Rourke Moriarty

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Rourke Moriarty

by Sie


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1.  Appearance

2.  Personality

Rourke is extremely sour with everyone, a trait which frequently gets him in trouble with Mahavites.

3.  History

Rourke is not a permanent trader of Portland. He hails from the Chesapeake Bay and arrived in Freetown just before winter for the first time. It is unknown whether Rourke plans to travel back and forth between the bay area and Portland, or if he is simply traveling around -- though when the Freetown canines moved to Portland after the meteor impact in spring 2016, Rourke joined them there.

4.  Trade Information

His trade value ranges from steep to utterly ridiculous, and traders should be prepared to haggle fiercely with Rourke for a good deal. Customers are ill-advised to do more than look at his sitting stools; while he may talk up their construction and longevity, they're worth little more than kindling.

Rourke has no assistants, rather -- he has a slave with him, and several stay with the rest of his caravan. At Mahavites's advice, Rourke introduces his slave as an assistant, and keeps the young man's true job title to himself.

Rourke begrudgingly accepts a small number of things for trade: any mind-altering substances save alcohol; rust-free nails, hammers, chisels, and other woodworking tools; hinges and locks with keys or combinations still in working order. He can sometimes be talked into accepting other items, but he is rather sour about such prospects.

4.1  Items

  • Wood items and crude wooden tools (no exotic wood)
  • Simple tables (no chairs), stools that appear extremely rickety and poorly designed
  • Small chests, boxes, flowerpots and planter boxes, simple cabinets, and other square-shaped items

5.  Threads


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