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By Players

Erik Ivanov is a member of Casa di Cavalieri, ranked as a First Cadet. They hold the co-rank of None.

He is the biological son of Isobel and Arlen Stryder, though he was raised equally by Isobel, Arlen Stryder, and Damon as his parents, and Rohan Damaichu as his close uncle. His littermate is Luka Stryder, a sibling he dearly loves but is almost constantly at odds with due to the differences in their personalities. He was named as a tribute to both of Damon's parents, Veri Secanti and Rurik Ivanov.

In late 2021, before the siblings had reached a full year of age, the small family left their home at the Outpost and traveled cross country to return to the pack of their origin as a surprise for their grandmother, Veri Secanti. When they arrived, they received the appalling news that she'd fallen during their trek and passed away abruptly. This news hit Damon and Arlen hard, and so Erik kept himself close to his fathers to provide what comfort he could, while his sister continued on in life, rattled little by the loss as she'd never known the woman herself.

Recently Erik's sister took off into the wilds outside the pack territory in a bid to explore the unknown, giving the family little warning and, seeing as she was an adult in the eyes of the pack, little choice. Arlen went after her, on his own, in a worry. Damon followed suit, concerned now about their missing daughter and less than physically fit husband. Days later, Damon returned, but not with his sister, nor the living visage of his Papa. Arlen's cane had given way to a crumbling rock and he'd fallen, possibly hit his head, into a snowdrift that lowered his temperature to dangerous levels. He'd passed away in the night after being found by Damon.

Erik is angry and resentful towards his sister for all of this, though he can't do much about it as she's not here to take it out on her herself. So he relegates himself to comforting his remaining father as best he can.

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  • Nickname: Erik or just Ivanov
  • Pronunciation: Erik (Air-ick) Ivanov (I've-an-awv)
  • Meaning: “ Always ” and “ God is gracious
  • Origin: Scandinavian and Russian
  • Epithet: ---


Pack Information

OOC Assumptions

  • Pack: Casa di Cavalieri (30 09 2021 – Present)
  • Rank: First Cadet (February 2023 – Present)
    • Additional Ranks:
      • None yet
  • Previous Packs: Show

Casa di Cavalieri members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing Erik
    • Working in the Five Shield's Pub, he has a room at the Jazper Courthouse but he may as well live at the tavern.
    • Spending most of his time in Wolfville, he rarely ventures out unless it has to do with tailing his best friend, Artoia Denahlii
    • In the stables taking care of his pregnant mare Elda.

1.  Basics

1.1  Appearance


Clothing & Accessories

Coloration Palette

  • Description:
Erik's main features lean toward a heavier wolf side of his heritage, as that is mostly what he is, however, he does carry a slightly narrower snout than most higher content wolves and his ears are a bit taller and pointer, both alluding to the coyote lineage he has from his Ma. He's tall and lean, packed from the muscle that his family had him go through to embody what he would have undergone had he gotten a mentor and passed through the First Blood. His fur is softer than some wolves or coyotes, his dog genes sneaking in and making his coat silkier to the look and touch. He keeps his Optime hair very short and natural, doing little to style or tame it aside from combing his claws through every morning to get rid of obvious tangles.

He's roguishly handsome, Looks like he could potentially be a troublemaker

  • Build and Size:
Erik is lean and well muscled, taller than his Ma but not quite as much as his Papa, a good and happy in between of them both. His breeding is fairly mixed, but he is dominantly wolf, so his build is reminiscent of that.
  • Lupus : 28 in (72.1200 cm) ↔ 92 lbs (41.730 kg) (Use this for conversions)
  • Secui: 45 in (114.3 cm) ↔ 155 lbs (70.307 kg)
  • Optime: 6 ft 3 in (75 in / 190.5 cm) ↔ 170 lbs (77.111 kg)

  • Scars:
    • Erik does have a scar already, a cut across his left brow that he got in a brawl with his sister.

  • Tattoos & Piercings:
    • None yet
  • Humanization:
Erik will wear clothes if deemed necessary to the ceremonies or events that Casa hosts, and he cleans up really well when he puts in the effort, but he doesn't prefer being that way. He'd prefer wearing only his fur, with perhaps his travel cloak if it's chilly, but otherwise, he leans toward a more natural, feral mindset. He does keep his hands and wrists wrapped just in case he gets in a fight or a brawl.

  • Everyday
    • He wakes and combs his short, unruly mane with his fingers and goes to work just like that. He may or may not wrap his hands and wrists too.
  • Common
    • Naked except in his own fur and wrapped bandages around his hands and wrists for cushion should he get into a brawl.


  • Speech: Erik talks much like his Da, Damon.
  • Scent: Allspice, apple, Elda, Artoia, Alaric, food (from the Five Shields), Casa di Cavalieri
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Runs his fingers through his hair or touches his neck when he's nervous.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Quiet and laid back for the most part, get him into a fight however and he becomes very bold and dominant.


Jambalaya (#5e3a15)
Armadillo (#3d352f)
Eternity (#27190f)
Swirl (#d1cac3)

Optime Hair

Armadillo (#3d352f)


Laurel (#748f73)


Nero (#090300)


Copper (#af6731)

1.2  Personality


Erik is a generally laid-back, gentle individual with a calm demeanor. He inherited this from his grandmother Veri, he's been told, and he finds pride in that he can carry on a piece of her now that the family knows she's gone. When growing up around the home in the Outpost, he had no issue taking care of any chores assigned to him, finding peace in the repetitive nature instead of grating against them like his sister, Luka, did. He likes doing work with his hands, making something useful with a tooling trade or making a meal for a packmate is very satisfying to him.

He does have a side of humor as well, a streak he undoubtedly caught from his Papa, Arlen, that could sometimes get the both of them in stitches they would laugh together so hard.

In a fight, Erik is a ruthless brawler and holds back no punches, wielding a familiar burning fire that he learned by habit from his Da, Damon.

He tends to leave well enough alone in most situations and won't step in to intervene unless needed. Most of those times being to step in between his sister and his Papa to keep them from going at each other's throats. It's no surprise really, as they're so similar to each other that if introduced as twins, aside from the obvious age difference, an outsider probably would have believed it.

Erik does have a strong moral compass, learned himself and from his parental figures. He doesn't stand for bullies, which is why he tends to brawl with his sister a lot, as she tends to bully both him and others, even to include their own parents and family. He carries a protective spirit, and he'll step in to help those in need if he happens to see them struggling. However, he doesn't know how to openly voice his own emotions and opinions, much like Da did as a teen and younger man (and even now, occasionally), and so tends to keep these things to himself to muddle through on his own.


  • Outlook: Realist
  • Sociability: Introverted/Calm in everyday
  • Expression: Neutral most the time, dominant when necessary.
  • Alignment: Alignment?
  • Motivations: Protect his family, protect and provide for his pack
  • Fears: Losing his family, having his sister legitimately hate him, being unable to help or useless


  • Likes: Cooking, riding Elda, chores
  • Dislikes: Rain, he detests the rain, over/undercooked or over/underseasoned food, chores done incorrectly or unsafely.


  • Packs: He hasn't met anyone outside of members from Casa, he didn't socialize with anyone else that would have been Outposted from them, so he's neutral.
  • Species: He thinks certain types of dogs look weird, but he doesn't dislike them or think them ugly.
  • Non-Luperci: He's perplexed at the idea of not having hands and someone decided they don't want hands. Like, why?
  • Gender: He's had his arse handed to him by men and women, so he thinks of them both as strong, sometimes bullheaded, but both can turn into assholes just as quickly.
  • Color: There are so many different colored Luperci amongst his family, he's perfectly fine with any color of wolf right now.
  • Sexuality: His parents were gay. His Papa surrogated with his Ma to have him and Luka. Love is love.
  • Age: Though he's not that old himself, he views puppies as ones to be protected at all costs, and the elder to also be protected, but also implored for their wisdom and experience.


Erik's parents are openly gay and married, his mother and her partner, Rohan, (Erik's uncle), are straight. So he's had an upfront view of everything that's possible, and even though he hasn't gotten that first crush yet, he's perfectly okay with whoever it may be and he knows his family won't judge him for it. He'll most likely be an awkward mess when it happens, as he's not that great about speaking his emotions, but he'd get there with time. As a partner he'd be incredibly attentive, both in and out of the bedroom, taking care of his significant other's needs so that even if he's not great at saying the huge three words, they know he cherishes them and loves them very much.


Erik believes in the pack's theology of Fenris being the largest star in the sky, the sun, and that he welcomes each member of Casa, or any warrior that believes in him and dies an honorable death, into the sky to become a star themselves when the day rolls into the night and Fenris must rest.


Erik has tried alcohol but is not impressed with the substance, can't stand how it tastes except for the mildest of honey meads.

2.  Relationships

2.1  Family

  • Parents: Erik loves each of his parents, his fathers and his mother, as he was raised equally by them all. He takes after Damon and his grandmother more in personality, though he did inherit Arlen's humorous streak. They taught him how to be a strong, dependable man, a good fighter, and a protector. Leaving his mother behind in the Outpost was difficult for him, as he wished she could come with them, but she had told him she was too old for the trip but had told him to give her brother Alaric a hug for her. And now, losing Arlen, it was a cheap shot to the gut, and he still hasn't recovered his air since he'd learned the news like his lungs just can't take it in. Damon is all he has left in a very short length of time, and he clings to his Da with a protective ferocity that he shields as comfort and support for his father who just lost his mate.
  • Littermates: Erik and Luka were at odds practically the day they were born, fighting for milk and shoving each other around the den Isobel had made for them while young. The older they got, they continued to keep tussling one another, but as they matured so did the reason for the spats. His sister is...difficult to understand for someone from the outside looking in. He loves her to Fenris and back, would do practically anything for her, but at the same time sometimes he just wants to clobber her across the back of the head for being so aloof and pigheaded. She's an unremorseful bully, and he makes sure to tell it to her face and wrestle with her, figuratively, to keep her in line. Her feathers were barely ruffled at the unexpected death of their grandmother, which they only learned about when they arrived at the pack. And now, Luka just up and leaves with just a note on a pillow to tell their fathers she's going out of the pack to some sort of shindig. Erik could have predicted the fact that she wouldn't return, if he'd thought about it, but he hadn't allowed himself to, hoping she wouldn't pull a stunt like that. And now Erik's Papa is dead after leaving to go look for her, and his Da has retreated inwards in his grief. Yeah, if he sees Luka again anytime soon he's punching her square in the nose, and he's not relenting this resentment for a while.
  • Siblings: Erik doesn't know his half-siblings nearly as well as he wishes he could, Atrea and Abilene always seemed so unobtainable to him, and he's only just met his youngest siblings thanks to his mother and Uncle somehow safely making the trip to Casa proper from the Outpost. He vows to spend time with them and learn about them as much as he can, clinging to all the family he's got after accepting both his fathers and his littermate are gone for good.

2.2  Other Relations

Key Relations

  • Rohan Damaichu is the partner of Erik's Ma, Isobel. Though he had no need to, Rohan stepped up as an additional father/uncle-like figure in his life and, when he'd shifted, helped teach him how to fight and take care of himself. Also might have given him a few lessons in how to talk to women (Isobel had overheard them and come in to smack Rohan across the head for his hubris).
  • Artoia Denahlii Under all the grief and trauma Erik has been forced to endure so swiftly just after arriving in Casa di Cavalieri, he felt alone and completely isolated despite supposedly being surrounded by family. Meeting Artoia was a chance thing, they crossed paths when she entered the pack's local tavern for a meal and a drink. From there events snowballed between them and Erik found himself developing almost a dependence upon the slightly older woman, wherever she went he would surely follow to spend time with her. Neither could say exactly what led to them becoming such close friends as they are. As she climbs the ranks higher and higher above him, however, he finds himself worrying that he might be holding her back, or causing her trouble by fraternizing with such a low-ranked individual, and has resigned himself to slowly losing her friendship, and he's okay with that.
  • Isobel is, of course, Erik's birth mother, and this fact was never hidden from him or from Luka as they grew up, even after they'd been weaned from her milk and could have been raised by Damon and Arlen alone, he, at least, chose not to. Erik loved and doted upon his mother while at the Outpost, and took great pleasure in spending time with her, no matter the activity. He hopes to visit her again soon, as arriving to hear his grandmother had passed and then losing his Papa, has made him painfully aware of the fragility of life and how quickly the end can come, and he dreads the day he hears of hers.

Notable Relations

  • Anyone from the Portland Outpost he would have interacted with and treated as family, learned from them and spent time with them.

Minor Relations

  • Sex: None
  • Friendly: Anyone counted as a member of Casa di Cavalieri.
  • Significant Positive Acquaintances: N/A
  • Enemies: Erik has an antagonistic relationship with Artoia's recently appointed apprentice, Luca Damaichu.
  • Murders: None
  • Significant Negative Acquaintances: N/A

3.  Skills

Key: Dabbler --> Apprentice --> Journeyman --> Master


  • Swordplay (Journeyman/Master):
Though Erik hasn't had his hands for long, for as long as he's had them then someone in his family has been passing on how to handle a sword, giving him the right grip, arm strength, and form technique he needs to do good. At first, it was only a few weapons the Casa Outpost members had brought with them when coming here, and that was fine. There was a great variety of fighting styles here amongst the Outpost, so he got lots of exposure before leaving and coming to the main territory of Casa di Cavalieri, where he found many more.
  • Horseback (Journeyman/Master):
As soon as Erik shifted, Damon was getting him onto Elda or his mother's horse, Seeker, to make sure he'd at least not fall off when giving it a go in the future. He took to it like a fish to water, he loved spending time around the hooved gentle giants; they had very similar demeanors, and also no drama. So he got good at caring for the Outpost's horses and learning how to ride. He's not mounted fighter material, but he shouldn't fall off right away if his horse starts to get antsy beneath him.
  • Hand-to-hand/Brawling/Wrestling (Journeyman/Master):
This skill started as accidental. He'd started wrestling his sister when still stuck in his base Lupus form, and that didn't change after shifting either, except he sought out some of the members of the Outpost that prioritized some hand-to-hand combat knowledge, regardless of what kind. He knows some martial, some boxing or brawling, and then straight-up wrestling with his opponent. He is not an expert in any single art, but he can switch it up on the fly and confuse whoever he's sparring or fighting.

Auxiliary Skills and Hobbies

  • Cooking (Journeyman/Master):
Even before he had hands to use knives or cooking utensils with, Erik would stand beside his Da in the kitchen and observe or ask questions about how, what, when, where, and why. He picked up a few things along the way and, as soon as he shifted to give himself hands, he was beside his father in the kitchen again and working with him instead of just asking questions. There's a satisfaction he gets at being able to provide a basic necessity for his family or his pack. Food is not just something that's needed to survive though, it can give comfort in moments of doubt or sorrow, and it can bring warmth or a smile to those that need it.
  • Hunting (Journeyman/Master):
As soon as Erik could understand the concept of hunting, more than bugs, mice, or the unlucky rat, he was being taught how to hold the perfect crouch as he stalked prey, how to step between the leaves and the pebbles as he approached, and how to go in for the final bite, quick and merciless. As this skill does not require hands, he's been practicing since he was roughly four or five months old and he's pretty good at it, even when it comes to some bigger prey; if he can get his jaws around their pulse point, then he just lets his Secui weight drag them down and tire them out. When he feels able to, then he'd snap their neck to end it completely. He's only gotten to do this once or twice with a male deer, nothing bigger than that, but he's eager to give it a try.
  • Tracking (Journeyman/Master):
As the same with hunting, Erik was taught to track, first starting with a game they did with him and Luka, finding each other was the first step and easy, since they were already familiar with each other's scents. They eventually extended this to include Damon, Arlen, Isobel, and Rohan, as well as anyone else from the Outpost who would be willing to participate. He started using the tactic to find his own prey, this prey being mice, rats, and sometimes rabbits. When it became obvious he was interested in it and good at it, his parents made sure to give him more tutelage so he could find what he sought to find, whether that be a person or prey.
  • Traps (Journeyman/Master):
Erik can't rely on hunting solely in his Lupus or Secui forms, so as soon as he'd shifted Arlen took him aside and taught him about making and setting up traps that prey would just walk into and be caught in, to be collected later. Making or setting up the traps is easy enough, mostly the skill comes in when trying to find the right place to put them, knowing the lay of prey trails and prey animal habits to predict where they will be. Erik's no expert at this just yet, but he's getting there. He can at least catch the prey he's targeting when he picks the right area.

4.  Residence

It's a small room with a single bed, bedside table, candle holder, but no windows, nothing too complicated and simple for his needs. Just across the hall from his father, and the JR Courthouse is right across the road from the Five Shield's Pub.

Previous Residences:
  • Jazper-Rhiannon Courthouse
It was a small room with a single bed, bedside table, candle holder, but no windows, nothing too complicated and simple for his needs. Just across the hall from his father, and the JR Courthouse is right across the road from the Five Shield's Pub.

5.  NPCs



  • Current: None
  • Previous: None



Can be Referenced...

Elda (Horse)

  • Sex: Female
  • Species: Horse; Quarter Horse, Morgan Mix
  • Date of Birth: 2011
  • Onboard?: ---
  • Active: 30 September – Present
  • Training: Rider, cart, and war-horse trained.
  • Personality: Friendly to most Luperci, but most responsive to the one she knows as her owner.
  • Size:
    • Length: 102 in (259.080 cm)
    • Height: 17hh (68 in; 172.720 cm)
    • Weight: 1200 lbs (19200 oz; 544.31 kg)
  • Coloration: Buckskin/palomino with a white splash starting on her face and going down her neck, underbelly, legs, shoulders, and flanks; white mane and champagne to white faded tail.
  • Breeding: Elda was bred to Artan in March of 2023. She is due to foal in Jan-Feb of 2024.

Casa di Cavalieri members may assume:

  • In good weather, seeing her outside wandering the Fort to graze, in one of the pastures, or being ridden by Erik to keep her exercised.
  • In bad weather, seeing her in the stable for shelter.

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