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by Nat






  • Date of Birth: October 22, 2020
  • Gender: Non-binary (genetically female)
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Casa di Cavalieri
  • Mate: None
  • Pack: Casa di Cavalieri (01 June 2023)
  • Rank: Recruit
    • Co-Ranks: None
  • Family: None
  • Birthplace: At Sea
  • Species: Wolf-dog hybrid
  • Subspecies:
    • Border collie (35%)
    • Wolf (15%)
    • Super-mutt (50%)



Casa di Cavalieri members may plot and reference the following without discussion/asking:

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When Roleplaying with Enlil, the following things may help:

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1.  Appearance

  • Enlil is most strikingly Chimera; pure white on their right side, dark face and fawn on left side. For this same reason, their right eye is icy blue, and left is hazel green. Their fur is thick and fluffy, very dog-like, and their tail is curled. Enlil is tall with a lean build, very little body fat, and no notable breasts or feminine hips. They style their hair in dense and short curls that end at the shoulders. Often-times they wear a crown of flowers during appropriate seasons. Their clothing of choice is a wax-lined cloak, long cream tunic and a deep green tunic.
Optime: 6 ft 2 in (188 cm) ↔ 185 lbs (84 kg)
  • Scars:
    • Enlil has the ‘five tower’ brand on the inside of their right ear.
  • Tattoos & Piercings:
    • Two small stud piercings near the tip of each ear.

Clothing & Accessories

  • Humanization: High
  • Clothing & Accessories: Enlil is almost always wearing clothes, prefering more flowy options on top and tighter bottoms. Being non-binary it is not unusual to see them in either male-specific or female-specific clothing, depending on their mood. The most notable accessory is their wearing of flower-crowns, which change with the season's available flowers. When flowers aren't available, they sometimes use holy, fir-bows, or sticks to create a crown for special occasions.


  • Speech: Deep, velvety, and warm
  • Scent: Flowers, soap, the sea, paper
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Often prone to 'disassociating' and letting their mind/gaze wander
  • General Posture and Body Language: Relaxed but proper
By Nat

2.  History

Learnt from a master (apprentice), master was killed by bandits. They are trained in mathematics, reading stars to ‘predict’ weather patterns and the changing of seasons, using both to aid in cartography. Brought up on a ship and learnt to navigate, learning about the stars and encouraging them to seek a master

3.  Personality

  • Outlook: Realistic
  • Sociability: Extroverted
  • Expression: Dominant
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral


  • Thinks noblely, a desire to help others understand or reassure them, a strong imagination to allow them to come to conclusions easily to keep things moving forward.

Deep-thoughts, values the beliefs and attitudes towards life, keen to know how others feel about the world. Puts a lot of attention to detail towards their work, will often second-guess their predictions until they’re perfect.

Openly fond of those who are around them, strives to be nice to others and help them with their learning, keen to help others feel better

  • Likes: Sailing, the ocean, the stars, beautiful things
  • Dislikes: Slavery, betrayal, willful ignorance

4.  Skills

  • Navigation (Journeyman)
"To prevent war, the galaxy is on Orion's Belt"
  • Weather prediction (Apprentice)
Let at them pretty clouds. It's going to rain, I feel it in my bones.

5.  Threads

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