Mersey Cove

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Region Seabreeze Brink
Territory Broken Occident
Major Waterways Mersey River
Size ?? sq km / ?? sq mi


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1.  Description

The lowest land in the area, Mersey Cove once collected from the Mersey River before the 2016 meteor strike. A former meadow-turned-floodplain, Mersey Cove started out as a lagoon that filled with water and finally refused to drain. Following the meteor, it became a lake but as the land continued to settle, the lake sunk into the ocean to form its current incarnation as a cove.

Game in the form of deer and grouse frequently navigate its soft grounds, and one can procure a meal easily within the Mersey Cove area. There is little in the way of cover surrounding the cove, as trees only grow on its easternmost face. Despite its generally unappealing appearance, Deer, Elk, Grouse, and other woodland prey frequently navigate its soft grounds in search of water, no matter the season.

2.  History

  • Once a small lagoon, it expanded into a lake following the impact of a meteor in April 2016.
  • A park ranger's outpost once stood in the southern reaches of the this area. It collapsed in the spring of 2016.
  • The islands that formed off the coast after the meteor continued to sink and in April 2017, the lake finally settled into the ocean and formed a cove.

2.1  Claimed Land

  • AniWaya claimed this subterritory from its founding in 2008 to November 2013.

2.2  Lore

  • These springs were said to have been put here by the elder of the wolf pack's tears to give the wolves one last chance at survival, and they were said to be cursed when the winter claimed the whole pack.

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