Roadway Waxflower

Roadway Waxflower


art by Kiri



  • Family: Cardiff, Waxflower, Pembroke
  • Pack: Carnegie Hall
  • Rank: Foreman, Papermaker

OOC Information

  • Player: Board NPC
  • Creator: Kiri
  • Visual Designer: Kiri

OOC Assumptions

  • Can be found around Territory Transference directing construction projects or surveying/assessing trees and taking notes

Plot Opportunities


A shrewd businessman with plans.


Roadway is the size of a large dog, but otherwise unremarkable and largely coyote in appearance.


Uninterested in others unless they can or are providing him with some service. Roadway is upfront about what he wants from other people and happy to negotiate costs directly, without dressing up transactions with unneeded niceties. A little blunt and unaccommodating at times.


Quiet when meeting new people until he's made an internal assessment of how useful they might be. Unapologetic southern accent.


Roadway has a surprising breadth of knowledge and skill, if only because he rarely demonstrates this for others. Growing up in Carnegie, he was exposed to and dabbled in many trades and, in addition to his primary focuses, retains basic ability in trap-making (for hunting) and sewing, and general knowledge of cloth-making.


Roadway is an expert in tree identification, wood assessment, and all aspects of papermaking, although he would prefer to leave the hard, manual labour (especially logging trees) to others. He's very particular about technique and knows exactly what ratio and combination of materials will create what type of end product.


Roadway has made a large variety of wood- and plant-based tools over the years, including axes, hammers, bows, arrows, rope, nets, and more. As he's refined his papermaking techniques though, so has he refined and perfected the molds, deckles, vats, tweezers, and other tools used in the trade. He has a lot of opinions on the subject and has gone through many trial and error processes to get to his current preferences.


He says it's not important, so it's probably not important. Hurricane Cardiff was his great grandfather; they were familiar, but not close.



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