favor than she had previously thought, or there is no sense of a threat around her.


In her youth, Roza was just as rambunctious as the rest of her littermates. She had fun getting into trouble with them, and causing chaos to anyone around them. She got a great enjoyment out of the simple things in life, content in being with her family. She was full of energy, and while she was one of the more dominant siblings along with Alyonna, she was perfectly fine to follow along behind any of her others siblings to make them happy, or to do whatever they wanted. She was not afraid to play fight with her littermates, and when friendly competitions came, she was one to encourage this behavior.

When the poisoning within Casa happened, her thorns started to develop. She began to be more observant of the people around her, making sure the people she surrounded herself with were ones she could trust. This didn't count her family, as she was certain there was no reason not to trust any of them. She became much more opinionated, speaking her mind whenever something came up she didn't agree with. If any of her littermates now did something she didn't like, she would speak up rather than just follow like she used to. Even so, because of the effect this event had on the rest of those in Casa as well as her family, she found a greater need to be there for them, to protect them. This is especially true with her small sister.

Roza adopted some of her mentor's no-nonsense attitude, at least when it comes to moments that require a serious air. There is a time and a place for everything, and this is especially true in her adulthood. She still enjoys the small moments of causing trouble with others, but this should be reserved for downtime, not when in the middle of training, or some kind of task. When she is handling something, she makes sure all her focus is on that until it is done. The only exception to this rule is if someone calls for her, or there is some kind of emergency that needs her immediate attention.

  • Motivations: Family, friends, protection, Casa di Cavalieri's betterment, safety, respect
  • Fears: Failure, loss, poison, disappointing others
  • Likes: Sparring, respect, recognition, birds, causing trouble, family
  • Dislikes: Lies, manipulation, lack of trust, shifty nature (that isn't of a playful nature), arguing over differing opinions


  • Age: Elders are to be respected, though, their advice and rules may not always be heeded.
  • Packs: Salsola is not to be trusted.


Roza is too young to be interested in anything sexually.


Roza isn't a terribly spiritual person, preferring to rely on her skills and knowledge than faith when it comes to her everyday life. That being said, if there are celebrations or rituals that those in her family take part in, or Casa di Cavalieri, she will make it a point to participate if she can. She sees it as a good way to understand someone better, and keep certain aspects of what might drive them.


Roza doesn't partake in any substances, as she sees no real use for them. This is certainly the case when it comes to smoking and other similar substances. Where she might have taken to drink on certain special occasions, due to an incident that involve not only two of her siblings, but also the whole of Casa due to poisoning in food and drinks, she has since sworn them off. Better safe than sorry.



  • Parents: Roza cares about and adores both of her parents. Both of them work so hard in both raising her and the rest of her littermates as well as being a part of her older siblings' lives. Both of them are well established members in the pack, and she looks up to both of them for their accomplishments. Being the daughter of the Hushhowl matriarch, she can't help but feel there's a small amount of pressure to make sure she lives up to her family's expectations, and wants to make her parents proud.
  • Siblings: Roza has mixed feelings when it comes to her siblings. There's no denying she loves all her siblings, be it older or her same age, but it's obvious she favors her littermates rather than her older siblings. She's just had more time to spend with them than she has with her busier siblings. The four of them enjoy exploring and getting it trouble with one another. Even though she harbors no ill feelings towards her littermates, she gets excitement out of having some friendly competition with them. At the end of the day, if anything were to happen to any of her siblings, she would do anything to help and/or protect them.

Other Relations

Key Relations

Notable Relations

Minor Relations

  • Enemies: --
  • Murders: --
  • Significant Negative Acquaintances: --

Notable Past Relations


Key: Dabbler --> Apprentice --> Journeyman --> Master

Main Focus: Combat, Falconry

  • Combat (Polearms) (Dabbler):
There is a wide range of weapons used by the many members of Casa di Cavalieri. Roza found herself interested in polearms, a weapon that not only had some range, but could also still do damage to her opponent. She also admired just how different each type of polearm can appear. She may still have a long road before she's good with one, but she's got the passion to learn.
  • Combat (Hand to Hand) (Dabbler):
Seen as more of a necessity than what she wants to pursue when it comes to combative skills. She is certain there will be times where she will either not have access to her weapon, or will be put in a situation where she does not have one. In these specific cases, it is good to know hand to hand combat so that she may still defend herself and others. She still has a long way to go before she will be any good.
  • Falconry (Dabbler):
Taking an interest in the birds of prey living within Casa's borders, she has seen to learn how to train and handle them. She's very much a novice when it comes to this, as well as her care, but she wants to learn all she can in the hopes that one day she may have a bird of her own.

Auxiliary Skills and Hobbies

  • Reading and Writing:
Roza was taught to read and write along with the rest of her siblings. Though she made sure to pay attention to her lessons, she currently doesn't find much practical use for this skillset outside of reading books. Even with that, it is something she doesn't see herself doing very often.



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Iolanta (Osprey) (Hide)

by Pixnio

Active: Aug 2022 – Present

  • Sex: Female
  • Species: Osprey
  • Date of Birth: Summer 2020
  • Size:
    • Length: 24 in (60 cm)
    • Wingspan: 71 in (180 cm)
    • Weight: Average
  • Key Features: Average sized raptor, "fluffy" head feathers
  • Coloration: White and brown patterned feathers, golden eyes
OOC Assumptions
  • Casa di Cavalieri members may reference:
    • Seeing her...
      • ...lingering along the water's edge
      • ...hunting fish for both herself and Roza
      • ...roaming freely so long as Roza is somewhere nearby
    • Knowing she belongs to Roza.
  • Keeping to herself rather than socializing with other raptors. The only exception is Zasha's.
  • Being wary of anyone other than Roza and Zasha. May bite anyone that tries to get too close.
  • More Information »

Skills & Abilities:

  • Broken High Speech (Training)
  • Scouting (Training)
  • Hunting Assistance (Training)


Iolanta is an average sized raptor, with gorgeous feathers. She has white feathers along the top of her head, cheeks, and underside while the rest are either brown or white speckled with patches of brown. The feathers on the top of her head and the back of her neck are "fluffier" than the usual smooth ones, making it look like they are sticking up. The rest of her feathers as smoothed out and well preened. They seem to almost have a sheen when wet. Her eyes are piercing gold.


Iolanta is somewhat well mannered raptor, but largely independent. She likes hanging around Roza, Zasha, and Zasha's bird, but any other company she is very wary of. If Roza is not around to help ease her worries, she tends to fall to panic, even going so far as to bite people that get too close for comfort. Because of her independence, she's not always up for listening to commands, even if they come from Roza, but both of them are willing to put in the time and effort to learn being around one another.


Iolanta was born wild, living her life along the water's edge around the whole of Loch Fundy. While out hunting along Casa di Cavalieri's shores, her talons got caught in one of their fishing nets. With continued thrashing and panic, she managed to get herself more tangled, injuring her wing. Roza, upon hearing her cries assures her of getting help, and soon returns with her older sister. With the two working together, they are able to free her from the net. She grew a bond to her savior, one that was constantly reassuring her and being calm. Their bond continues to grow, as Roza was the one to give her the name 'Iolanta', and both are adept at being around water.



Den of the Patriarch

One of four large dens resting at the Densite on the outskirts of Fort Kingsbury, just to the right of the gathering den. Sound stone structure with a spacious interior, plenty of space for moving around despite having multiple members living in the same den. Two beddings of fur lay in the furthest reaches of the den, one slightly larger than the other. Both bed areas are within sight of the only opening to the den at the north end. To the left and right of the entrance lay wooden furniture, the bare necessities for what the family would need. There are two bookshelves, one on either side of the den, and one larger shelf near the entrance itself. There's a desk between the shelves on the left side of the den. At the center of the den rests a circle of stones, ashes and wood placed at its center for when a fire is to be lit.


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