Sam Ryan

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Sam Ryan

by Nat

Sam Ryan is a former slave in every sense of the word. After such a hard life, one would think that something would have broken within Sam, and turned him into some horrendous monster. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, it has made his desire to protect others that much stronger and he considers it his personal mission to help and fight for justice in any way he can. It could be something as small as sharing his food rations, with someone that needs it more than him.

Sam has a particular fondness for pups, young and women, and will protect them at all costs even if that means losing his own life. This is most likely derived from being unable to save his mom and younger brother when he was younger.

He also hates being witness to animal abuse and thinks anyone who is cruel to the creatures of the world deserves to have that cruelty turned back on them.





  • Family: None
  • Birthplace: Tennessee
  • Species: Coy-wolf Hybrid
  • Subspecies:
    • Red wolf (55%)
    • Coyote (40%)
    • Dog (~5%)



Casa di Cavalieri members may plot and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Having 'real-talk' time with Sam, he is a great listener
  • Seeing Sam around the barns, especially the Bird Sanctuaries tending to Chief and other raptor birds
  • Sam may offer to pup-sit in both Wolfville and Fort Kingsbury

When Roleplaying with Sam, the following things may help:

  • He's quiet, but friendly. Is very eager to lend an ear, especially if your character is in distress.
  • While not a vegetarian, your character may notice Sam is quite absent when slaughtering of food animals is happening.
  • There are times where Sam's past catches up with him, he can sometimes grow dark and distant.
  • He becomes quite animated when it comes to talk about animals, especially predatory birds; he finds raptors facinating, and the epitome of freedom.

1.  Appearance

  • Hues of reddish browns, orangey tans and creams complete the pallet of the mutt known as Sam, a mix of red wolf and coyote means he is lean and on the smaller side. Large, pointy ears set upon his crown and pale green orbs stand out against the ginger markings. His underside, a vee across his shoulders and patches of white around his eyes gives him a unique look as well as the ticking pattern through his thick fur. While he at one time sported a long tail, life has not been easy and lost a good portion of it, so now all that remains is a short stub. If he ever has a chance to be happy, he wags it to the best of his ability.
Optime: 5 ft 8 in (171 cm) ↔ 185 lbs (84 kg)
  • Scars:
    • Sam’s ‘Five Towers’ brand is on the inside of his right ear.
    • Sam has a multitude of other scars across his body, notably large scratch marks across his chest, snout, and arms
    • Sam's wrists show scars from ropes and chains
    • Sam's ears are slightly tattered from bites and beatings
  • Tattoos & Piercings:
    • None

Clothing & Accessories

  • Humanization: Medium
  • Clothing & Accessories: Getting gussied up has always been a bit of an enigma for Sam; he understands it, but doesn't really feel that it's right for him specifically. Growing up he was nearly always naked, or whatever clothing he did have, was made of rags and burlap. Still, if the occasion calls for it, it would not be beyond him to don full celebratory attire, or even a bracelet or two.


  • Speech: Bright voice with a slight southern 'twang'
  • Scent: Birds, animals, lard-based soaps, clover grass.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Has a serious case of RBF which he is constantly correcting
  • General Posture and Body Language: A bit stiff, but relaxes after a while, when he feels there's no threat
By Nat

2.  History

Sam Ryan didn’t have the best childhood, actually far from it. He came from an abusive home where his father beat him, his mother and little brother. He did his best to protect both of them, leading to multiple scars and more severe injuries over the years. The nightmare continued until one night he was the only one to survive the onslaught of his father by faking his death after being stabbed.

After losing his family, life was not any easier, he bounced around getting in fights to protect those he felt needed his help. One of those fights lead to him losing part of his long tail, leaving nothing but a stub. It was a miracle he lived to see four seasons, much less the eight and twelves seasons he was now.

During his young years, he was captured and sold over and over again, throwing him back into the nightmare of his childhood and worse including sexual assault. Though it has never stopped his natural instinct and need to protect others, meaning he took more abuse than others in his situation.

The only good thing that had come out of his life was his love for a feathered companion, Chief, a Merlin which is a small type of falcon. The raptor more often than not is found sitting upon his shoulder, through trials and tribulations Sam has become quite the expert falconer.

3.  Personality

  • Outlook: Realistic
  • Sociability: Extroverted
  • Expression: Submissive
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good


  • All in all, Sam is a good guy who has had bad break after bad break, though he holds on to the hope and dream that one day he will know freedom and happiness even if it is only for a brief moment. Until then he plans on doing all he can to make the world a better place, even stuck in the slave trade.
    • Likes: Animals, puppies, single-parents, the downtrodden, raptor birds
    • Dislikes: Slavery, violence, animal cruelty, death

4.  Skills

  • Falconry (Journeyman)
When the Merlin named Chief came into his life, Sam found that he had a talen for keeping birds. It seems he has a special way of communicating with them, even without the use low or high-speech. It is very easy for Sam to rear a raptor bird from chick to adult, and many of those he has worked with have turned out to be excellent and reliable hunting birds.
  • Counseling (Journeyman)
Having been tormented and abused for most of his life, Sam has a keen understanding of emotions and what they mean in respect to certain situations. He is extremely empathetic, and can understand other's woes even without them having to speak it. He is gentle with his understanding, and calm when it comes to giving advise and comfort. Really, he serves as an emotional heat-sink; for both his and other's benefit.
  • Pup-sitting (Master)
Sam often found himself caring for the youngsters of his masters, or even other slaves! For this reason, he is very comfortable with pups at all stages, and even has come up with unique ways of 'nursing' them when the mother is absent.

5.  Threads

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