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1.  About

Set partially outside of typical 'Souls guidelines, LASKY is a somewhat "anything goes" subforum where both canonical and non-canonical threads can be made according to the guidelines. Within this forum, members both present and past (without rejoining) may roleplay characters they have had over the years, whether dead or alive. There is no set time, and threads here can be simply with an old character returning, a deceased character being played as if they were living, or even a dream two characters are sharing. The name derives from its former full subforum name, Lascivio Aedes ("a place to play" in bastardized Latin), until everybody got tired of butchering the name.

As an important note, only characters that that were, are, or will be potentially be roleplayed at 'Souls at some point are allowed. This means that you can “test” potential characters you intend to bring to 'Souls, if you'd like. Those offering Open Characters may wish to allow potential roleplayers to test drive the character -- this is acceptable, provided the player who is attempting to get the character adopted gives permission to the potential roleplayer to do so.

Posts are not counted here and threads posted here will not count toward rank checks and will not affect your position in your pack. Please remember that all rules are still expected to be followed within this forum, threads still need to be properly marked for maturity and so on. There is no need to create a new account if you already have one registered here. Simply state who you will be roleplaying in the out of character section of your post. If you have any reference material for your character, feel free to link to it, but it's not necessary (much rather, a courtesy to another player who might not know your character!)

All locations in 'Souls, the defunct Bleeding Souls, and anything else you can think of are roleplayable as seen on the map. Please make sure your threads are marked with locations!

2.  What's Actually Allowed

As there's been a good deal of confusion as to what's actually allowed in this forum, here's a quick list!

2.1  Non-Canonical Threads

  • You can roleplay dead characters as if they were still alive, perhaps interacting with presently alive characters.
  • You can roleplay your characters as a different species, a different gender, whatever. You can roleplay your character as a human or a paper plane if you want to.
  • You can roleplay your characters on the moon, in the ocean, in a different country, on a different planet.

Seriously, pretty much anything you can think of is okay for non-canonical threads.

2.2  Canonical Threads

  • You can roleplay threads from your character's past.
  • You CANNOT roleplay present-day threads, except in the case of potential adoptables (see "Test Driving" below).
    • Note: Present-day threads in non-playable territories defeats the purpose of playable territories.
    • Note: Present-day threads in playable territories should obviously just go in the forums for those territories.
  • Canon threads must have always been intended to be canon; threads cannot be retroactively declared canon.

3.  Test Driving

When "test driving" a potential character, you may post from the account of an existing character or from a new account created for the potential character.

The posts made as a test character are NOT canon unless they are specifically about the character's history prior to coming to 'Souls.

If you are testing a potential character from the Open Characters list, you MUST have the character's owner's permission. Potential Open Character adoptions may be tested in LASKY with the intent of those threads becoming canon if the adoptee is approved; this is the only case where a canon LASKY thread may take place on playable territories, as some Open Characters are NPCs within packs.

For more information, see the LASKY tag on the 'Souls Tumblr.